Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Changle's Visit

Chapter 287 Changle’s Visit

They two talked a lot about the fetal malposition in the ward.

Yet Song Yunying didn’t show her antipathy towards Gu Changle. She knew that Gu Changle was here to inquire about Song Yunjia, but she didn’t make Gu Changle too disappointed. She revealed Song Yunjia’s recent situation between the lines.

“Eldest sister used to work at People’s Hospital and she was a doctor. It was a pity that she resigned recently, otherwise I could go to the People’s Hospital and ask her to take care of me.”

Gu Changle smiled and said, “Yunjia is a good doctor indeed. After so many years, she did a good job. But recently, I don’t know who framed your eldest sister. He or she plotted such a medical accident which happened several years ago.”

Song Yunxuan’s trapped deep in the medical scandal was known to all in Yuncheng. Even Song Yunying knew it clearly.

She and Song Yunjia had been living in the Song family all the time.

When the medical accident happened seven years ago, she knew quite well about the truth.

Song Yunjia made use of the Song familys strength at that time to let the Han family have nowhere to complain and bear the suffering.

But Song Yunjia herself didn’t expect that things would be disclosed seven years later.

And who disclosed the old story of the eldest sister? Song Yunying surely knew that it must have been her little younger sister Song Yunxuan if giving it a thought.

Gu Changle looked compassionate, “Yunjia is now the public enemy in Yuncheng. The evidence prepared by the person who framed her was sufficient. I don’t know how can Yunjia explain the medical accident to the public.”

Song Yunying remained silent.

She knew that Gu Changle was just making sarcastic comments.

Song Yunjia had been in love with Shao Tianze all these years. The Song family was clear about it and Gu Changle was not stupid.

Two women vied for a man and either of them would like the other to die at once.

The concern of Gu Changle towards Song Yunjia couldn’t be real.

Song Yunying declined to comment on the matter.

Gu Changle talked alone for a long time but got no response. She felt boring and said, “I saw Mrs. Xue’s husband the other day. It seemed that a very nice little beauty was at his side. Is she a secretary?”

Song Yunying was like being hit in the face. Her husband’s infidelity was told to her face-to-face. The expression on her face was definitely not good.

Seeing the bad look on her face, Gu Changle said earnestly, “That girl is a very good little model in the recent model circle. It’s human nature of Mr. Xue to have a crush on her. You need to lighten up a little, Mrs. Xue. After all, every rich man today can be a playboy.”

The expression on Song Yunying’s face was cold.

The reason that Gu Changle was unsatisfied and said something about her husband’s infidelity was probably that she didn’t say much about Song Yunjia.

Yet it was bound to happen because Xue Tao had previous records of infidelity. Even though now she had been married to the Xue family, Xue Tao had no intention to restrain himself.

Instead, he became more aggravated after her pregnancy.

She was speechless. Gu Changle smiled, “Mrs. Xue, you may be unable to get your husband in line but there is someone you can handle.”

Song Yunying pretended that she could not understand Gu Changle’s words.

Gu Changle then said, “It’s better for Mrs. Xue to get rid of all the bitches, otherwise they are not only obtrusive but also troubles.”

Song Yunying nodded, “Thank you for reminding me, Miss Gu.”

“You are welcome. Because I did the same thing.”

She said it from the bottom of her heart.

This made Song Yunying slightly stunned.

Then she figured something out.

She always did this. So, did she mean that she always did this to Song Yunjia?

The relationship between Song Yunying and her eldest sister Song Yunjia was not very good. She just replied politely to Gu Changle’s reminder.

After Gu Changle had left, Song Yunying called Song Yunxuan, “About the eldest sister…”

“Do you mean the medical accident?”

Song Yunying nodded, “Yep.”

Song Yunxuan said calmly, “I didn’t think that you would ask about it during your pregnancy, but you still asked.”

Song Yunying felt that Song Yunxuan didn’t want her to ask about it. But she had said it and she was used to finishing her words, “I doubt that Gu Changle did it.”

On the other end, Song Yunxuan remained silent for a while before she talked, “Gu Changle went to you?”

“She came to the hospital for a test and called on me in my ward.”

Song Yunxuan knew that the relationship between Song Yunying and Gu Changle was not good.

What made Gu Changle visit Song Yunying suddenly?

What did Gu Changle want to know from Song Yunying?

Song Yunxuan couldn’t figure it out.

After a short while of silence, Song Yunying said in a struggling voice, “Yunxuan, although we are stepsisters, we are related. If Gu Changle did it this time, should we….”

She was interrupted by Song Yunxuan before she finished her words. Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows uncontrollably and her eyes were cold, “Are you trying to persuade me to help the eldest sister?”

Song Yunyings silence indicated that she admitted it.

Song Yunxuan had no intention to agree. She said cleanly, “I won’t help the eldest sister.”


“Second elder sister, being kind to the enemy is being cruel to yourself. Don’t you understand the meaning of this sentence?”

Song Yunying was speechless.

Song Yunxuan sneered again, “You may have forgotten it, second elder sister. The last time when father and I were kidnapped, we almost died in the hands of bandits.”

Song Yunying did it. Song Yunying didn’t dare to say anything else but apologized, “I’m sorry, Yunxuan. I was stupid at that time. If I were given another chance, I would never do it again.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Second elder sister, it’s good that you understand it.”

It was good for her to understand that all those who wanted to hurt her had to pay a price.

Song Yunxuan didn’t wait for Song Yunying to say anything else and hung up.

When did Song Yunying become this kind?

She interceded for Song Yunjia. Or was she just probing her to prove something?

The right guess appeared slowly in her heart.

Song Yunying’s call was not to intercede for Song Yunjia but to make sure if she was the one who worked together with Gu Changle to deal with Song Yunjia, wasn’t it?

In fact, the truth was as Song Yunxuan guessed.

After putting down the phone in her hand, Song Yunying understood, “Yunxuan and Gu Changle did it together.”

Sure enough, she made the right choice.

It was right that she did not enter the Song family.

If she had entered the Song family, she would have ended up either like Song Yunqiang or Song Yunjia.

What should Song Yunjia do now? Her image of the eldest sister had been ruined.

How would she prepare to compete with Song Yunxuan in the Song family next?

Did she still think that she had any chances of winning Song Yunxuan?

Song Yunying didn’t know what others thought. But she knew that Song Yunjia couldn’t beat Song Yunxuan.

Because Gu Changle was on Song Yunxuan’s side.

When the medical scandal had broken out, she started to wonder who spilled out the old story. Now she understood.

It was not Song Yunxuan but Gu Changle.

Gu Changle had been watching the eldest sister’s love towards Shao Tianze for such a long time. Finally, she broke her dream and made her break up with Shao Tianze completely.

Song Yunying had some feelings, “I don’t know if the eldest sister can figure out.”

If she had figured it out now and left the Song Family, left Yuncheng and no longer contacted Shao Tianze, her life wouldnt have been worse.

However, as she had been with Song Yunjia for so many years, she knew that Song Yunjia would never give up like this.

Since she wouldn’t give up, there was nothing she could do even though she was Song Yunjia’s younger sister.

The public opinion in Yuncheng was like a storm.

Although the Han family had provided more and more evidence of the medical accident, everyone still paid their attention to Song Yunjia.

Even Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian had a dispute over whether the medical scandal Song Yunjia was involved in was true or false.

In the Song’s office, Zhou Jian, who had been away for many days, unfolded the newspaper for Zhao Yang to read, “The evidence has been so conclusive. Don’t you believe it?”

“As long as Yun Jia doesn’t admit it herself, all these slanders can be overturned.” Zhao Yang’s pale face was filled with anger.

Zhou Jian sneered and said, “I think you are getting old and confused.”

“Leave me alone. If you stayed in the Song enterprise and supported Yunjia with me, would Yunxuan be able to plot such a thing to hurt Yunjia?”

Zhao Yang shifted the responsibility to Zhou Jian. Zhou Jian was stunned, “Are you blaming me for this?”

“In a word, I will always help Yunjia.”

Zhou Jian’s blood pressure rose angrily because of his old friend’s insensibility.

He reluctantly contained his anger and talked to Zhao Yang as calm as possible on the sofa, “Yunqiang is now in prison. If you have time, I hope you can go to see him. Don’t forget what our original intention in the Song enterprise is.”

“Song Yan is dead. He had given us his son before he died. Yet we failed to take care of Yunqiang and put him in prison. Don’t you feel guilty about Song Yan?”

Zhou Jian looked at Zhao Yang to tit for tat, “Old Zhao, although Old Song is dead, I believe that his last testament was just to let me help his children and take care of the Song enterprise with them. He didn’t want us to separate and support his children to fight against each other.”

Zhao Yang took a sip of tea and wanted to say something else.

But just at this moment, a secretary opened the door and came in.

Zhao Yang was a little angry, “Why didn’t you knock before entering?”

The secretary stepped out of the door with some trepidation.

But Zhou Jian said, “Well, just come in. Remember to knock on the door before entering next time. If you have something to tell me this time, spill it.”

The secretary stopped now and said to Zhao Yang, “Manager Zhao, Manager Song is waiting for you.”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian took a look at each other. They had no intention to get up, feeling antsy, “I have no idea why she wants me now.”

“Don’t go there with anger. Although Yunxuan was a junior, yet you should know that she is not an ordinary girl considering what she has done after she had entered the Song enterprise.”

Zhao Yang knew it without Zhou Jian’s reminder.

Zhao Yang had to go to see what Song Yunxuan wanted him for.

He raised and walked out.

Zhou Jian looked at Zhao Yang’s figure out of the room, sighing, “The Song enterprise will finally be different.”

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