Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Who Did He Offend?

Chapter 268 Who Did He Offend?

Even Song Yunqiang never thought that Song Yunxuan would come to the detention center to visit him again.

Song Yunqiang was lying in bed. He was beaten heavily with his black and blue face, and even the corners of his lips were broken.

Song Yunxuan could clearly see the bruises on his face.

She stood not far away from the sickbed. Song Yunqiang stared at her angrily, wanting to tear her up with his eyes.

He tried to take something from the bedside table next to him and throw it at her. But when he moved his hand, he could not stand the pain in his chest. So, he just stopped his action.

Seeing that he was in such a difficult position, Song Yunxuan looked at him with her cold eyes. “Brother, I have heard that you have gone through a very tough life these days in the detention center.”

“Aren’t these all because of you?”

Song Yunxuan slightly looked sideways.

Song Yunqiang stared at her with hatred. “Do you want to murder me here?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “Brother, why do you take me as such a bad guy?”

“Take you as such a bad guy?” Song Yunqiang snorted coldly. “Does anyone else, except you, want to murder me like this now?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. She walked to the sickbed. Her voice was very calm, seeming to be guiding Song Yunqiang to think of something slowly.

“Brother, why don’t you think about whether you have offended someone recently?”

“I have offended no one, except you.”

Song Yunqiang tried his best to recall and searched his heart. He was sure that he never offended someone else when he was in the detention center.

He tried hard to rebuild himself into a better person so that he could leave this dreadful place as early as possible.

But he could not figure out why others were so malicious by any means.

Even if the new-comer in the detention center should be bullied, there was no need to wound him like this.

He was sure in his mind that only Song Yunxuan wanted to murder him. She must have bribed some people to beat him up like this.

But Song Yunxuan said softly, “Brother, please think it over. I have no conflict of interest with you now. Why bother to make an unnecessary move to harm you?”

“Because I still have the heritage of our father.”

Yep, that was the only thing in his hands, which deserved to fight for.

Song Yunxuan must want to get the heritage, so she ordered someone to beat him up.

That must be the reason.

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “No, my brother! I never try to get the heritage in your hands. But after you were beaten by someone, you immediately suspected me. After you woke up, you even looked for Song Yunjia and wanted to see Song Yunjia. Don’t you think you are silly when doing these things?”

Song Yunqiang became silent. Hearing that Song Yunxuan said these words, he actually recalled what Song Yunjia had said to him several days ago when she came to visit him.

Song Yunjia wanted the heritage he held in his hands.

She wanted to integrate the shares in his hands to contend with Song Yunxuan.

Could it be that

Seeing that he was lost in thought, Song Yunxuan continued to say, “You meet with trouble now. Everyone will think that it must be my tricks to harm you and then make me the scapegoat. But have you ever thought that there might actually be someone deliberately leading you to misunderstand me?”

Song Yunqiang moved his fingers. He seemed to figure out something, but he was not so sure.

Song Yunxuan walked to him. Her voice was gentle, but every word he said seemed to wake him up.

“Please think it over carefully. You hate me so much. Who will benefit from it?”

Song Yunqiang didn’t dare to think because the first one he could think of in his mind was Song Yunjia.

When he woke up, he just thought for a little while. Then he just wanted to meet Song Yunjia and wanted to give all of his equity to her.

Only Song Yunjia could help him bribe some people in prison to make him live a better life in the next few years.

Seeing his fingers trembling slightly, Song Yunxuan knew that he must have begun to suspect Song Yunjia.

She then said, “Brother, you must have guessed the suspect. You know the character of that person. Even if she could not do such a thing, it doesn’t mean that the one who always makes a plan for her could not. Please think twice. Do not rush to talk to someone immediately after you are awake.”

Song Yunqiang got a little pale.

Seeing that his face gradually got pale, Song Yunxuan turned around. “Please hold your stock rights carefully. I will not rob them. I will take care of your life in the detention center. If you do not trust me or follow my advice, I won’t be able to help you at that time.”

Song Yunxuan’s words had a profound meaning.

During this period of time when Song Yunqiang was in the detention center, he had already figured out many things.

He heard from an inmate who had been in the detention center for three years that once the son of a businessman came into prison. He surrendered his stocks. The one who received his stocks promised him to return the stocks on the eve of his release from prison. They also signed the contract in black and white with a guarantee.

But that guy died on the eve of his release from prison accidentally because of the electric shock.

The reason caused people to think deeply about it. No one knew whether he really died of the electric shock.

Some greedy people could do anything for money and their interests.

What was more, Song Yunjia was a cruelhearted woman. When their father was kidnapped, she just looked on coldly. She even didn’t care about their father’s life.

Not to mention her half-brother, Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunxuan walked out of the ward. Mei Qi came to her. “How’s it going?”

“I think that he will use his brains to think it over. Also, this issue is not very complex. The one who is sensible can figure it out after thinking it over.”

Mei Qi nodded. He asked her, “Manager Song, where shall we go next?”

“Let’s go to the People’s Hospital.” She raised her lips and smiled with her slightly cold eyes. “I suddenly want to meet the old dean who has good medical ethics.”

Mei Qi seemed to be thinking about something. “Do you know him, Manager Song?”

“No! I just heard about him before. But I also heard that he arranged some people for Gu Changge’s operation in person several times.”

Yes. Those people he arranged were so able to keep a secret just like airtight walls that they buried the true reason for Gu Changge’s death forever.

But now since Gu Changle interfered, would the dean be worried that the true reason for Gu Changge’s death was revealed?

She suddenly wanted very much to see how the dean would look when he saw her.

When Mei Qi heard that she wanted to meet the dean, he seemed to understand her.

“Do you want to see whether the dean has been threatened by Gu Changle?”

“Yes, nearly.” She admitted frankly.

The dean of the People’s Hospital would not provide medical services usually. But Song Yunxuan directly asked the receptionist at the front desk to make a phone call to the dean when she arrived there.

The receptionist answered Song Yunxuan, “The dean is having an operation now. Miss Song, please go to the office to wait for a moment. I will show you the way.”

Judging from the nurse’s attitude, she could see that the dean was very polite to her.

She nodded. Then she followed the nurse to the office of the dean.

Mei Qi accompanied her to go there. But when they got to the dean’s office, Mei Qi turned around and found an excuse to leave first.

Song Yunxuan felt a little strange. “You’re not coming in with me?”

“The nurse who led the way for us just now is very lovely. I just want to ask for her phone number. Okay? I will be back soon.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help glancing at him. She didn’t believe that Mei Qi would be so loose and unreliable right now.

He said that he just wanted to ask for a nurse’s phone number. But in fact, he just found an excuse to leave for some temporary affairs.

Song Yunxuan went into the dean’s office to wait for the dean.

There was a cabinet in the dean’s office. In the cabinet, there were kinds of medical trophies, and there were also some silk banners on the wall, saying that he could bring the dying back to life. These silk banners seemed to be given by the patients.

She walked around and looked at the trophies in the cabinet, only to find that these trophies were all gained when Shao Tianze was in the hospital.

Speaking of this, Shao Tianze indeed contributed a lot to this hospital when he worked in the People’s Hospital. The dean really appreciated him very much.

He also attained and achieved a lot in medicine.

It was a pity that he showed the lack of sincerity.

She sat back down on the sofa. The nurse came in with the tea. “Miss Song, please have a cup of tea first. The operation of the dean will be finished soon.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

But she didn’t touch the teacup brought to her by the nurse at all.

The tea was great. But she really didn’t want to touch anything in this hospital anymore, even though it was just a drop of water.

She waited for about half an hour in the office. The dean was long in coming.

Song Yunxuan noticed that the dean was holding a handkerchief and wiping the thin sweat on his forehead when he opened the door.

Maybe, it was true that he just came out of the operating room.

Maybe, he was just thinking about what to do about her visit this time.

Song Yunxuan stood up. “Dean.”

The dean waved his hand in a hurry, seeming to be a little flattered for her action. “Miss Song, don’t be too polite. I just had an operation. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

The dean was very polite.

Song Yunxuan bent her lips and smiled. “I came here because of my eldest sister, Song Yunjia.”

The dean felt that it was a headache when he heard this name.

Just several days ago, Gu Changle came to him because of her. Today Song Yunxuan came to him for the same reason.

All the people in the Harbor City, who paid attention to the Song Family, knew that Song Yunxuan was fiercely fighting against Song Yunjia at this time.

The reason why Song Yunxuan came here might be that she wanted to dig out some flaws of Song Yunjia from him, just as Gu Changle mentioned before. Then she could take advantage of it to let Song Yunjia suffer a loss.

The dean could figure out this thing. But he did not dare to drive her away directly. He could only consider the pros and cons in his mind carefully and think about not making a mistake in his speech.

Seeing a quick flash of expression in the dean’s eyes, Song Yunxuan guessed that the dean must have known about her purpose here to dig out something about Song Yunjia.

Indeed, that was exactly what she wanted to do.

But as for whether she could make it or not, it was another cup of tea.

“Miss Song, Yunjia suddenly resigned. She only told me that it was because of her family affairs. It was not suitable for me to ask a lot. So” He felt a little awkward. “Miss Song, you came here to ask me about her affairs, but I really do not know much.”

“Dean, please don’t worry. I just came here to ask you something about Gu Changge’s operation. Did my elder sister perform an operation for Gu Changge?”

The dean was stunned when she asked this question.

Gu Changle was really right. Song Yunxuan actually paid attention to the cause of Gu Changge’s death.

If Song Yunxuan knew the real cause of Gu Changge’s death, the news would be passed to Chu Mochen. Then the People’s Hospital would be destroyed completely.

As for all the staff who performed an operation for Gu Changge, he should keep it a secret.

The dean frowned. He really didn’t want to answer. He just said, “Miss Song, Miss Gu was a well-known woman in Yuncheng. Even though she died, all of her privacy during her stay at the hospital for treatment cannot be disclosed, including the medical staff performing an operation for her.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “So, you just don’t want to tell me in any case?”

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