Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 311

Chapter 311 Her Promise

Chapter 311 Her Promise

In the Gu’s Mansion, the nurse waited silently for Gu Changle to speak.

After ending that call, Gu Changle fell into silence, frowning.

Obviously, it was an important issue that made her feel tangled and difficult to choose.

After frowning and thinking for a long time, Gu Changle suddenly said, “Bring me my phone.”

Upon hearing the instruction, the nurse immediately turned to her room to get her mobile phone.

Gu Changle had a personal mobile phone that Shao Tianze didn’t know.

Shao Tianze didn’t know that there were many helpers and collaborators of Gu Changle in this phone.

These were all plans that Gu Changle secretly kept from Shao Tianze. She could do everything with money. She hired personal bodyguards but prevented them from coming to work at the Shao’s house. But at critical moments, she could order them to do what she wanted.

For example, she wanted to search for Gu Yi and Miaomiao in Roume at this time.

The nurse passed her cell phone, and she gave the nurse a meaningful glance.

The nurse understood it and said, “If Mr. Shao leaves the study, I’ll tell you, Miss Gu.”

The nurse behaved tactfully, so Gu Changle felt she was pleasing to her eyes.

Gu Changle brought the cell phone to the bedroom. After closing the door, she made the call, “I’ve already known where the two children are hiding.”

“Please give the order, Miss Gu.”

“They are in Roume. You go to Roume to find the two children and bring them back.”

The other end was confused, “Bring back?”

“If they are not obedient, let them never come back.”

The one nodded, “Yes, Miss Gu.”

Gu Changle nodded, “I hope you could cope with this matter well. If you can do it, you will get more benefits.”

“Miss Gu, please trust me. We’ll do our best.”

“Do your best?” Gu Changle frowned with displeasure. “That is not what I want to hear.”

Hearing Gu Changle’s angry tone, the one on the other end corrected right away, “We assure you of that, Miss Gu.”

The anger of Gu Changle subsided a little. She replied lazily, “You have made a promise. I wait for your good news.”

“Miss Gu, trust us. We will do it absolutely clean and neat.”


She was glad about the promise from the other end.

What she wanted was they do it clean and neat.

Only by cutting the grass and pulling up the roots could she never endure it.

She put down her cell phone, looked at her new nail art and smirked, “Gu Changge, the two children you left will go to hell and meet you soon.”

It was dark at night.

Song Yunxuan was sleeping on the airplane, wearing a blindfold.

However, she did not sleep well. She had just fallen asleep, and a dream like the reality appeared in her mind.

Not far from her, Miaomiao kept stretching the hands and shouting to her, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Don’t leave me!”

Such a little child was crying like a small animal.

She wanted to reach out to pick her up and pat her on the back to comfort her.

However, after reaching her hands out, she found that she could not hold the two children anyway, even if they were clearly in front of her.

Gu Changle approached them with a smirk on her face from a distance. The smirk was unpleasant.

Gu Changle bent down slightly, reached out and held Miaomiao.

She held the child and walked away.

No matter how Miaomiao cried and struggled, Gu Changle would not let her go.

She wanted to catch up and snatch the child.

However, suddenly the land under her feet became the roof of a high-rise building.

Gu Changle held Miaomiao and stood on the edge of the rooftop.

She looked at Gu Changle in fear.

Gu Changle wore a weird smile on her face, which were vicious and twisted.

Gu Changle slowly loosened her hands which was holding Miaomiao and looked at her.

After seeing her pale face, Gu Changle smiled lightly and loosened her hands thoroughly.

Miaomiao fell from the top of the building. Her scream ran through the world, “Mom!”


She shouted in fear, “Miaomiao! Miaomiao!”

She shouted and tried her best to reach out her hands to grab the child.

But she could hold nothing.

“Miaomiao! Miaomiao! Miaomiao!”

“Yunxuan? Yunxuan?” a voice sounded beside her while she was screaming.

That voice was at her fingertips.

She opened her eyes and felt the light suddenly appear in front of her.

Chu Mochen’s handsome face appeared in front of her.

There was worry and solemn in his eyes. Seeing Song Yunxuan opened her eyes, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

As she looked at him, Song Yunxuan became more and more sober.

She realized where she was while staring at Chu Mochen.

She was on the plane.

To Ruome, Itali.

A moment ago.

It was just a dream.

“Fortunately,” breathing softly, she felt relieved, “Fortunately, it was only a dream.”

Fortunately, Miaomiao wasn’t really thrown down from the tall building.

If it had been true, she would have gone crazy.

The child shared the same blood with her.

Miaomiao was Gu Changge’s youngest daughter. She had been on the top of Gu Changge’s heart since she was born.

She could not allow anyone to hurt her child.

Breathing slowly, she raised her hand and touched her forehead to find a thin layer of sweat on it.

Because of her nightmares, the flight attendants brought tissues and water.

Chu Mochen held the water for her, comforting her.

He also took the tissue to wipe the thin layer of sweat from her forehead.

“Did you have a nightmare?”

Song Yunxuan nodded but didn’t want to explain her dream.

Chu Mochen didn’t want to let the topic go.

“You just called Gu Miaomiao.”

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and said nothing.

Some things could be explained while some couldn’t.

For example, she shouted ‘Miaomiao’ in her dream.

She couldn’t give a reasonable explanation.

The more she explained, the more Chu Mochen would suspect.

What she had experienced was too supernatural. If she had said it, most people would have thought she was mentally ill and had hallucinations.

Only she knew that it all happened.

Although now she related to the Song Family, and she was the daughter of the Song Family.

But her spirit and soul were Gu Changge’s.

It was normal that she was worried about Miaomiao because she was Miaomiao’s mother.

She held the cup and drank some water.

Chu Mochen, sitting beside her, stared at her with cold eyes, “Your purpose of this trip is to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao. Why are you looking for those two children?”

“Can I refuse to answer the question?”


Chu Mochen didn’t want to budge and his attitude was firm.

But Song Yunxuan still didn’t want to explain clearly, “I could only tell you that I won’t hurt them. I cannot guarantee anything else.”

“If you find those two children, I hope you can give them to me.”

Song Yunxuan frowned and refused decisively, “That’s impossible.”

They were her children.

When she was very young, her father, Gu Cheng, had taught her a lesson.

Her father had said, “Keep precious things by yourself.”

Because only by keeping them in one’s own hands, he could do his best to protect.

One couldn’t count on others to truly protect his precious things. It was just a futile expectation.

The young Gu Changge summed up his father’s wordsIt was best to rely on yourself, not others.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao were so important to her that she wanted to protect them by herself and believed that only she could keep them from harm.

Song Yunxuan said nothing.

Chu Mochen’s expression became colder, “Why are you so interested in Gu Changge’s two children?”

“I have promised not to hurt them.”

“But….” Chu Mochen wanted to say something more.

However, Song Yunxuan looked at him and said with solemn eyes, “I hope you can trust me.”

Chu Mochen was shocked by the seriousness in her eyes and didn’t talk for a long time.

There is a slight confusion in Song Yunxuan’s eyes, “I like children very much. Gu Yi and Miaomiao are the kinds of children I like. I will treat them as my children and I will never hurt them.”

“You have no blood relationship with them, and you have no reason to raise them.”

“I want to take care of these two children for Gu Changge.”

“You have nothing to do with Gu Changge.”

“I respect her as a businesswoman.”

Chu Mochen stared at her as if he wanted to read her mind from the bottom of her eyes.

Song Yunxuan just let him see, not dodging his gaze.

She had no other thoughts.

Her only idea was to be able to protect the two children.

So she was not afraid that Chu Mochen looked at her with scrutiny.

“Can you see my thoughts in my eyes?”

She smiled slightly.

His expression was still sullen, and he said coldly, “Your eyes can always lie.”


Gu Changge’s eyes were deceptive.

No one could see her thoughts in her eyes.

Even Chu Mochen was no exception.

There was a strange quietness on the plane to Roume, and Chu Mochen’s words were rare.

Song Yunxuan silently calculated when they could arrive Roume.

She had asked the Xiao Family in Harbor City to contact the upper-class families in Roume to search for Gu Yi and Miaomiao extensively.

Roume was big. Even if they searched these two children at the fastest speed, it would take half a day or even more than a day.

She hoped that they could find Gu Yi and Miaomiao before the plane landed.

However, she didn’t know if those great families in Roume would fulfill her wish.

She slowly sighed as she looked at the sky outside the cabin through the glass. Feeling a little tired, she leaned back on the chair and pulled down her blindfold again.

She needed a good rest so that she could deal with everything after getting off the plane.

After all, it was challenging to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

In the process, someone would definitely hinder them, by hook or by crook.

Song Yunjia was still in the hospital. Shao Tianze had hired new servants and nurses to take care of her day and night to show his concern.

She didn’t sleep all night, holding her cell phone in her hands and waiting for Zhao Yang’s reply.

But there was no news from Zhao Yang.

She couldn’t help but call Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang quickly answered the phone and told her, “Gu Changle have known it.”

“So, what did she do?”

Anyway, as long as she knew it, there was half chance that Gu Changle would be hooked.

At this time, she just had to wait quietly for the news of the two children’s accidents coming from across the ocean.

Then she could have a good laugh at Gu Changle.

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