Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Play Hard

Chapter 278 Play Hard

It seemed that Shao Tianze was a very kind man. But in fact, his interior side was totally opposite to his appearance.

The scolding in rage from Han Mei’s father didn’t infuriate Shao Tianze. Shao Tianze just turned his eyes to the face of Han Mei’s father unhurriedly. “Uncle Han, I hope that you can think about it carefully before you reply to me.”

Han Mei’s father looked angry. He pointed at the gate of the community and said angrily, “Go away! I will never promise you. You don’t even expect us to move away from here. Our family will never move away from this place!”

Han Mei’s father said these words too firmly.

Shao Tianze’s assistant felt a little cold on his forehead. He quietly looked up at Shao Tianze’s face and whispered, “Chairman Shao, do you think”

Shao Tianze’s expression was very indifferent.

His eyes behind the thin glasses were cold, sharp, and a little shocking.

Han Mei’s father was so angry that his fingers were trembling. He pointed at the door of the community and didn’t put his hand down for a long time.

Shao Tianze could see the old man’s determination.

Even the assistant beside him could see it.

After a long while, Shao Tianze took back his eyes lightly and turned around to walk out. “Let’s go.”

Hearing that, the assistant was a little puzzled. But he still dared not to disobey Shao Tianze’s words. He followed him to get out of the gate of the community.

After walking out of the community, the assistant asked puzzledly, “Mr. Shao, we will just let this thing go like this?”

“Let it go like this?”

Shao Tianze asked in reply with a sneer.

The assistant was a little stunned for a moment.

Shao Tianze went to his car and said, “Since Han Mei’s father insists like this, we have to use some other ways to make him change his mind.”

“Some other ways?”

The assistant was a little puzzled. “What else can we do?”

“There are so many other ways. Can’t you just think about it carefully with your brains?”

Shao Tianze came to the car.

The driver in the car came down respectfully, and he pulled the door open for Shao Tianze.

There were indeed many ways for him to make someone compromise.

For such a family like that of Han Mei’s father, he just needed to offer one condition.

As for what this condition was, it depended on which means Han Mei’s father wanted him to use.

Shao Tianze got into the car. He then asked the driver to send him to the hotel.

His car sped by.

Song Yunxuan sat in her luxury car, seeing that the car which belonged to Shao Tianze pulled away from the road outside the window. She turned her eyes slightly to the door of the community in the distance.

Mei Qi asked her, “Shao Tianze must have offered Han Mei’s father some conditions. Do you want to see Han Mei’s father?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “I don’t have to go there by myself.”

Shao Tianze was a very smart and sensitive person.

Now that he had planned to deal with Han Mei’s father, he must have placed many informers around Han Mei’s father so that he could know who had met Han Mei’s father during this period of time after monitoring him.

If she went to see Han Mei’s father personally, Shao Tianze would know it within three minutes definitely.

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“You can get someone to talk with Han Mei’s father. We need to know what Shao Tianze said to him indeed.”

Mei Qi nodded, but then he smiled. “In fact, for some people like them who are powerless at the bottom, the means that Shao Tianze can use to deal with them is nothing more than coercion and inducement. If the inducement doesn’t work, it will inevitably become coercion.”

Song Yunxuan had to admit that Mei Qi’s words were very reasonable.

She could roughly guess some of his plans, based on her knowledge of Shao Tianze for so many years.

Shao Tianze would give Han Mei’s father a condition that he couldn’t refuse.

She smiled slightly. All of a sudden, she got a bit pleased involuntarily.

Mei Qi noticed her smile on the lips. He was a little stunned. Then he asked her, “Is there anything that makes you very happy?”

“Don’t you feel happy?”

“Why should I feel happy?” Mei Qi really didn’t think there was anything to be happy about in this contest of commercial means.

But Song Yunxuan shook her head slightly. She looked out of the window at the view.

In the distance, there were clouds flowing high in the sky.

Under the clear sky, there didn’t seem to be any haze.

But there was a thick darkness in the depths of Song Yunxuan’s eyes, which could not be melted.

Her lips were raised. Her words were slightly cold. But her voice was strange and very sharp. “It’s the first time for me to fight against Shao Tianze.”

It was a secret fight against him.

However, she couldn’t wait to want to win this fight.

Shao Tianze had set her up so many times before. From this time on, she would let Shao Tianze feel the failure little by little.

Then, she would let him despair completely.

He killed Gu Changge.

But Gu Changge was born again. How could she easily let him go?

Song Yunxuan looked through the window, seeming to be in a good mood.

Mei Qi looked at her like this. He felt vaguely that she seemed to be very familiar to him.

Once upon a time, he also saw such a cold and resolute expression on the face of the only lady of the Gu Family.

Obviously, it was dangerous all around, but that young girl was always able to deal with it calmly.

Obviously, a wrong step might easily lead to earthshaking changes. However, there was always a chill and ruthlessness in her face, which seemed to be about to trample all her enemies under her feet.

When she came to the Song enterprise, she investigated Song Yunxuan’s life experience. Song Yunxuan was just a girl from the countryside.

She was just a little daughter that Song Yan didn’t like. But now, the whole Song enterprise belonged to her.

What happened to Song Yunxuan on earth?

What did he not know?

Mei Qi wanted to ask her for an instant.

This idea, however, was suppressed in a flash.

Song Yunxuan looked out of the window. Mei Qi just drove silently. They were away from the community temporarily.

Song Yunjia called him shortly after Shao Tianze returned to the hotel.

The purpose of Song Yunjia’s call was just to ask him how the negotiation between him and Han Mei’s father was going.

Shao Tianze didn’t comfort her, but he told her the truth, “Han Mei’s father was very angry about what happened in those years. Still, he hates you very much.”

Song Yunjia frowned. She then said, “I was not the only one who performed the operation in those years. Besides, it wouldn’t kill her that the surgical bandages were left in his daughter’s abdominal cavity. How could I have expected that his daughter got attacked by her illness and died after the operation?”

“The operation was a failure at that time.”

Shao Tianze’s expression was very indifferent.

Although it happened seven years ago, after all, she had worked in the People’s Hospital for so many years, and she had seen many cases of patients.

After so many years of surgical experience, Han Mei’s operation and her attending physician at that time were recalled.

Song Yunjia had an inescapable responsibility indeed.

It wouldn’t have become a scandal that was spread now if she had taken the responsibility at that time.

Song Yunjia, however, didn’t realize it at that time. Besides, she had an almost obsessive faith in her medical skills.

She didn’t think that it was her fault. Thus, Song Yunjia didn’t discuss the reconciliation or admit the mistake according to the wish of the family members when Han Mei’s father asked the hospital to give an explanation and claimed for compensation.

On the contrary, she also used various means to compel the families of the victim not to mention the matter of the dead. She even used illegal means to force the Han Family to leave Yuncheng.

She thought that it would be okay if the fact was covered up like this.

But she didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan appeared after seven years.

Moreover, Song Yunxuan also controlled everything of the Song Family in her hands, which made the pattern of the Song Family change dramatically.

Song Yunjia gritted her teeth over there with hatred. “It must be Song Yunxuan. It must be her who dug up this old thing.”

Shao Tianze didn’t say anything.

He had some doubts in his mind.

However, he didn’t say it immediately.

It was not very reasonable if the whole thing was really revealed by Song Yunxuan.

After all, there were not many people who knew about what happened in those years.

Many of the people who participated in Han Mei’s operation in the hospital were transferred to another hospital by the dean later, while others just resigned to work abroad.

It was very difficult to find these doctors. Moreover, if Song Yunxuan had found them, she would definitely have blown these things up quickly and made everyone know it in the shortest time to expose her eldest sister to mortal danger, instead of allowing these things to develop so slowly.

This was just Song Yunxuan’s means and method to deal with Song Yunjia.

But now, the person who was in charge of this thing was making everything develop slowly.

Everything developed so slowly that even he intervened in this thing and turned the scale.

Shao Tianze frowned. He thought about it for a moment, and then he asked Song Yunjia, “Have you had any big conflicts with Song Yunxuan recently?”

“Since I got into the Song enterprise, she should have been trying to get me out of the Song enterprise.”

“Then have you had any conflicts with Song Yunxuan in the affairs of the Song enterprise recently?”

Song Yunjia thought for a while. Then she said, “At first, I wanted to get the help of Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian to enter the Song enterprise. Zhou Jian, however, had some other thoughts. He changed his side in this battle halfway. He has been claiming to be ill at home for some time now. He refused to help me, so I can only rely on Zhou Jian. Basically, Zhou Jian helps me with everything.”

Song Yunjia had just entered the Song enterprise. Her foundation was not stable, so she dared not to fight against Song Yunxuan apparently.

So, she just allowed Song Yunxuan to arrange everything. Song Yunjia didn’t want to show her opinion until she had the strength.

Thus, she did not have any conflicts with Song Yunxuan in a short time.

She told Shao Tianze about her recent situation. After that, she added, “Song Yunxuan will do whatever she can to get me out of the Song enterprise. I also have no idea how she knew this thing. Is it possible that the dean in the People’s Hospital has been bought over by Song Yunxuan?”

She thought it over for a long time. She thought that it was the dean in the People’s Hospital who knew the whole thing best.

Song Yunjia reminded him, “Tianze, although you have always been cultivated by the dean, now in this situation, perhaps, the dean is also questionable. After all, the information collected by the newspaper is so detailed. If the dean had not helped her with this thing, how could she have got the information so easily?”

Shao Tianze pursed his lips. He said nothing.

Song Yunjia asked again, “If you think that the dean is not easy to deal with now, how about figuring out how to persuade Han Mei’s father first at present?”

Shao Tianze pursed his thin lips into a straight line. After a long time, he said, “I’ve figured out how to negotiate with Han Mei’s father.”

Song Yunjia nodded. “Tianze, I’ll depend on you this time. Thank you for helping me.”

“You do not have to thank me by saying these words. Now you are in the Song enterprise, so it’s better to pay much attention to Song Yunxuan’s whereabouts.”

“Song Yunxuan has been in the Song enterprise all the time, but I have heard that Mei Qi hasn’t come all day.”

Hearing this, Shao Tianze’s expression suddenly changed.

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