Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Three Hundred Million

Chapter 256 Three Hundred Million

She got up and went back to her room.

Chu Mochen wanted to send her to the room, but she declined, “You will go to the Chus later. Just go to work after breakfast. I will let Nurse Wang help me go upstairs.”

Chu Mochen nodded.

Song Yunxuan went up to the second floor and went into the bedroom with the help of Nurse Wang.

But she had a sense of foreboding.

Even when she lay in bed, she did not sleep long. She only slept for a few hours and then woke up.

She was worried and called Mei Qi, “I’m not feeling well today. I won’t go to the Song enterprise.”

Mei Qi answered, “I have received the notice.”

“Anything important?”

“There’s a project…”

The voice of Mei Qi dropped a little.

Song Yunxuan wanted to get up and go to the Song enterprise. But Mei Qi immediately said, “Manager Song, you neednt worry about it. I will send the information to you, and you can know it at home.”

Mei Qi’s efficiency was high. It was just over nine oclock. The material was sent to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was in the study. She frowned while seeing the data, “I think it will take some time to get this project.”

“Li Yang was in charge of S City before. He resigned suddenly because his child was sick and had to go abroad for surgery. He had managed all the affairs in S City very well before he resigned.”

“Li Yang resigned at this time. There would be no year-end bonus for him. Am I right?”

Mei Qi laughed and said, “Manager Song, Li Yang suffered no loss. Last year’s year-end bonus has been paid to him. This year he has not worked for a month.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. She fingered a folder of documents, “However, Li Yang is fully eligible for the year-end bonus according to work efficiency.”

Mei Qi was slightly shocked and understood the meaning of her words, “Manager Song, you mean…”

“Didn’t his daughter go abroad to see a doctor? Send the money in advance. Its better if you can get him in touch with the best hospitals.”

Mei Qi understood, “I will do it.”

“Well.” Song Yunxuan nodded with satisfaction.

Mei Qi asked again, “What about this project in your hand?”

“For this project,” She thought for a while and then closed the documents. And she put it on the table, “Give it to my eldest brother. Now that the branch in S City is given to him, and this project is in S City, Song Yunqiang is in full charge of it.”

“But…” Mei Qi was confused in her mind. Seeing Song Yunxuan raised eyebrows to see her, she said it out without hesitation, “This is the appropriation investment of 3 hundred million. Should we really give it to Song Yunqiang?”

Song Yunxuan did not change her mind. She nodded, “Give it to him.”

Mei Qi repeatedly confirmed the willingness of Song Yunxuan. After understanding her decision, she did not say anything anymore.

Song Yunxuan suddenly remembered something when Mei Qi left. She said, “Assistant Mei.”

Mei Qi stopped and looked back at her.

Song Yunxuan gentle smiled, “I may not go to the Song enterprise frequently during this period. It may depend on you to deal with some things.”

Mei Qi did not think it was difficult. She was quite confident, “Don’t worry. I can handle it well.”

Song Yunxuan certainly believed in Mei Qi’s ability.

However, there was a moment of hesitation in her mind when she thought of the project that they invested 3 billion just now.

Now although Song Yunqiang was sent to the S City, he refused to stay here in his heart.

A large sum of money was sent there. She didnt hope Song Yunqiang did something wrong.

The Song enterprise did not make much advertisement for the project.

The Song enterprise should have never thought of getting involved in real estate before, let alone invest so much in third-tier cities like S City.

It was Song Yunxuan who secretly sent people to bid this project before Song Yunxuan went to Harbor City.

It took a month to work it out, which was out of her expectation.

Now it was officially taken down, which was an unexpected surprise.

The success or failure of this project was related to whether the Song enterprise could successfully enter the real estate industry, which was of great significance to the whole Song enterprise.

That was the reason why Mei Qi was so worried.

Song Yunxuan was also worried about this. However, she considered that perhaps Song Yunqiang would understand the situation.

She let Mei Qi hand the whole contracts of the project to Song Yunqiang.

This information soon spread to Song Yunying and Song Yunjia.

Song Yunying specially made a trip back to the Song enterprise.

Song Yunxuan let the nanny make lunch for her.

Song Yunying was worried at the dinner table, “I have lived with my eldest brother for more than ten years. I know him best. He is not suitable for such a big project.”

Song Yunxuan asked the nanny to get some soup for Song Yunying with a smile. She asked her with a smile of shallow, “Why do you think it is inappropriate, second sister?”

Song Yunying was blunt, “I think you know clearly about big brother’s ability. He always gave all big projects to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian when he was in the Song enterprise. He will definitely make a mess without them.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll send someone to help him.”

If Song Yunqiang was serious and wanted to do this project well, she would send someone to help him.

If not, she might not be tolerant of her big brother.

She hoped he could think it clearly when he received this project.

Song Yunqiang received this case faxed at three o ‘clock in the afternoon.

He had been upset since he was in S City for a few days. Wherever he went, he felt very upset.

He also did not care about the branch affairs. Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia were sent to help him by the head office when he came here.

He knew those two people when they were in the head office of the Song enterprise. Now he came here and gave some troublesome things to them directly.

But some major things were still up to him.

Looking at the faxed copy, Jiang Jiao was pleased for Song Yunqiang and said, “Manager Song, I can’t believe there is such an important case in S City. They provide us 3 hundred million.”

Although Song Yunqiang was rich, he was still shocked when he heard 3 hundred million.

It was unexpected that there was such a big project in S City.

He didn’t know it before.

Song Yunqiang immediately called the general managers of departments in S City to have a small meeting.

He put the documents on the desk and scanned people present, “Why did I not know that the Song enterprise did this bidding case?”

“When the news of the bid came out, the chairman was very ill. Therefore, the case was handed to Miss Song.”

Song Yunqiang frowned, “You mean that Song Yunxuan had begun to interfere in the Song enterprise before my father died.”

If it was true that Song Yunxuan began to interfere in the companys affairs at that time, he was so stupid that he hadnt found it out early.

The general manager hurried to explain, “It was not so early as Childe Yunqiang said. It was after the testament appeared that Miss Yunxuan informed us to bid formally.”

Some department managers in S City were satisfied with Song Yunxuan.

Because they had been working here for several years without accommodations provided by the company.

Several houses were quickly dispensed after Song Yunxuan took over the position.

Such treatment really attracted people.

A few middle managers who had planned to quit gave up the idea and stayed on.

They didnt consider that the head company would attach importance to the business in S City. Unexpectedly, Song Yunxuan would put her focus on S City after she became the heir.

If they could get over all the problems to get the project and get the fund from the head office, it indeed was a great value to the branch company.

Several department managers were happy.

Song Yunqiang was going to hand the case to a more pleasing department manager to deal with the early things.

He did not expect those people had a good impression on Song Yunxuan. The meeting went halfway, but he did not have the mood to continue.

There was no way to end the meeting immediately.

Just at this time, Deng Jia knocked on the door of the meeting room from outside.

Song Yunqiang allowed him to come in. Deng Jia came in and scanned the people present before he whispered to Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang frowned with obvious surprise, “How did she come?”

“She is waiting for you in your office right now.”

Song Yunqiang nodded, “I see.

The news that Deng Jia passed on to him was just convenient for him to end the meeting immediately, giving him an excuse to stop the meeting.

The meeting did not produce any substantive progress.

The department managers were confused.

Only Deng Jia knew what Song Yunqiang thought.

Song Yunqiang could never make any decisions on the major things. Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were here to give him advice when they were in the head office. Now he began to hesitate without Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

Fortunately, Song Yunjia came from Yuncheng at this time.

Of course, Song Yunqiang was anxious to end the meeting. He went to his office to see what idea Song Yunjia could give him.

Song Yunqiang closed the door of the office as he came in.

Song Yunjia was sitting on the sofa in the office. Seeing Song Yunqiang entered the room, she stood up from the sofa and said, “Big brother.”

“Why are you coming here?” Song Yunqiang went to the sofa and asked, “Arent you busy in the hospital?”

Song Yunjia was a doctor in the hospital. The operations always occupied her a lot of time.

She did not often come and go in the company. It was unexpected that she showed interest in the business of the Song enterprise at this time.

Song Yunqiang felt weird. However, he thought that he and Yunjia had the common enemy. He became relieved.

Song Yunjia also wanted to beat Song Yunxuan. She had to work with him to deal with Song Yunxuan.

It was not strange that she was concerned about the progress of the Song enterprise now.

Song Yunjia greeted Song Yunqiang with some nice words. She went to the topic directly, “Ive heard that Song Yunxuan gave you a big project.”

“Yes.” Song Yunqiang was puzzled himself. “We will invest 3 hundred million in this project.”

“Three billion?!” Song Yunjia couldn’t help crying out. Her voice was a little high.

Song Yunqiang sighed, “Dont be so surprised. Im not familiar with this project.”

Song Yunjia turned her eyes and muttered, “Brother, this is a lot of money. It is even more than the stock that our father gave us.”

Song Yunjia’s tone was subtle as if she had been reminding Song Yunqiang of something.

Song Yunqiangs expression also changed instantly.

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