Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Fall Into Disrepute

Chapter 280 Fall into Disrepute

Song Yunjia felt that her eyelids were twitching wildly all the time as if something was going to happen.

It was already evening, and the employees in the company had been off work in succession.

As she left, she happened to pass by Song Yunxuans office.

The door of the office was closed.

She took a step forward and unconsciously pressed her ear to the door, subconsciously wanting to hear what was going on inside.

There was no one around. The sound insulation of the door was excellent.

But this time, she pressed her ear to the door and felt there was no one inside at all.

She was a little hesitant in her heart. But she couldnt help putting her hand on the door handle.

She pushed gently, and the door was actually unlocked.

She was stunned for a while, and then she opened the door a little with a gap, wanting to hear what was going on inside.

However, she tilted her ear and heard for dozens of seconds. Suddenly, she felt a leap of her heart.

Theres no one inside.

This strong feeling drove her to suddenly open the door at once.

The night scene outside the window could be seen from the picture window in the office. She looked around, and there was no one in the whole office.

She suddenly became very furious when the strong feeling in her heart was confirmed.

Song Yunxuan is not in Yuncheng.

She realized at once that she had been fooled.

Damn it! She cursed in a low voice, gnashing the teeth in anger.

Song Yunjia hurried to go back and wanted to call Shao Tianze to inform him at once.

But just at this moment, she suddenly saw a clerk outside the office of Song Yunxuan standing behind her at a loss with the document in her hands.

No one could casually enter Song Yunxuans office without permission. It was known to all the staff of the Song enterprise.

But now, Song Yunjia just broke in like this with no one else in the office.

The clerk was stunned for a while and didnt say anything.

Song Yunjia realized her mistake, and she then asked immediately, Where is Manager Song?

Manager Song went out in the morning and hasnt come back yet.

What the clerk said just confirmed Song Yunjias conjecture once again.

Song Yunxuan did leave the Song enterprise. She might have left Yuncheng as well.

Damn it! Shao Tianze was right. Song Yunxuan paid close attention to this matter and placed obstacles for her everywhere.

She was angry in her heart. It was only a clerk in front of her. She didnt care about her at all and rushed out in a hurry.

In the clerks impression, Song Yunjia had always been a calm and intelligent senior manager of the company, but right now, she was so anxious and might be ashamed into anger.

The clerk turned around to see that Song Yunjia rushed out. Then she shook her head and closed the door of the office for Song Yunxuan helplessly.

Song Yunjia went downstairs and dialed Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze on the other end answered the phone immediately.

Song Yunjia said the first words, Song Yunxuan is not in Yuncheng! Song Yunxuan is not in the Song enterprise at all!

She spoke in such a hurry that she was almost incoherent.

Shao Tianze had already expected that Song Yunxuan was the one who placed obstacles in the way. Now Song Yunjia said that Song Yunxuan was not in Yuncheng, which was in accordance with his expectations.

Song Yunjia was worried and flustered in her mind. After telling Shao Tianze about the news, she didnt receive any shocked response from Shao Tianze at all.

Then she just realized it subconsciously. You know it already?

Shao Tianze already knew that Song Yunxuan was not in Yuncheng now?

Song Yunjia felt it was a little incredible.

On the other end of the phone, Shao Tianze nodded. I know it.

After a while, he added, Song Yunxuan is in B City.

Song Yunjia was stunned by these words instantly.

If Song Yunxuan was in B City, then Han Meis families

She didnt dare to think about it further. Her lips trembled a little. Then she opened her lips and asked Shao Tianze, Then the Han Family

The Han Family has left B City, and now they are on their way to Yuncheng.

Didnt you stop them?

Song Yunjia asked Shao Tianze subconsciously.

In her heart, she was very relieved of what Shao Tianze had done.

No matter what it was, as long as it was Shao Tianze who handled it, the odds of success would be more than 90%.

Before, it was just like this, many times.

Why did he fail this time?

Song Yunjia became panic in her mind.

Shao Tianze on the other end didnt receive a reply from Song Yunjia, and he could only admit it. I didnt expect that Song Yunxuan would come to B City. She played a trick, and I couldnt stop her. If you dont want to suffer a loss due to this matter, youd better stop the Han Family before they get to Yuncheng.

Song Yunjia was a little dispirited.

Shao Tianze seemed to know her current state, and his voice involuntarily became more serious. Yunjia, this is a very important period now. You need to pull yourself together.

Song Yunjia was very afraid of her fate as soon as she thought about what the Han Family would do when they arrived in Yuncheng.

Yunjia, you should go to all the major traffic points now, such as airports, subways, and stations. Whatever you do, you must stop the Han Family.

Song Yunjia bit her lower lip. But there are so many traffic routes to Yuncheng. It is impossible to get every place under my eyes. If they escape

You must let someone stop them. Call the police.

The last three words stunned Song Yunjia at once, and she widened her eyes.

She thought slowly for a moment, and then she said uncertainly, Take advantage of the police?

This is the most convenient and efficient way. We just need to stop them and keep them away from the media.

Song Yunjia understood what Shao Tianze meant and nodded. I will do as you said.

She understood Shao Tianzes way of doing things. If it already came to the crucial moment, he would take advantage of every power that he could make use of without any hesitation, no matter what the power was.

As long as the goal could be achieved, that was enough.

She pressed her finger on the number key on her cell phone.

Then, one by one, she quickly pressed the alarm number of Yuncheng Police Station.

It soon turned to a staff service on the other end.

Song Yunjia took a breath, and then she said in a heavy voice, I want to report a case

Song Yunxuan stayed in B City and didnt go back immediately.

Mei Qi arrived in Yuncheng at nine oclock in the evening.

The drunk driving inspections were carried out extensively at all the major traffic arteries in Yuncheng, and the police officers even appeared at the airport.

Mei Qi drove all the way back and watched the flickering lights of the police cars on the road. He involuntarily shook his head and sighed. To achieve the goal, they have resorted to all the extreme measures.

But it was a pity that they were still at a low level in dealing with this matter.

Mei Qi didnt go back to the apartment directly but went to the office building of the Song enterprise first.

The staff in the office building were almost off duty. Only a few overtime workers and security guards were here.

Mei Qi was going to Song Yunxuans office. When he arrived at the door of the office, he suddenly found that the computer screen on the assistants desk next to the office was still on.

He couldnt help taking a look at it and saw at once a clerk nodding off on the chair behind the computer.

He had always been a good man who had compassion for womanhood. Although he had been branded a promiscuous person, it could not stop him from doing this.

He couldnt help unfolding the clerks coat on the desk and then gently put it on the clerk.

The clerk frowned when she was covered with the coat. She seemed to notice something and opened her eyes little by little.

Then she saw Mei Qi turning around to leave.

She couldnt help feeling a jolt of her heart, saying, Assistant Mei.

Mei Qi was called and turned around. You are awake?

The clerks face was a little blushed, and she nodded gently. Manager Song hasnt come back yet. So, I wait for her to come back before I get off work.

Mei Qi only knew that the clerk next to Song Yunxuans office was new here, but he didnt expect that the new clerk was so obedient and honest.

He couldnt help laughing. You are off duty now. You dont have to wait for Manager Song. She wont come back to the company tonight.

The clerk just nodded and packed up to leave.

But as soon as she finished packing up, she seemed to think of something. She turned around and said, By the way, Assistant Mei, someone came to see Manager Song just now.

It was very normal for someone to come to Song Yunxuan.

Mei Qi asked her casually, Who is that?

The assistant said, Its Miss Song Yunjia.

Mei Qi raised his eyebrows slightly, and the expression on his face was tinged with some interest.

The assistant found a faint change in Mei Qis face and said in a puzzle, Assistant Mei, did Miss Yunjia just have something important to say? Shall I inform Manager Song?

Mei Qi waved his hand. Youve worked hard. Just get off work now.

After that, he reached out to open the door of Song Yunxuans office and went in.

He didnt need this clerk to help him with the following things.

He came up with a good way to deal with Song Yunjia.

The assistant watched Mei Qi walk into Song Yunxuans office and had a vague feeling that there seemed to be something that she shouldnt have seen.

Getting permission to get off work, the clerk didnt think too much and packed up her things to leave the office.

Mei Qi called Song Yunxuan a little later and simply went straight to the point. Someone came to your office to find you today.

Did the person break in?

Song Yunxuans voice rose slightly at the end. She was quite in spirits.

She could basically guess who broke into her office.

From the day when she entered the Song enterprise, she had seriously told all the people in the company that no one could enter her office without permission.

However, Mei Qi designedly called to inform her of this now. So, the person who wanted to see her must have broken into her office without permission.

Yes, the person broke in.

Song Yunxuan was not surprised. My elder sister?

Mei Qi laughed. Manager Song really knows well about Miss Yunjias way of doing things.

Song Yunxuan sneered from the bottom of her heart. Song Yunjia has never taken me, her younger sister, seriously.

Otherwise, she would not have disobeyed her order and broken into her office.

She knew Song Yunjia not from the perspective of Song Yunxuan, the younger sister of Song Yunjia, but from the perspective of Gu Changge, a friend of Song Yunjia.

Are you calling me because you want to make a fuss about it? Song Yunxuan asked in reply.

Mei Qi had a lot of means. He could take any trifle as a sharp blade to impair the enemy.

Mei Qi was so scheming. Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi were on the same boat now. Thus, she was willing to listen to his next plan.

Mei Qi smiled gently. Manager Song, you know your elder sister well, and you know me well, too. Did we know each other before?

Song Yunxuan knew that Mei Qi was just cracking a joke, but she did know Mei Qi before.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be so relieved to let Mei Qi stay with her now.

She didnt answer the question but asked him directly, Whats your plan?

A crafty light came to Mei Qis eyes. Since we have come to grips, why dont we add the trimmings on this matter?

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