Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Intercept Zhang Li

Chapter 272 Intercept Zhang Li

Zhang Li just felt that his vision was blurred in his Toyota car. His body was pushed forward uncontrollably by a fierce force.

Fortunately, the performance of the car was good. At the moment when he lunged forward, the seat belt pulled his body, and the airbags on the left and right sides of the steering wheel in front of his face suddenly popped open.

He was a little dizzy. The sound in his ear after the chaos made him feel a little unrealistic.

He tried to look up in a daze.

There was a black off-road vehicle suddenly blocking in his way regardless of traffic rules ahead, from which two people dressed in black came down.

He subconsciously felt something wrong. He wanted to get out of the car, but he couldn’t move.Read more chapters at L isnovel

He could just helplessly watch these two people in black come from the opposite side and then open the car door.

In his car was a document taken out of the hospital, which was handed to him by the dean in person. He had intended to send it to Song Yunjia in the Song enterprise.

But now

A man in black opened the broken door and took out the document. He glanced at it and then said to the person next to him disdainfully, “Let’s go.”

Zhang Li was puzzled for a while. He struggled to reach out to stop them and tried to take back the document from those two men.

However, there was a high-class car roaring past when he reached out his hand.

Song Yunxuan just looked on coldly while the window of the car was lowered.

There was frightening happiness in her eyes. Her lips raised slightly as if she was having a good laugh at him.

Zhang Li was stunned at the moment when he saw Song Yunxuan’s face.

The car sped by like a vision flashing by.

The discomfort of the violent impact after the car accident made Zhang Li difficult to sustain. His consciousness wandered dazedly when he was thinking if he really saw Song Yunxuan.

Mei Qi started to talk when their car went far away, “You already knew that he would come to the Song enterprise?”

“The news around the dean spread too fast. Gu Changle just told the dean to disclose Song Yunjia’s past, and then the news was revealed to Song Yunjia.”

“Then Zhang Li”

“He is the informer placed by Song Yunjia in People’s Hospital.” Song Yunxuan signed. She took the white cat back in her arms from the car seat and gently smoothed its fur. “After all, my sister made some mistakes in the People’s Hospital. She is very cautious. She knew that things would become seriously terrible if it was exposed. Thus, she had arranged someone in People’s Hospital as her informer before resignation.”

“You really know all about it clearly.”

Song Yunxuan smiled gently. “I can’t say that I know all about it clearly, but I just know about her way of doing things.”

She and Song Yunjia had been friends for more than a decade. Of course, she could guess her way of doing things just by paying some attention to her.

The reason why she was framed by Song Yunjia when she was Gu Changge was that she didn’t expect that Song Yunjia would do so at all.

Holding the kitten in her arms, she raised her eyes slightly and looked ahead. “Send the document to Gu Changle.”

Mei Qi nodded. “I will inform them immediately.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, feeling really good.

Song Yunjia could cut off the explosive news once. Could she cut it off twice or three times smoothly?

Gu Changle was determined to let Song Yunjia get into trouble. The interesting part of the show would be around the corner if Song Yunjia couldn’t cut the news off.

Thinking of this, the smile of Song Yunxuan deepened a little.

Gu Changle looked very bad when she received the document taken away from Zhang Li.

She made a call to the dean immediately. “I heard that the deputy dean had a car accident, right?”

“Yes. The document I gave him was taken away. Miss Changle. It’s really tricky.” The dean was nervous with worry.

Gu Changle clutched the document in the hand, sneering. “Dean, you don’t need to be so anxious. The document that Deputy Dean Zhang lost is in my hand.”

The dean was speechless at once. “Miss Gu, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Gu Changle asked him coldly, “I actually want to ask what you mean more.”


The dean didn’t know what Gu Changle meant.

But Gu Changle already began to censure, “You didn’t handle such an important matter by yourself but left it to your subordinate. Aren’t you worried about it?”

“Zhang Li is my trusted subordinate. I believe that he can deal with it smoothly.”

Gu Changle sneered. “Zhang Li is your trusted subordinate?”

“I’ve been training him for many years.”

“Then why does Zhang Li want to send the file to Song Yunjia?”

Gu Changle said these words harshly, and her tone was particularly grouchy as she spoke.

The dean was stunned instantly. “What do you mean? Miss Gu.”

“Don’t you still understand what I mean? If I hadn’t asked someone to stop Zhang Li halfway, it would have been a complete mess.”

The dean was speechless.

Indeed, he had been cultivating Zhang Li for many years. He had thought that Zhang Li would be dedicated to excluding his difficulty and anxiety. However, Zhang Li was actually found to be the informer of someone else.

Gu Changle didn’t hear the dean’s retort. She then said, “I will send the document to Fanxing Magazine. As for Zhang Li, I hope you can handle him well, or People’s Hospital will be destroyed by this insignificant person.”

The dean still wanted to favor him. “Zhang Li, however, is still the deputy dean in People’s Hospital. It’s not easy to dismiss him.”

“You have been in People’s Hospital for so many years. It’s just a piece of cake for you. I wait for your good news.”

Gu Changle didn’t listen to his verbose words. She just put stress on him to drive out Zhang Li from the People’s Hospital.

Knowing Gu Changle’s determination in her words, the dean was in a dilemma for a while.

Gu Changle didn’t want to listen to him anymore. She directly hung up the phone.

She looked down at the document in her hand. She looked up after a long time. “Prepare the car, and I’m going to Fanxing Magazine.”

The housemaid at home heard her words and rushed to get the car ready.

Gu Changle frowned and then turned to go out.

Gu Changle didn’t say any words all the way till she got to Fanxing Magazine. Xiao Hong heard the receptionist at the front desk making a call, asking, “Who is it?”

The receptionist lowered her voice a little and said to her, “It’s Gu Changle from the Shao enterprise.”

Xiao Hong was very surprised. “Gu Changle from the Shao enterprise?”

Xiao Hong couldn’t think it through. She and Shao Xue who was just discussing the work beside her looked at each other. She lowered the voice and said, “Gu Changle came here suddenly, and I can’t understand it.”

Shao Xue shook her head. “I can’t understand it, either.”

“I’ll go to see her first. Do you want to come with me?”

Xiao Hong asked for Shao Xue’s opinion. Shao Xue nodded. “I’d love to.”

Xiao Hong agreed. The receptionist led Gu Changle to Xiao Hong’s office.

Xiao Hong and Shao Xue were waiting for Gu Changle in the office.

Gu Changle followed the receptionist all the way and visited the interior decoration in Fanxing Magazine. She entered the office and saw Xiao Hong, smiling. “Your boss really has a good eye, and the decoration style here is wonderful.”

Xiao Hong responded ambiguously. She then asked Gu Changle to sit down. “Miss Gu, sit here please.”

Xiao Hong noticed the document in Gu Changle’s hands as soon as Gu Changle came in. She was wondering what it was inside.

But one thing could be certain that it must be very important since Gu Changle came here suddenly although she had nothing to do with Fanxing Magazine.

Xiao Hong slightly looked sideways at Shao Xue while Gu Changle’s eyes just fell on Shao Xue.

Gu Changle who always disliked Shao Xue gave a rare smile to Shao Xue this time. Gu Changle asked her like an older sister, “How is your work here?”

Shao Xue was a little surprised at Gu Changle’s kindness. She nodded, meaning that it was fine here.

Gu Changle seemed to be relieved when she saw Shao Xue nod. Then she casually said, “If you want to change your job, you can tell your brother. Tianze can help you find an easier one.”

It seemed that Gu Changle was such a thoughtful girl.

Xiao Hong heard Gu Changle ask Shao Xue. She didn’t interrupt them.

Shao Xue answered and then took the opportunity to ask her, “Sister Changle, what are you here for?”

Gu Changle smiled generously. She put the folder in her hand on the table. “Nothing serious! It’s just to send you a news item.”

Xiao Hong and Shao Xue were a little confused.

Gu Changle saw Xiao Hong’s confusion. She raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “It’s not serious, but it’s not small. It can be just a headline. You will know if I’m right if you open it.”

Xiao Hong reached for the file bag since Gu Changle said so.

She then opened the file bag and pulled out the document.

Seeing the contents on the document, Xiao Hong found it was more serious than Gu Changle said.

“Miss Gu, the news you gave us is really serious.”

Gu Changle smiled. “I just found it by accident. I really felt distressed when seeing it. Even though this thing has passed for many years, I think we should still bring justice to them. Otherwise, it will be too ruthless. Am I right? Mrs. Xiao.”

Xiao Hong didn’t know why Gu Changle and Song Yunjia turned against each other suddenly. However, such a piece of news was delivered to Fanxing Magazine, and it would be such a waste if they didn’t report it.

Xiao Hong knew that Shao Xue didn’t see the contents on the document clearly. She then handed the file bag to Shao Xue.

Shao Xue scanned it for a while. She was also surprised and opened her eyes wide. After a long time, she asked Gu Changle, “Is it true?”

Gu Changle gave her a glance. “Shao Xue, you know me. I won’t put anyone in the wrong for no reason.”

Shao Xue nodded constantly. “I know that Sister Changle won’t make trouble out of nothing. It’s just that I can’t believe that there is such a secret in People’s Hospital.”

Xiao Hong also nodded. “Not only can’t you believe it, but all the people in Yuncheng can’t believe it as well.”

Xiao Hong nodded to express appreciation to Gu Changle. “I really appreciate it that Miss Gu could send this document here. In this case, everyone will know clearly the true colors of Song Yunjia.”

“I wish I had sent the document to Fanxing Magazine earlier. The publishing houses I chose before really let me down, and they are unpopular.”

Xiao Hong couldn’t understand what Gu Changle meant.

Gu Changle didn’t explain. She stood up. “Since the document has been sent here, I have nothing else to say here. I hope that you can do it well. But”

Gu Changle wanted to tell something to Xiao Hong.

But Xiao Hong nodded before she could finish her words. She made her promise to her. “Miss Gu, don’t worry. We won’t reveal the source of this information.”

Hearing Xiao Hong’s considerate words, Gu Changle felt relieved and then nodded.

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