Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Go To Jail To Visit

Chapter 260 Go to Jail to Visit

The meeting room was silent.

Everyone was carefully observing, wanting to get something from Song Yunxuan’s face.

Song Yunxuan lightly glanced at the people in the room. Then she asked Zhao Yang, “Uncle Zhao, you are the old employee in the Song enterprise. What do you think I should do about this thing?”

The trouble was thrown to Zhao Yang. She undoubtedly wanted to check Zhao Yang’s current attitude.

Everyone in the Song enterprise knew that Zhao Yang was Song Yunqiang’s supporter at the beginning. Now Song Yunqiang was jailed. Song Yunxuan gave this knotty question to Zhao Yang first to give him an opportunity to choose again.

Zhao Yang got it in his mind. He coughed slightly under the eyes of the people in the meeting room. He turned to look at Song Yunjia. “Manager Song has just entered the Song enterprise for a short time. You must need more people to assist you to run the business of the Song enterprise. In my opinion”

He stopped and slightly made eye contact with Song Yunjia, then saying, “Manager Song, why not allow Yunjia to enter the Song enterprise to help you?”

Song Yunxuan gently glanced at Song Yunjia, and she could not help sneering in her heart.

Seeing that her reaction was not great, he asked, “What do you think, Manager Song?”

The people in the meeting room all got nervous. They all held their breaths in deep concentration to wait for Song Yunxuan’s answer.

They all knew that the internal relationship was always tough and tense in the Song enterprise. Song Yunjia always supported Song Yunqiang.

Now Song Yunqiang was in jail. Zhao Yang could not wait to send Song Yunjia into the Song enterprise.

It was obvious that he wanted to make trouble for Song Yunxuan.

But Song Yunxuan, of course, would not let her half-sister enter the Song enterprise to stand against her easily.

Song Yunxuan indifferently considered for a while. Then she said straightforwardly, “Okay.”


Someone could not help asking in a low voice.

Song Yunxuan actually agreed.

Everyone felt it was inconceivable, including Zhao Yang. He also thought that the development of this issue was beyond his expectation.

He had thought that Song Yunxuan would not agree. But he didn’t expect that she agreed with him immediately after he made this suggestion.

Song Yunjia frowned. She was also curious about Song Yunxuan’s answer. That was a little unexpected.

Song Yunxuan didn’t continue to consider the question about Song Yunjia’s entry. She just told Zhao Yang, “Since Uncle Zhao asked me to invite my sister to work in the Song enterprise, then please take good care of her later.”

Zhao Yang nodded. He seemed to spare no effort. “Manager Song, please rest assured. I will let Yunjia get familiar with the business of the Song enterprise as soon as possible.”


Song Yunxuan nodded. She opened the file and looked through. Then she continued the topic of the new product promotion of the Techniques Developing Department at the meeting. Then they finished the meeting in advance.

Mei Qi followed her into her office after the meeting was over.

After closing the door of the office, Mei Qi could not wait to ask her, “How could you allow Song Yunjia to enter the Song enterprise?”

“Don’t you think she is trying to get into the Song enterprise from the very beginning?”

Mei Qi became silent.

Song Yunxuan was right. From the very beginning, Song Yunjia was planning to enter the Song enterprise.

Ever since she played tricks on Song Yunqiang, she had shown the intention of entering the Song enterprise.

“We just got rid of Song Yunqiang. Now we allow Song Yunjia to enter. It is no longer peaceful.”

Song Yunxuan was calm. “The Song enterprise has never been in peace since Song Yan died.”

When Song Yan was alive, he could still make decisions in the Song enterprise. And Song Yunqiang was still the superficial heir of the Song enterprise. Everything seemed to have been settled.

Who could have expected that the Song enterprise had changed dramatically in just a few months after Song Yan died?

Besides, the children of Song Yan were intriguing against each other. No one could stand her.

“Speaking of this, your second sister is more peaceful recently. She seems to have figured it out.”

“Because I’ve got her weakness.”

Because of that, Song Yunying now intended to support her. She did not have to worry so much.

Mei Qi was still worried. “There will be much more trouble after Song Yunjia enters the Song enterprise.”

Song Yunxuan smiled after he finished his words.

There was a bright and cold flash of light in her eyes, making others feel terrified and chilly. “She won’t stay in the Song enterprise for too long.”

Hearing her words, Mei Qi turned to look at her face.

Just seeing her eyes, he could not help being stunned.

He could always feel a kind of sharp and mature feeling from her body, which didn’t match her age.

That kind of sharpness seemed to show that she could predict and control everything.

She was unpredictable.

Even though Mei Qi thought he had encountered so many people, he still could not guess what she was thinking.

The news that Song Yunjia entered the Song enterprise smoothly was passed to Zhou Jian in a short time.

Even Zhao Yang also told him about this as if it was a piece of good news.

Zhou Jian slightly frowned. “Old Zhao, you should not have taken Yunjia to the Song enterprise.”

“Why?” Zhao Yang didn’t understand.

Zhou Jian sighed heavily. “She cannot defeat Song Yunxuan.”

Zhao Yang said in a heavy voice, “I am enough of your words.”

“Let her take Yunqiang as an example.”

But Zhao Yang didn’t think so. “Do you think she will be as silly as Yunqiang?”

Zhao Yang was stubborn and did not listen to his words. Zhou Jian coughed twice. “I’m not feeling well. If you have something to say, please tell me some other day.”

Zhao Yang still wanted to say a few words to him. But Zhou Jian already hung up.

Zhou Jian had a strong prediction. It was that no matter who entered the Song enterprise, he or she could never shake the status of Song Yunxuan.

He had been in the Song enterprise for decades. He was old.

He even felt that he was a little powerless.

He was sitting on the sofa in the living room. There was a housekeeper outside coming in and talking to him in a low voice, “Old Master, the car to the detention center in the west of the city is ready.”

“Let’s go.”

He stood up from the sofa and went out with the housekeeper.

At the same time, in the president’s office of the Song enterprise, Song Yunxuan put on her coat and went out with Mei Qi.

Mei Qi asked her, “What will you say to him after you see Song Yunqiang?”

Song Yunxuan wore her black lambskin gloves. “I think he will be thrilled.”

“Of course, he will.”

“I am not sure whether Song Yunjia has visited him or not. After all, they are brother and sister.”

“I guess that she hasn’t had time to go yet.” Mei Qi answered.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at him and smiled, asking, “Do you think one should still show nostalgia for someone useless?”

Mei Qi showed a look of understanding in his eyes. He echoed, “You are right. Song Yunqiang is useless to Song Yunjia now indeed.”

Song Yunjia looked beautiful but without a kind heart.

She would only be softhearted to Shao Tianze. She would show no mercy to anyone else.

Even if it was her half-brother who had grown up with her since they were children, there was no exception.

Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi sat in the car for half an hour to get to the detention center located in the west suburb of Yuncheng.

There were high walls. Song Yunxuan didn’t look at the walls for a long time.

Because she was always familiar with the detention center here.

When she was in the Gu Family, she had brought her half-brother here herself.

She would never see her half-brother in this detention center again. Because her half-brother whom she had not seen many times just tried to kick her out of the Gu Family and could not accept his failure at all. A few days after he entered the detention center, he hung himself by the bed with a scarf to death.

After getting the permission to visit, Song Yunxuan walked inside with Mei Qi.

Mei Qi said suddenly, “Gu Changge had a half-brother who was also jailed here in the past.”

“Well.” She just answered without any emotion, showing no great interest in this.

Seeing her calm face without any curious emotion, he could not help asking her, “Don’t you wonder what charges Gu Changge’s half-brother came in for?”

“There is no need to ask. Just a make-or-break issue. Once you lose, you have to take the consequences.”

She answered in such a simple and explicit way that Mei Qi had no word to refute.

Song Yunxuan was right. Since ancient times, the make-or-break principle had been settled. Since he lost, he must take the consequences.

Song Yunqiang was the same today.

But now, Song Yunxuan was here.

Maybe, she just wanted to give Song Yunqiang a lesson.

He should never believe what others said easily.

Song Yunqiang was escorted by someone.

Because no formal sentence had been handed down, they were just separated from Song Yunqiang with a table.

Song Yunqiang sat across the long table in handcuffs. Song Yunxuan looked peaceful. She called him, “Brother.”

Her word had just been finished. Song Yunqiang sneered. “Are you here to tease me today?”

“If I deny, you will not believe me, either.” Song Yunxuan put her fingers on the table. She clapped her hands together with her fingers in black leather gloves. “How about I just admit it?”

“How dare you” Song Yunqiang was too angry to say anything.

“Brother, don’t you reflect on which step you have taken wrong to make you here?”

“Do I still need to reflect on it?” Song Yunqiang stared at her coldly. “No matter which step I took, there must have been a trap you set for me. No matter what happened, I would lose all my reputation and status.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “Brother, the truth was actually not as bad as you thought. But you always don’t trust me, which makes you where you are today.”

“What else do you want to know from me?” Song Yunqiang was a little decadent but with some craziness. “I persuade you to give up. I won’t tell you anything no matter what you want to know from me.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I know it.”

“Go away at once! I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Song Yunxuan looked at him without any expression. “I will give you a lesson for the last time. You should carefully consider whether the words that Song Yunjia said to you are really good for you or not.”

“Song Yunjia” Song Yunqiang repeated the name. He was dull and absent-minded for a short while.

Song Yunxuan thought that she had said enough words to him. She stood up from her seat. “This is the last time for me to visit you. Since ancient times, there is always a make-or-break principle. I hope that you can reflect yourself in jail.”

Song Yunqiang could not say anything. He felt that something had been shaken in the depths of his heart suddenly after Song Yunxuan reminded him to think about Song Yunjia carefully.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunxuan.

Was he wrong from the beginning?

Should he have tended to support Song Yunxuan from the beginning like his second sister, Song Yunying to keep himself safe?

“No” He held his head. He couldn’t accept it. “I’m right. My choice is not wrong at all!”