Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 279

Chapter 279 The Person Behind The Scenes

Chapter 279 The Person Behind the Scenes

Song Yunjia didn’t hear Shao Tianze’s voice for a while.

Then, she heard Shao Tianze’s tone with a bit of coldness. “You mean Mei Qi isn’t in the Song enterprise?”

Song Yunjia heard something wrong with Shao Tianze’s tone, but she didn’t find anything abnormal. She just nodded and answered with certainty, “Yes.”

“Are you sure?”

Song Yunjia added, “I’m sure.”

Shao Tianze gasped over there.

When Song Yunjia heard his inspiratory sound, she faintly noticed that something was wrong.

“Tianze!” She called him with a bit of worry. “Is there anything wrong?”

Shao Tianze didn’t say much. He just told her, “You should work hard in the Song enterprise. Don’t take drastic measures on this thing. Never let others know that you are dealing with it in secret.”

“I see.”

Of course, Song Yunjia knew the stakes.

This issue was connected with her reputation. She couldn’t handle it in person. It would definitely draw the media’s attention if she dealt with it personally.

Moreover, it would confirm that she had killed people during the operation in the past.

Thus, she was grateful for Shao Tianze’s help.

Shao Tianze was to hang up as he finished exhorting. “I will inform you if I make any progress on this matter. I’m ringing off now.”

Shao Tianze over here was to hang up while Song Yunjia was unwilling to end the conversation. She couldn’t help stopping him, saying, “Tianze, wait a minute!”


Shao Tianze’s voice was magnetic and gentle. Just an interrogative tone could make Song Yunjia feel enchanted and obsessed.

Song Yunjia was a little happy when she found that Shao Tianze did not hang up immediately. However, she couldn’t think of anything else to say after stopping him like this.

After a long time of silence, Shao Tianze asked her, “What else do you want to tell me?”

Song Yunjia’s heart was thumping constantly. She pursed her lips with difficulty. Finally, she pretended to be calm and said, “You should take care of yourself in B City. I have heard that the temperature there is several degrees lower than that in Yuncheng. Don’t get cold.”

Shao Tianze thought that she was going to say something important. But he didn’t expect that she just told him to take care of himself. He just replied, “You should take care of yourself, too.”

Although it was just a simple and light sentence, Song Yunjia was very happy about this thoughtful sentence, while Shao Tianze just thought it was normal.

Song Yunjia’s lips were still raised until the phone was put down.

Hanging up the phone, Shao Tianze’s eyes were covered with haze.

Song Yunjia said Mei Qi was not in the Song enterprise.

How could Song Yunxuan stay in the Song enterprise when Mei Qi was not there?

It was generally known that Mei Qi was Song Yunxuan’s best assistant whom Song Yunxuan would take with her almost everywhere.

Now Mei Qi was not in the Song enterprise. Song Yunjia didn’t even doubt it at all.

Where the hell was Song Yunxuan?

Shao Tianze considered, frowning.

Just as he stopped his momentary rumination, he heard someone knocking at the door of the hotel several times hurriedly.

Shao Tianze’s thought was interrupted. He was a little impatient. “Come in.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, the assistant outside the door then pushed the door of the hotel open.

But he showed a restless face when he saw Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze saw his restlessness. He also felt bad in his mind. “What happened? You look so flurried.”

The assistant was panting a little as if he had come here in a hurry and run all the way.

Hearing Shao Tianze’s question, he said out of breath, “Mr. Shao, bad news.”

“Bad news?” Shao Tianze unconsciously tightened his brows a little.

The assistant took a breath. He then added, “The Han Family packed up and went straight to the airport with the tickets to Yuncheng as soon as we left.”

Shao Tianze felt as if he had been knocked on the head.

He immediately stood up from the sofa.

He looked terrible. “Are they boarding now?”

“Not yet.” The assistant said, “The moment I heard the news, I came to tell you.”

Shao Tianze felt extremely upset in his mind. He had a bad feeling, but he knew what to do now.

“Stop them at once. No matter what you do, you can’t let them get on the plane smoothly.”

The assistant nodded immediately.

Shao Tianze grabbed his coat from the back of the sofa before he went out.

To his surprise, the Han Family could make up their mind so quickly.

The Han Family had already started to take action before he could carry out his next plan.

No, it couldn’t be the Han Family’s own idea.

Someone must be giving them advice behind the scenes. He or she told the Han Family what to do and where to go next.

He had to stop the Han Family.

Absolutely, the Han Family had to be stopped. Otherwise, the Han Family would arrive in Yuncheng and confront Song Yunjia face to face.

Then, Song Yunjia’s fault in the past would be proved, which had a crucial impact on her promotion in the Song enterprise.

He couldn’t let Song Yunjia fail in this way.

She was of great use to him.

Shao Tianze walked out with malicious and insidious eyes.

It was nearly dusk.

The clear sky in B City was increasingly dark. The wind blew keenly on his face like a cold knife brushing his cheeks.

Shao Tianze looked up at the sky, knowing it would change in the evening.

It was at the same time that she looked up at the sky at dusk.

Song Yunxuan also had a premonition about the change in the weather.

Unlike Shao Tianze who was just on his way to the airport in B City at this time, Song Yunxuan stayed at the warm bedroom in the hotel safely.

She could overlook the beautiful scenery in B City through the huge picture window.

There were no waves in Song Yunxuan’s eyes as the sky gradually darkened.

She took a gentle sip of hot milk in her hand, which had a rich smell. Then she sat on the sofa with the milk glass in her hand, enjoying the scenery outside the window and waiting for the wireless phone to ring.

It was an interesting night.

In fact, she had been looking forward to this fight across separated places with Shao Tianze for a long time.

However, she didn’t know what degree Shao Tianze had reached now.

As time went by, the wireless phone beside her didn’t ring for a long time.

Song Yunxuan just turned to glance at it lightly. She didn’t feel worried.

Everything had been arranged. No one could change what was about to happen.

But she was looking forward to whether Shao Tianze could guess who was in charge of the whole plan.

As a matter of fact, thinking about it carefully, no matter how hard Shao Tianze tried, he couldn’t expect that Gu Changle, the woman he loved deeply, would interfere in this plan and then play a crucial role on his enemy’s side.

It seemed that women’s jealousy was really horrible.

Song Yunxuan gently rubbed the milk cup in her hand.

It was all dark after she drank half a cup of milk.

The wireless phone beside her rang twice. Song Yunxuan reached out to answer it unhurriedly.

It was Mei Qi’s voice over there. “Just as you have expected, Shao Tianze has arrived at the airport in B City.”

“What about the Han Family?”

“They have been sent away according to your arrangement.”

Song Yunxuan raised her lips. She said two words gently, “Very good.”

Mei Qi asked again, “So, next”

“Next, you can just leave. It doesn’t matter if you want to stay here to watch the scene of bustle.”

Song Yunxuan said this in a very relaxed tone.

In fact, Mei Qi had completed all her arrangements. Next, they just needed to watch Shao Tianze’s reaction.

If possible, she would like to go to the airport to see Shao Tianze’s reaction in person.

Unfortunately, it was a little risky.

Mei Qi hung up. Song Yunxuan over there didn’t say anything verbose after finishing her words.

Mei Qi looked up at the hall of the airport. People were coming and going in the hall, while Shao Tianze hadn’t arrived yet.

He could basically guess what kind of expression would be on Shao Tianze’s face when Shao Tianze arrived here and faced the plan.

This plan was something of a trick on him.

Mei Qi turned around slightly. He went to the second floor of the waiting hall, waiting and seeing.

There was a tea restaurant and several dessert shops on the second floor.

Mei Qi casually found one and entered. He chose a position beside the window to see the situation of the waiting hall on the first floor.

More than ten minutes later, in the waiting hall, Shao Tianze and his assistant appeared.

The assistant walked in a hurry. After arriving at the airport, he had been looking around to find the Han Family at the departure gate and the ticket entrance.

However, he didn’t find them after glancing around the hall.

He went to Shao Tianze, with cold sweat on his forehead. “Chairman Shao, I can’t find them.”

“Check the boarding records.”

The assistant turned around to leave.

Shao Tianze also took out his mobile phone. He called the senior management of the airport, hoping to get their help.

Gu Family did excellent business in Yuncheng. And they also had some social relationships in other cities to make use of.

Luckily, B City was just one of these cities where they had built the foundation of social relationships.

He called the top manager of the airline in B City.

The top manager soon asked the staff to check all the information of the passengers on the recent flights to Yuncheng.

But after checking it, the reply from the airline staff made Shao Tianze feel that his heart jolted in an instant.

The airline staff told him seriously, “Today, there are no passengers named Han Jiancheng or Qi Yun on all the flights to Yuncheng.”

Han Jiancheng was Han Mei’s father, and Qi Yun was Han Mei’s mother. According to the assistant, these two people had gone to Yuncheng. Then those two names must be on the passenger records of the airline in B City.

But now, the flight attendant said that there were no such two names, which meant

The airline staff saw Shao Tianze’s face become a little stiff and said wonderingly, “Sir, are you sure that they have gone to Yuncheng by plane?”

Shao Tianze shook his head. “No, I’m not sure.”

It was just like being tricked in the street.

Shao Tianze suddenly realized belatedly at this time that this was a hoax.

Even his own assistant became a part of this hoax.

The assistant received the news that the Han Family went to the airport. Thus, he thought that the Han Family would definitely take the plane to Yuncheng.

However, this was not the truth.

Probably the Han Family just made such deliberate actions. They just went around the airport to deceive and make the assistant believe that they were flying to Yuncheng. And they left after the assistant was fooled.

They didn’t take any flights at the airport in B City. Instead, they just went to Yuncheng by other vehicles.

There was no way to stop the Han Family in B City now.

Who on earth gave the Han Family such a plot to trick Shao Tianze badly?

Shao Tianze considered like this. He suddenly realized that he had been careless all the time since he came to B City.

The person who hid in the dark to help the Han Family now controlled all the initiatives.

Song Yunjia would be screwed if the Han Family wasn’t stopped before they arrived in Yuncheng.

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