Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Welcoming You Back

Chapter 322 Welcoming You Back

Song Yunxuan had been closely keeping an eye on Shao Tianzes development.

The Song Family seemed to become more stable because of Zhao Yangs resignation.

Song Yunxuan spent most of her energy on Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

On the weekend, Song Yunxuan invited the magician to show the magic to Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Miaomiao was very happy to see it, while Gu Yi was not interested in those dazzling magic.

Mei Qi was looking at the two children with Song Yunxuan.

He fell into silence slightly after seeing Gu Yis expression.

Song Yunxuan observed Mei Qis expression when he looked at Gu Yi. She smiled slightly, "Why are you always looking at Gu Yi? Can you see anything from him?"

"I think he is very similar to her mother when she was a child."

Mei Qi was a tutor of some renown in the business circle. What he taught was from the means of fighting inside the house to worldly wisdom in the business circle.

He had lived with Gu Changge for a few years. It couldnt be said that he had made her, but he had helped Gu Changge greatly.

Now seeing Gu Yi being so reticent, Mei Qi remembered Gu Changge.

"Gu Yi is as obedient as Gu Changge when she was young, isnt he?"

Mei Qi smiled slightly. He shook his head, "You think he is obedient?"

"Arent he obedient?"

Saying that, Song Yunxuan reached out her hand to touch Gu Yis hair.

However, Gu Yi leaned his head away before Song Yunxuan could touch his hair.

Song Yunxuan smiled, "He is indeed not obedient."

Mei Qi nodded, "His mother was not obedient when she was a child, either."

Song Yunxuan knew that Gu Changge was not obedient.

If Gu Changge had been well-behaved, there would have been no business talent, nor would she have inherited everything from Gu Cheng and controlled the Gus perfectly.

Gu Changge looked obedient. In fact, she was just pretending to be obedient.

Many rivals had suffered setbacks because of her mask.

"Gu Changge would definitely love her son if she was alive."

Song Yunxuan nodded, "Yes."

Gu Changge was alive.

Just as Mei Qi had said, she liked this child.

If she could, she would have pushed the child forward and let him inherit everything Gu Change left.

Only this child was eligible to inherit everything.

He could protect his sister better once he inherited the Gus.

He could well protect this beautiful little girl in Song Yunxuans arms.

Song Yunxuan withdrew her hand. Hugging Miaomiao, she gently fixed Miaomiaos supple long hair. Song Yunxuan asked Miaomiao, "Do you like this magician today?"

Miaomiao was watching the handsome young man in an old-Chanese-style gown performing the magic of taking coins across the sky.

"If you like him, I will send him to perform magic for you every weekend. Is it OK?"

Hearing Gu Changges words, Miaomiao immediately nodded vigorously to express her willingness and excitement.

Song Yunxuan raised her lips when she saw Miaomiao happy.

However, Gu Yi suddenly said, "Im wondering how long we have to stay here."

He stared coldly at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was not irritated by his cold expression, but she answered calmly, "You can live here until the Gu Family comes to pick you up."

Gu Yis eyes sparkled when he heard the words "the Gu Family". Then he lowered his eyes, stopping asking.

The Gu Family.

People used to call the place where they lived as the Gu Family before their mother passed away.

However, everyone said that it was the Shao Family after their mother died.

The Gu Family became the Shao Family, though nothing inside had changed.

However, their feelings and affections had changed. They lost their mother, and their father gave all his care and attention to Aunt Gu Changle.

Everyone felt sorry for them when people saw them.

He felt that the Gu Family would never come back.

The Gu Family without their mother was no longer the Gu Family anymore, but the Shao Family.

Some bad people who wished to get rid of them lived in the current Shao Family.

Gu Yi gradually softened his attitude because of Song Yunxuans words.

Song Yunxuan didnt visit them for a few days after seeing Miaomiao and Gu Yi on the weekends.

She just called to ask about the situation every night.

Mei Qi thought that there was no need for her to meet Gu Yi and Miaomiao secretly anymore.

She explained cautiously, "Now, it is not only Shao Tianze who is looking for these two children, but also Gu Changle and Song Yunjia."

"We can breathe a sigh of relief for a while as we have got the children."

Song Yunxuan was a little surprised to hear Mei Qi saying that. She turned around to look at him, "I thought you would persuade me to be more careful at this time."

"Song Yunjia deliberately guided Shao Tianze to suspect Gu Changle after the children disappeared. However, Gu Changle is still having someone to look for these two children in Roume."

Song Yunxuan shook her head, "It seems that everything is within our expectation on the surface. However, Gu Changle will suspect more people if she cannot find them. Its hard to say whether I will become one of her suspects at that time."

Mei Qi considered for a while before he nodded, "You are right."

"Therefore, in order to prevent others knowing that Gu Yi and Miaomiao are here with us, wed better not visit Gu Yi and Miaomiao frequently, so they are not easy to find."

She always believed that there was no airtight wall in the world.

She would have had to ensure that no one followed them if they had wanted to completely hide the fact that Gu Yi and Miaomiao were with them.

It would have been exposed immediately if she had been followed while visiting Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Besides, Shao Tianze might take her to court for a sentence with unwarranted charges as soon as he found that Song Yunxuan had taken away Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

"When it comes to this, child abduction is a felony."

Mei Qi played jokes with her.

Song Yunxuan nodded, with a smile in her eyes, "Yes."

She knew that child abduction was not a minor crime.

However, she had to do so for Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao had been continuously sought after.

Shao Tianze didnt get any news from his children under several inquiries.

The police in Roume had searched the whole city. Even the Immigration Bureau had been investigated.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao, two young children, seemed to have evaporated overnight.

Shao Tianze gradually began to be irritable.

Only Gu Changle and Song Yunjia were a little relieved.

Gu Changle was thankful that those two children couldnt be found. The child in her belly could inherit everything from Shao Tianze properly.

Song Yunjia was thankful that the two children were missing, no matter who took them away.

As long as the children were gone, Shao Tianze would doubt Changle sooner or later.

Once Gu Changle was accused of such a crime, she would break with Shao Tianze soon or later.

It would be the best time for Song Yunjia to replace Gu Changle when Gu Changle broke up with Shao Tianze.

In order to express her concern for Gu Yi and Miaomiao, she called Shao Tianze every day.

It was just that every time she called Shao Tianze and got the message "still seeking".

After a long time, not only was Shao Tianze tired of hearing this answer but also Song Yunjia had been upset listening to this reply.

"You cant find them?" Song Yunjia smiled sarcastically after she hung up, "Of course you cannot find them. They must have died and been buried somewhere. Where do you find the two bodies in such a big place?"

Gu Changges two children were finally killed.

She felt happy when she thought about it.

She went to the wine cooler on the first floor of the villa. She got a drink for herself.

No one had lived in this villa before. No one would come here except that the hourly labor came over to clean it.

After she came in, Shao Tianze found two nurses to clean and prepare three meals in order to take care of her.It was much better than the apartment where she had once lived alone.

She also lived comfortably.

She would find some good wine to drink in the cabinet in front of the bar when there was nothing to do at home.

The maids at home saw her drinking in front of the wine cabinet. They wouldnt disturb her.

The maids didnt come to ask her until the evening, "Miss Song, what do you want to have for dinner?"

Song Yunjia shook the red wine glass in her hand and said, "Steak, medium cooked."

The maid immediately went to the kitchen to prepare dinner after hearing that.

She felt very bored in such a big villa.

Although it was relaxing to live like this, it also made people feel decadent and powerless.

She had intended to be against Song Yunxuan in the Song enterprise.

It caught her completely off-guard that the medical accident which had been covered for many years was just dragged up.

It even broke her reputation.

Now she could only live as a house lady under the fence, just like a constricted turtle.

The red wine in the wine glass looked like blood. She curved her lips and got the glass closer. Leaning her neck, she drank the whole glass of wine.

It was not bad now. No one except Shao Tianze knew that she was hiding here.

Shao Tianze would choose to have another child with another woman for long term consideration after he gave up seeking for those two children.

Gu Changle was the best choice for him to have a baby.

However, this womans ambition was too big to carry.

Not to mention her sickness, she would have died in production if she had had a baby.

Shao Tianze wouldnt have let her give birth to a baby if he had cared about her.

Shao Tianze might choose her, Song Yunjia.

She was a good choice for him.

She was in good health. Besides, she was obsessed with him.

How long could Gu Changle have been complacent if Shao Tianze had let Song Yunjia have a baby?

Song Yunjia kept drinking. Soon there was just half a bottle of wine left.

The maid beside her came to remind her after preparing the dinner, "Miss Song, the dinner is ready. Please come here for dinner."

Song Yunjia turned to look at her, but she had a double vision when she saw the maid.

She had a wine hiccup and then smiled vapidly, "I wont have it. Help me go upstairs to sleep."

The maid stunned for a while. Then she saw Song Yunjia staggering and standing up. The maid hurried to support her as Song Yunjia was about to fall.

The hostess seemed to have a leisurely life, but she looked tired.

She was paralyzing herself with alcohol.

She was really pathetic.

Song Yunxuan didnt pay much attention to the situation of Song Yunjia.

However, it was Shao Tianzes delay in Roume that caught Shao Xues attention.

Shao Xue called Song Yunxuan. She told her, "Shao Tianze seems to be very serious this time when looking for Gu Yi and Miaomiao."

After hearing that, Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly. "Yeah. After all, they are Gu Changges children. He cannot explain it to the Shao enterprise if the children are missing without reason."

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