Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Zhao Yang's Concession

Chapter 320 Zhao Yang’s Concession

Everything had been going well so far.

Song Yunxuan returned to the company for a meeting.

In addition to Zhou Jian’s long-term leave, Zhao Yang also took a leave.

This surprised her.

However, Mei Qi said, “It seems Manager Zhao has figured it out.”

With a smile on her lips, Song Yunxuan felt a bit pleased that Zhao Yang suddenly asked for a sick leave.

“Elderly people should enjoy a life full of children and grandchildren. Uncle Zhao has made enough money in the company these years to live a comfortable life in his later years. It is not worth looking for troubles to help Song Yunjia.”

In fact, if Zhao Yang had not budged, Song Yunxuan would have transferred him to a new position.

Zhou Jian might have reminded Zhao Yang, so Zhao Yang withdrew from the Song enterprise at this time.

Song Yunxuan thought this was the best. At least she could save a little time and labor at such a critical moment.

Mei Qi and Song Yunxuan returned to the office after hearing reports from various departments at the meeting. Song Yunxuan called Gu Yi and Miaomiao as soon as she returned to her office.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao didn’t live in the Song Family, but a new villa she bought.

As a young and well-behaved girl, Miaomiao would become happy as long as Song Yunxuan coaxed her.

However, Gu Yi was different. Although he lived in Song Yunxuan’s house, Song Yunxuan had no way to guess what was in his mind.

Mei Qi and Song Yunxuan visited them every afternoon.

Every time they met, Miaomiao stuck to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan felt very happy.

After all, she hadn’t treated her children with so much attention before.

Now that she was a different person, it was improper for her to pay too much attention to her children, which was really ironic.

Song Yunxuan was happy because of the arrival of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

At the same time, Shao Tianze was in a mess because he had lost Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Gu Changle was annoyed and sent people to watch all the movements closely in Roume.

Three days had passed, and the police in Roume had not given Shao Tianze any feedback. Even though Shao Tianze had a good temper, he felt upset and irritated when he could not receive any report from the police.

Gu Changle demanded that her employees must find Gu Yi and Miaomiao as soon as possible, putting more pressure on them.

To find the two children, she could triple her reward.

She didn’t realize the anxiety until saying this.

She checked her assets at the bank and frowned.

At this time, she had no one to trust. Those who were helping her charged a lot of commission. If this situation continued, she would lose her foothold at the Shao Family.

Song Yunxuan had Mei Qi as an advisor. Song Yunjia had Zhao Yang secretly mastermind the scheme.

No one provided advice for Gu Changle.

She couldn’t let the current situation go on, but finding a confidant was not easy.

She thought for a long time and couldn’t find anyone she could trust.

She was helpless, but she could only follow the developments and take a step at a time.

After four days of peaceful life, Song Yunxuan’s heart settled.

Mei Qi started reminding her to do something else.

After the weekly meeting on Friday, May Qi passed the phone to her, “A call from the prison.”

Song Yunxuan lifted her brows slightly.

Since it was from prison, it probably had something to do with Song Yunqiang.

After the last incident, although Song Yunqiang’s attitude towards her had improved, he was still reluctant to have more contact with her.

She didn’t know why Song Yunqiang called her actively this time.

However, after thinking a little about his bargaining chips, Song Yunxuan knew his purpose.

“You just say I’m not available.”

She shook her hands, motioning Mei Qi to end the call.

Mei Qi was a little confused, but she obeyed her order.

Mei Qi said apologetically to Song Yunqiang, “I’m sorry. Manager Song is in a meeting. I will tell her when the meeting is over.”

Song Yunqiang said anxiously, “Please inform her this call and tell her that it was her elder brother after the meeting.”

“I will. Don’t worry.”

Mei Qi hung up after talking.

Song Yunqiang was at a loss, listening to the busy tone from the phone.

He had suffered a lot after he was sent to prison. The opportunity to make a call was precious.

However, he failed to get in touch with Song Yunxuan through this call.

He was ill at ease.

Spinning a pen among her fingers habitually, Song Yunxuan said to Mei Qi with a relaxed expression, “What do you think about Song Yunqiang’s impatient call?”

“It must not be because he was wronged in prison.”

Song Yunxuan chuckled, “That’s not the case. The last time I went to visit him, I bribed some officials to take care of him a bit.”

"What does he want?"

The smile on the corner of Song Yunxuan’s mouth widened gradually, “It’s probably about father’s legacy.”

She guessed that the little legacy left by his father was Song Yunqiang’s only negotiating chips at present.

However, they were perfect chips.

At least she had a great interest in them.

Song Yunxuan deliberately ignored Song Yunqiang one day before visiting him in prison.

Hearing that someone came to visit him, Song Yunqiang quickly followed the jailer.

His condition was much better than the last time Song Yunxuan visited him.

Last time, he had a lot of bruises on his face and could not move, lying on the bed, because he was beaten up.

This time, he was fine. The scars on his face had disappeared. Although he was thinner, his complexion was not bad.

Seeing her, Song Yunqiang called her affectionately, “Sister.”

Hearing this title, Song Yunxuan smiled but said nothing.

When she was in the Song Family before, Song Yunqiang never called her “sister” so sincerely.

The suffering in prison turned him a sweet talker now.

Sitting at one end of the long table, Song Yunxuan smiled and looked at him, “Brother, you look well.”

“Thank you. I’ve been fine recently.”

“I didn’t do anything special. Just said hello to people I know.”

Song Yunqiang was a little awkward.

When he was in the Song Family before, he was priggish and looked down on Song Yunxuan.

But now, it was this little girl who stepped on his head, intimidatingly.

Although he was upset, he knew that he could not make a comeback under the circumstances.

At this moment, the only way to live a comfortable and safe life until being discharged was to beg Song Yunxuan.

He counted on Song Yunxuan to bribe prison warders so that he could suffer less in prison.

“What do you want me to do?”

Song Yunqiang had figured it out. When asked by Song Yunxuan, he bluntly said, “Actually, I want to discuss with you the little shares I own.”

The light flashed slightly at the corner of Song Yunxuan’s eyes.


Song Yunqiang nodded, “I’m in prison, and those shares are not very useful. So I want to entrust you to manage them for me.”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, but she felt a lot of joy in her heart.

Song Yunqiang took the initiative to make concessions. She no longer had to worry about how to get them from him. It was better.

“Will you do it for me, Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan raised her head and looked at Song Yunqiang with a smile, “Since you trust me, I am willing to help you.”

Song Yunqiang nodded and said in a pun, “Thank you for doing these for me from now on.”

Song Yunxuan understood what he meant.

He hoped that Song Yunxuan would not only manage the shares for him but also do something to make him comfortable during his time in prison.

Song Yunqiang’s move was equivalent to bartering his shares for his safety in prison.

After all, Song Yunqiang was still afraid of death.

If Song Yunjia had not conspired to find someone to beat him so severely that he couldn’t get out of the sickbed in prison, Song Yunqiang would not have voluntarily handed over his shares to her.

She needed to express her great gratitude to Song Yunjia.

After she and Song Yunqiang reached an agreement on the shares, Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to contact the lawyer immediately to draft a share transfer contract.

And in the afternoon of that day, the news of the share transfer was spread.

It was natural that Song Yunjia got the news.

As soon as she got the news, Song Yunjia tried to contact Song Yunqiang in prison.

Song Yunqiang didn’t want to answer her call.

Song Yunjia refused to give up. She went to prison again in person and tried her best to bribe officials to meet with Song Yunqiang that night.

When she saw Song Yunqiang, she asked angrily, “Brother, did you transfer your shares to Song Yunxuan?”

Song Yunqiang hated her a bit.

He had been increasingly feeling that Song Yunjia was not as useful as Song Yunxuan since Song Yunxuan analyzed it for him last time.

Small wonder that Song Yunying had changed sides. Even if they had been enemies before, she chose to ally with Song Yunxuan.

From the present situation, it looked like Song Yunying had long known that Song Yunjia was unreliable.

Song Yunjia always valued interests a lot. Knowing that Song Yunqiang also preferred Song Yunxuan, she became so angry that her lung was about to explode.

Sitting opposite, she stared angrily at Song Yunqiang, “Brother, what are you thinking? No matter how I persuaded you in the past, you were not willing to give me your shares. Now you secretly transferred your shares to Song Yunxuan? What benefits does Song Yunxuan give you? Why are you willing to give up your last assets?”

She lost to Song Yunxuan again and again.

Her eldest brother also favored Song Yunxuan. That frustration was like her face was smacked, endangering her dignity.

She couldn’t understand why Song Yunqiang made the same choice as Song Yunying, preferring Song Yunxuan.

“Brother, you must give me an explanation today.”

Song Yunqiang coldly looked at her, “How could you let me explain?”

Song Yunjia was surprised, “What do you mean?”

Song Yunqiang responded with a sneer, “Don’t you know what I mean? Do you forget everything you did?”

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