Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Back To The Song Family'

Chapter 302 Back to the Song Family’

Even though she felt sad, Song Yunjia still thought of Zhao Yang after calming down for a while.

After receiving her phone call, Zhao Yang suddenly felt a bit confused in his mind, “You mean that you will move out of the Shao Family?”

Song Yunjia nodded, “Yes.”

After a short struggle in his heart, Zhao Yang asked her, “Yunjia, since you are going to move out of the Shao Family, so it means that you and Shao Tianze have already….”

He couldn’t finish his sentence.

Yet Song Yunjia sneered with a deadpan smile, “He ran out on me.”

Zhao Yang was shocked, “How… how could it be….”

Before the call, he had had the thought that it was not right for Song Yunjia to live in the Shao Family for long periods. And he had made every attempt to make Shao Tianze persuade Song Yunjia to come back.

But no matter how many times he had talked to Shao Tianze on this issue, Shao Tianze’s reply was like a stone sinking into the sea and was never what he wanted.

Yet now, Song Yunjia suddenly told him that Shao Tianze had run out on her.

How could this be possible?

“Was that Shao Tianze who turned you out of the Shao Family?”

Although Song Yunjia might have felt rather embarrassed on hearing the words “turn out”, yet it was the truth even if Zhao Yang hadn’t said it.

Even if he hadn’t asked like this, the fact that Shao Tianze had turned her out would soon be known to all.

There was haze in Song Yunjia’s eyes. Her fingers clenched her mobile phone, yet she could say nothing else. She just said “yes” feebly.

On the other end, Zhao Yang let out a long sigh on hearing Song Yunjia’s feeble reply, “Now that things have reached such a point, what are you going to do next, Yunjia?”


Song Yunjia looked up, looked at the wall of the ward in front of her and couldn’t help mocking herself, “Uncle Zhao, what do you think I can do next?”


Zhao Yang wanted to offer her some advice, yet he couldn’t think of a way to comfort her.

“Uncle Zhao, I don’t know what I should do now.”

She had been turned out of the Shao Family and Song Yunxuan had demoted her in the Song enterprise time and time again.

Moreover, the enterprise had approved her long leave.

She could lead a care-free life for several years with her limited savings. Or she could also choose to leave Yuncheng.

However, if she had left now, wouldn’t it mean that she had lost the battle?

She had been living in Yuncheng for so many years and had experienced quite a few peaks and valleys.

She had once loved Shao Tianze and helped him. Up to now, Shao Tianze was the one she cared most about in her life.

But Shao Tianze ran out on her.

She felt that the rest of her life would be filled with gloom and she had no idea how to live on.

No matter how hard she thought, the only person that was hanging over her head was Zhao Yang.

Actually, she had a lot of relatives and friends. But unexpectedly, the only person that she thought of was an elder who wasn’t her friend when she was really in trouble.

On the other end, Zhao Yang knew that Song Yunjia had been at a loss on hearing her words.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Yang tentatively proposed, “Yunjia, I have a suggestion. Do you want to listen to it?”

“Tell me, Uncle Zhao. Now I’m really in desperation.”

Hearing that she was willing to listen, Zhao Yang said, “Return to the Song Family.”

The sudden silence on the other end wasn’t something out of Zhao Yang’s expectation.

Song Yunjia had said before that she would not return to the Song Family easily.

However, the present situation left Song Yunjia no choice.

After all, Song Yunjia was a member of the Song Family. Even though she was fighting against Song Yunxuan openly and secretly, yet they were sisters anyway.

Since they were sisters, Song Yunxuan could not kick her when she was in desperation.

For the sake of not sharing family scandals, Zhao Yang felt that Song Yunxuan should allow Song Yunjia to return to the Song Family.

As for matters after Song Yunjia’s return, they were up to Song Yunjia to deal with.

Song Yunjia had taken Zhao Yang’s suggestion to her heart.

In her shoes, that was the only way out now.

She didn’t stay in the hospital for too long and planned to leave the hospital the next day.

Yet Zhao Yang went to People’s Hospital before she left there and talked with her. He wanted her to calm down a little after returning to the Song Family.

“Yunjia, now Yunxuan is in charge of the Song Family. You need to get on well with Yunxuan when you return.”

Song Yunjia nodded. Even though she was quite reluctant to do so, she still chose to succumb to the fact.

“Now the only person you can rely on is Yunxuan. I hope that Yunxuan won’t kick you at this time.”

Song Yunjia sat on the sickbed and looked at the sky out of the window. The smile on her face was cold and contemptuous, “Song Yunxuan is the one who loves saving face the most. At this time, she will do enough superficial practice for outsiders to see.”

In her heart, Song Yunxuan would definitely accept her.

Because if Song Yunxuan didn’t accept her, the whole Yuncheng would turn to denounce Song Yunxuan as she didn’t value their sisterhood.

Seeing that Song Yunjia was confident, Zhao Yang didn’t say anything else. All he hoped was that things could go smoothly.

He had been in the Song enterprise for quite a long time. He knew that Song Yan had always been good to his eldest daughter before his death, so he wanted to assist the eldest daughter to inherit the family business.

Never did he expect that he encountered such a troublesome younger daughter from the Song Family.

Not only did she send Song Yunqiang to prison, but she also made Song Yunjia homeless and be condemned by the public.

He sighed deeply and felt a little weak and at a loss.

He didn’t know how to continue helping Song Yunjia.

When Song Yunxuan returned home in the evening, she called the attending doctor of People’s Hospital as usual to inquire about something.

The attending doctor said that Song Yunjia was in a good and stable condition and she had planned to leave the hospital.

Song Yunxuan had a date in her mind. After putting down the phone, she got up to have a glass of milk and then turn in.

No sooner had she taken the cup of milk than she received a call from Mei Qi.

Mei Qi’s voice was clear and strong, “I’ve heard that Zhao Yang went to visit Song Yunjia this afternoon.”

“Mmm.” She answered, recalling that the doctor told her Song Yunjia had the intention to leave the hospital. She felt that this idea probably came from Zhao Yang.

Mei Qi then said, “Your eldest sister won’t return to the Shao Family again, will she?”

Song Yunxuan raised her lip corner, “Is she out of her mind?”

“Well, it’s hard to say. Women who are deeply in love are always irrational.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I do hope that she is irrational. However, I don’t think she has sunk into an irrational state.”

“Manager Song, if she hasn’t sunk into that state, can you guess where she will be after leaving the hospital?”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes and gently rubbed the corner of the desk beside the phone, feeling that she could hardly tear herself away from the newly-bought Auropean furniture.

“Since my eldest sister won’t go to the Shao Family, she will surely return to her own home.”

“You mean that she’s going back to her apartment?”

“No, I think she’ll come back to where I live now.”

“The Song Family?”


She raised her lip corner coquettishly. She was not averse to Song Yunjia’s return.

Moreover, not only wasn’t she averse to her return, but she also looked forward that Song Yunjia could return as soon as possible from the bottom of her heart.

Only if she returned soon enough could the upcoming matters be more and more wonderful.

On the other end, Mei Qi could not even guess what Song Yunxuan was going to do.

Song Yunxuan didn’t talk to him too much either. After some chit chat, she hung up the phone.

Song Yunjia’s discharge formalities were fulfilled on the second day after Gu Changle had told her that the Shao Family had turned her out.

Most of the doctors and nurses in the hospital knew her except the new arrivals coming this year.

So, she went through the discharge formalities very quickly.

She didn’t drive back to the Song Family.

She called Song Yunxuan before she returned just as Zhao Yang advised.

Yet there was no answer on the other end.

After thinking for a moment, she called Song Yunying.

Song Yunying was nourishing her fetus at home. She felt puzzled when receiving Song Yunjia’s call.

The servant at home handed over the phone, but she didn’t pick it up immediately.

Song Yunying knew about her situation quite well. Yet Song Yunjia’s had always been targeting Song Yunxuan.

Now Song Yunjia had turned herself into this. If calling to ask her for help, she would definitely get into trouble.

She was pregnant now and it was Song Yunxuan who helped her to solve Xue Tao’s affair.

No matter what, she should know that she could not take in Song Yunjia at this time.

She decided not to answer the phone.

Yet the phone kept ringing.

The servant heard the phone ringing continuously in the living room and opened her mouth but then shut it, unspeaking.

Seeing the embarrassment on the servant’s face, Song Yunying raised her hand to rub her temple and then gave her an order in exasperation, “Unplug the phone.”

Hearing that, the servant dared not to dawdle, and she immediately went to unplug the phone.

The living room became much quieter at once.

It was true that Song Yunying didn’t know her eldest sister very well, but she had attained perfection in sailing with the wind.

She was against Song Yunxuan before. However, after paying a price, she felt keenly that riding the wave was really a good way.

The internal struggle in the Song Family was fierce and the Xue Family didn’t treat her very well.

If without the support of her mother’s, her position in the Xue Family would always be unstable.

If Song Yunxuan backed her up after wearing the breeches in the Song Family, she would be in a good relationship with Song Yunxuan.

The Xue Family would definitely not bully her.

She hung up the phone. The quietness didn’t last long in the living room.

Soon, there came the approaching footsteps of Xue Tao.

She looked at the direction of the footsteps and found that Xue Tao was staggering, which indicated that he had drunk a lot.

Now the more she saw Xue Tao, the more disgusting she felt. She was quite annoyed seeing him being drunk, so she rose and prepared to go back to her room.

Yet Xue Tao slumped down on the sofa, reached out his hand and called her, “Where are you going?”

“I’m tired and want to have a rest.”

With this, Song Yunying went upstairs to the second floor without looking back.

Xue Tao was going to pick on her. Seeing her go upstairs, he immediately yelled at her, “Stop! I feel dizzy. Come and wait on me!”

Hearing Xue Tao’s words, Song Yunying turned back to look at him.

She found him sitting on the sofa like a child and drunk like a puddle of mud.

Because of the alcohol, his red face looked somewhat funny.

The more she looked at him, the more she felt that the man in front of her was extremely foolish.

Seeing that she was still on the stairs, Xue Tao yelled at her again, “Why are you still there?!”

When being called, Song Yunying didn’t feel even a bit nervous or afraid.

Instead, she continued going upstairs after giving him a cold glance.

Realizing that he was ignored by Song Yunying, Xue Tao immediately scolded angrily on the first floor, “You bitch! Don’t you think that I won’t beat you because Song Yunxuan gets your back! When Song Yunxuan’s day has gone, I’ll turn you out of the Xue Family at once!”

Xue Tao kept scolding her on the first floor.

Yet Song Yunying felt that the day on which Xue Tao wished Song Yunxuan to be defeated would never come.

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