Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Propose To Divide Up The Family Property

Chapter 246 Propose to Divide Up the Family Property

Song Yunxuan should have refused him. But once she remembered that at the beginning of the movie Chu Mochen didn’t react to her action of holding his hand on her own initiative at all, she nodded. “Then I will bother you, Mr. Shao.”

As a result, Song Yunxuan left the theater by the car of Shao Tianze.

Chu Mochen’s eyes became dark a little when he saw that the car went away at the door.

Song Yunxuan seemed to stay in a bad mood all the way.

Shao Tianze couldn’t help guessing after seeing her expression. “Did you argue with Childe Chu?”

She shook her head. “Actually, we cannot call it an argument.”

“But it seems that you are not very happy.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “We talked about the affairs on work inadvertently when we saw the movie.”

Shao Tianze nodded. He followed her answer and continued to ask, “Are the affairs in the Song enterprise?”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

“Why did Childe Chu have a disagreement with you on such a topic?”

“I rested for some days as I felt not well. Childe Chu pushed me to get familiar with the Song enterprise as soon as possible to take it over.”

Shao Tianze nodded.

He showed a look of understanding in his eyes.

Gu Changle frowned when hearing that beside them.

Song Yunxuan said nothing else after she finished the words.

Shao Tianze drove her to the Song Family. Hearing that it was Shao Tianze who drove her back, Song Yunqiang affably invited Shao Tianze to have a seat in his family.

But Shao Tianze declined.

Song Yunqiang seemed to understand something he expressed. So, he did not detain him anymore.

In the evening, Song Yunqiang called Shao Tianze.

On hearing that it was Song Yunqiang’s call, Shao Tianze spoke to the nurse at home, “Please tell him that I will meet him in Xiao Jiangnan at noon tomorrow.”

The nurse followed Shao Tianze’s order to tell Song Yunqiang what Shao Tianze said to her.

Song Yunqiang arrived as promised at Xiao Jiangnan as expected the next day.

Shao Tianze chose a private dining room. Gu Changle stayed next to him.

Recently, Gu Changle seemed to be very clinging to Shao Tianze. She would be anywhere Shao Tianze stayed.

Song Yunqiang greeted Gu Changle by nodding his head and then sat down to talk about affairs with Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze concisely talked to him, “Song Yunxuan seems not to pay much attention to the Song enterprise recently, right?”

Song Yunqiang nodded. “She is pregnant, but she does not dare to go public. Chu Mochen seemed to have enough of her. She was in a bad relationship with Chu Mochen recently. So, she pinned all her hopes on the child in her belly. She wants to take advantage of the kid to have a position in Chu Family.”

Gu Changle was making tea beside him. The delicate little tea-cup held the superior Longjing tea before rain.

She watered it with hot water twice. She then poured the tea into the small tea-cups and served both Shao Tianze and Song Yunqiang.

She looked extremely virtuous.

Though the Song Family didn’t have a close relationship with the Shao enterprise before, he heard that Gu Changle would never serve anyone tea or drinks in person. She was even a delicate woman who would never do housework.

He thought that perhaps Gu Changle was very gentle and virtuous so that Shao Tianze liked her.

His own sister, Song Yunjia, was fond of Shao Tianze. But the primary problem was that she had to surpass Gu Changle so that she would have the chance to stand beside Shao Tianze.

Song Yunqiang took a sip of tea. He complimented her and said that she was really good at the tea ceremony.

Shao Tianze just nodded in agreement. He then said, “Though your sister is very young, she is not a silly and normal girl. She may just create a false impression to cheat you to make your guard down on her.”

Song Yunqiang frowned. “What does Mr. Shao mean?”

Shao Tianze said directly, “Your sister seems not to be a woman who is willing to stay at home for her children and husband. Her attention is all paid to the Song enterprise. Now she is pregnant so that she has no time to handle the Song enterprise. But she will never be a leisure woman who just has a nominal title and is busy nourishing the fetus. You have to manipulate a part of the power of the Song enterprise firmly before she controls it totally.”

Song Yunqiang thoughtfully looked at him. “A part of the power?”

Shao Tianze nodded. There was a light of maliciousness in his long and narrow eyes. “Don’t you understand me, Mr. Song?”

Song Yunqiang did not understand him indeed. So, when Shao Tianze asked him, he asked in a low voice tentatively, “You mean dividing up the family property?”

Shao Tianze slowly nodded.

Song Yunqiang gasped after he nodded. He refused without consideration. “No! No! When my father was still alive, he set an explicit ban on dividing up the family property! Though he has passed away now, I cannot do so.”

He rebuffed stoutly without any hesitation.

Shao Tianze had never seen Song Yunqiang who was always irresolute become so firm about something.

He got it in his mind that this way could be a little hard to achieve.

“Since Mr. Song thinks that this way is impractical, I have nothing else to say. I can only remind you to be careful about your sister.”

Song Yunqiang nodded. He seemed to be a little vexatious to consider the suggestion Shao Tianze gave him.

Later, Song Yunqiang picked up a call and then left first.

Gu Changle still took her time to pour the tea on the side. “It seems that Song Yunqiang is not very filial to his father, but he still remembers clearly what Song Yan told him before his death.”

“At this critical moment, he still wants to handle it by good luck. He is too silly.”

He took a sip of tea. There was annoyance in his eyes because he could not manipulate Song Yunqiang

Though Gu Changle did not want to mention Song Yunjia very much, she really wanted to show the attitude that she truly considered for him. So, she said, “Tianze, why don’t you make a phone call to Yunjia to let her persuade him?”

Shao Tianze looked down. He held the teacup, seemingly thinking about something.

Gu Changle said in a gentle voice, “In any case, Yunjia is still Song Yunqiang’s sister. Now Yunjia is the only one to support him. He will certainly listen to Yunjia.”

Shao Tianze nodded. “You’re right.”

Shao Tianze called Song Yunjia. Hearing the whole story, she agreed at once.

Her relationship with Song Yunxuan was quite tense. So, it was reasonable that she called Song Yunqiang to go out instead of returning to Song Family in person.

Song Yunqiang just met Shao Tianze the day before yesterday. But today, he was asked to go out by his own sister. No matter how stupid he was, he was able to know what Song Yunjia would say.

Before Song Yunjia could say something, he reminded her, “Have you forgotten what our father told us since we were kids?”

Song Yunjia frowned. “When he said that we could not divide up the family property, he never expected that Song Yunxuan would come to our family one day.”

Song Yunqiang waved his hand. “Don’t say anything else. Our father said that if we divided up the family property and lived apart, the Song Family would be in a state of disunity. The whole Song enterprise would fall apart because of our dividing up the family property.”

Song Yunjia didn’t want to give up. “Our father said that more than a decade ago. Now this theory can be overthrown. Look at Yunying! The property our father gave her is totally separated from the Song enterprise. Isn’t she doing so well now?”

Song Yunqiang got angry once he heard Song Yunying. He even gnashed his teeth with hatred at the thought of the thing that when Song Yunxuan got sick, she came back to save her last time.

“I really have no idea what the hell is wrong with Yunying. She even turned to help Song Yunxuan. Now, she stands against us.”

Song Yunying kept a neutral attitude before Song Yunxuan got sick. But last time, when Yunxuan got sick, he realized at once that she still wanted to help Song Yunxuan.

Originally, even if the illness could not kill her, it would still get her some pain.

Song Yunying not only went back and pretended that her pregnancy was affected, but she also asked Nurse Wang at home to call Chu Mochen when she was free.

Finally, Song Yunxuan survived, but he wasted a great chance for nothing.

This always made him very annoyed. Song Yunying didn’t go back to the Song Family because of this after that.

Song Yunjia knew that her elder brother was angry. But she didn’t think a lot of Song Yunying at all.

She just tried to persuade him and said, “The matter about Yunying is inessential. The most important thing is Song Yunxuan.”

Song Yunqiang was still entangled by it in situ. “If Song Yunying had not intervened suddenly, Song Yunxuan’s brain must have been burned out now.”

Song Yunjia was stupefied by Song Yunqiang’s excited tone. She then said, “Brother, the thing is over. Now you have to move forward. We can’t mark time in the failure we met with last time and refuse to move forward all the time. Do you understand me?”

Song Yunqiang gasped because of anger. He was so angry that he could not help taking a cigarette out of the cigarette case, and then he lit it.

He wouldn’t be stopped from smoking because they were in a private room.

When Song Yunjia smelled it, she frowned and waved her hand to wave the smoke before her eyes away. “Brother, things have come to this point. Yunxuan must leave. Otherwise, the one who should leave will be us. Even if we keep our noses clean, Song Yunxuan will not let us go.”

Song Yunqiang was not convinced.

Song Yunjia got a little annoyed. Seeing that Song Yunqiang would not change his mind in a short while, she simply decided to leave first.

Song Yunxuan’s life in the Song enterprise was unchanged to move forward.

She took part in several inner meetings in the Song enterprise. But whether it was a new product developed by the Technology Department or a costly new advertisement from the Marketing Department, she stayed out of it.

It seemed that Song Yunqiang still controlled all the affairs in the Song enterprise.

Mei Qi took the charts from the Sales Department to her. “Manager Song, these are sales reports for this season.”

Song Yunxuan reached out to take them.

Then Mei Qi brought some forms of a similar format and handed them over to her. “Manager Song, these are some reports of sales volume with foreign countries in Harbor City, Qicheng, Haicheng, as well as a part of first-tier and second-tier cities. Please check them.”

Mei Qi was always respectful to her in the company. They obviously acted as a relationship between the boss and the subordinate.

They got along well with each other merrily, harmoniously, and normally, but not too closely.

But actually, Mei Qi would analyze the advantages and disadvantages of everything for her.

He could even arrange Song Yunxuan’s schedule for the whole day in an orderly way.

Song Yunxuan had been idle for a long time. After seeing these sales reports, she smiled suddenly. “I think that the chance you mentioned seems to have come to me.”

Mei Qi looked at those sales reports in her hands and those sales records which were very low. He was a little dumbfounded. “Do you plan to send him to this place?”

Song Yunxuan nodded. There was a gentle smile at the corners of her mouth, but there were some faint senses of loss in her eyes. “If he can keep well-behaved and do nothing, I will keep him. After all, if he is far away from me, he will not be a threat to me anymore.”

Mei Qi nodded. “You’re right. But if you cut the weeds without removing the roots”

Mei Qi still wanted to say something.

But Song Yunxuan raised her head. “We have to avoid making him desperate. Otherwise, he can only make trouble for us.”

“But I believe that you will not be afraid of him.”

Song Yunxuan leaned against the leather chair. “Though that is true, he is still a silly guy. Just because he had some personal hatred in his mind, he was taken advantage of by others as a tool. I can let him go. It is not a big deal.”

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