Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 24

Chapter 24 I Won't Get Married

Chapter 24: I Won’t Get Married

When Song Yunxuan returns, Song Yunqiang is talking with Song Yan in the living room.

As soon as Song Yan notices her comes back, he frowns: “Haven’t you found Childe Chu?”

Song Yunxuan says nothing, instead, Chu Mochen, who is walking beside Song Yunxuan, says with a smile, Uncle Song. He followed Song Yunxuan and came into the room just now.

Song Yan shows a kind smile at once and stretches out his hand to greet him: “I had thought Yunxuan didnt find you, I was just about to scold her.”

Chu Mochen glances at Song Yunxuan who stands beside him. His smile remains unchanged, in which there are love and pity.

Coming up to Song Yan, Chu Mochen exculpates Song Yunxuan, “I met Yunxuan as soon as I went out. We had a few words outside, which delayed the time. Uncle, are you hungry?”

Song Yan makes use of this opportunity to gain his targets, nodding, “Yes. In fact, I am.”

Chu Mochen shows great respect towards Song Yan. He always keeps a smile which shows hes a courteous descendant of a noble family.

Song Yunxuan is in no mood to see him talking and laughing with her father.

After these four people take their seats, the delicacies cooked by Italian chefs are served one by one.

Song Yunxuan feels the goose liver suits her taste so she eats a little more.

At this time, she looks up and finds Chu Mochen staring at her with his clear eyes.

That catches her off guard, then, her throat is choked by the goose liver.

Song Yunxuan starts to cough.

“Yunxuan!” Song Yunqiangs about to pass a cup of water to her hastily.

However, at this point, Song Yan coughs a little.

Song Yunqiang pauses his hands that hold the water cup and then turns it to another direction stiffly. He picks up the red wine beside him and presents it to Song Yunxuan quickly.

Song Yunxuan is so uncomfortable that she thinks it is water. She gulps down it, only to find that its wine rather than water.

She wants to spit the wine out but she doesnt. After so many years of gentlewoman-training in Gu Family, she has kept social etiquettes in mind.

To avoid making a fool of herself at the table, she swallows the wine.

In a little while, the wine eases her symptoms, but it also causes a blush rises on her cheeks

As Chu Mochen notices her discomfort, he hands a glass of water to her.

However, Song Yunqiang reaches his hands out to prevent him.

At this moment, Song Yan says with a smile: “Childe Chu, Yunxuan is a great drinker, and Ill let her drink a toast for you.”

Then he says to Yunxuan: “Come on, Yunxuan, fill his glass.”

Song Yunxuan feels that shes about to become a bar-girl of Song Family.

If she were Gu Changge, no one dared ask her to pour wine, unless he has given up the family property.

On the second thought, she knows shes no longer Gu Changge.

Im Song Yunxuan. She understands she has to surrender in some special situations. Otherwise, with useless arrogance, she will be thwarted at all places sooner or later.

She steadies her breath, endures discomfort, and then obediently picks up the bottle.

Afterward, she leaves the chair and walks towards Chu Mochen so as to pour wine for him.

Red wine fills the cup three-thirds full, and the ruby-like liquids in his crystal goblet are so bright and gorgeous.

Chu Mochen doesnt care about that but glimpses her knuckles whiten as she clenches her hands hard to bear her grievance.

Song Yan and Song Yunqiang are both surprised by that.

Later Song Yans shocked expression softens and he orders Song Yunxuan to pour once again for Childe Chu.

Song Yunxuan drops her eyes and walks to him. There is somewhat coldness in her deep eyes.

Chu Mochen stands up from his chair and says, “Im done, I think I should go back.”

Song Yunxuan stops and looks at him expressionlessly.

She eagers to pack him, the SVIP, away. But whats wrong with Chu Mochen today? He actually follows her way.

She gazes at him in silence.

However, Chu Mochen doesnt see that. He gets up to leave.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yan also stand up quickly. Its evident that Song Yan wants to retain him.

Song Yunqiang frowns for think a way out to retain him.

Just then Chu Mochen suddenly staggers and his body sways slightly.

Song Yunxuan is beside Chu Mochen at that time. Watching Chu Mochen tilt to her side, Song Yunxuan fears he would hit her so she unconsciously reaches out hands to hold his arm.

After that, she clearly sees Chu Mochen grins.

She desires to let go of him at once.

But Chu Mochen speaks, I havent got restored from my flu yet, can I ask Miss Song a favor?

Song Yunxuan looks back at Song Yan because she feels pretty embarrassed.

And Song Yan nods at her seriously.

She has to hold him: “I’ll take you downstairs to pick up the car.”

Song Yunqiang interrupts her: “How can Childe Chu drive like that? Ill ask the driver to take him back.”

Song Yunxuan is fortune that either her father or brother knows she can drive, or else they must order her to send Chu Mochen back.

As she smirks privately, Song Yan starts to play his tricks.

He smiles kindly: “Childe Chu, youd better have a rest in my guest room since you are not feeling well. I’ll call a doctor for you.”

Song Yunxuan is stupefied by what her father said.

Song Yan is really good at seizing the opportunity to create trouble.

Chu Mochen stops smiling and turns to Song Yan, “Sorry for disturbing you, Uncle Song.”

It doesnt matter.

Chu Mochen looks at Song Yunxuan, who is gnashing her teeth in hatred, then cracks a smile, Please call me Chu, Uncle Song, or Ill feel we are not close enough.

His words give Song Yunqiang and Song Yan a sense of fulfillment.

But Song Yunxuan is glaring at him with her hostile eyes.

Chu Mochen simply cannot refrain himself from being joyful but he attempts to show nothing. He says to Song Yunxuan: Excuse me, will you take me to the guest room, Miss Song?

Song Yan is very satisfied with what is happening: “Just call her Xuanxuan.”

Supporting Chu Mochen, she says nothing. Song Yunxuan steps towards the door after she nods at Song Yan.

When both of them leave, Song Yan sits in his seat in a good mood.

Song Yunqiang opens his mouth, “Dad, Childe Chu seems to be really interested in Yunxuan.”

Song Yan glances at his eldest son and says, “He must be, or what else would he do with Yunxuan’s mobile phone number?

Song Yunqiangs calculating in his mind. He feels surprised about his fathers serious face: Dad, why are you not happy?

Song Yan’s face turns grim: “How can a plain girl get the favor of Chu Mochen? Don’t you think it’s strange, Yunqiang?

Song Yunqiang comforts his father: “Dad, maybe Yunxuans beauty attracts him. Men always love beautiful young girls, dont they?

Song Yans eyes are full of gloom as if they are covered with an invisible mist.

But Song Yunqiang fails to catch that.

Song Yunxuan leaves Chu Mochen alone the moment they get out

Mochen stands up on his own: “Don’t you support me?”

Don’t you think it’s a self-degradation to play this trick that only women prefer?”

Song Yunxuan continues to go forward.

Chu Mochen follows her behind.

When Song Yunxuan opens the door of the guest room to let him in, Chu Mochen leads her to move behind the door.

He puts out his big slender hand to close the door.

Then Song Yunxuan is pressed against the door. She has no choice but to face him, the man who traps her.

Chu Mochen is thirty-two, the same old as her. His mature and stable image has always made the media admit he is the best representative among successors of powerful families.

However, nobody knows Chu Mochen has such a mean and cunning look.

He trapped the 18-year-old daughter of the Song Family just now.

Song Yunxuan gradually brings her heartbeat under control. After she calms down, Chu Mochen sees indifference reflected in her eyes.

No matter what happens, it seems you always stay out of it.”

Song Yunxuan gazes at him, “Or what else should I do?”

Do you know why I accepted your father’s invitation?”

I wont marry you! she replies without any hesitation.

By putting his hands on the door, he traps her in the arms, and then he says with a serious tone: “I don’t want this answer.” His eyes are so distant.

“Well, Ill satisfy you.”

Her eyes reflect his face. She says peacefully and slowly, “I will never get married.”

A surprise flashes across his eyes. Suddenly, his double eyebrows frown: “Are you crazy?”

“I will never get married! Never! Never!”

She raises her hand to push him away.

Hearing that, Chu Mochen is absolutely still for a few seconds. But soon he leans in a bit, anxiously looks at her: “Anyway, you have to get married someday.”

“No one can marry me.”

You are really ambitious! Chu Mochen sneers.

Song Yunxuan feels somewhat weird.

She thought that Chu Mochen would continue to talk about whether she should marry or not, but beyond her expectation, he changes the topic immediately.

His words exactly point to the voice of Song Yunxuans heart.

Song Yunxuan has a short dumb then stares at him, “What’s the meaning of that!”

Chu Mochen laughs. He takes his hand back, which just held the door, and moves it to her chin.

As she wants to raise her hand, Chu Mochen grabs her wrist quickly and then tilts up her chin. His eyes are glowing with the danger that belongs traditionally to a man. Song Yunxuan feels hes like a ferocious beast peeping at her.

“Song Yunxuan, you are just an eighteen-year-old girl of Song Family. Do you think you can get the whole property?

Song Yunxuan’s chin is raised and her eyes are filled with her rage.

There will never be another Gu Changge in Yuncheng. You’d better not follow her steps.”

He seems to be thinking of something. He gives an increasingly broader grin and says with accumulating derision in his eyes, Women like Gu Changge always have a bad ending! She can never be buried into Gu Familys ancestral grave since her beloved husband scattered her ashes at sea. She valued money and interests so much before her death, but she lost everything in the end. She was just a woman who sold her soul for profits!

You jerk!

She slaps Chu Mochen in the face so hard that his head turns sideways.