Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 301

Chapter 301 A Lie

Chapter 301 A Lie

After Gu Changle entered, she consciously turned around and closed the door. “Our wards are only separated by a corridor. Why don’t you come to my ward while you’re getting better?”

Song Yunjia felt very disgusted. She looked indifferently at her, “I don’t want to see you.”

“You don’t want to see me, but you want to see Tianze.” Gu Changle exposed her directly. She looked at Song Yunjia’s pale and angry eyes. She said with a smile, “You may see Tianze as long as you go to my ward more often because Tianze often visits me.”

Song Yunjia didn’t say anything but clung to the sheets tightly with her fingers.

The sheets were slammed hard with a circle of creases.

Gu Changle saw Song Yunjia’s small gesture. She was very happy.

She knew Song Yunjia. She looked like a lady from respectable family on the surface, who also looked tolerant. In fact, she was touchy and easy to be jealous.

Now, Song Yunjia might be jealous of her with madness.

However, she could do nothing about it. She would never give Shao Tianze to her.

Moreover, she would never let Song Yunjia take Shao Tianze away.

Song Yunjia felt furious but she bore it and said nothing.

Gu Changle thought it interesting. She walked over and sat on the sofa in the ward. She got a glass of water for herself to drink. She said, “There seems to be few people coming to visit you during the period when you’re in the hospital.”

Song Yunjia heard that. She felt like a needle stuck in her heart.

She committed suicide in vain. Not only did she get nothing from Shao Tianze, but it showed how desolate her current situation was.

Gu Changle didn’t see the expression on Song Yunjia’s face. She just said by herself, “I’ve heard that no one else had come to see you except your sister Song Yunxuan since you were in the hospital.”

Song Yunjia was firm. She said with cold eyes, “I don’t need anyone to visit me.”

“Alright, your position in your family is worse. Your eldest brother is in prison. Your second sister Song Yunying is now completely controlled by Song Yunxuan. You are alone now. In order to stay in the Shao Family, it is also hard for you to refuse to return to the Song enterprise as soon as possible.”

Song Yunjia frowned. She turned to look at her, “You….”

Gu Changle smiled gently. She asked her instead, “Are you gonna ask me why I know that you would stay in the Shao Family rather than go back to work in the Song enterprise?”

Song Yunjia bit her lower lip.

She didn’t understand why Gu Changle knew this.

Gu Changle didn’t mean to talk in circles. She said directly, “Zhao Yang hopes that you can come out from your love or affection and return to the Song enterprise as soon as possible. Thus, he came to talk with Tianze about this. He expected you to go back to the Song Family.”

Song Yunjia’s heart sank. She looked at Gu Changle nervously.

Gu Changle glance at her with irony. She took an orange from the fruit plate on the table and peeled it off. “Zhao Yang is loyal to the Song enterprise and he is willing to stand by your side. Unfortunately, I don’t think you are worthy of his great care.”

Song Yunjia was a little guilty in her heart.

She knew that Zhao Yang wanted to help her to stand firm in the Song enterprise and to defeat Song Yunxuan.

However, Zhao Yang didn’t know her. He didn’t know what Song Yunjia wanted now.

She didn’t want to return to the Song enterprise now. Instead, she wanted to be with Shao Tianze. She hoped to replace Gu Changle by all means.

As long as she got Shao Tianze’s love, wasn’t it easy for Song Yunjia to get the Song enterprise with Shao Tianze’s intervention?

But Zhao Yang didn’t understand what she considered. Not only did he not understand, but he came to make trouble.

Gu Changle saw her eyebrows creasing tightly. A smug smile flickered in her eyes.

She expected that Song Yunjia would ask her for something soon.

As long as she asked, Gu Changle could send her to hell with peace of mind.

Song Yunjia sipped her lips. After consideration, she chose to ask Gu Changle, “What did Tianze say?”

“What do you mean?”

Gu Changle played dumb.

Song Yunjia was annoyed on her face, “What did Tianze say after listening to Zhao Yang?”

Gu Changle grinned, “Isn’t it obvious? You are the eldest daughter in the Song Family. Besides, you have no proper reason to live in the Shao Family. Of course he will advise you to go back to your home when your family welcomes your back.”

Song Yunjia fell into silence, but she opened her mouth slightly because of surprise.

She thought that Shao Tianze would not let her return to the Song Family since he obviously knew all things.

He knew that Song Yunxuan and she had never got on.

Why did Shao Tianze agree her to return to the Song Family?

She couldn’t figure it out in her mind, but the loss and shock in her eyes appeared clear and obvious.

Gu Changle was rather happy inside. She saw Song Yunjia’s expression and she knew that Song Yunjia had heard her words and believed them.

Since Song Yunjia had heard her words without thinking, Gu Changle didn’t mind giving Song Yunjia another fatal blow.

She pretended to ask her in a careless way, “Yunjia, Tianze said that he would persuade you to return to the Song Family. However, he was afraid that you would think too much and feel sad if he did so. Thus, he let me come here and ask you first.”

“Ask what?”

Song Yunjia looked at her indignantly.

Gu Changle responded to her naturally, “Of course, we are to ask you when you will return to the Song Family. After all, the Song Family is the place where you should stay still.”

Song Yunjia felt there was a stagnant in her heart. She suddenly lost her breath and her face became more and more terrible.

She didn’t believe that Shao Tianze would drive her away like this.

She didn’t believe it!

She reached out to get her phone at the bedside. She chattered, “I don’t believe that Tianze will drive me away. He knows my current situation. He will definitely not kick me while I’m down. You must be lying to me. I will ask him!”

Gu Changle was anxious inside. However, she didn’t stop her when Song Yunjia said she would ask Shao Tianze in person.

Instead, she encouraged her in calm, “You can ask him. Anyway, this is what Tianze felt embarrassed to tell you directly and let me deliver it.”

Song Yunjia stared at her, seeing that Gu Changle said it without vacillation or anxiety. It made Song Yunjia herself feel scared.

Her fingers holding the phone also began to tremble.

She didn’t dare to dial Shao Tianze’s number. What if Gu Changle’s words were true?

What if Shao Tianze really intended to discard her like a useless chess?

She would feel that the sky had fallen in an instant if she confirmed this fact from Shao Tianze.

Seeing her hesitant, Gu Changle said with a smile, “Why don’t you call him? Dare you not?”

Song Yunjia bit her lip. She checked the address list and easily found Shao Tianze’s number.

She wanted to press the dial buttons while Gu Changle sighed, “I hope Tianze will not say it too indifferently, otherwise I’ll feel sad for you if you cry in front of me.”

After finishing her words, she raised her lips as if she was waiting for a good show.

Song Yunjia bit her lower lip tightly. Seeing Gu Changle’s arrogant look, she frowned and pressed the dial button.

She only believed what Shao Tianze said in person.

Song Yunjia waited nervously. She hoped that he could answer the phone as soon as possible.

She didn’t believe that Shao Tianze would abandon her at such a time. She also didn’t think she should doubt that Shao Tianze would abandon her.

It must be Gu Changle’s tricks. She lied to her purposely to make her suspect Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle wanted to sow dissension between them.

Thinking of this, Song Yunjia turned her eyes to Gu Changle involuntarily.

Gu Changle sneered coldly, with irony on her face.

However, she was a little anxious and scared in her heart.

She had thought that Song Yunjia would leave the hospital sadly after hearing those words from her, without courage to ask Shao Tianze.

She didn’t expect that Song Yunjia had cared nothing as long as she could be with Shao Tianze. She became more courageous and willing to ask Shao Tianze directly for an end.

Gu Changle’s eyes had been on Song Yunjia. She secretly prayed that Song Yunjia couldn’t get it through.

She even hoped that Shao Tianze wouldn’t answer Song Yunjia’s call.

Song Yunjia held the microphone tightly with her fingers, with light sweat on her forehead.

It was busy on the other side.

It was always busy, which seemed that it wouldn’t be answered anymore even if she kept calling.

She pinched her fingers tightly.

She couldn’t wait to hear Shao Tianze’s voice over there.

However, it wasn’t answered after waiting for a long time.

There was a dull pain rising from her heart.

Gu Changle, who was far away, saw her slowly lowing the phone in her hand. She tore her lip gently with a sarcastic smile.

“Do you believe it now?”

Song Yunjia’s beautiful eyes gradually lost its color as she closed the phone, which became quiet like the dead.

Song Yunjia kept in silence.

Gu Changle also knew that she was sad and desperate now. Gu Changle finally left one word, “You should take care of yourself. I’m leaving now.”

After saying that, she turned away with a smile.

Hearing her words, Song Yunjia raised her eyes.

She just saw the charming and proud smile on the corner of Gu Changle’s lips.

Suddenly, Song Yunjia thought Gu Changle’s smile very uncomfortable.

As the door of the ward was closed, Song Yunjia slowly raised her hand. She touched the sutured wound on her wrist. She finally laughed with pallor and irony.

“I shouldn’t have helped her from the beginning.”

No one heard Song Yunjia talking to herself.

It was only herself who knew what this sentence meant.

She regretted that she had helped Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was much more vicious than her sister Gu Changge.

Gu Changge’s cruelty showed in the business, while Gu Changle’s viciousness was in the arena of love.

She was no match for Gu Changle. How could she compete with Gu Changle?

She raised her hand and covered her face. She felt that her temples were beating suddenly as if her brain was to explode at this time.

She wanted to laugh. She tried but she failed.

Instead, she cried, whimpering and extremely tragic.

In the beginning, she suppressed her crying in the ward. It seemed that she didn’t want anyone else to hear it.

However, after a few minutes, the cry was getting louder which seemed that she couldn’t suppress any grievances in her heart anymore.

Her crying was getting louder.

The sound penetrated the door.

It went into the people’s ears out of the ward.

Song Yunxuan wore a pair of delicate black lambskin gloves.

Next to her was Mei Qi.

They heard the bursts of crying from the ward.

Song Yunxuan raised her lips, with sharpness and happiness in her eyes.

“I believe my eldest sister must be very sad now.”

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