Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Take A Preemptive Opportunity

Chapter 277 Take a Preemptive Opportunity

After she and Mei Qi looked at each other, Song Yunxuan opened her mouth and said frankly, Although I want to see you right away, Song Yunjias person is just watching at your door. If you are willing to go out, I will meet you more easily.

Song Yunxuans words were very polite.

The old man did not feel any threat from her words.

He nodded and agreed. Ill go out right away.

Our car is waiting for you by the road.

Han Meis father promised Song Yunxuan, but Han Meis mother did not believe Song Yunxuan. After hearing her husbands promise to go out, she immediately stopped him and said, You cant trust them. What if they hurt you after you go out?

Han Meis father sighed. There is no way. We cant relocate to the place in X City where even the birds dont lay eggs, and there is a perennial water shortage, just as Song Yunjia wants.

Han Meis mother was a little speechless. Knowing that her husband hung up, she didnt say anything else.

Song Yunxuan motioned to Mei Qi to drive the car forward a little.

Han Meis father would be stopped by Shao Tianzes assistant definitely when he went out. They needed to take Han Meis father away and make Shao Tianzes assistant unable to see clearly who picked up Han Meis father.

Han Meis father said that he would come down to meet them. Sure enough, less than five minutes later, he came out of the gate of the residential building.

Shao Tianzes assistant had seen photos of Han Meis parents before, so he recognized Han Meis father at first glance.

He rushed forward to stop Han Meis father quickly and wanted to say something.

Han Meis father didnt want to talk to him at all but just wanted to go forward.

Song Yunjia was sitting in the car, and she saw that the assistant harassed the old man and stopped him from leaving. She quickly understood the reason.

This assistant should be waiting for Shao Tianze to come over.

After listening to Song Yunxuans words, Mei Qi got out of the car.

Song Yunxuan was able to guess what Mei Qi was going to do. So, when Mei Qi knocked out Shao Tianzes assistant and placed him in the corner, she was not surprised at all.

Instead, Han Meis father felt very scared.

Of course, Mei Qi would not stand there and explain the reason for knocking out the assistant to Han Meis father.

He just said to the old man, The car is just ahead. Please come with me.

The old man was a little hesitant.

Mei Qi strode forward without saying anything else to the old man.

Song Yunxuan saw the old man approaching her behind Mei Qi from afar, and her lips were slightly raised.

Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze pushed him too much. Otherwise, how could Han Meis family willingly come over to her car and listen to her idea?

After getting into the car, the old man was slightly surprised to see Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan saw that the car door was closed and then asked Mei Qi to drive the car. And she introduced herself to the old man, Im Song Yunxuan.

The old man repeated the name and seemed to remember something, pointing his finger at Song Yunxuan. You are Song Yunjias sister?

Song Yunxuan nodded. Yes.

The old man said loudly to Mei Qi immediately after hearing it, Stop the car! I want to get off!

Mei Qi turned a deaf ear to it. As long as Song Yunxuan didnt ask him to stop the car, Mei Qi would continue driving.

The old man saw that the car did not stop and was very angry. What are you doing? Do you want to kidnap me? It is illegal. You will go to jail!

Looking at the excited expression of the old man, Song Yunxuan said, Normally, in the hospital, a doctor also needs to go to jail after killing a patient because of unnecessary mistakes in the surgery.

The old man froze and stopped talking.

Song Yunxuan continued to say, You dont have to worry. Im not here to help Song Yunjia drive you away. Instead, Im here to bring justice to you.

The old man felt that it was a little incredible.

But Song Yunxuan explained, You must have seen the battles in Yuncheng at such an old age. The relationship between my sister and me is not very good, so

Do you want me to show up and prove that Song Yunjia killed my daughter and threatened us?

Song Yunxuan nodded. Yes.

What benefits will you give us if I help you?

Song Yunxuan was a bit surprised. After all, she liked such straightforward negotiations all the better.

She had been like this since a long time ago. She liked those who were straightforward in terms of trading most so that it wouldnt take much effort.

Han Meis father was just such a person.

Probably, he also understood that Song Yunjia would never let them go unless she was severely defeated.

They had to make Song Yunjia utterly incapable of making trouble for them again.

And the best way was just to get the shelter of Song Yunjias deadly foe.

It happened that Song Yunxuan was a person who could shelter them.

Song Yunxuan didnt dislike the old mans words. She smiled slightly and asked him, What benefits do you want me to give you?

I just hope that you can guarantee that our family will live in peace in the future, and dont let Song Yunjia come to disturb us again.

Song Yunxuan nodded. This is very easy.

The old man nodded and seemed to be relieved. Since you are willing to promise, I will go back to Yuncheng with you. After I finish this matter, you must keep the promise.

I can make it if you want to settle in Yuncheng. Of course, it doesnt matter if you like B City.

The old man wavered slightly. After all, Yuncheng was the place where he had lived since his childhood. In those years, his family came to B City because he had no choice.

It couldnt be better if Song Yunxuan could make it.

The old man was a little suspicious. Can you really get our family back to Yuncheng to live?


For Song Yunxuan, if Han Meis family lived in Yuncheng, it would make it easier for her to shelter them.

If they were in B City, it would be too far away for her to be able to help them.

The old man was a bit excited, but when thinking about Yunchengs price of commodities and housing prices, he shook his head. Thank you for your kindness. But according to our economic level, we cant buy a house in Yuncheng for now.

After all, their house in B City was rented.

Song Yunxuan smiled. These are not problems. If you are willing to live in Yuncheng, I will help you buy back the ancestral house where you used to live.

This temptation made the old mans eyes widened involuntarily.

Song Yunxuan asked him, Is this offer OK?

The old man nodded, feeling like he was dreaming.

With the consent of the old man, Song Yunxuan said, Go back to discuss the thing of going back to Yuncheng with your wife and your family now. I will complete the transfer of your ancestral home within today and tomorrow.

The old man did not object.

Mei Qi detoured and sent him back to his community.

However, when approaching the gate of the community, Mei Qi stopped the car.

Song Yunxuan glanced forward. Whats wrong?

Shao Tianze came here in person. Wed better send Uncle Han back later.

Song Yunxuan followed Mei Qis line of sight to look over, and she really saw a remarkable black Mercedes-Benz car parked at the gate of the community.

Shao Tianze got out of the Mercedes-Benz car and followed the assistants guidance, walking into the community.

Mei Qi sighed. You also know Shao Tianzes style of doing things. At a critical moment, he will do whatever he can.

Song Yunxuan understood what he meant. You mean Shao Tianze is going to play hard?

As soon as she said these words, the old man became nervous. My wife and children are at home

Song Yunxuan turned her head to comfort him. Uncle, you dont have to worry. Shao Tianze will not do such reasonless things for the time being. Even if he plans to play hard, he will just do it after meeting you. He needs your attitude.

What attitude? The old man was a little firm. I will never move to B City.

Song Yunxuan shook her head. If you want to get through today and tomorrow safely, you should do as he says. This is a stalling tactic. Obstinate resistance will only annoy the enemy.

Song Yunxuans words made Han Meis father a little stunned. You mean

Han Meis father was a little uncertain. But Song Yunxuan nodded to him. Thats what you think.

Han Meis father had lived for decades. Even though he hadnt gone through numerous hardships in the business world, he still understood the meaning of Song Yunxuans words.

The purpose of this stalling tactic was nothing more than to let him temporarily agree with Shao Tianze before making another plan.

Song Yunxuan made it clear in her words, and she then asked Mei Qi to drive the car.

Mei Qi, according to Song Yunxuans order, drove the car to an unobtrusive place and then asked Han Meis father to get out of the car.

After Han Meis father got out of the car, Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi drove away.

Han Meis father stood in situ for a while before starting to walk towards the community where he lived.

At the gate of the community, Shao Tianzes assistant was eagle-eyed and saw him immediately.

After the assistant said something in a low voice to Shao Tianze, Shao Tianze came towards Han Meis father.

Han Meis father just stood in situ and was a bit wary of Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze was gentle and elegant. After looking at Han Meis father for a little while, he politely said, You are Uncle Han, right?

The face of Han Meis father was gloomy, and his voice was very cold. Who are you?

I am Shao Tianze. You should know me. We met seven years ago. Dont you remember it?

Shao Tianze seemed to be trying to bring back the memory of Han Meis father.

Han Meis father didnt think of anything when he saw him at first. However, after Shao Tianze said these words, the young face of Shao Tianze slowly emerged from his mind.

He did meet this young man before.

There was indeed a doctor whose surname was Shao among the group of doctors who operated on her daughter in those years.

He looked carefully at Shao Tianze and gradually recognized Shao Tianze.

But no matter how he looked, he felt that the man in front of him was very dazzling and made him feel disgusted.

Uncle Han, youve remembered it, right?

Han Meis father nodded, and his eyes were very unfriendly. Yes. You reminded me like this. I did recall that one of the doctors who operated on my daughter in those years was you.

Shao Tianze just wanted to nod.

But Han Meis father said impolitely, You are a murderer!

The harsh and resentful rebuke of Han Meis father made Shao Tianze slightly stunned.

Then he narrowed his eyes.

Uncle Han, I thought that you would give me a satisfactory answer when I came to meet you in person today.

Seeing his enemy, Han Meis father shivered all over with hatred. You killed my daughter! You even wanted me to give you a satisfactory answer today. What should I say to give you a satisfactory answer?

The Han Family had better move away altogether. Shao Tianze said impolitely.

Han Meis father was so angry that he cursed loudly, You are delusional!