Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Bad Situation

Chapter 254 Bad Situation

Xue Tao just idled and did no decent work, but he was passionate about pleasure and cherished his life very much.

Song Yunxuan might not take away his life, but it would be worse if Song Yunxuan sent him into prison.

Song Yunying also left the meeting room after her speaking.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang knew those in the room very well.

With a wound on his face, Song Yunqiang was not willing to greet people.

But Song Yunjia was different. When she saw a shareholder she knew, she immediately walked up to him and stopped him, “Uncle Zhang, please help me. You have watched me growing up…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the one she called Uncle Zhang signed and cut in, “Yunjia, you have known that the split was the last thing your father wanted to see in his lifetime. I really can’t help you. Your brother plans to divide the company today.”

“But I…”

She had more to say, but Uncle Zhang went away from her and left.

Other uncles behind Uncle Zhang seemed to know what Song Yunjia wanted to say and steered clear of her.

Song Yunjia hadn’t expected that the situation would get so terrible.

She was desperate.

Going through this morning meeting, Song Yunqiang knew that he had no chance to stay at Yuncheng.

He should go to S City and plan everything after getting there.

Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi came into the office.

As soon as they got into the office, Mei Qi said, “I just saw Zhou Jian’s voting result from that angle.”


Song Yunxuan felt that was interesting.

Zhou Jian was cunning and old. It seemed that he was supporting Song Yunqiang, but he always held a way to retreat for himself.

Mei Qi saw Song Yunxuan was interested so she said directly, “Zhou Jian had the disapproval of Song Yunqiang’s division.”

Song Yunxuan was a little shocked. However, after short amazement, she thought it was within expectation.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang still wanted to fight. Nevertheless, Zhou Jian was old, and he didn’t want to struggle anymore.

She nodded, “I think Zhou Jian could see the situation clear.”

Mei Qi laughed, “He and Zhao Yang must have known that Song Yunqiang is incompetent to manage the Song enterprise in the first place, but they don’t have the second choice. So, they have to help Song Yunqiang. Now that you have come on the stage, he is embarrassed to abandon Song Yunqiang and choose another high branch directly. So, he has to accompany Song Yunqiang for a while to plan.”

Song Yunxuan smiled lightly, “I felt that the two of them were full of confidence at the beginning, but now they didn’t think the odds were great. So, they turned to support me.”

“All in all, Song Yunqiang must go to S City this time.”

Song Yunxuan sat on a leather chair behind her desk with her hands crossed, “I think it’s good for him to go to S City, but Song Yunjia is always trying to pull him into the whirlpool.”

“Since Song Yunjia has been doing this, she must be trying to enter the Song enterprise soon. After all, she failed to succeed in the separation.”


Song Yunxuan thought Mei Qi was right.

Song Yunjia must have known that she was not significant in the minds of the Song enterprise’s shareholders after this meeting.

Although shareholders had watched them growing up from an early age, they still didn’t choose to help them in the face of interests.

It showed that their friendship was not good enough to allow these shareholders to trust and support them fully.

The only way to gain the trust of these shareholders was to narrow the distance with them.

Without entering the Song family, there was no way to get closer to these shareholders.

Song Yunqiang was about to leave, but Song Yunjia came here.

In this dark tide of the Song enterprise, the battle was more and more fascinating.

However, how likely was Song Yunjia to win?

What was more, she needed an opportunity to enter the Song enterprise. How would she create this opportunity?

Who would she make use of to create this opportunity?

Song Yunqiang took a flight to S City on time to work there at nine o’clock.

Deng Jia and Jiang Jiao went with Song Yunqiang.

The two didn’t bring their families and children to S City.

Mei Qi told Song Yunxuan this, and Song Yunxuan blinked, “Do they leave their children here because they think they won’t stay in S City for too long?”

“Maybe so.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and ordered her, “Arrange two high-level apartments over there for them to house their families, and then let them take their families and children.”

Mei Qi understood, “You don’t plan to get them back?”

Song Yunxuan didn’t hide anything but just asked her, “They did not even take their family members with them, which indicates that they did not intend to work in S City for a long time. However, they did not resign. Someone who is not a fool will know that they will be assigned back soon. The only possibility for them to come back is that my elder brother is taken away. Do you think it will be good that I make my older brother feel that I am going to push him into a desperate situation because of the two?”

Song Yunxuan’s words were very reasonable.

Judging from Song Yunqiang’s temperament, if Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia didn’t work there for a long time, Song Yunqiang would think that they were perfunctory.

Mei Qi received Song Yunxuan’s order and went to call Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia.

Although the two were reluctant, they still took the family and children after the formalities.

Moreover, the houses the company arranged for them were good, and both of them were satisfied.

Therefore, both of them would report Song Yunqiang’s movements from time to time.

Mei Qi realized that Song Yunxuan had the plan to make use of the two from the beginning.

However, her calculation and means were all good without harm.

There were several calm weeks in the Song enterprise after Song Yunqiang went to S City.

During this period, some people gradually began to pay attention to Song Yunxuan.

Those people who had been loyal to Song Yunqiang in the past also began to find other targets.

After all, Song Yunqiang had the possibility of a comeback, but it took a long time for them to wait for this possibility.

It might not even arrive after a long time.

Song Yunjia was very irritable, so she contacted Shao Tianze more often.

She couldn’t think of any right way to get Song Yunqiang back from S City to Yuncheng, so she wanted Shao Tianze to help out with an idea.

Like throwing away a pawn, Shao Tianze said, “Your elder brother is worthless. Let him stay in S City quietly.”

“But…” After all, not having enough confidence, Song Yunjia said two words emotionally, then she said sadly in a lower voice, “But without the help of my brother, I will have difficulty entering the company. After my elder brother went to S City, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian had turned to support Song Yunxuan.”


Shao Tianze asked indifferently.

Song Yunjia frowned her beautiful eyes, “If the situation goes on like this, there will be no one to help me when I want to enter the Song enterprise. If Song Yunxuan refuses me, I can only be a shareholder without power.”

Shao Tianze nodded, “You are right.”

Hope was lit up in Song Yunjia’s eyes.

Shao Tianze asked her again, “How long do you want to take to enter the company?”

Song Yunjia couldn’t answer.

Shao Tianze shook his head with disappointment, “Don’t you see that the best occasion is at present?”

“Now?” Song Yunjia hadn’t prepared well yet.

Shao Tianze explained to her with kind and patience, “There must be someone within the Song expertise who still supports your elder brother. Though he was designated to S City from Yuncheng. However, Song Yunxuan is now alone in the company. If you enter the company at this moment, wouldn’t it be nice to let those who support your elder brother support you?”

The dark in her eyes retreated gradually. Song Yunjia thought it was a good idea, but she still felt worried, “But if Song Yunxuan knows that those people who support my elder brother start to support me, will she transfer my elder brother back from S City? By then, the situation will be definitely chaotic.”

Shao Tianze smiled and looked at her, “Are you afraid that those who supported your elder brother support you temporarily? They will support your elder brother again when he comes back?”

Song Yunjia nodded, “Yes.”

Knocking the desk with his fingers lightly, Shao Tianze considered for a while and laughed, “It’s simple.”

Song Yunjia looked at him in confusion.

Shao Tianze uttered some words lightly, “Get rid of him.”

After she heard that, her expression froze.

Got rid of Song Yunqiang?

Song Yunqiang was the only one in Song Family standing with Song Yunjia in the same line.

It wouldn’t be any trouble to get rid of him after success. However, it was too early to remove Song Yunqiang under present circumstances.

She was unable to make up her mind, sitting in the living room of Shao Family for a long time.

Gu Changle finally couldn’t help but push the door and walked inside. She said sweetly, “Tianze, the dinner is ready. It’s time to eat.”

Shao Tianze saw that Song Yunjia hadn’t made the decision and said, “Yunjia, join us for dinner.”

Song Yunjia felt sweet, hearing the invitation. She looked up at Shao Tianze who had stood up, and she smiled, “Thank you.”

Shao Tianze went to the dining room, saying, “Erm”.

Gu Changle felt Song Yunjia’s expression piercing.

Now seeing Shao Tianze’s invitation, she felt that a cluster of flames in her heart grew stronger and stronger.

But she couldn’t show it. After Shao Tianze left, she walked forward with concern and sat beside her, “I’ve seen you often recently. Is the business of the Song enterprise tricky?”

“Well, it’s a bit.” Song Yunjia nodded with little interest. Certainly, she didn’t want to talk to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was lucky. Her hands were stained with blood and life. But all the benefits in return belonged to Gu Changle.

Now Gu Changle lived a comfortable life. She had to struggle and fight in the Song enterprise.

Fortunately, Shao Tianze helped her to plan.

This thought made her feel relieved.

Gu Changle grabbed her hand and said affectionately, “Yunjia, Tianze has always been grateful to you. Please believe that his ideas are good for you.”

She had already heard Shao Tianze’s idea for Song Yunjia.

The idea of removing Song Yunqiang was in line with Shao Tianze’s usual style. It was just that Song Yunjia’s ability should not be as high as Shao Tianze’s.

If Song Yunqiang was removed, but she was forced to die by Song Yunxuan, Song Yunjia would be embarrassed.

At that time, she would give Song Yunjia a fatal blow to let her completely break the connection with Shao Tianze. Song Yunjia would be all over.

Gu Changle appeared that she was worried about her.

Song Yunjia nodded, “I know Tianze is for my good, but this matter is too complicated. I need to think about it more.”

Seeing her irresoluteness, Gu Changle pulled her to the dining room.

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