Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Do Something To Her

Chapter 265 Do Something to Her

Gu Changle looked not very well, and her lips were a little pale.

After Song Yunxuan entered the examination room, Shao Tianze asked her with concern, Whats the matter? You dont look well.

Gu Changle shook his head and reluctantly showed a smile. Im fine.

Did Song Yunxuan say anything to you? Shao Tianze had always been insightful. He didnt believe that Song Yunxuan would go to see the scenery beside the window with Gu Changle. Song Yunxuan must have something to say to Gu Changle alone.

Gu Changle was not so stupid, either. After so many years of being with Shao Tianze, she knew that she couldnt put him off. She then smiled and said, You also know that Miss Song is pregnant. When I went to the window with her, she told me how horrible it was for a woman to give birth. And she asked me to watch the video on her mobile phone. Its really horrible.

With that, she seemed to have a lingering fear.

Shao Tianze frowned. Song Yunxuan is really stupid. Why on earth did she let you see this kind of thing? It frightened you, right?

Gu Changles heart was not well, so she couldnt stand any fright.

It was true that ordinary people couldnt stand watching the process of childbirth, not to mention that Gu Changle was pregnant.

So now her pale face made him believe what she said.

Gu Changle saw that he believed it, and then she extended the topic. She asked him inadvertently, When Gu Changge gave birth in those days, didnt you go in and accompany her? Was it really painful?

Shao Tianze was wearing rimless glasses. His gentle face had a moment of coldness. Even his eyes were filled with a look that people could not see through.

Gu Changle read his face. Seeing that his face was cold, she knew that it was a pet peeve of mine for Shao Tianze. She began to change the topic. Tianze, will it soon be my turn?

Shao Tianzes face calmed down, and he nodded softly. Its coming soon. After Song Yunxuan comes out, it will be your turn.

Gu Changle nodded and sat steadily on the seat, waiting.

However, she couldnt help stealing a glance at Shao Tianzes face.

Shao Tianzes face had a look that made her feel uneasy and a sense of alienation that made her feel strange.

Until the doctor called her in for the examination, Shao Tianze didnt smile to coax her.

She bit her lips and held her grievances back. Then she whispered to him coquettishly, Tianze, would you like to go there with me for a checkup?

Family members were allowed to enter the examination room in the hospital.

But Shao Tianze refused and said, coaxing her in a voice that was not very gentle, You just go in alone. Its inappropriate for me to enter.

Gu Changle had grievances and dissatisfaction on her beautiful face.

But Shao Tianze looked at Chu Mochen who was not far away, saying, I want to talk to Mr. Chu alone, and you just go in.

Gu Changle knew about Shao Tianzes taboo. It was that when he talked about business, he didnt like her listening on the side, let alone her interrupting.

She knew well about his habits and preferences all these years. So, she tried not to touch his pet peeve of mine.

Now she heard him say this. Even though she felt aggrieved, she just bit her lips and answered, OK.

Shao Tianze nodded and saw her enter the examination room. Then he turned around.

Not far away, Song Yunxuan was talking to Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochens eyes lingered on her stomach for a few seconds, and then he watched her go to do the next test with the nurse next to her.

Chu Mochen seemed to feel that someone was looking at him, turning around and meeting Shao Tianzes eyes.

Shao Tianze expressed his kindness by raising his lips. He really did the superficial practice perfectly.

Chu Mochen did not smile in reply but intended to turn around to leave.

Shao Tianze walked two steps to his side. His voice was not loud but very clear. Childe Chu, wait a moment.

Chu Mochen paused a little, turning to look at him coldly. Yes, Mr. Shao?

Anyway, Miss Song is going to do a test, and you have to wait for a while. Why dont you chat with me to kill the time?

Chu Mochen didnt want to chat with him, so he just said with alienation, Ill wait for her outside

I want to talk to you about my wife.

Before Chu Mochen could finish his words, he was interrupted by Shao Tianze.

His steps of leaving stopped right there.

Shao Tianze said something about his wife.

His wife was Gu Changge. Something about Gu Changge?

His feet were like being nailed to the ground for a short time. Chu Mochen couldnt leave.

He didnt want to miss anything about Gu Changge although it was meaningless.

But Gu Changge was always a scar in his heart. It was not deep, but it hurt. The pain lasted so long. Once it was mentioned, it made him feel unforgettable.

Shao Tianze saw that he stopped and had a brief trance. He couldnt help sneering in his heart.

Sure enough, Chu Mochen liked Gu Changge.

It seemed that the rumors he had heard before were true. Gu Changge did almost marry the man in front of him.

But now it was useless to say this because Gu Changge not only married him, Shao Tianze, but also gave birth to a pair of children for him and gave him everything.

No matter when it was, what the outside world knew was that Gu Changge got married to Shao Tianze.

Gu Changge was Shao Tianzes wife and was owned by him until her death.

Even though Chu Mochen had been remembering and missing her in his heart, what was the use of it?

Shao Tianze pretended to be sad. I heard from Changle that Miss Song showed her the video of womens giving birth just now. Changle was very scared because of this.

Shao Tianze raised his eyes and looked at him without speaking.

He didnt think that Shao Tianze called him just to talk nonsense with him.

Shao Tianze raised his hand and adjusted his glasses, recalling and saying, Its rare for Miss Song to talk about childbirth, which reminds me of how painful it was for my dead wife to have a baby.

Shao Tianzes eyes narrowed slightly, showing his impatience towards this topic. I have no time to recall your wife with you, Mr. Shao.

Really? Shao Tianze was a little surprised, and then he said with some doubts, But I have heard that Childe Chu and my wife are family friends. And you have been very good friends since childhood.

That was before I went abroad. It has been many years.

That is to say, Childe Chu has stopped taking my wife as a friend?

Shao Tianze pressed on step by step, trying to get something from Chu Mochens mouth.

However, Chu Mochen suddenly smiled while he pressed on like this. Mr. Shao, now you have thought of your wife. Do you want me to recall her with you?

Shao Tianze saw his smile and was slightly stunned.

But Chu Mochen took a breath. In fact, to be honest, I used to be a very good friend with Changge. But you should know her temper and character. She never takes men too seriously. Do you understand?

Shao Tianzes long eyebrows corrugated slightly.

Chu Mochen had regret and irony in his eyes. As far as I know, only Gus has always been in her heart. As for who she married and who the man was, she didnt care much.

Shao Tianzes fingers were clenched tightly as if his fatal weakness was disclosed by something.

Chu Mochen turned around. Even though Gu Changge is dead now, Mr. Shao, as her husband, you should not show off your conquest of a woman like her because

He took a look at him, and the sense of sarcasm streaked across the corners of his eyes without any disguise. Maybe everyone thinks that you are just an appendage of Gu Changge.

Shao Tianze seemed to have been slapped in the face fiercely by someone.

The slap hurt him like a needle, but there was no way to refute it.

Indeed, anyone who married such a dominant woman as Gu Changge would only be her appendage.

So, he was tired of Gu Changge. He was very tired of her.


The thought in his mind changed a bit. At this moment, the door of the inspection room behind him was suddenly opened.

Gu Changle came out of it, smiling and calling him, Tianze.

Shao Tianze turned around and saw Gu Changle. The haze in his heart disappeared a lot in a moment.

How is it?

Gu Changle was very happy. She handed over the printed checklist to him. Look! This is our baby.

When she said this, her voice was full of sweetness.

Shao Tianze slightly went into a trance. For a moment, he recalled what Gu Changge said when she got the checklist a few years ago, which was like an illusion.

At that time, she had the same happy smile on her face and also showed him a checklist quietly. Look! Tianze, this is our child.

It is very healthy.

It must be very lovely when its born in the future.

It will surely be very lovely. After all, you are such a beautiful mother.

I still think its better to inherit more from you. You are very smart and gentle.

It was probably the most tender time of Gu Changge, so he was impressed.

Gu Changle saw that Shao Tianze was absent, so she couldnt help calling him, Tianze, whats wrong with you?

Having been called, Shao Tianze came to his senses. He just shook his head calmly and said, Nothing.

Gu Changle couldnt hide the smile on her lips and began to imagine everything about the child. Tianze, do you think its better for the child to look a little more like you? Or do you want the child to look more like me?

Shao Tianze put away the checklist. Its better to look like me.

Gu Changle held hands with Shao Tianze, who reminded her in a low voice. There are too many people in the hospital.

She was a little aggrieved and twitched her mouth.

When leaving the hospital, they happened to see Song Yunxuan in the lobby on the first floor showing Chu Mochen the examination list in her hand.

After Chu Mochen saw the checklist, he held her in his arms. Lets go. Ill send you back.

These two people who seemed to be devoted to each other were envied by others.

Gu Changle and Shao Tianze saw them get out of the revolving door of the lobby on the first floor, and their eyes changed slightly.

But the emotions in their eyes were obviously different.

Shao Tianze watched Chu Mochen holding Song Yunxuan in his arms and going out. He couldnt help wearing a gloomy face.

But Gu Changle couldnt help thinking of herself when looking at these two people.

If she kept going on unhurriedly like this, was it possible that Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze would hold hands with each other and embrace each other to appear aboveboard in public one day?

After so many years of painstaking efforts, she would finally be beaten down by Song Yunjia?

Although what Song Yunxuan had said today might be suspected of sowing discord, Song Yunjia was indeed a thorn in her heart.

If Song Yunxuan really fulfilled Song Yunjias love like crazy, she might not be able to win.

After such a long time of hesitation, it was time to do something to Song Yunjia.

There was a fierce light flashing across her eyes coldly. Thinking that she was still in the hospital, she quickly rectified her expression and walked out with Shao Tianze. Tianze, lets go back first.

Shao Tianze went out with her, but he temporarily changed his mind. You ask the driver to send you back. I want to go to the Shao enterprise.

OK. Gu Changle got into the car obediently.

After the car went far away, she told the driver, Turn around and go to the Peoples Hospital.

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