Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Claim For The Equity

Chapter 263 Claim for the Equity

Song Yunxuan went to bed after eating dinner.

In her dream, she saw Song Yan vaguely.

In the middle of the night, she opened her eyes, and she seemed to be a little scared.

Chu Mochen slept by her side. Even the slightest movement of her could wake him up.

Chu Mochen saw her wake up and reached out to turn on the desk lamp at the head of the bed.

The warm light spread over the quiet bedroom in an instant.

Song Yunxuan gasped. She raised her hand and rubbed the place between her brows wearily.

Chu Mochen got up. He gently brushed the hair covering her face by her ear. “What’s up? Did you have a nightmare?”

She nodded. “I dreamed about Song”

When she said this, she thought it was inappropriate. She changed the name temporarily. “My father.”

“Song Yan?”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Chu Mochen put his fingers on her back, just like trying to coax a child to sleep. He gently patted her thin back and began to speak just like chatting with her, “Well! Even if your father died, he would be worried if he saw what you did now.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t say a word. Those who got in the way must be eliminated.

However, Song Yunxuan didn’t make Song Yunqiang get trapped on purpose this time. It was Song Yunjia who used her eldest brother as a stepping-stone. She made Song Yunqiang, such a fool, get into the trap on his own insidiously.

Since she got a chance to get rid of Song Yunqiang, she would not let it go.

Moreover, even if she didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of Song Yunqiang, Song Yunqiang would definitely make trouble for her in the future.

Chu Mochen saw that she did not speak. He asked again, “When did you become so close to Shao Tianze’s sister?”

“It was a long time ago.” She didn’t mean to hide it. “As early as Shao Tianze didn’t know that Shao Xue was his sister, I already knew Shao Xue.”

“Is Shao Xue on your side?”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyes and looked at him. Her voice was indifferent. “I do not have any grievances against Shao Tianze. Why does Shao Xue need to choose one between his brother and me?”

“But I think you really care about Shao Tianze’s two children very much.”

Chu Mochen’s words were indifferent. Song Yunxuan turned over regardless of the hand he put on her back and said lightly, “I’m tired.”

She refused to talk to Chu Mochen about those two children.

Chu Mochen looked at her back as she turned over. He just raised his lips and did not ask anymore.

He reached out and turned off the lamp.

In the dark, he pulled her back and made her face him.

His voice was clear and bewitching. “We can put other things aside first. You are pregnant now. Will you have a child out of wedlock?”

“Someone has done it before.”

“But if the child is born when you don’t marry me, how can I, as a father, give him a proper and aboveboard identity?”

“If you want to give this child a proper and aboveboard identity, you can give it by all means.”

She always had a way to respond to him quickly. It was really more difficult to deal with her than Chu Mochen thought.

“Why don’t you want to marry me in peace?”

“I’ll marry you when I finish my work.” She replied calmly.

Chu Mochen knew that he had no way to change her mind no matter what he said. He could not help sighing heavily and hugging her in his arms.

After Song Yunjia entered the Song enterprise, the internal disputes began to grow and expand quietly.

The Song enterprise’s insiders, who originally thought there would be no dispute without Song Yunqiang, had to choose who to follow again.

Mei Qi by the side of Song Yunxuan was dedicated to his work. He looked very responsible in the company.

There were many senior managers who couldn’t help wanting to know something from Mei Qi.

Unfortunately, Mei Qi was as sly as a fox. People couldn’t get any information from him, no matter what methods they used.

The days just passed like this.

The case of Song Yunqiang’s absconding with the money was condemned without exception. He was sentenced to a proper punishment.

The calamity of imprisonment made Song Yunqiang helpless and almost mad.

Song Yunqiang’s mother died early. Several younger sisters were all of the same father but of different mothers. Now he lost his position in the Song enterprise and was reduced to be imprisoned. Apart from those who watched him fail, no one would remember to visit him at all.

He served a month in prison.

After that, he got an unexpected message that someone would visit him.

He was asked to meet the person.

He thought it was Song Yunxuan who came to see him and laugh at him.

But he didn’t expect that it was Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia had gone through the resignation formalities from the hospital. She had been focusing on the affairs of the Song enterprise for nearly a month.

After seeing Song Yunqiang, she was a little excited. There was more distress in her eyes.

Song Yunqiang saw tears gushing out of her sister’s eyes through the toughened glass. He hated Song Yunxuan even more.

After the phone which was used to let him make contact with his sister smoothly was held to his ear, Song Yunqiang said the first words to Song Yunjia, “Yunjia, you must avenge me!”

These words were filled with hatred.

Song Yunjia could not help being stunned. “Brother”

Song Yunqiang repeated forcefully, “You must enter the Song enterprise on behalf of me and avenge me. We can’t let Song Yunxuan be so arrogant anymore.”

Seeing Song Yunqiang’s great hatred for Song Yunxuan in his eyes, Song Yunjia was relieved.

Sure enough, this fool still thought that Song Yunxuan had set a trap for him to fall into now.

He still didn’t carefully think about why he got into the trap set by Song Yunxuan so easily.

That was right. He became so down and out today due to Song Yunjia.

If she had not encouraged him to abscond with the money in the dark, and if she had not informed the police station anonymously of his place before he boarded the plane, how could he have been caught so easily and then served his sentence in prison?

Seeing that he had pinned all his hopes on her now, Song Yunjia felt satisfied and nodded. “Don’t worry, my elder brother, I have entered the Song enterprise.”

Song Yunqiang nodded. There was a bit of hope in his eyes. “We must let Song Yunxuan have a taste of losing everything and let her also have a taste of being imprisoned.”

Song Yunjia nodded. “Elder brother, don’t worry. Song Yunxuan must be published once she makes a mistake and her dirty things are exposed.”

Song Yunqiang was comforted like this so that he felt a little better in his mind.

Seeing that Song Yunqiang was a little calmer, Song Yunjia said, “Elder brother, actually, I am here to see you today because I have to ask you something personally.”

“What is it?”

Song Yunqiang was puzzled.

Song Yunjia hesitated for a moment as if she was a little awkward.

Seeing this, Song Yunqiang gritted his teeth and said first, “Are you here to ask me about my equity?”

Song Yunjia’s eyes brightened. She looked up at Song Yunqiang and said, “That’s it.”

Song Yunqiang also felt puzzled. “Although I made a mistake, Song Yunxuan didn’t take this chance to take over the equity that our father left me. I really don’t understand what she thinks.”

Song Yunjia pursed her lips. There was coldness in her face. “Elder brother, what Yunxuan thinks now is not important. It’s important that we should join hands. You have to help me.”

The meaning of “help” was obvious.

Song Yunqiang hesitated for a long time. He still didn’t reply to her.

Seeing Song Yunqiang’s hesitation, Song Yunjia said, “The equity doesn’t work a lot in your hands now. It will be better if you give it to me for the time being. I will return it to you when your 15-year sentence is over.”

Song Yunjia said this sincerely, without any hypocrisy in her eyes.

Song Yunqiang had nothing at all right now. He would be a middle-aged man after his 15-year sentence was over. At that time, he would have no children. The equity was the only thing he could rely on to make a living.

Song Yunjia asked him to transfer it to her now. There would be no problem if Song Yunjia kept her promise and returned it to him after 15 years.

But after 15 years, without Song Yunxuan as the enemy, Song Yunqiang would have no way if Song Yunjia was in charge of the Song enterprise and broke her promise.

Song Yunqiang hesitated.

Song Yunjia was a little sad. She looked at Song Yunqiang with her disappointed eyes. “Brother, you still don’t believe me until now.”

Song Yunqiang didn’t speak. Song Yunjia asked, “Brother, do you think that I will break my words and keep your equity for myself without returning it to you at that time?”

Fifteen years! It was such a long time, and no one knew whether Song Yunjia would change or not.

Song Yunjia knew that her elder brother was suspicious. It was reasonable. There were so many children in the Song Family. Although they were seemingly harmonious, they had been intriguing against each other for many years. It was expected that Song Yunqiang didn’t believe her.

Seeing that Song Yunqiang refused to make a decision, she stood up disappointedly and said, “Yunying temporarily changed the side to support Song Yunxuan. Even she believed Song Yunxuan and handed in all the enterprises she had in her hands. However, you have suffered a setback so badly because of Song Yunxuan, and you are still unwilling to join hands with me. I also wonder if I can defeat Song Yunxuan or not.”

She stood up. She took the microphone in her hand and looked at Song Yunqiang sitting behind the glass wall. She said, “When I came here, I was afraid that you would not have a good time here. So, I brought some things, which should be handed over to you soon. Elder brother, you can rest assured. I have already dealt with the human relationship here. You will not suffer a lot.”

Song Yunqiang was so determined this time indeed. He didn’t want to let go of his only chips no matter how Song Yunjia showed her friendly intentions to him.

Song Yunjia was angry in her mind. But she couldn’t show it on her face. Seeing that Song Yunqiang said nothing, she could only sigh heavily and leave disappointedly.

Getting out of the detention center, Shao Tianze’s phone immediately came to her. He just asked her, “Song Yunqiang didn’t transfer his equity to you, right?”

Song Yunjia was a little unhappy and replied in a low voice, “Hum!”

Shao Tianze didn’t feel surprised at all. Instead, he spoke from the perspective of Song Yunqiang, “You have to think it over. He has nothing in his hands at all. He can’t be sure about the things that will happen 15 years later. How can he believe your promise?”

Song Yunjia did not understand. “What should I do then?”

Shao Tianze raised his lips and couldn’t help laughing. “If you want him to change his mind, you need to let him know that things in the future are not important, but things at present are the most important.”

Shao Tianze’s words meant more than he said.

Song Yunjia was shocked for a while. She then slowly understood the meaning of Shao Tianze.

Things in the future were not important. But things at present were the most important.

That was right. Song Yunqiang was thinking about how to live after 15 years when he was discharged from prison, but he didn’t think about carefully whether he could live to the day when he was released after 15 years.

If he didn’t make a wise decision now, it would not be certain whether Song Yunqiang could live to get out of prison.

Thinking about this, Song Yunjia couldn’t help laughing.

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