Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Suspect Gu Changle

Chapter 317 Suspect Gu Changle

Gu Changle was tossing and turning in her dreams.

In a daze, she heard Gu Yi and Miaomiao crying.

She felt a faint excitement, touching her belly with both hands, “Good boy, it’ll be all yours….”

As long as Gu Yi and Miaomiao died in Itali, all Shao Tianze had would be yours.

“My unborn child.”

“I will help you get all of this, as long as you are born safe and sound.”

She murmured. The excitement between words was revealed in the night.

As If she had gone mad.

When Shao Tianze stood at the bed in the bedroom, that was exactly what he saw.

He frowned and thought that she was having a strange dream. He reached out one hand and pushed her gently, “Changle?”

Gu Changle did not wake up immediately but continued indulging in the dream and muttered repeatedly in a low voice, “It’ll be all yours… all yours… Everything Gu Changge once had will be yours….”

Shao Tianze bowed slightly. His ears went close to her, hearing what she was murmuring.

The look on his face became a little gloomy.

He intended to push her.

However, at this moment, a maid suddenly ran to the bedroom door in panic. She opened the door in a hurry without knocking, “Bad news! Mr. Shao!”

Before she finished, Shao Tianze’s brows frowned impatiently, “What’s the matter? Calm down. You don’t know how to knock a door properly, do you? Changle is still asleep.”

Gu Changle was disrupted by the noise of the maid. She sobered up a bit.

She frowned and raised her hands to rub her eyes.

Shao Tianze didn’t pay attention to that if she had woken up.

He asked the maid, “What’s going on?”

Being asked like this, the maid was a little bit timid at first, but she opened her mouth eventually, “A maid in Itali… just made a call….”

On hearing of this, Shao Tianze’s face changed all of sudden, “What ?!”

The maid heard his volume going up, becoming a little scared. She blurted, “They said that the young master and the young lady were missing.”

Shao Tianze’s face suddenly changed.

Gu Changle heard this news, feeling a little happy.

Her tense nerves relaxed a lot right away.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao were missing, which suggested those people had succeeded.

She squinted her eyes and felt that the future would be so bright without these two kids in her way.

However, right when she was secretly excited, Shao Tianze slowly moved his eyes on her face.

Gu Changle felt that she could not act too indifferent, so she tried to turn around and comfort Shao Tianze.

However, when she turned around, she found that Shao Tianze’s eyes were right on her.

She freaked out in her heart, fearing that Shao Tianze noticed something wrong about her. She immediately opened her mouth, “Tianze, let’s go over and check it out right away. Maybe your servants made a mistake?”

The maid denied immediately, “They didn’t, Madam. the young master and the young lady are indeed missing. They searched everywhere in the house but didn’t find them.”

Shao Tianze’s eyes darkened, and his gaze on Gu Changle became even colder.

Gu Changle was frightened by his sight. She stiffened a little before speaking, “Why do you look at me like this?”

Shao Tianze was silent.

Gu Changle became very angry at once, “Are you suspecting that I am the one who did something to those two kids?”

Shao Tianze did not deny. It’s true that he liked the woman in front of him and even abandoned Gu Changge for her before.

But it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t doubt her.

Especially associating with the dream she just had, Shao Tianze thought she was more suspicious.

Gu Changle knew that arguing with him at this time was useless, so she asked him in a crying voice, “I have been with you for so long. You know exactly who I am. Have I ever touched anything that you cherished without your permission?”

Indeed, she had never done anything like that these years.

Even if Shao Tianze didn’t like Gu Changge, it was after he nodded in agreement that she joined Song Yunjia as well as others to discuss how to defeat Gu Changge.

When Shao Tianze was silent, Gu Changle cried even louder, “Is that what you are thinking of me? That I am so vicious and hurt my own sister’s children?”

Shao Tianze pursed his lips slightly. When he heard what Gu Changle said, there was a momentary impulse which prompted him to refute her words.

Shouldn’t she know it the best?

When she hurt Gu Changge, she didn’t hesitate at all.

Now facing these two children, she started to cry as if she had been the weaker one.

There was an anger hidden in his heart, aiming at Gu Changle.

However, Gu Changle knew exactly what he wanted to do. She lifted his hand slightly, covered her lower abdomen and said, “I am also a woman who is pregnant. I know how hard my sister gave birth to Gu Yi and Miaomiao. How can I expect something bad to them?”

Shao Tianze watched her delicate appearance.

Then he looked at her belly. He turned around and stepped out, “Book a ticket. I’m going to Roume.”

The maid followed his instructions to call the airline for a ticket immediately.

When he left, Gu Changle put away the previous pitiful and weak look.

She drew a tissue from the cabinet next to her and wiped her eyes gently. She smiled, “Good job.”

She was highly satisfied.

As long as Gu Yi and Miaomiao were gone, she would be at ease for good.

Shao Tianze was going to Roume. Naturally, Gu Changle wouldn’t stay out of this under his suspicion.

After she got dressed, she hurried downstairs.

Shao Tianze was just on his way out.

Gu Changle stepped forward and grabbed his sleeve, “I’ll go with you.”

Her eyes looked firmer than ever.

However, Shao Tianze narrowed his eyes suspiciously while looking into her eyes, “You want to come?”

“They are my sister’s children. I am worried if something happened to them.”

“I’d rather you stay at home.”

Shao Tianze threw her hand away.

He went outside.

Gu Changle immediately froze.

Shao Tianze had never treated her in such a rude manner.

Until now.

She was a little angry, but she didn’t know where the anger came from.

She thought for a while. It had to be those two kids.

It was because of those two damn kids that Shao Tianze treated her like this.

If it had been something else, Shao Tianze would have never been so ruthless to her.

Being upset for a long time, she felt much happy again. After all, no matter how important these two kids for him were, now both of them had gone.

Just thinking about the disappearance of these two kids, she felt cheerful right away.

Right, there was no one who would get in her way from now on.

Except Song Yunjia.

She turned around leisurely, putting his trip to Roume out of her mind, and went back to sleep in the bedroom.

Now, she could have a great sleep.

When Song Yunjia was also completely removed, she would be at eternal ease in the Shao family.

Shao Tianze managed to fly overnight. However, when he arrived in Itali, he still got no good news.

Before he got on the plane, he had ordered his people in Roume to get Gu Yi and Miaomiao back as fast as possible.

Now that his plane had landed, there still wasn’t any news from Gu Yi or Miaomiao.

His anger fired up immediately. In the living room, he swept the good tea brought by the maid over the carpet.

The maid went deathly pale.

Shao Tianze rarely leaked his anger, but this time he did it without any concealment. Everyone in the family could see that he was extremely angry now.

“Yi and Miaomiao have always been no trouble at all. How could they suddenly disappear?”

The maid was so nervous that she wanted to tell the truth to him. She turned to the housekeeper, but the housekeeper used eye contact to shut her up.

The maid could only say nothing and let Shao Tianze misunderstand that Gu Yi and Miaomiao got lost by themselves.

Shao Tianze had received no answer. He began to observe the facial expressions of these maids.

The maids were all trembling because they feared to spoil the truth by accident when Shao Tianze asked.

After the observation of their facial expressions, Shao Tianze said, “Isn’t there always a CCTV at home?”

When he sent Gu Yi and Miaomiao to Itali, he felt uneasy and installed a CCTV at home.

It was easy for him to see them at any time from home.

However, the housekeeper replied, “The CCTV accidentally broke down when the young master and the young lady went missing….”

“Shut up!”

Shao Tianze suddenly interrupted the housekeeper’s words and looked at him, “I don’t think it’s the CCTV that was malfunctioning. It’s you that was malfunctioning.”

The housekeeper waited for a moment before he said, “Sorry, Mr. Shao. I don’t know what you mean.”

“I don’t believe my daughter and son would go missing for no reason. Call the police. I will ask the police to thoroughly investigate it. Now!”

When the housekeeper heard that Shao Tianze was about to call the police, his face suddenly became a lot panicky.

Shao Tianze saw his face change. He knew there must be some secrets hidden in his kids missing.

When his assistant who came along with him was calling the police, he said gloomily to the housekeeper, “I hired you as my housekeeper to take care of my children, not to hide things from me. I wonder if you can understand it or not.”

The housekeeper had been a private housekeeper of rich people for many years. He knew that they were not stupid.

He was considering whether he should tell the truth in his mind.

When Shao Tianze saw that the housekeeper was hesitant in his deliberations, he continued, “If I call the police and they find out that there is something tricky in it, I will ask them to punish you as hard as possible at any cost.”

As expected, the housekeeper’s resolve began to waver.

When Shao Tianze saw that the housekeeper was going to cave in, he gave him a final blow, “Now tell me the truth. I’ll put the past behind us.”

As long as Gu Yi and Miaomiao could be back, he could deal with this housekeeper later.

He knew exactly what he should do now.

He must get his children back first.

Having no clue about who had them, his irritability was severer than he previously thought.

He stared hard at the housekeeper.

A thin layer of sweat emerged on the housekeeper’s forehead.

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