Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Riole In The Post

Chapter 276 Oriole in the Post

Song Yunxuan called Gu Changle at the right time.

Gu Changle seemed to have acquiesced in the fact that Song Yunxuan was her ally.

When Song Yunxuan asked about Shao Tianze’s whereabouts, although she hesitated a little, she still answered truthfully, “He just went to B City.”

Song Yunxuan smiled silently.

After she hung up the phone, she sneered and shook her head. “It turns out that Han Mei’s family members are in B City.”

Mei Qi had also known that Han Mei was the name of the deceased who was killed by Song Yunjia because of a surgical error in those years. He asked her, “Do you want me to go there?”

Song Yunxuan shook her finger and smiled softly. “No, I’ll go there in person.”

Since Song Yunjia had paid attention to the whereabouts of the family for several years, it would seem that she did not pay much attention to it if she allowed Mei Qi to go there. Only when Song Yunxuan went there in person could their attention be expressed.

If she met Shao Tianze, it would be an excellent opportunity for them to cross swords.

Song Yunxuan received the news in the morning and just set off in the afternoon.

On the plane to B City, she looked at the white clouds in the sky and sighed a little. “I didn’t expect that Shao Tianze was willing to do these things in person for Song Yunjia. I wonder if Gu Changle will be very jealous.”

She found it interesting.

The reason was that she knew too much about Gu Changle’s real character.

Gu Changle was a jealous woman, and she liked to be jealous very much.

Now Shao Tianze went to B City for Song Yunjia in person, so Gu Changle was bound to be angry.

Maybe, Gu Changle was losing her temper by throwing something at home now.

When she thought about it, she felt that her mood became very good. Pulling down the blindfold gently, Song Yunxuan leaned on the back of the aircraft chair with a slight smile and got into a light sleep.

Just like Song Yunxuan’s speculation, Gu Changle was indeed very furious at Shao Family’s house now.

She didn’t know before why Shao Tianze went to B City suddenly until Song Yunxuan called her. Only then did she know that Shao Tianze went to B City because of Song Yunjia’s affairs.

The jealousy in her heart was overwhelming. The anger in her chest made her restless.

Finally, when the nanny delivered the nourishing black chicken soup, she dropped the whole bowl of chicken soup on the floor with a bang.

The nanny restlessly approached her. “Miss, did you get burnt?”

Gu Changle’s temper was on the verge of exploding. She wanted to scold the servant at home immediately.

However, after a few seconds of suppressing her temper, she said coldly, “Take the phone and dial Mr. Shao.”

The servant obeyed Gu Changle’s order and took the phone, then dialing Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze just arrived in B City. He had just got off the plane and had not turned on his phone in the cold wind.

The servant dialed him several times, but Shao Tianze didn’t answer the call. So, Gu Changle just took the phone and dialed his phone desperately.

Gu Changle usually behaved softly. Especially in front of Shao Tianze, she did everything tenderly like a fairy in a painting.

However, today Gu Changle’s actions were abnormally rude.

She crackled the keys of the phone. The servant was a little scared and couldn’t help saying, “Miss Changle”

“Shut up. Can’t you see I’m dialing?”

Gu Changle harshly scolded the servant in front of her.

The servant didn’t dare to speak anymore and could only watch Gu Changle dialing the phone there persistently.

Gu Changle dialed several times but still did not get it through.

She was a little discouraged, holding the phone with her fingers and gritting her teeth there.

“Song Yunjia”

She said this name with her mouth as if she wanted to chew up the owner of the name.

Shao Tianze actually went to B City for Song Yunjia. And when he set off, he didn’t even tell her the reason why he went to B City.

She held the phone and sat alone on the sofa in the living room. She didn’t move for a long while, gritting her teeth out of anger.

It was unknown how long had passed.

The phone in her hand suddenly rang.

She was immediately shocked and went to see the caller ID on the phone.

It was Shao Tianze.

After answering the phone and then calming down for a few seconds, she wiped off the jealous and fierce light in her eyes and replaced it with a gentle look.

Shao Tianze got off the plane and walked out of the customs. As soon as he turned on the mobile phone, he found that there were many phone calls from his home.

He had always been coddling Gu Changle. Now, when seeing so many missed calls on his mobile phone from his home, he was worried that Gu Changle had an accident and immediately dialed back.

After two beeps over there, he heard Gu Changle’s voice, soft and tender, but with some grievances.

“Tianze, have you arrived there?”

Seeing the crowd of people at the airport, he only brought an assistant with him, so Shao Tianze asked the assistant to push the luggage out of the airport to the hotel first.

“I’ve already arrived.”

Gu Changle paused for a while and then continued to ask him with some embarrassment, “How long will you stay in B City this time? You just went there so hurriedly. Is there something important in the company?”

Gu Changle’s words on the surface showed that she was very worried about him.

Shao Tianze didn’t carefully think about these words that Gu Changle said but just reckoned that Song Yunjia’s affair was very troublesome, and it would be better that fewer people knew that Han Mei was in B City.

So, instead of telling the truth to Gu Changle, he perfunctorily said, “The branch office here has a little trouble. I should deal with it. I can go back in two or three days at most.”

Shao Tianze was just lying by saying this.

Gu Changle could immediately tell whether Shao Tianze was telling the truth or not because she knew from the beginning why Shao Tianze went to B City.

However, she didn’t expose Shao Tianze’s lies but nodded gently, telling him, “I have heard that B City is very cold. You should pay attention to your body and come back quickly.”

Shao Tianze responded and said a few more words to her before hanging up.

The assistant had already found a car at the airport. He had taken their luggage into the car and was just waiting for Shao Tianze to come out.

Shao Tianze hung up the phone. And as soon as he came out of the airport, the assistant led him to the car and went to the hotel.

Shao Tianze was not very familiar with B City. After entering the hotel, he ordered his assistant, “Go to this address first to check whether Han Mei’s family members live here.”

The assistant took the note that Shao Tianze handed over and went to the residential area outside the third ring road of B City to search Han Mei’s family according to the address above.

Song Yunxuan arrived in B City at five in the afternoon.

This time, Mei Qi did not stay in the company but went to B City with her.

Mei Qi had thought that Song Yunxuan would go to search Han Mei’s address after taking a break at the hotel.

But Song Yunxuan did not decide to do so.

After getting off the plane, Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to contact the person who worked in the Standesamt of B City and then sent someone to check the check-in records of the major hotels.

It really didn’t take long to find out the hotel where Shao Tianze stayed.

Song Yunxuan sent someone to track Shao Tianze’s assistant and quickly found the location of Han Mei’s family by checking the monitoring records and some other methods.

Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi drove there in person.

There were no outsiders in the car, so Song Yunxuan just asked bluntly, “How much do you think I need to give Han Mei’s family so that they will be willing to go out and testify against my elder sister?”

Mei Qi thought for a moment before answering, “Maybe, even if you don’t give them any money, they will also testify against Song Yunjia for you.”

Song Yunxuan was slightly stunned. “Why?”

Mei Qi seemed to know clearly about the inside story of this matter and just explained it when she asked him, “At that time, Song Yunjia and Song Yan were very cruel in dealing with this matter. People of the Han Family have been sulking and suppressing their anger. After so many years, their anger might have disappeared, but if not, then”

Mei Qi did not finish his words, but Song Yunxuan could understand what he meant.

Mei Qi was right. The youngest daughter of the Han Family just died like this in a small operation. The hospital not only refused to compensate but also sealed them away from mentioning the incident completely.

The Han Family refused to give up and appealed to the court to file a lawsuit with the People’s Hospital.

At that time, Song Yunjia just made a figure in the People’s Hospital, and naturally, she would not let such things ruin her. So, she used Song Family’s wealth to bribe some people and prevent the Han Family from going to court.

Because of Song Family’s obstruction, the Han Family could not find a lawyer to engage in a lawsuit and had to give up.

And because of the frequent threats from Song Family in Yuncheng, they eventually moved to B City.

At that time, Gu Changge only knew a little bit, because she was nourishing the fetus at home at the height of the incident.

Before Gu Yi was born, she had severe anorexia, so she didn’t pay much attention to the external affairs but focused on restoring her body.

Moreover, Shao Tianze was also involved in the operation that year, so he would naturally not let her know about it.

Now, Song Yunxuan suddenly felt that bringing this incident to light again was a huge turning point.

Mei Qi parked the car at the side door of the ordinary community where Han Mei’s family lived.

Song Yunxuan looked out of the window and saw a very old residential building.

There was nothing out of ordinary. An old couple had lost their beloved youngest daughter. Although the eldest son always lived a down-to-earth life, he had been working everywhere because of the poor economic conditions of his family. The living conditions of such a family would not be very good.

Song Yunxuan wanted to open the door and get off.

Mei Qi whispered to remind her, “Shao Tianze’s assistant is still there.”

Song Yunxuan then gave up the idea of getting off. She just reminded Mei Qi, “Call the Han Family. You should know what to say.”

Mei Qi certainly knew what to say to the people of the Han Family.

However, after the call was answered, before he could speak, the Han Family firmly said, “If you harass me again, I will call the police.”

Mei Qi wanted to say something. The old man on the other end of the phone was very determined. “We won’t move to X City. It is so remote. Why do we, an old couple, have to follow your desire to move our home?”

Hearing the old man’s resolute words, Mei Qi pressed the button of the speakerphone to let Song Yunxuan listen to the old man’s words together.

Just a few simple and powerless words showed the weakness of the old man who was cornered.

Even without thinking, they had already known what Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia said to the Han Family.

Song Yunxuan reached out and motioned to Mei Qi to hand the mobile phone over to her.

Mei Qi handed the phone to Song Yunxuan. Song Yunxuan interrupted the old man’s intermittent words, “Uncle, I am not sent by Song Yunjia. I can help you.”

Her gentle words stopped the voice over there at once.

Song Yunxuan waited for him to speak.

Sure enough, after taking some time to understand her words, the old man asked her, “Who are you?”

“I want to meet you and discuss it slowly in detail.”

The old man hesitated for a while and seemed to be thinking whether Song Yunxuan was also malicious to them.

Song Yunxuan took the initiative to express her goodwill. “I know what happened that year. I sympathize with your encounter very much. Believe me. I will help you.”

Her simple words were very heartfelt.

The old man was so resolute as if he wanted to cut off all means of retreat. “You can come to my house.”

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