Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 261

Chapter 261 The Custody Of The Children

Chapter 261 The Custody of the Children

Song Yunqiang went crazy and refused to accept the failure.

He also did not believe that he had lost to such a witless young girl.

He was a little excited and stood up to try to catch up with Song Yunxuan.

The prison guard behind him quickly came up and held him down.

Song Yunxuan walked to the door. She looked back at Song Yunqiang with his red eyes and regrettably shook her head. “It has reached such a level that you still don’t know who has framed you.”

Mei Qi stood beside her without saying a word.

Song Yunqiang had utterly fallen from power. No one in the Song enterprise supported him.

Even Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, who had supported him before, had never visited him after he was arrested.

Song Yunxuan bribed some people, asking them to watch Song Yunqiang closely.

Inside the Song enterprise, Song Yunjia had begun to do tricks.

Zhao Yang was doing his best to help Song Yunjia. Zhou Jian, however, abnormally asked for sick leave.

And the duration of this sick leave was much longer than before.

Logically speaking, a veteran employee like Zhou Jian would not take more than a week off during his term of office in the Song enterprise.

However, Zhou Jian asked for a month-long sick leave the day after the meeting.

Song Yunxuan looked at the application for leave, which was sent here by someone, and immediately approved it.

The person, who came to send the application for leave for Zhou Jian, was relieved. Initially, he was worried that Song Yunxuan would ask questions, such as the reason for asking for a long leave, but Song Yunxuan signed and approved without asking any questions.

After seeing that the person, who came to send the application for leave, left with relief, Mei Qi said, “Manager Song, should I get a car ready for you?”


Song Yunxuan nodded.

Mei Qi asked again, “Manager Song, should I go there with you?”

Song Yunxuan smiled in a good mood. “No need. Just visit the elders. I’ll go there alone.”

Mei Qi went to prepare a car for her at once.

She arrived at the villa of the Zhou Family in twenty minutes.

When she arrived at the gate, Zhou Jian was at home with her granddaughter to feed a golden retriever puppy.

The housekeeper suddenly came in and informed him, “Old Master, Miss Song is here.”

Zhou Jian frowned. He had thought it was Song Yunjia, so he directly instructed the housekeeper to send the person away. “Tell her that I am sick and have fallen asleep. I will not receive the guest.”

The housekeeper nodded and went out to dispatch the guest.

Even though the housekeeper blocked her like this, Song Yunxuan didn’t want to go back but uttered, “I will wait outside, and please inform me when Uncle Zhou wakes up.”

Having heard Old Master’s order, the housekeeper knew that Old Master didn’t like Miss Song and didn’t dare to let her in to wait. The housekeeper just left with a sigh.

The old housekeeper went back and reported it to Zhou Jian. “Miss Song doesn’t want to leave. She asked me to inform her when you wake up.”

Zhou Jian said with a face of boredom, “Song Yunjia is really troublesome. Zhao Yang has already helped her. Why does she still want to haunt me to help her? Let her wait outside.”

The old housekeeper heard that Zhou Jian mentioned Song Yunjia and suddenly realized that he didn’t make it clear who was Miss Song. The housekeeper quickly said, “Old Master, Miss Song is not Miss Song Yunjia, but Miss Song Yunxuan.”

Zhou Jian’s expression suddenly changed, and the impatience on his face swept away. He stood up quickly and scolded the housekeeper, “Why didn’t you say it earlier? Hurry up and invite her in!”

The housekeeper immediately apologized and went outside to invite Song Yunxuan after hearing his words.

Song Yunxuan still didn’t understand why Zhou Jian’s attitude to her visit changed so quickly.

She didn’t figure it out until she saw Zhou Jian go out to greet her sickly after she followed the old housekeeper to enter the villa.

Zhou Jian treated her with a very nice attitude, even with some respect.

“It’s so kind of you to come and visit me, Manager Song.”

“I have heard that you are ill, Uncle Zhou. I bought some nutritional products and came to visit you. I hope you can recover soon and go back to your office in the Song enterprise.”

Song Yunxuan was invited to sit on the sofa, and the maid at home also debonairly served her tea.

Song Yunxuan carefully observed Zhou Jian’s complexion and found that the morbidity on his face was not so severe.

Zhou Jian also smiled weakly. “It’s not a serious illness. It’s just that I haven’t been very energetic recently. And with the cold a few days ago, I feel uncomfortable all over since I am so old. So, I asked for the sick leave.”

Song Yunxuan talked to him politely, “Uncle Zhou is getting elder. You must take good care of yourself.”

“I’m sick now and can’t help Manager Song take care of the business of the Song enterprise.”

His implication was clear that he didn’t want to help anyone of them.

Now Song Yunjia joined the Song enterprise. It was just when she needed help most. Zhao Yang was trying his best to help Song Yunjia. However, Zhou Jian decided to do nothing without warning.

He asked for an extended sick leave to stay at home, which meant that he didn’t want to help Song Yunjia.

He had supported Song Yunqiang before. Now, as Song Yunqiang had fallen from power, it was not suitable for him to help Song Yunxuan immediately. He had to take his illness as an excuse to let go of the Song enterprise first.

Hearing his apparent attitude, Song Yunxuan felt relieved in her mind. She found an excuse that it was too late to leave after talking with Zhou Jian for some time.

Zhou Jian saw her go out with his sick body.

After getting into the car, Song Yunxuan looked at the villa of the Zhou Family. Her eyes became a little deep.

Zhou Jian was an old fox indeed. He didn’t hesitate at all when he needed to change the side of the war.

He had known that Song Yunjia coming after Song Yunqiang now was incompetent. Even if there were a fight, her chance of winning would be small.

Instead of betting with the last chance to choose to offend Song Yunxuan openly, it would be better to sit on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight. And finally, he just needed to turn the rudder according to the wind direction.

“He’s very clever.”

Song Yunxuan said this, sitting in the car to leave and seeing the villa of the Zhou Family in the rearview mirror get farther and farther.

However, it didn’t matter. Zhou Jian’s behavior was much better than Zhao Yang’s behavior.

At least, Song Yunxuan would allow him to live idly for the rest of his life. But as for Zhao Yang, since he had chosen the wrong side, his ending would not be so good!

You could be wrong in everything, but you couldn’t be wrong in choosing the side.

Zhao Yang didn’t understand it even though he was old. He needed to learn his lesson this time.

Song Yunxuan left the office earlier than usual. She called Shao Xue when she got home.

Everything in Fanxing Magazine went smoothly. Xiao Hong managed everything of Fanxing Magazine well.

After reporting the recent situation of Fanxing Magazine to Song Yunxuan, Shao Xue couldn’t help thinking of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao were dearly loved by Gu Changge.

Hearing the news of these two children, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help asking, “Are they okay over there in Itali? Which school are they studying at? Where do they live? Who takes care of them?”

She asked too many questions at once. Shao Xue couldn’t explain clearly on the phone, so she said, “Yunxuan, let me go to your house and talk to you in detail later.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “OK.”

She couldn’t feel relieved without talking with Shao Xue face to face. Gu Changle arranged Gu Yi and Miaomiao to Itali, and she always felt uneasy in her mind.

After putting down the phone, she couldn’t help recalling Gu Yi’s and Miaomiao’s faces.

She was so absorbed in thinking that she didn’t see a figure outside the door leave like a ghost.

Gu Yi.


The black figure outside repeated these two names in his heart and asked himself confusedly, “Why does she care so much about Shao Tianze’s children?”

Shao Xue went to the Song Family after work.

People didn’t pay much attention to Shao Xue in Shao Family now.

Previously, when Shao Xue had just entered Shao Family, Shao Tianze cared about her so much.

Recently, Gu Changle became pregnant, and Song Yunjia frequently went to Shao Family.

Shao Tianze had no energy to pay attention to when she went to and returned from work.

Sometimes, when she returned late, Shao Tianze pretended to ask her with concern, and she could easily make the excuse of gathering or working overtime to slight it over.

After arriving at Song Yunxuan’s house, Song Yunxuan didn’t talk to her in the living room but directly let Nurse Wang lead her to her room.

As soon as entering the room, Shao Xue saw her standing before the window and looking outside.

The first month of the lunar calendar had just passed, and the weather was still very cold. Although the room was warm, the leaves of the oriental plane outside had fallen, making people feel very cold.

Shao Xue called her, “Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan then reacted and looked back at her. “Shao Xue, you are here.”

Shao Xue felt strange. “What are you looking at?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “Nothing.”

Shao Xue turned to look outside and indeed found nothing.

Shao Xue always felt that Song Yunxuan had something in her mind, but she couldn’t see through it.

“Come here and have a seat.”

Song Yunxuan asked Shao Xue to sit down on a chair in front of the table.

Shao Xue sat opposite her.

Song Yunxuan had a bit of rare worry in her eyes. “Gu Yi and Miaomiao”

Shao Xue uttered before she could finish her sentence, “Yunxuan, in fact, I’ve always been curious.”

“About what?” Song Yunxuan vaguely knew what Shao Xue was about to say.

Sure enough, Shao Xue asked her, “Gu Yi and Miaomiao are Shao Tianze’s children. Why do you care so much about their safety?”

Song Yunxuan was stunned for a short while before she spoke, “No matter what their parents have done, these children are always innocent. Moreover”

She hesitated for a moment and still said, “Although Gu Changge and I are not very familiar, I like her very much. I want to be a woman like her.”

Shao Xue shook her head and frowned. “Yunxuan, there is nothing to envy in Gu Changge’s life. You see. After she died, she couldn’t take anything she had when she was alive with her at all. And her children are oppressed by others. Even though she died, she couldn’t be relieved.”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips, and her heart was cold.

She knew what Shao Xue had said was right.

The reality was so cruel. No matter what Gu Changge had when she was alive, those things could not belong to her after she died.

Instead, it was Shao Tianze who owned all her things.

Although her eyes were a little cold, she said calmly, “I like Miaomiao very much. Just because of her mother’s misfortune, I want to protect those two children very much.”

“But their biological father is Shao Tianze, and Gu Changle is their aunt now. No one can protect those two children at all.”

Song Yunxuan spat out two words lightly with her great momentum and some determination. “I can.”

Shao Xue was stunned, thinking that she might have misheard.

She actually heard a stranger say that she wanted to protect those two children.

Seeing that she was stunned, Song Yunxuan repeated it. “I can protect those two children. You just tell me the whereabouts of those two children. Soon, I think I can get the custody of those two children.”

Shao Xue felt it was inconceivable. “You don’t have any blood relationship with those two children. How do you get the custody of the children?”