Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Yunjia Became Insane

Chapter 306 Yunjia Became Insane

This time, few people knew that Song Yunjia was sent to the People’s Hospital. Even Shao Tianze didn’t know it until midnight.

In the middle of the night, he got up. Gu Changle, who was sleeping beside him, moved but did not wake up.

After waking up, he tucked Gu Changle with the quilt before getting out of bed.

Outside the room, the butler was waiting for him with his coat in the hand.

Seeing him, the butler said, “Mr. Shao, she is in the People’s Hospital.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”


The butler was blamed and couldn’t figure out how to explain for a moment.

Seeing that the butler could not explain, Shao Tianze glanced at him unhappily, went downstairs and went out.

The driver was already waiting at the door.

After Shao Tianze got in the car, the senior Rolls-Royce car pulled out of the Shao Family.

In a curtain of darkness, the car drove to the People’s Hospital without stopping.

Song Yunxuan was not in the People’s Hospital and did not want to take care of her sister.

She stood in the flower hall, wrapped in a woolen shawl, and silently watched the night outside French windows.

She received Shao Xue’s call. After she picked up the phone, the one on the other end said, “Shao Tianze left the house very anxiously just now. And I don’t know why.”

“Has Gu Changle been awake?”

Shao Xue shook her head, “No.”

If Gu Changle knew that Shao Tianze was going out in the middle of the night after waking up, she would certainly try to follow him.

However, she did not follow, which showed that she didn’t know where Shao Tianze was going nor did Shao Tianze left at midnight.

However, if she later learned that Shao Tianze visited Song Yunjia in the middle of the night and concealed it from her, how would things develop?

The thought amused Song Yunxuan.

Shao Xue, on the other end of the line, didn’t understand her thought, “Yunxuan, do you know why Shao Tianze went out?”

"Because…" She had a pause and smiled before continued to talk, “Song Yunjia is hospitalized.”

“What happened to her?”

“She fell off the stairs.”

“Fell off the stairs?”

Shao Xue did not understand why Song Yunjia suddenly fell off the stairs and why Song Yunxuan knew it so well.

Song Yunxuan didn’t want to conceal it from her, so she said, “She wanted to return to the Song Family and I refused. She was in a bad mood. She fell off the stairs while she was absent-minded for a moment.”

“But if she exposes your rejection to the public, it can ruin your reputation.”

Song Yunxuan knew her reputation would be damaged.

She inherited the Song enterprise but maltreated her brother and sister, which made the public think she was a vicious person.

But business people wouldn’t think so.

They all knew that only by unscrupulous means could they succeed.

Moreover, you couldn’t be softhearted. The enemies left by your tender heart might leave you with nothing shortly.

No one wanted to leave a hidden danger for themselves.

Everyone did it.

Shao Xue called her for a short time but Song Yunxuan did not forget to seize the opportunity to ask the question she had always been concerned about, “Gu Yi and Miaomiao….”

“Yunxuan, don’t worry. I heard that Gu Changle had been looking for a chance to ask it in a circumlocutory way and Shao Tianze would relent soon.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Because it was late, Song Yunxuan didn’t mean to chat with Shao Xue for too long. However, Shao Xue asked her before they ended the call, “Yunxuan, should our magazine report on Song Yunjia’s being hospitalized on a big page?”

“No,” Song Yunxuan curved her lips as a smile floated up to her face, “This time, I don’t want you to report the news of Song Yunjia’s hospitalization but want you and Xiao Hong to use every connection of the Fanxing Magazine to block the news from the public for a while.”

Shao Xue didn’t know why would Song Yunxuan want to do so.

Song Yunxuan said excitedly, “After this message has been blocked for some time, you will find things will become more interesting.”

Shao Xue couldn’t guess Song Yunxuan’s thoughts at all, but she felt that Song Yunxuan would inflict heavy losses on Shao Tianze this time.

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt lost while looking at the ended phone in her hands.

From a small town, the Qingcheng Town, she had seen the ups and downs in Yuncheng but she still couldn’t see her only ally clearly.

She started to feel puzzled.

Was this girl who could hold almost everything in her hands the same girl from a small town just like her?

She knew so much and planned so carefully.

Everything Song Yunxuan had done was beyond Shao Xue’s reach.

If it hadn’t been for her careful planning, it would have been so difficult to defeat Shao Tianze and tear off the hypocritical mask on his face.

It happened because Song Yunxuan was by her side.

She followed Song Yunxuan and wanted to see how far Song Yunxuan could reach.

Sitting on the bed and holding the phone in her hands, she was staring at the darkness through the crack of the curtains.

The intricacy of Yuncheng was beyond her expectations.

However, she was willing to go forward with Song Yunxuan step by step.

If Song Yunxuan was with her, she could finally realize her wish.

The sound of footsteps in the corridor of the People’s Hospital gradually became clear.

Song Yunjia was half awake and half asleep.

The sound of the door opening came from her ears. And then there came the nurse’s voice, “Mr. Shao, Yunjia is in this ward.”

Mr. Shao?

Shao Tianze?

After realizing the one who was entering the room was Shao Tianze, she tried to open her eyes, but the eyelids were too heavy to lift.

Shao Tianze’s voice echoed in the room, “How was she when she was admitted?”

“Just minor skin trauma but….”

the nurse who was asked was hesitant and didn’t finish her sentence.

Hearing the nurse’s muttering and mumbling, Shao Tianze frowned and continued to ask, “But what?”

The nurse answered with embarrassment, “But the maid of the Song Family who sent her here said she went insane.”


Shao Tianze’s eyebrows frowned tightly, making his face look somber.

“Why is a healthy person mentally ill?”

Being asked, the nurse forced herself to answer although she still felt awkward, “It was a maid of the Song Family who sent her here. The maid said after she returned the Song Family with her luggage, Yunjia cried while holding a picture of the dead. Moreover, she seemed to be cursed. She ran around on the second floor of the Song Family and no one could stop her. Then she accidentally fell from the second floor and fainted.”

Shao Tianze grabbed the point of the nurse’s words, “Why didn’t Song Yunxuan send her to the hospital?”

“The maid said that Song Yunxuan was pregnant and frightened by her sister. She passed out as well.”

Shao Tianze only frowned and said nothing more.

Finishing her last sentence, the nurse spoke after a second thought, “The maid also said… said….”

She didn’t finish her sentence as if she was considering whether she should say it.

Shao Tianze and she had been colleagues and were familiar with each other. Seeing her sullen look, Shao Tianze became a little impatient, “As colleagues, we have experienced all these storms together for so many years. What was that you could not tell?”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, the nurse pushed herself and said, “The maid said when she acted insanely, she was calling Gu Changge and said that it wasn’t her who had killed Gu Changge so Gu Changge should look for….”

“Look for whom?” Shao Tianze asked with fierce eyes.

Seeing the fierce in Shao Tianze’s eyes, the nurse swallowed hard and said in a low voice, “Look for Miss Gu.”

Shao Tianze’s expression instantly became displeased.

Fortunately, there was no one else in the ward.

When the nurse saw Shao Tianze’s displeased face, she felt a little scared, “Gu Changge was abnormally strange.”

She also participated in the operation where Gu Changge died. After the surgery, she got promoted by the hospital. But she felt unsettled all the time.

Especially in the recent time, rumors had spread around and Song Yunjia had been acting like being cursed and behaved abnormally. Thinking of this, she felt odd and thrilled.

Shao Tianze had never believed in ghosts. He heard the nurse say that and frowned at her, “When did you believe in such supernatural things?”

“But, look at Yunjia. Not only has she been declining in her career, but she is also almost insane now. These all started after Gu Changge died.”

The more she thought, the more she was scared.

Hearing her words, Shao Tianze also felt ominous and scolded, “Enough. Stop. I think you’re too tired. You’d better ask for a leave from the dean and go home to rest.”

Knowing that Shao Tianze didn’t want her to talk about these things, the nurse raised her hands to cover her face, “Maybe I’m tired. Excuse me for my leaving.”

The nurse opened the door and left.

Shao Tianze stayed in the ward and saw Song Yunjia lying in the bed with a pale face. He felt unreasonably flustered.

He had never believed in the supernatural.

But it was true that Song Yunjia had been unlucky, said by the nurse.

As a lady growing up in an upper-class family, it was unbelievable that Song Yunjia was defeated by a bastard from a small town.

Moreover, not only Song Yunjia, but he also felt it was hard to fight with Song Yunxuan.

Did Song Yunxuan really come from a small town?

The crease between his eyebrows wrinkled deeper and deeper because of the thought.

At this time, a shallow moan came from the bed.

Suddenly, he recovered from contemplation and turned to look.

He saw Song Yunjia open her eyes slowly.

He walked quickly to Song Yunjia’s bed, “Yunjia, you woke up.”

Seeing Shao Tianze appearing in front of her as soon as she opened her eyes, Song Yunjia was a little overemotional, “Tianze!”

Knowing she was excited, Shao Tianze tried to calm her down, “Are you uncomfortable? I’ll call you a doctor.”

Song Yunjia moved a little. She got a sore body as if her bones were taken apart. Her forehead was extremely painful, like being stuck with needles.

She raised her hands to rub her forehead, “I have a headache….”

Seeing she was going to press her wound, Shao Tianze quickly held her hand and stopped her from touching it, “Your forehead is hurt. It’s not serious. You don’t have to worry too much.”

“You drove me out of the Shao’s house, didn’t you? Why come to see me now?”

Shao Tianze was surprised and confused, “I drove you out?”

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