Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Formal Declaration Of War

Chapter 291 Formal Declaration of War

Not many people knew the day Song Yunjia moved into Shaos house. However, its enough to make Song Yunjia’s life in the Shao’s home colorful and difficult even only Gu Changle knew it.

Gu Changle watched the servants busily helped Song Yunjia to remove the luggage from the car with an unhappy face and dark eyes.

Shao Tianze came in with Song Yunjia.

Looking at these two people, Gu Changle unexpectedly found that they were a well-matched couple as they stood together.

There was a smile on her lips. She walked towards Shao Tianze, “Tianze, what’s going on?”

Shao Tianze reached out and took Gu Changle’s hand with a little apology and said, “I forgot to discuss it with you first. I let Yunjia live with us for a short time.”

“Will she always live in Shaos house in the future?” She had doubts in her eyes.

Song Yunjia laughed in her heart.

Yeah, this was the day she had even begged for in sleep. She finally moved into Shao’s house and would be able to live under the same roof with Shao Tianze in the future. It just made her feel so excited.

Shao Tianze responded, “Yes.”

Gu Changle grasped Shao Tianze’s hand and her finger slightly tightened.

With his gaze falling on her face, Shao Tianze found that she was not happy.

So, he embraced her in his chest and apologized near her ears, “I’m so sorry, Changle. I didn’t discuss it with you earlier.”

Now that things had happened, Gu Changle’s objection was useless. The one had already reached the door of Shaos house and all her luggage had been moved in.

If Gu Changle had continued to object, she would have been regarded as a person who was narrow-minded and indifferent to other’s misfortunes.

Her gentle image would be significantly reduced in Shao Tianze’s heart.

She had no choice but to accept the fact that Song Yunjia had moved in.

“Which room will Yunjia live in?”

“The one that Yunjia lived in last night.”

“Um. OK.” Gu Changle nodded gently. After her sight fell on Song Yunjia for a while, she turned away, “I’m not feeling well. I want to go back to my room and rest. Please call me at lunch.”

Shao Tianze helped her up, “I’ll accompany you to your room.”

Then he turned around to order the butler, “Please show Yunjia her room. I’ll accompany Changle upstairs.”

“Yes, Mr. Shao.”

The butler bowed to show his compliance.

After entering her room supported by Shao Tianze, Gu Changle spoke with an unhappy expression, “Why didn’t you inform me that Yunjia would move in?”

“I know it’s wrong. But Yunjia is in a bad situation right now. You can see it, right?”

Gu Changle nodded, “I know.”

She certainly knew Song Yunjia’s tragic situation at present and she couldn’t wait for her to get worse.

However, Shao Tianze lent Song Yunjia a hand at this moment.

Moreover, he let Song Yunjia move in the Shao Family in such a grand manner.

It was a greater threat to her.

She would never allow this threat at her side for any longer.

“Is Yunjia still working in the Song enterprise? Our home is a little far from her office. I remember you bought a house near the Song enterprise, didn’t you? Is that called Longyue or something else?”

Gu Changle tried hard and wanted Shao Tianze to change his mind and to send Song Yunjia to live outside.

However, Shao Tianze did not want Song Yunjia to live outside.

“Changle, listen to me. Yunjia is condemned by the public in Yuncheng now. If she is not protected by bodyguards, she will be threatened no matter where she lives.”

“So, you let her live in our home?”

Gu Changle asked back.

Shao Tianze took a breath, “Can’t you tolerate Yunjia?”

Shao Tianze’s sight was obscured by his glasses.

However, Gu Changle also could see his annoyance in his eyes clearly through his transparent glasses.

Was he dissatisfied with me?

Was he dissatisfied with her because she couldn’t tolerate Song Yunjia?

She wanted to have a big row with him right now about Song Yunjia’s moving in but she knew she couldn’t.

If she did so, she was no different from a vixen in the street scorned by everyone.

She needed to handle this matter calmly.

Even if she nursed a grievance in her heart, she couldn’t say it out.

“Yes, I can.” She heard her clearly said out the answer against her will.

Shao Tianze nodded and put his fingers on her shoulder, “I’m happy with your answer, Changle. You should know Yunjia is our friend. Without Yunjia, there would be no our life of today.”

“I know.”

Of course, she knew that Shao Tianze wouldn’t have been successful like today without Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia had helped him to win Gu Changge and murder Gu Changge. Such a woman with a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions was a rare good helper.

It was precise that Shao Tianze could successfully get to where he was today because of a woman like Song Yunjia.

With present achievements, it was not only Shao Tianze who was grateful to Song Yunjia.

Even Gu Changle felt very grateful to Song Yunjia.

She was grateful to Song Yunjia for building up such an excellent man for her.

However, no matter how much Song Yunjia had helped Shao Tianze, she would not allow Song Yunjia to get involved in the world of their two.

She nodded to express that she would treat Song Yunjia with kindness.

Shao Tianze gently saw her lay down and fell asleep.

After making sure she was asleep, he smoothed her hair and pulled the quilt for her before leaving.

However, the moment Shao Tianze opened the door and walked out, Gu Changle opened her eyes.

She didn’t fall asleep at all.

Song Yunjia’s arrival prevented her from falling asleep peacefully.

She sat up, looked at the closed door and frowned a little.

Song Yunjia’s apartment was splashed with paint. It was immediately exposed that she had it reported to the police and searched for a new place to live because of the damage to her house.

After the press conference, the Han Family was repeatedly interviewed by reporters.

When a reporter asked whether that Song Yunjia’s home was splashed with paint was related to them, the Han Family categorically said that it was not them.

Moreover, they said that they would ask for justice and fairness from Song Yunjia through the legal approach.

The day after Song Yunjia moved into Shao’s family, the Han Family filed a lawsuit in the Yuncheng court, and they wanted to fight against Song Yunjia.

The lawyer’s letter was sent to Song Yunjia’s residence one week later.

There was no one in Song Yunjia’s former house to receive the letter. And no media knew where Song Yunjia was living now.

So, the letter was sent to Song Yunxuan’s hand circuitously.

Holding the lawyer’s letter in her hand, Song Yunxuan asked Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian to discuss what to do.

Their attitudes were different.

From the beginning to the end, Zhou Jian showed that he didn’t want to worry about such a meaningless affair while Zhao Yang had tried to figure out a solution for Song Yunjia with a complicated expression.

Song Yunxuan pushed the opened lawyer’s letter to Zhao Yang, “My sister isn’t in the Song’s mansion and I don’t know where she lives either. If Uncle Zhou could contact her, please pass on this lawyer’s letter.”

Zhao Yang did not know what to respond.

Looking at the lawyer’s letter on his table, he said after a while, “Doesn’t Yunjia live in her apartment?”

“I’ve had people checked it out. My elder sister is no longer living in the apartment. Also, a neighbor living in the same building said she has moved. And I can’t find out where she moved to. So, I wondered if Uncle Zhou could contact my elder sister. ”

Zhao Yang didn’t know where Song Yunjia was.

He left the office room after explaining to Song Yunxuan.

Zhou Jian left the room with him. Seeing his complicated expression, Zhou Jian felt pity for him, “Do you still want to help Yunjia now?”

“She is Song Yan’s daughter. I can’t neglect my responsibility.”

“Our friendship has been for so many years. You don’t listen to me. Don’t blame me for not reminding you after the bad luck.”

Zhou Jian hoped that Zhao Yang would listen to his persuasion by saying something harsh.

It turned out to be futile. Zhao Yang didn’t want to give up Song Yunjia at all.

Zhao Yang sent someone to find Song Yunjia during the work.

Knowing that Song Yunjia had a good relationship with Shao Tianze, he called the Shao Family.

In general, servants answered calls in the living room.

After making sure who was on the phone, they would inform the masters.

The caller asked for Song Yunjia, so the servant was about to find Song Yunjia to answer the phone.

Unexpectedly, Gu Changle just came down the stairs and asked the servant before he could call Song Yunjia, “Who is asked for?”

“Miss, it is Miss Song.”

Gu Changle walked over and motioned for the servant to put the phone in her hand.

The servant did not dare to hesitate and passed the phone.

“Who are you looking for?”

After hearing a woman answering the phone, Zhao Yang first said his name, “I’m Zhao Yang from the Song enterprise.”

Zhao Yang?

Gu Changle knew about founding members of the Song enterprise more or less. Since he was from the Song enterprise, he must be looking for Yunjia to discuss something.

She curved her lips and said softly, “Yunjia is not here now. I am her friend. You can tell me anything which I will pass on to her.”

Zhao Yang hesitated over there. Song Yunjia was at Shaos house, and the woman on the phone claimed she was a friend of Song Yunjia. If he didn’t guess wrong, the woman answering the phone now must be Gu Changle.

After looking at the lawyer’s letter in his hand, he said, “Miss Gu, please tell Yunjia there is a lawyer’s letter addressed to her in my hand. If she has time, she’d better come to the Song enterprise or my house to get it.”

A lawyer’s letter.

Gu Changle’s mood became much better. The lawyer’s letter to Song Yunjia at this time must have been sent by the Han family.

She nodded, “I’ll tell her.”

After she had said this, someone cut her off.

There is no need to inform. I’ll answer the phone.

Song Yunjia’s voice echoed in the living room of Shaos house.

Gu Changle tightened her grips on the phone.

There was displeasure in her eyes. When did Song Yunjia come out?

Shouldn’t she stay in her room at this time?

Gu Changle turned around to look at Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia stared at her with cold sight. It was not like looking at her friends at all.

After stepping down the stairs, Song Yunjia looked at the phone in her hand and reached out, “Give me the phone.”

Gu Changle didn’t immediately pass the phone to her.

Cold hostility pervaded at the moment when their sights confronted.

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