Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 245

Chapter 245 See A Movie

Chapter 245 See a Movie

Mei Qi thought for a while and said, “Manager Song.”

She looked at him. “What?”

“You lack a proper chance.” Mei Qi said this answer leisurely.

Song Yunxuan slightly curved her lips. “I certainly know I lack it. But the thing you have to tell me is when the chance will arrive.”

Mei Qi smiled. “Compared with the opportunity you need, I hope more that Manager Song can keep a good relationship with a person at this time.”

Song Yunxuan was so wise that his words were sufficient to her. She slightly frowned. “You mean Chu Mochen?”

Mei Qi nodded. Seeing her frown, he asked her, “Or do you think you can break up with Childe Chu at this time?”

She felt a little agitated. “I will try.”

Nowadays, the relationship between her and Chu Mochen was not bad but absolutely not the best.

They met each other once a few days. And Chu Mochen didn’t hold a positive and supportive attitude towards the thing that she wanted to enlarge the Song enterprise step by step.

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Chu Mochen just finished a merger case in Chu’s. He ordered his staff to draw up a contract. Then he would fly abroad to sign it the next day.

Before he left, he suddenly reminded of Song Yunxuan. He was about to call Song Yunxuan’s brother.

But before the phone could be dialed, he heard the assistant call him.

“Childe Chu, Miss Song is here for you.”

Song Yunxuan had never been to Chu’s by herself before. So, he couldn’t make sense of which Miss Song the front desk assistant was referring to on earth for a while.

He frowned and asked, “Which one?”

“The third one of Song Family, Song Yunxuan.”

His eyebrows stretched slowly. He put down the phone and stood up from the leather swivel chair.

The door was gently opened. The assistant reverently said to Song Yunxuan, “Please.”

Song Yunxuan nodded politely and then came into Chu Mochen’s office.

Chu Mochen saw her wearing a down jacket and a red scarf. The strangest thing was that she wore a pair of white rabbit fur earmuffs over her ears.

He was almost taken aback by her costume. He strode over to her and asked her reproachfully, “Did you come here alone by bus?”

“Yes, I came here by bus.” Saying the words, she took off her fluffy earmuffs. She said some interesting things on her road unconsciously, “I have not crammed onto a bus for a long time. It was lucky that there were not so many people as the morning rush hour after I got on the bus. By the way, when I was waiting for the bus at the bus station, it seemed that it was about to snow again.”

She took off her earmuffs and then began to take off her scarf.

Chu Mochen reached out to help her. Seeing her wearing thick clothes with such a chubby look, he could know that she was actually very afraid of the cold.

His face clouded over spontaneously. “Why didn’t the driver in Song Family send you here on such a cold day? Why did you have to take a bus by yourself?”

She smiled in a quite pleased state. She was a little sly. “I just suddenly remembered that I had not taken a bus for a long time. So, I went to the station on my own. It was not the driver’s fault.”

“If you want to come here, you can call me in advance. I can pick you up.”

“I don’t want to bother you.”

The heating in Chu Mochen’s office was good. She wore thick clothes. If she didn’t take off one layer of her clothes quickly after she entered his office, she would get hot and sweaty soon.

After helping her take off her down jacket, Chu Mochen turned to see that the assistant came in to serve her a cup of coffee. He ordered the assistant to take back the coffee and told her, “Change into hot cocoa.”

Song Yunxuan liked hot cocoa. She liked it when she was still Gu Changge.

She didn’t know whether it was because Chu Mochen thought all the girls liked hot cocoa, or he just remembered Gu Changge’s preference and then fitted it to all the girls.

The assistant quickly changed into hot cocoa and came in.

Song Yunxuan held the cup and constantly sipped the hot cocoa on the sofa.

Chu Mochen asked her, “Why did you suddenly come here? Do you have something to tell me?”

Song Yunxuan put down the cup and looked at him. “Can’t I come here with nothing to tell you?”

“I thought that you would be very busy as you just entered the Song enterprise, and you had no time to care about me at all.”

She obviously felt that the words he said carried some poor feelings as if he had been abandoned.

Song Yunxuan could not help smiling. She reached out and held his fingers. “I am not so busy as you thought. Things are mostly handled by my brother. I’m just an idler, and I just have a nominal title.”

“Aren’t you going to get the real power soon?”

Chu Mochen could always expose her sharply to the point.

Her smile on the face froze for a while. She held his hands and frowned. “Please do not talk about work.”

“Then we have nothing to talk about.”

Chu Mochen turned his head and was about to drink coffee.

Song Yunxuan had no choice but to watch him drink half a cup of coffee.

She bit her lower lip and stayed silent for a while without saying a word.

Chu Mochen gave a sidelong glance at her and saw that she seemed to be distracted, thinking about something.

He really couldn’t figure out why she suddenly came here today. She was such a cold woman at ordinary times.

“Tonight, I don’t want to go back home.”

She thought for a long while and then said these words.

Chu Mochen looked at her in surprise. He inevitably felt strange. “You don’t want to go back home?”

Song Yunxuan curved her eyes and smiled. “Could you please accompany me to a place?”

Chu Mochen could not figure out what she wanted to do. But he still uncontrollably followed her to leave Chu’s.

Song Yunxuan sat in the white Porsche of Chu Mochen after he finished his work. She was enjoying the view along the road as the car was moving.

“Have you ever been to see a movie?”

Chu Mochen looked sideways at her face. “Several times occasionally.”

“I have heard that there’s a good new movie at the cinema. The comments are not bad. Let’s see it together.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and looked at him.

Chu Mochen couldn’t refuse her at all.

He lined up with her to buy movie tickets.

The line was so long. It might be because the movie enjoyed a very high appraisal, or because there were many couples here to achieve their love affairs at night.

They lined up for a long time to buy the tickets.

Song Yunxuan checked their positions. “It is the fourth row from the bottom.”

“Have you been there before?”

She tried to cover it up. “My second sister once bought this row. So, she told me that it was the fourth row from the bottom.”

Chu Mochen nodded and stopped pursuing.

Song Yunxuan found their positions to sit down and waited for the movie to start with him.

In the few minutes before the movie started, some young couples came in successively and took their seats.

Chu Mochen usually saw a movie in his private screening room at home. And he was not very into such recreational activities.

Ordinarily, if he had some spare time, he would rather make an appointment with someone else to ride a horse or play golf.

Seeing that all the seats were taken successively, Song Yunxuan turned to talk to him, “I have heard that it is a horror movie.”

Chu Mochen didn’t deny as he thought of the poster he saw when he entered. “That poster is very bloody.”

Song Yunxuan seemed to be listening to his answer. After he finished his words, she stealthily slipped her fingers into his palm at once.

His fingers slightly stiffened.

Song Yunxuan waited for his reaction nervously.

If Chu Mochen really got tired of her, he would not hold her hand definitely.

But if he still liked her, he would hold her fingers tightly definitely.

She was just waiting like this.

But after she waited for a long time, Chu Mochen did not close his fingers to hold her fingers in his palm tightly. Inevitably, she was a little disappointed in her mind.

Though she was not a young girl who was first awakening of love according to her mental age, she still couldn’t contain her disappointment just at this time.

Her fingers rested on the palm of his hand. Finally, she held his hand tightly in the opening music of the movie, unwilling to give up.

She didn’t want to give up. Also, she couldn’t give up.

She chose Chu Mochen and chose the Song enterprise.

Though it was a little hard for her to keep both, he and the Song enterprise were not in conflict.

Her eyes seemed to be focused on the movie screen.

Though this movie had some scary scenes that made girls quiver out of scare, Song Yunxuan was quiet as if she had not seen anything.

She was too strong and tough.

She had gone through the pain of breaking her legs and digging out her heart in her previous life. No matter how terrifying and lifelike these scenes were, they could not make her scream out of scare.

Because compared with her own experience, these scenes were not a big deal to her at all.

In her eyes, these scenes constantly changed on the movie screen. All around her was the screams of young girls.

Many boys seized the chance to embrace those girls in their arms.

Some girls were too delicate. They were even frightened to cry. Then there came the sound of boys coaxing girls.

At first, she held Chu Mochen’s hand on her own initiative, but he didn’t hold her fingers tightly. After that, she acted calmly like an outsider during this movie.

Chu Mochen turned to look at her, only to see her calmly facing the movie screen.

At the end of the movie, the main character finished her adventure and found the lover who protected her many times and with whom she fell in love during her adventure.

The hero and heroine under the background of the yellow sunset in the desert hugged and kissed each other, leading a camel.

The veil on the heroine’s head was gently blown up by the wind and covered the whole screen.

They hugged and kissed each other affectionately.

The mood of the movie went into a touching and relaxing state.

Some couples in the theater followed suit and began to hug and kiss each other.

But Song Yunxuan loosened Chu Mochen’s fingers at this time. She stood up and said without emotion, “It is finished.”

She stood up to go out.

Chu Mochen kept silent for a while in his seat and then stood up to leave.

He walked after her. Song Yunxuan came out of the theater much earlier than he did.

When he walked out of the theater into the ticket hall, he just saw that Song Yunxuan was talking to someone.

There was a gentle smile at the corners of the man’s mouth. He wore a pair of thin-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. There was a pretty and coquettish woman standing next to him.

The woman actually had some subtle similarities to Gu Changge on her appearance miraculously.

That was

“Did you come here to see a movie alone, Miss Song?”

“Mochen came here with me.”

She smiled.

Gu Changle seemed to get the goods on her and said jokingly, “Childe Chu really didn’t care about Miss Song very much. Why did you come out on your own after it was finished?”

The expression in her eyes obviously dimmed a little.

But Shao Tianze’s eyes showed a shrewd light. “Is Miss Song about to go back after seeing the movie?”

“Yep. I shouldn’t bother you. I will leave first.

Gu Changle proudly held Shao Tianze’s arm and was about to go into the movie hall with Shao Tianze arm in arm.

But Shao Tianze raised his hand and patted her hand at this time. “Well, Changle. I have bought Shao Xue the movie ticket. We should go back as well.”

Hearing that Shao Tianze changed his mind, Gu Changle said at once with displeasure, “Didn’t you say that you would watch it with me?”

“This is a horror movie. Let’s see a literary film tomorrow.”

Gu Changle still wanted to say something.

But Shao Tianze already looked at Song Yunxuan. He invited her and said, “The mansion of Song Family is just on the way to Shao Family. Chile Chu did not come out. Will Miss Song allow me to give you a ride?”