Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 266

Chapter 266 The Stains Of The Past

Chapter 266 The Stains of the Past

People’s Hospital was where Song Yunjia worked.

The dean of the People’s Hospital spoke very highly of Song Yunjia, who was also a famous female doctor and a director in the Department of Cardiology and Brain.

Her resignation was a very unexpected piece of news for the staff in the hospital.

Neither the dean nor her colleagues expected that Song Yunjia resigned suddenly.

And Gu Changle’s sudden visit even made the dean with greying temples a little flattered.

Gu Changle was politely invited to the dean’s office.

The sunshine in the dean’s office was very bright. Gu Changle found that the tea delivered to the tea table in front of her was Pu’er tea which was very premium.

She was not in the mood of drinking this cup of tea. Instead, she talked with the dean about the purpose of this visit.

“I came here because of my best friend, Song Yunjia.”

The dean was slightly stunned and a little surprised. “Because of Yunjia?”

“Yes.” Gu Changle nodded with a smile.

The dean remembered that they had a good personal relationship, and then he said, “Yunjia suddenly resigned. The people in the hospital also thought that it was very strange. What is it about Yunjia that makes Miss Gu come here this time?”

The dean knew that Gu Changge and Song Yunjia had known each other for many years, but such a personal relationship between rich merchants’ families was sometimes very complicated. And he dared not to guess the reason as it was too complicated.

Since Gu Changle had come here, she must have something to ask him.

The dean was very calm, waiting for Gu Changle to tell the purpose of this visit silently.

Gu Changle smelt the tea aroma, and she didn’t intend to keep the dean guessing, saying, “I know that Yunjia made a mistake in the early years, but someone helped her suppress it. I don’t know very well about what happened in those years, so I want to ask you about the matter that was suppressed in those years. I’d like to know the whole story.”

The dean couldn’t help looking stiff. He couldn’t say anything for a moment.

As if this was something that could never be mentioned, the dean made a decision in a moment after deeply wrinkling his eyebrows.

“Miss Gu, I don’t know what you mean.”

The dean obviously wanted to play dumb.

Gu Changle could not help snorting coldly. “How? How could you forget Song Yunjia’s mistakes?”

The dean was going to continue playing dumb. “Miss Gu, Yunjia has been in the hospital for nearly ten years. I have watched her grow up in this field all these years. Yunjia’s medical ethics are unquestionably good.”

When the dean said this, he hesitated for a moment and then gritted his teeth before finishing his words.

Gu Changle just gave him a disdainful look. “I didn’t say that there was something wrong with Song Yunjia’s medical ethics. Even if there was something wrong, it would not be made known to the public. After all, Gu Changge died in your People’s Hospital.”

As soon as Gu Changle finished her words, the dean’s face was pale at once, and his lips were trembling slightly.

The slightly turbid eyes were fixed on Gu Changle in amazement. He could not figure out what Gu Changle wanted to do. “Miss Gu, why on earth did you bring up this matter rashly?”

Gu Changle grimly pursed her lips and didn’t want to keep him guessing anymore. She just spoke frankly, “Dean, it doesn’t matter how others died, but you and I know best how Gu Changge died. If the cause of her death is revealed, who do you think can escape? Who is finally going to fall on hard times because of this?”

Gu Changle said with sarcasm, “Although I’m also the culprit, it’s easy for me to get away with it as I’m ill. But your hospital’s medical ethics and reputation, as well as those business families who got on well with Gu Changge while she was alive Think about what will become of People’s Hospital in the end!”

After thinking for a short while, the dean knew that there was no way out.

Gu Changle looked at his pale face and then said slowly, “Dean, I didn’t come to you for nothing. I didn’t mean to scare you on purpose when I mentioned Gu Changge. The reason why I raked up the past is just that someone will speak it out even if I keep silent.”

The dean couldn’t help saying, “Who will speak it out”

“Chu Mochen”

She said this name softly.

The dean stopped talking at once.

Gu Changle saw that the dean had been completely frightened, and then she spoke slowly, “You know that Chu Family and Gu Family have always been friends. In those days, there was a rumor that Chu Mochen liked Gu Changge and wanted to unite with Gu Family by his marriage. As for why he didn’t marry Gu Changge later, Dean, you also know that the wonderful student you taught made my sister pregnant. My sister had no choice but to marry him. Only by then did she stop contacting with Chu Family for the time being.”

“But” She sighed and looked at her new manicure, with sadness between her eyebrows and eyes. “After so many years, I have known in Gu Family that although my sister has already accepted my brother-in-law, Shao Tianze, in her heart, Chu Mochen of the Chu Family has always been missing my sister very much. And I met Chu Mochen’s current fiance, Song Yunxuan, by accident today.”

“What did Song Yunxuan say?” The dean asked her nervously.

In the last six months in H City, most of the people who were connected with the upper class had already known Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was young but not easy to deal with.

A few days ago, Song Yunqiang, her eldest brother, was sent to prison by her. If she wanted to do something, it seemed that no one could stop her.

The dean could not help starting to be afraid. “Is Song Yunxuan going to investigate Gu Changge’s death?”

“She has nothing to do with Gu Changge. Why bother to find out the cause of Gu Changge’s death for no reason?”

Gu Changle sneered.

The dean then gave it a thought, asking, “Miss Gu, you mean that Song Yunxuan told you that Chu Mochen was investigating the cause of Gu Changge’s death?”

Gu Changle’s lips bent up, and her eyes turned from her fingers to the dean’s face. “Dean, you are very thoughtful.”

The dean’s eyes darkened, and he felt it was very tricky.

Gu Changle continued to say, “If Chu Mochen had not found out anything, then I would not have come here. But Song Yunxuan told me that Chu Mochen already had something on Song Yunjia.”

The dean sighed and felt like his heart was blocked by a big stone. He didn’t know what to say.

Gu Changle saw the dean’s pale face and knew that the dean had believed all the lies which were made up by her.

But this was the best, which saved her lots of effort.

Gu Changle continued to say, “Dean, someone already has something on Song Yunjia now. If you still want to protect Song Yunjia, Chu Mochen will follow up this clue to seize the culprit and draw out a lot of things and people. There are so many grasshoppers on our rope that”

She paused, pretending to be worried. “So many grasshoppers on our rope that they can ruin the reputation of the People’s Hospital completely. Now you are going to retire, and you don’t want to be sent to prison before you retire, do you?”

Gu Changle’s words just hit the needle. The look in the dean’s eyes changed instantly.

“Then what should I do, Miss Gu?”

The dean looked at Gu Changle, hoping that Gu Changle could give him an idea.

Gu Changle appeared to be a little sad. “Although Yunjia and I are very good friends, now someone has something on her. We can’t let her drag us in this matter. Now, we can only make minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests.”

“Make minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests?”

The dean didn’t understand what Gu Changle meant.

But Gu Changle didn’t explain. She just felt thirsty. She lifted the teacup on the table and gently took a sip of it.

The dean thought for a while and then slowly understood Gu Changle’s words.

“Miss Gu, do you mean” The dean thought that it was a little difficult, but he still opened his lips and said, “Do you mean that we should disassociate ourselves from Song Yunjia completely?”

“Do you think it is enough to disassociate ourselves from her completely?” Gu Changle pressed on asking. “What’s more, Song Yunjia has resigned now. Isn’t that a complete disassociation?”

“Then Miss Gu, what should our hospital do?”

Gu Changle’s face was expressionless. “Pay for what Song Yunjia did first.”

The dean was surprised and immediately said, “But if so, Yunjia will be the target of public criticism.”

“If you sacrifice Song Yunjia and let her take all the responsibilities, the hospital will not be condemned, and many people will not be found out. You don’t want me and my brother-in-law to be destroyed by Chu Mochen, do you?”

Every word Gu Changle said was as aggressive as a sharp thorn.

The dean felt that he was being pushed by something, and he could not say anything.

Looking at the dean’s pale face and his hesitation, Gu Changle took a breath and slowly calmed down. “Now things have developed into this state, and all you have to do is just to make a choice as soon as possible. As for whether to sacrifice one person or a group of people, only you can decide. After all, you have all the evidence. I hope that you can think it over and won’t make a wrong choice in this matter.”

With this, Gu Changle already knew well about the dean’s choice in her heart.

She stopped speaking. Then she got up and left. “I’m going to return. Dean, please think it over.”

Perhaps, the impact of this event was too great. The dean didn’t get up to send Gu Changle out of the office. He just frowned and thought carefully on the sofa.

Gu Changle turned to look at the dean when she was leaving.

She had been hospitalized in the People’s Hospital for three or four years, during which she had dealt with the dean countless times. Besides, Shao Tianze had worked in this hospital in the past, so she knew the dean very well.

The dean was very bold when he was young. He did a lot of risky things to get promoted.

When he became old, he still wanted to do something risky to make sure that he could enjoy a leisurely life in his old age.

But Song Yunxuan suddenly appeared, and Chu Mochen was not someone whom he dared to offend.

If Gu Changge’s cause of death was uncovered, not to mention that the People’s Hospital would lose its reputation completely, even the dean himself would be sentenced to heavy punishment.

He enjoyed such a happy life, so he would not gamble with his old age.

Gu Changle was sure that the dean absolutely thought of betraying Song Yunjia to protect himself at once. He just didn’t express it immediately.

She left the hospital.

The dean was still sitting on the sofa in the office, keeping ruminating.

After a long time, the dean took his cup of tea and took a sip of it.

Then he stood up and walked to the phone at his desk, making a phone call to the archives room.

As soon as the archivist saw that it was from the dean’s office, he picked up the phone and asked the dean, “Dean, what can I do for you?”

The dean said without any hesitation, “Go to the archives room and look through. Get out the information of a patient named Han Mei in the early years. I want to see it.”

The person in the archives room was stunned, and then he said, “Dean, Han Mei’s information has been sealed up for safekeeping.”

“Get it out.” The dean ordered strongly.

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