Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Ugly Face

Chapter 321 Ugly Face

Faced with Song Yunqiangs question, Song Yunjia felt a little chilly.

Indeed, she had played some tricks to force Song Yunqiang to hand over his shares.

However, Song Yunxuan also played some games for this purpose, didnt she?

What was wrong with this?

She was in the right and self-confident in her mind, but she didnt dare to tell Song Yunqiang so directly.

She could only act silly with a confused expression, "Brother, I have no idea what you are saying."

"If you dont know what I mean, then just dont come here to judge my decision."

Song Yunqiang was unwilling to talk with her anymore. He was about to stand up after saying this word.

Song Yunjia found that he was to leave. She stopped him immediately, "Brother, wait!"

Song Yunqiang heard her calling. He frowned at Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia looked serious, "Anyway, I dont agree that you transfer the shares to Song Yunxuan."

"Does it matter if you disagree with me?"

Song Yunqiangs words made Song Yunjia look somber and cold instantly.

Song Yunjia narrowed her eyes. She looked at her eldest brother fiercely. It seemed that she would offend him openly, "Brother, what happened to you? You were never played tricks by that bitch, Song Yunxuan before. You are the same as Yunying. Song Yunxuan just gave you a little sweetening, but you are so grateful to her. You even give your important things to her. Are you two crazy?"

Song Yunqiang figured it out suddenly.

The reason was that a criminal who had only been sentenced for three years in prison was dead.

This criminal had spent two years in prison.

Seeing that he could have been free in a year, however, he suddenly slipped in the bathroom and then died because his head knocked on the stairs.

No one said anything, except that the inmate at her upper berth told him that the dead one, who had got a light sentence, was an heir to a wealthy family. But unfortunately, people outside didnt wish him to get out of prison.

Seeing that he was about to be released from prison, They had no way but to play some tricks.

Song Yunqiang knew from the beginning how the business circle had intertwined interests in the dark.

He was the master of the Song Family when Song Yan was alive. He never expected that he would be reduced to this point.

However, now he was in prison. He wouldnt have realized that how gloomy his life would be if he hadnt made it clear what to do.

Now, Song Yunjia was angry at him.

He didnt rush to judge Song Yunjia because of her attitude towards him. He just asked her, "You know that I was beaten in prison before."

Song Yunjias tone wasnt good, "Why do you mention that thing suddenly? Lets not mention the past. How unlucky it is to mention it!"

"Of course you dont want to mention it, but I always remember that thing. I was suffering from it, and Im still hurt."

Song Yunjia looked a little embarrassed.

She vaguely realized that Song Yunqiang had known that she got someone to beat him.

Now, he was implying something. Was he settling accounts with her or blaming her?

Song Yunjia had thought that Song Yunqiang would gradually talk with her about this.

However, Song Yunqiang didnt have such patience. He directly said, "I know that it was you who sent someone to beat me."

Song Yunqiangs words astonished Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia immediately jumped up from the seat. She didnt confess, "Brother, what are you talking? How could I do such a thing? I grew up with you. However, you would believe that bitch, Song Yunxuan, rather than believe me."

Her eyes became red because of anger.

Song Yunqiang looked at her angry look. He said slowly, "How do you know that Song Yunxuan told me?"

"Now Im in a rivalry with Song Yunxuan. Everyone in Yuncheng knows it. Except for this little bitch, who would frame me with such a shady way?"

Song Yunqiang gasped. He held back his displeasure in his heart, "Its not Yunxuan who told me."

"Are you still covering up for her?"

Song Yunjia looked at Song Yunqiang. She looked inconceivable as if Song Yunqiang had done something unforgivable.

"Song Yunxuan is clearly provoking the relationship and trust between us. You actually fell for her trap easily. Could you be soberer? It is me who grew up with you, not Song Yunxuan."

Song Yunjia thought that her eldest brother was stubborn on this issue.

However, Song Yunqiang was looking at her firmly, "Yunjia, you were not such a person before."

"Brother, you werent like this before, either."

Song Yunjia wanted to add something, while Song Yunqiang suddenly got up from the chair. Song Yunqiang turned around and walked inside, "You can leave now. I have decided on the shares. I wont change my decision, no matter what you say."

Hearing her eldest brothers words, Song Yunjia simply wanted to step forward immediately to drag him back.

However, she only took two steps before the correctional officer came to stop her, "Miss, the time is over. Please go back now."

Song Yunjia was stopped. She had no alternative, even if she was terribly angry.

She could only go back from prison with anger.

These things were unknown to others, but Song Yunxuan knew them clearly.

Mei Qi transferred the call from the correctional officer to Song Yunxuans private phone.

After a few greetings, the person on the other end started to tell Song Yunxuan about Song Yunjias visit.

"Miss Song, today Song Yunjia, your eldest sister, came to visit your eldest brother."

"My sister also cares about my brother. She should have talked a lot during the visit."

"Yeah, but they have talked too much. I dont remember their conversation clearly since I wasnt there."

Song Yunxuan smiled faintly. Hearing those words, she continued, "I saw your wife the day before yesterday. We met at a jewelry store, and we both took a fancy ruby necklace. Its gorgeous . I think your wife looks good on it. Therefore, I decided by myself and sent it to your wife as a birthday gift."

"Birthday gift?"

The man on the phone slightly raised his voice.

Song Yunxuan smiled slightly on her lips, "Yes, Ive heard that your wifes birthday is in June. Its only March now. Its a little early to send the gift. Hasnt she worn it yet?"

The man on the phone fell into silence for a while. Then he changed his languid tone and attitude. He immediately said to Song Yunxuan, "I was not present when Song Yunjia was talking to Song Yunqiang, but there is a regulation in prison. The whole process must be recorded when the visitor talks with the prisoner. Therefore."

Song Yunxuan heard him pause for a while. She gave a knowing smile, "Im waiting for your record."

The man on the phone had a hollow laugh, "Ill get it for you soon."

"Officer Liu, please go back and ask your wife whether she is satisfied with the necklace. If not, we can choose another one."

Officer Liu was a little embarrassed. "Miss Song, You are so generous."

"Just a birthday gift between friends. Its not expensive. You are so courteous."

Song Yunxuan said it without a leak.

Officer Liu could do nothing but accept it since he had received the gift.

Of course, he had to get things done.

Song Yunxuan received the video from the prison the next morning. Mei Qi helped her play it.

Song Yunxuan looked at the relatives sitting on both sides of the prison table. She narrowed her eyes slightly, "We are sisters, but she has no sense of shame to such an extent."

"Anyway, you are rivals after all. Its better for you to ignore the fact that you are sisters at this time."

Mei Qi was watching this video beside her.

Song Yunxuan said nothing. She looked at the video. Her eyes became deeper.

They saw Song Yunjia scolded Song Yunxuan little bitch with undisguised hatred.

Song Yunjia couldnt help sneering.

Mei Qi looked at her by her side, "Whats up?"

Song Yunxuan shook her hand as if she was watching a joke, "Do you know what kind of woman Song Yunjia was before?"

"Its said that she was an elegant, generous, and beautiful woman in the Song Family. Besides, she is a premier celebrity in Yuncheng."

Mei Qi had expertise in the women.

Song Yunxuan heard Mei Qis evaluation of Song Yunjia. She smiled, "You also know that its a rumor. Do you know what she looks like in real life now?"

Mei Qi turned his eyes on the video recorder of the LCD screen.

Song Yunjias face turned black because of anger, let alone elegance and generosity. When she scolded Song Yunxuan, her face was covered with anger. Her twisted face looked ugly.

She was indeed a well-deserved beauty unless she hadnt had this expression.

It was a pity that her resentful face couldnt leave a good impression on others.

Song Yunxuan looked at the video. She casually asked Mei Qi, "What will people think of her if people in Yuncheng see this aspect of Song Yunjia?"

Mei Qi heard Song Yunxuans question. He lowered his eyes silently. He answered beyond question, "You go even farther than her."

Other people might not understand what he meant when they heard this.

However, Song Yunxuan knew it clearly from Mei Qis words that Mei Qi was judging her.

She didnt even have to think about it, but she knew whom Mei Qi was comparing her with.

"What do you mean?"

She knew what he meant, but she pretended that she hadnt seen it.

She wished to hear Mei Qis explanation.

Song Yunxuan wished him to explain it clearly to her what he meant.

Mei Qi didnt mean to keep silent about this question. When asked by Song Yunxuan, he was eager to explain it, "You know Gu Changge, so I neednt tell you anything about her life. Compared with her, you go even further than her."

"What do you mean?"

"Shrewdness and means."

Song Yunxuan nodded, "I accept your evaluation."

She didnt hate Mei Qis comment on her.

She didnt need to be compared with Gu Changge at all, because she was Gu Changge.

Gu Changge had been able to be successful in the business circle. Today, she could make it, too.

No one could stop her.

Whether it was Shao Tianze or Song Yunjia.

She must let them know the pain of losing everything.

Otherwise, how could they understand how painful she was before she died?

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