Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Yunqiang Was Chosen

Chapter 248 Yunqiang Was Chosen

Song Yunxuan’s chair turned around. She looked at the voting result on the LCD screen from a perfect angle.

With a slightly surprised expression, she asked Mei Qi next to her, “Why is there my brother’s name?”

Having planned to turn around later, Song Yunqiang was scrutinizing a document prepared for the acting president of the company in S City in his hands.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, he turned around immediately.

On the LCD screen, Song Yunqiang’s name was clearly written.

Moreover, Song Yunqiang actually had three more votes than Zhang Jin did.

Song Yunqiang felt like he had seen a ghost. He turned to look at the voters. “Who voted for me?”

Song Yunxuan sighed. She turned to look at Song Yunqiang. “Brother, I just realized that you could also participate in the voting.”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes started to turn red. He didn’t know who gave so many votes for him.

Song Yunxuan stood up and clapped her hands. “Well, if there is nothing else, the conference will be over.”

Song Yunqiang looked at her sister’s expression of accepting with pleasure. He felt annoyed and patted the table heavily, shouting at everyone. “No one can leave!”

Song Yunxuan was also stunned by this shout. She turned around and looked at him. “Is there anything else, my brother?”

Her eyes were cold. Her voice was also cold.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian could naturally hear the coldness in Song Yunxuan’s voice. They said in a hurry, “There must be something wrong with the voting counter. Yunqiang is not on the list of candidates. How could he get a high vote and be chosen?”

Song Yunxuan smiled gently. “This shows that my brother has the ability to be competent for this position in everyone’s heart, so they just voted for him to work in S City as the general manager.”

Zhou Jian tried to be a peacemaker on the side and said, “There must be something wrong with the machine. I will ask someone from the Research and Development Department to come here and check it. Let’s vote on it again.”

Soon after he finished his words, Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows lightly. “Uncles, do you mean that the result of this vote doesn’t count?”

Song Yunqiang was about to answer first, but he was stopped by Zhao Yang’s expression in the eyes.

He lifted his glasses on the bridge of his nose and then smiled. “Let’s ask a technician to see if the counter is out of order or not.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. Instead of insisting that the counter was not out of order, she echoed, “Since you all think that the counter is out of order, let’s just take it as a breakdown of the counter.”

After she finished her words, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian wanted to skate over the fact that Song Yunqiang was chosen.

But Song Yunxuan just raised her feet and went out. “The counter in the spare conference room will not go wrong. Please come back and vote again.”

The door of the conference room was pulled open. The staff present saw Song Yunxuan get out of the conference room. Seeing that Song Yunqiang had nothing else to say, they followed Song Yunxuan to go out of the conference room one after another and walked towards the spare conference room.

The spare conference room was only a few dozen meters away from the conference room that was now officially in use.

The spare conference room was fully equipped. The tables and chairs were all clean.

After Song Yunxuan was seated, everyone who attended the meeting also came in one after another.

Song Yunqiang still stayed in the original conference room and did not leave. After the staff left one after another, he said to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, “What’s going on?”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian did not understand this, either.

Obviously, he had already talked to the voting staff before. Zhao Yang had informed his subordinates. Zhou Jian had also informed his subordinates.

How could this accident happen when they voted?

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian both felt confused.

But Song Yunqiang suddenly remembered the words that Song Yunjia told him when she came to him before.

Song Yunjia said that even if he kept his nose clean in the Song enterprise, Song Yunxuan would never let him go.

Would Song Yunxuan try to expel him from the Song enterprise by all means?

If this was the case, it might be Song Yunxuan who made some tricks in this vote.

He raised his red eyes. Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian all saw that his expression was weird. They asked him with concern, “Yunqiang, calm down first. There must be some solutions to handle it.”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian persuaded him.

But Song Yunqiang clenched his fingers into a fist tightly. “We really shouldn’t let go of this girl.”

“Let’s go and see the result of the vote first. Maybe, there is really something wrong with the counter.” Zhou Jian advised him.

Zhao Yang was also there to appease him. “Yunqiang, you don’t have to worry. Even if you have the most votes, I and your Uncle Zhou can do something to help you as long as you haven’t gone to S City.”

Song Yunqiang looked up, and he was a little helpless.

Zhao Yang nodded at him and motioned him to calm down.

Song Yunqiang took a deep breath and then barely calmed down.

These three people walked together into the spare conference room.

By the time they got in, the conference room had been full of the staff. Only three of them were not there yet.

They were the last ones to be there. They were accompanied by Song Yunqiang. Everyone naturally understood that they both supported Song Yunqiang.

There was also a slight change in the look in the staff’s eyes. Song Yunxuan looked up slightly at Mei Qi.

Mei Qi gave her a look of relief.

Zhou Jian cleared his throat and then said, “There might have been a data error in the voting in the meeting room just now, so please vote again on the general manager of the company in S City.”

Everyone whispered to each other and discussed it for a while. Then, they picked up the voting devices in their hands for a new round of voting one after another.

Song Yunqiang turned around his head during this voting, staring firmly at the counter without moving.

The number of votes in Zhang Jin grew rapidly at first. Zhang Jin was far ahead of Song Yunqiang within ten seconds of the start of the voting.

However, after twenty seconds, Song Yunqiang’s votes caught up with and surpassed Zhang Jin’s votes.

The final result made Song Yunqiang’s eyelids keep twitching.

“My brother still has one more vote than Zhang Jin. It seems that this position really belongs to my elder brother.”

After saying that, she glanced at Mei Qi without trace. Mei Qi thoughtfully looked at the staff who voted on the spot.

When two of them were swept over by his eyes again, they were obviously very uneasy.

Song Yunxuan had been in the conference room for a long time. She had moved twice. She claimed that she was tired.

After seeing the result of this voting, she got up and said, “It’s almost over. Let’s break up the meeting and go back to work.”

The staff present looked at each other before they got up and left one after another.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian looked at the company employees who were leaving and sighed a little in their hearts.

On the surface, it seemed that the employees were all supporting Song Yunqiang in the Song enterprise. But in fact, after Song Yunxuan came into the company, some people would inevitably change their minds and choose another promising master now.

It seemed that there were indeed a lot of people who believed in Song Yunxuan now.

Song Yunqiang experienced the vote just now and understood the situation. He spontaneously looked up at Zhao Yang with some doubt. “Uncle Zhao, what do you think I should do next?”

Zhao Yang was stunned by this question and then turned to look at Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian also felt it was tricky. He sighed and then said heavily, “Yunqiang, let me discuss it with your Uncle Zhao carefully.”

Song Yunqiang nodded.

Song Yunxuan returned to her office after leaving the meeting room.

Only she and Mei Qi were in the office. Mei Qi entered the office. He closed the door and then said, “Are there two people who have temporarily defected?”

Song Yunxuan leaned her body on a leather swivel chair. She put her hands together on the table. Her hands pressed against her chin. She meditated. “This is no other way. After all, I’m fighting with my brother now. No one knows who will win in the end. Everyone has the right to choose before the situation is clear.”

But Mei Qi said lightly and leisurely, “However, only those who stand firm can live to the end.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “What do you mean by saying this?”

Mei Qi frankly said, “Those two people favored Song Yunqiang when they voted for the second time. We should find an excuse to fire them. It will be better.”

“You have already seen clearly who those two are?” Song Yunxuan asked him.

Mei Qi even said out the departments and names of the two people at once. “Deng Jia in the Human Resource Department and Jiang Jiao in the Technology Research and Development Department.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and said, “Two women?”

Mei Qi frowned, with disgust in his eyes. “Two men.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing. “My former teacher told me that women had long hair and inexperienced insights, but unexpectedly, some men are also a little short-sighted.

She said this unintentionally, but Mei Qi couldn’t help being stunned after hearing her joking remarks.

A small episode was remembered in his mind.

It was when he was nineteen years old. He was a private tutor for Gu Changge, the young lady of the Gu Family in Yuncheng.

As a private tutor, however, he did not teach her the knowledge in books, which seemed to be aboveboard.

He taught her some obscure tricks she should not have known at her age.

At first, he was reluctant to teach this young lady who had no mother. The excuses he found were particularly outrageous.

He took the young lady’s long silky hair in his hand and said to her. “Girls should be married honestly, and then they will have children. They will wash clothes and cook to serve their fathers-in-law as well as their mothers-in-law. They will have a happy life if they have more children in succession and marry into some wealthy and powerful families.”

Gu Changge looked at him just like looking at an idiot.

Then she raised her hand and took her long hair back from his hand. “I will tell my father and let him dismiss you, a jerk.”

Finishing her words, she turned around and was about to leave.

Yang Jiu was young and aggressive at that time. Although it seemed that he had many tricks and was very sophisticated, he couldn’t stand it that a little girl looked down upon him like this.

Failing in joking and coaxing her, he just grabbed the end of her hair at once, seizing her and stopping her from leaving.

Her scalp ached because of his action, and she looked back at him angrily.

He then laughed and said to her rascally, “Look! Women just have long hair and inexperienced insights. You have such long hair. Although you look like a little princess, you still want to cry because of pain when you are caught. Right?”

Gu Changge cut off her long hair the next day.

At that time, Yang Jiu thought that it was a little cruel to play a joke on this child, but he couldn’t help vacillating for her determination of cutting her hair.

People in the Gu Family said that Gu Changge liked her hair very much because she had seen pictures of her mother, and her mother also had long silky hair.

This might be a way of remembering her mother.

But she cut her hair under the joke of Yang Jiu.

Yang Jiu could vaguely understand her thoughts.

After losing her mother, she was always sheltered by her father. If she was not useful

Then there would be no way for her to survive in Gu’s.

There were so many women who wanted to have an illegitimate child to replace her in Gu’s.

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