Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Block The Doctors Way

Chapter 332 Block the Doctors Way

Shao Xue stood right in the doctors way.

Doctor Jiang adjusted her gold-rimmed glasses on her face and then said anxiously, "Miss Shao, how is Miss Gu?"

Shao Xue smiled briefly and had no intention to move away, "Doctor Jiang, you are my elder sister Changles family doctor. Moreover, you have always been in control of my elder sister Changles physical condition. So why do you throw the question at me?"

"I heard that Miss Gu suddenly had a sore tummy."

A bit of sweat even oozed out of Doctor Jiangs head.

Gu Changle was in poor physical condition and Shao Tianze offered a high reward for the doctor because of this.

The reason was that he wanted her to take good care of Gu Changle.

But now Shao Xue blocked her way, which was really killing her.

Doctor Jiang begged her helplessly, "Miss Shao, Miss Gu is in poor physical condition. Im afraid that she might suffer a miscarriage, so I want to check on her as soon as possible."

"OK, Doctor Jiang."

Shao Xue nodded smilingly.

Hearing Shao Xues reply, Doctor Jiang thought that she would step aside and let her pass at once. Unexpectedly, Shao Xue remained still.

Seeing her still stand at the door without moving, the sweat on her forehead became even more, "Miss Shao, its really urgent."

"Since its urgent, then I wont beat around the bush."

Shao Xues words made Doctor Jiang slightly stunned and then she looked up at Shao Xue thoughtfully, "Miss Shao, what do you mean?"

Shao Xue didnt directly explain her words.

She took a slight step forward, put her lips close to Doctor Jiangs ear and then said something in Doctor Jiangs ear.

Hearing this, Doctor Jiangs countenance froze because of a great shock.

After Shao Xue had finished her words, she didnt put her lips away and continued to ask her, "Doctor Jiang, did you catch what Ive just told you?"

Jiang Minjing looked a bit grave and remained speechless for a while.

A servants voice came through the door of the villa, "Why Doctor Jiang hasnt come yet? Where is Doctor Jiang? She has to be here as soon as possible!"

Inside the villa, the servant was so agitated like ants on the pot because of worrying Gu Changles condition.

But just outside the door, Doctor Jiang did nothing but look at Shao Xue without saying a word.

Shao Xue had just said something in her ear, which was very brief.

"You tell Gu Changle that she cant have the baby at all."

Jiang Minjing was a renowned gynecologist in a nearby hospital and she became the dean of the department of gynecology and obstetrics when she was only in her thirties.

Many rich mens wives named her as the one they wanted to handle their medical cases.

As long as such an authoritative gynecologist had said that she would have lost her baby, no one would have doubted the truth of her words.

Shao Xue let her tell Gu Changle that she could not have the baby at all.

However, Shao Tianze told her clearly that she must save the baby in Gu Changles belly when he hired her.

After a moment of silence, she bowed slightly to Shao Xue and said, "Im sorry, Miss Shao. I cant do as what you said."

Shao Xue frowned slightly and still stood in the way.

Seeing that Shao Xue was still unwilling to make way, Doctor Jiang bypassed her and planned to enter the villa.

Shao Xue stood right behind her and had no intention to detain her.

But when she was about to enter the villa, Shao Xue said suddenly, "You dont have full assurance that Gu Changle can have her baby, do you?"

Doctor Jiang paused in a flash.

Just like what Shao Xue said, she did not have full assurance that Gu Changle could have the baby. Because of Gu Changles poor physical condition, she could have been dead because of it after having born the baby.

She knew it well in heart, but she couldnt tell whether Shao Tianze wanted to save his baby or his wife.

"My elder brother prefers Gu Changle. Even if something happens one day in the future, he may probably save his wife."

Doctor Jiang frowned tightly.

That was what she was worried about.

Shao Tianze only told her to take good care of Gu Changle and let the baby be born safely.

So she subconsciously thought that Shao Tianze meant to save the child.

However, if Shao Tianze had changed his mind to save his wife during childbirth, then what would have been the significance of her taking care of Gu Changles baby during these months?

No matter how, the baby couldnt be born. So why not turn the baby into a tool that could be used to get something for its mother in the future?"

Jiang Minjing was a regular family doctor of rich and powerful families. She had taken care of legal wives of such families and she had also looked after lovers who had later become legal wives.

She had long been familiar with these womens tactics of fighting for the favor.

Now the thing that Shao Xue stopped her and said this to her made her mind waver irresistibly.

Seeing that she paused and was deep in thought, she induced her at the very moment.

"Everyone knows that my elder brother likes my elder sister Changle, but the third party Song Yunjia in the Song Family always fights against my elder sister Changle to get my elder brother. If my elder sister Changle loses the baby, she will probably be laughed at by Song Yunjia. Since she will be laughed at, why dont you remind my elder sister Changle earlier that she cant have the baby?"

Doctor Jiang frowned and hung in the wind.

Shao Xue turned around and walked close to her, "She will accept the fact sooner or later. If you tell her earlier, the situation may be much better. At least, it can let her be prepared."

Doctor Jiang remained silent.

Shao Xue let out a sigh, "Doctor Jiang, the bigger she hopes, the more disappointed she may be. If you let my elder sister Changle holds out such big hope that she can have the baby, then will you feel happy when eventually seeing her disappointment?"

"I definitely wont."

Doctor Jiang flatly denied it.

Seeing the slight excitement in her eyes, Shao Xue blinked and asked her, "So now, are you willing to do as what I said?"

"Doctor Jiangs eyes darkened for a moment, and then she nodded, "Dont worry, Miss Shao."

"I hope you can help my elder sister Changle. What I want you to do is for the good of my elder sister Changle."

Shao Xues words were affectionate and sincere.

Seeing that Shao Xue cared about Gu Changle this much, Doctor Jiang couldnt help sighing, "The relation between you two is really good and enviable."

Shao Xue wore a gentle smile. Only after having heard the footsteps of the servants inside the villa did she hurry her, "Doctor Jiang, please check on my elder sister Changle now!"

After having been hurried by her, Doctor Jiang walked quickly into the villa.

The family servant has been waiting for Doctor Jiang for quite a long time.

Seeing her entering the door of the villa, the servant welcomed her excitedly. "Doctor Jiang, youve finally arrived. Come with me to see Miss Changle. She seemed to be in a critical condition this time."

The servant took Doctor Jiang by her arm and led her to Gu Changles room to check on her.

Hearing the sound in the villa, Shao Xue dropped her gentle smile.

She lowered her eyes and when she looked up again, there was no tenderness in her eyes.

All that left was coldness.

Song Yunxuan received a call from Shao Xue.

After having received the call, Song Yunxuan said something to her which mainly meant that she wanted Shao Xue to try to avoid Gu Changles attention when she was in the Shao Family these days.

Even if Gu Changle had had a dispute with Shao Tianze, Shao Xue shouldnt have interfered too obviously.

Shao Xue kept in mind what Song Yunxuan told her.

Yet after Zhao Yang told Song Yunjia about his suspicion.

Song Yunjia immediately sent someone to Song Yunxuans Rose Garden to investigate.

The reason that it was called the Rose Garden was that there was a garden and a flower house in this villa.

There were all kinds of roses in the garden and the flower house.

When it came to flowering, the Rose Garden would be extraordinarily beautiful.

The residents here felt pleasant to see the flowers and their mood had become much better.

In the early years, many people went to the Rose Garden to see the flowers.

This estate was originally owned by Gu Changge from the Gus and the roses inside were brought in from all over the world by the people dispatched by Gu Changle.

The gardeners who were hired from abroad had been living in the Rose Garden since a long time ago.

It was said that Gu Cheng had lived here for several times.

Gu Changge was not very fond of such a beautiful place. Someone had told Gu Changge about the place before.

Yet Gu Changle said that the Rose Garden was the palace for princesses.

But what she needed was not a palace, but a battlefield.

She regarded the business competition as the battlefield of her life. She feared no wars and overcame every difficulty along the way.

She was not very interested in a beautiful place like this.

So she forgot it as time passed by. Later, a business partner of Gu Changges mentioned the estate to her and said that his daughter liked it very much and wanted to take a look at it.

In two words, Gu Changle talked the business partner into buying the estate at a high price.

After that, the estate had been hyped up. After several times of changing hands, now it was in the hands of a young estate agent.

Song Yunxuan ran into the young estate agent by chance. When she saw that he was up to his ears in debt and wanted to sell the estate at a low price, she bought the Rose Garden in time.

Now, it became a new home for the two children.

Gu Yi didnt show much affection for the new home, instead, Miaomiao liked the house with many flowers very much.

After having taken over the estate, she began to take care of the flower house again.

And she made many of roses in the flower house come out every month.

Miaomiao liked to play in the flower house very much. Every time she went there, her eyes would blaze when she saw all colors of roses that were about to come out.

When Song Yunxuan was free, she would accompany Miaomiao to see the flowers.

The person sent by Zhao Yang this time found that there were monitors on the walls of the Rose Garden and there were security guards around it, making him feel that it was tricky.

Obviously, Song Yunxuan attached great importance to the safety supervision here.

The person sent by Zhao Yang was holding a camera. But after a long time, he still hadnt found a good angle to shoot things inside yet.

Yet Zhao Yangs call kept coming one after the other which pressed him to make some progress.

"Did you see anyone inside?"

"Boss, there are monitors outside and there were infrared alarms on the wall. Once they are touched, Ill be busted."

"Think! You have to find out whos there!"

Zhao Yang said it anxiously and the person who stayed there also felt anxious. He could only try to figure out a way while sweating.

When he was thinking about what to do, a young woman looking like a servant walked out of the Rose Garden.

After having greeted someone, the young woman left.

After having thought for a moment, the person sent by Zhao Yang raised and followed the woman.

If there had been no way to enter the villa and see for yourself who had been in it, then the best way would have been to ask the people coming out of it.

As long as he had found out what he wanted from the woman, he would have completed the mission.

He followed the woman all the way and watched her enter a nearby superstore.

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