Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Be Jailed

Chapter 259 Be Jailed

“Manager Song, the suspect has been caught.”

Mei Qi’s voice came from the microphone.

It was 2:48 in the afternoon.

Song Yunxuan stood up from the sofa in the living room. She talked to Chu Mochen, “I have got some affairs to handle. I need to go to the Song enterprise first.”

Chu Mochen also stood up. “I can drive you here.”

Song Yunxuan said without thinking, “I’ve got a driver.”

“I can drive you here.”

He just wanted to send her. She had no excuse to refuse. So, she nodded. “Let’s go.”

Chu Mochen sent her to the building of the Song enterprise. Then he stopped the car.

Song Yunxuan nodded and showed her appreciation.

Chu Mochen said, “I will go to your house tonight.”

“I will wait for you.” She answered without hesitation.

Chu Mochen was slightly stunned at that moment.

Then he nodded. “After you finished it, go home early as you can.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and smiled. She watched him leave.

After he left, Song Yunxuan stopped her smile in the eyes slowly.

She turned to look at the building of the Song enterprise. She predicted that there would be a serious storm today.

A serious storm because of Song Yunqiang.

There was an assistant at the front desk following her all the way upstairs after she entered the company. The assistant helped her push the elevator button, showing thoughtful kindness to her.

After she met Mei Qi, she frowned and asked her question. “Did you ask the assistant to take care of me like this?”

Mei Qi nodded with pleasure. “Yep.”

“Actually, I really don’t need it. I will not make too much effort to push the elevator button. I can do it on my own.”

“This is an attitude.” Mei Qi seemed to have different opinions. “Now you are the rightful owner of the Song enterprise. If you don’t have the manner as the owner, there must be someone who is ignorant and cannot get his attitude right.”

Song Yunxuan twitched her mouth. She didn’t oppose.

Mei Qi was right in some sense indeed.

Song Yunqiang just left. There must be someone who was ignorant and didn’t accept the fact indeed.

Mei Qi went on speaking, “Song Yunjia has arrived here.”

Song Yunxuan had guessed it.

“What did she say?” She asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi shrugged his shoulders. “What else could she say? She just wants to hold a meeting with the board of the Song enterprise. I know you can make sense of what she thinks.”

Of course, Song Yunxuan did.

Now Song Yunqiang had declined in the Song enterprise. There was only Song Yunxuan who could run the company.

Of course, those who did not want to stand by her would choose another one to support.

Song Yunjia was undoubtedly the best choice.

Such old heads like Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian would concentrate on Song Yunjia after the decline of Song Yunqiang.

These two old guys would never support her without protest.

Now it was time to let these two old guys go through a period of tough time.

She thought so in her mind just as Mei Qi thought. Then he reminded her before they entered the meeting room, “Don’t continue to tolerate evils. Otherwise, they will influence you.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I know.”

She certainly knew the stakes.

She could forgive Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian easily and turn a blind eye to it when they supported the wrong person for the first time. Now they had the opportunity to choose again. If they did the wrong thing again, she would have to take action.

The meeting room could not be more depressing because Song Yunqiang absconded with the money.

The shareholders who came here deliberately lowered their voices and were mumbling.

Zhao Yang, Zhou Jian, and Song Yunjia were late.

Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi had arrived at the office. But Zhao Yang, Zhou Jian, and Song Yunjia still didn’t arrive.

Mei Qi whispered in Song Yunxuan’s ear, “I have heard that Song Yunjia is in Zhao Yang’s office.”

Song Yunxuan smiled. “Let’s wait for her. She may not get ready.”

Mei Qi nodded. “Fine.”

Song Yunjia had always been working in the hospital. She knew a little about the situation of the operation in the enterprise.

It would be a little risky to use the ballot to decide whether Song Yunjia should work in the Song enterprise.

The best and most reliable way was to get the support of Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

Shao Tianze advised her like this. She also thought in this way.

But when Song Yunjia really put it into practice, she felt it was not as easy as she had imagined.

Zhou Jian was also in Zhao Yang’s office.

Song Yunjia was sitting on the leather sofa with some sadness and her red eyes.

Zhou Jian comforted her, “Yunjia, please don’t cry. Maybe, things are not as bad as you think.”

Song Yunjia looked up at him. “My brother must have been framed. My brother isn’t lack of money. How could he take the money of the Song enterprise to flee away?”

Zhou Jian sighed. He seemed to be a little awkward. “But we cannot find the evidence to prove that your brother is innocent. In the eyes of outsiders, your brother did abscond with the money. I heard from the police station that your brother was nervous and anxious when he was caught.”

Zhao Yang wore the glasses on the bridge of his nose, also thinking that it was tough.

“Your brother really didn’t have the brain to do things.”

Song Yunjia rushed to answer, “Uncle Zhao, Uncle Zhou. This is obviously a trap. It must be a trick that Song Yunxuan played to let my brother leave the Song enterprise. I think that he was framed.”

Zhou Jian glanced at her. “Even if he was framed, we still have got nothing to do. It is the truth. People will only believe what they have seen and heard, not your words.”

Song Yunjia’s tears fell from her eyes. “Uncle Zhao, Uncle Zhou. My father’s company cannot be ruined by Song Yunxuan. Anyhow, please help my brother.”

Zhou Jian said nothing.

But Zhao Yang thought for a while and then said, “It is very hard to deal with the matter of your brother.”

Song Yunjia looked up in surprise. She seemed to be about to ask for help again after hearing what he said.

Zhao Yang continued to say, “Rest assured. We will try our best to help Yunqiang. It is absolutely impossible to disassociate him from this thing completely. But if we can let him be jailed for fewer years, that will be great.”

“But” Song Yunjia still wanted to say something.

Zhao Yang said sincerely, “We really have no way to save your brother. But if you want to enter the Song enterprise, I can figure it out with Zhou Jian. Yunjia, do you want to work in the Song enterprise?”

Zhao Yang asked Song Yunjia seriously.

Song Yunjia was just waiting for these words. Of course, she would say yes at once.

But Zhou Jian said slowly, “Yunqiang’s affair has been finished yet. Now it is unsuitable to let Yunjia enter the Song enterprise. We can plan it later.”

Zhao Yang was stubborn. “Why should we wait? The Song enterprise doesn’t belong to Song Yunxuan alone. Letting Yunjia enter it will not be a big deal. What’s more, Yunxuan is so busy that she may not handle it by herself. If Yunjia comes here to help her as her elder sister, that will be great.”

Zhao Yang spoke without any flaw. He considered everything for Song Yunxuan.

But the people there all had different thoughts. They understood that letting Song Yunjia enter the Song enterprise could only make trouble for Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunjia showed her appreciation.

Zhao Yang was very happy to see it. He comforted her, “Yunjia, do not cry. Please tidy up to attend the meeting. They are all waiting for us there.”

Song Yunjia nodded. She stood up and went outside.

Song Yunjia just went out. Zhou Jian said, “Old Zhao, what are you doing?”

“That is a simple thing. I want Song Yunjia to enter the Song enterprise. See! She also meant that.”

“Old Zhao, things have come to this point. That is enough. Why do you still want to let Yunjia fight against Song Yunxuan?”

Zhao Yang was indignant. “Yunxuan indeed has some intelligence at such a young age. But if she controls the Song enterprise, there will be no good for us. Why don’t you think about this?”

Zhou Jian was speechless.

Zhao Yang adjusted his tie and was about to go out of the office.

But Zhou Jian said suddenly at this time, “Old Zhao, I am a little tired now. Please ask for a leave of absence from this meeting for me.”

Zhao Yang was stunned at once. He didn’t understand what Zhou Jian meant.

But Zhou Jian turned around and left.

Zhao Yang was stunned in situ for a long while to understand that Zhou Jian didn’t want to help Song Yunjia fight against Song Yunxuan at all.

He changed the expression in his eyes. He seemed to be hesitant for a short while.

Just at this time, Song Yunjia gently pushed the door open. She called him, “Uncle Zhao, let’s go to the meeting room together.”

Zhao Yang was no longer hesitant and became firm at once.

He preferred to let Song Yunjia run the Song enterprise rather than let Song Yunxuan run it.

Song Yunxuan waited for more than ten minutes in the meeting room.

Every time she finished looking at the watch, the shareholders sitting in the meeting room felt a little bad.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian really put on airs too much. Especially Song Yunjia didn’t come here, either.

They obviously wanted to show no respect for Song Yunxuan.

No matter who the shareholders present in the meeting room really supported in their hearts, they all perfectly finished the superficial practice.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were two old heads in the Song enterprise. They indeed overdid it.

When they waited for about 15 minutes, Song Yunxuan said unhappily, “Some people still have not come yet. I don’t want to wait for them anymore. Let’s start first.”

After saying that, the door of the meeting room was opened coincidentally.

Song Yunjia wore a white suit. The suit showed her great shape, making her look intellectual and elegant, just like a capable and charming office lady.

The people in the meeting room all felt that their eyes lit up when seeing Song Yunjia.

Looking at Song Yunjia’s dressing style, Song Yunxuan felt that she did not have friendly intentions.

Resting her eyes on her body for a short while, she glanced behind her body. Unexpectedly, there were not two people behind her.

But only Zhao Yang appeared.

Zhao Yang coughed gently. He said, “Old Zhou is a little uncomfortable. He asked me to ask off for him.”

Song Yunxuan sneered from the bottom of her heart.

There was also a smile at the bottom of Mei Qi’s eyes. He even did not have to think. He knew that these three people must have different opinions.

But Zhou Jian He seemed not to be as stubborn as he thought.

Song Yunxuan nodded. “If so, please take your seats. The meeting is about to start.”

Song Yunjia and Zhao Yang took their seats.

Song Yunxuan’s voice was very clear. “The reason why I held the meeting is easy for everyone to guess. This is about the matter that my brother absconded with the money. I have no idea why he did such a disappointing thing.”

Saying that, she thoughtfully rested her eyes on Song Yunjia for a while.

Song Yunjia felt that her heart jolted when she looked at her. But she quickly calmed down without any expression on her face.

Song Yunxuan continued to say, “I feel very regretful. My brother betrayed my trust in him. The reason why he did so is still under investigation. But the position of him should be taken over by someone as soon as possible. This meeting is held for the recommendation of the one who is competent for this position.”

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