Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 336

Chapter 336 A Big Drama

Chapter 336 A Big Drama

Now, Gu Changge met Mei Qi again.

She changed her identity to Song Yunxuan, but she still had full trust in him.

She believed that Mei Qi had enough confidence to protect her.

The two drove all the way forward.

After half an hour’s drive, the Champs-Elysea, the Auropean architectural style villa, was within easy reach.

It was surrounded by oriental plane trees whose leaves had fallen entirely.

The weather was gloomy, and the cold wind was blowing.

Mei Qi parked the car under an oriental plane tree.

Song Yunxuan slowly opened the car window.

She could see the commotion in the Champs-Elysea through the iron fence.

A black car was in the garden.

There were still traces of water on the road because of the earlier rain and snow.

Looking a little away, Song Yunxuan could see a woman kneeling in front of the villa’s house, with tousled hair and in thin clothes.

“What a wonderful play! Torture herself to win Shao Tianze’s sympathy.”

Song Yunxuan smiled slightly.

Following her eyesight, Mei Qi could effortlessly identify the woman sitting on the floor with hair disheveled.

He was not surprised, “Without you, an unexpected opponent, Song Yunjia would be a hard nut to crack.”

“This can’t blame me. People want to move up, as water has to flow down. Sooner or later, only one of our four siblings of the Song Family will be the final winner after fierce competition.”

As the old saying went, “successful and fortunate crime is called virtue.”

From the beginning, she and Song Yunjia were opponents. They were destined to have only this ending.

The wind came in from the window.

Song Yunxuan felt a little cold, and there was still a wet feeling on her face.

She raised her hand and touched her cheek, finding it was the water after the snow had melted.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, “It’s snowing again.”

Mei Qi lifted the window glass for her.

Song Yunxuan was happy to remain idle. Sitting calmly in the car, she enjoyed Song Yunjia’s performance of bitter love.

However, the weather was not fair. It was snowing. Song Yunjia would freeze to death.

Snowflakes slowly drifted down from the sky.

The maids coming with Nurse Sun took Song Yunjia’s clothes and toiletries from the bedroom and threw them at the door.

Several pieces of clothes were thrown into shallow puddles, immediately getting wet.

As Song Yunjia saw her expensive custom-made clothes were thrown into the water, the corners of her eyes jumped uncontrollably.

How could these maids domineer over her!

After Shao Tianze’s arrival, she would undoubtedly give them punishment.

Zhao Yang had called Shao Tianze for her.

Song Yunjia hugged herself on the ground.Visit website

In the Shao Family, Gu Changle called Nurse Sun immediately after the doctor left.

As soon as her phone rang, Nurse Sun picked up the phone, “Miss Gu?”

“Is Song Yunjia, the bitch, there?”

Gu Changle hated Song Yunjia with all her soul, unabashedly using ugly and harsh words to show her anger and disdain.

Nurse Sun said, “Miss Gu, your guess is right. Song Yunjia is in the Champs-Elysea indeed.”

Hearing Nurse Sun’s answer, Gu Changle gnashed her teeth in hatred, “Throw her out!”

“We have already done that, Miss Gu.”

Nurse Sun had known that Gu Changle couldn’t tolerate Song Yunjia.

To gain Gu Changle’s appreciation, Nurse Sun asked, “Miss Gu, would you like to come and see it in person?”

Gu Changle raised her eyebrows, “What is she doing now?”

“After we threw her out, she has been sitting on the ground. We are cleaning her things.”

“She just sits there but refuses to leave?”

Gu Changle asked.

Nurse Sun nodded, “Yes, Miss Gu. In your opinion, what should we do?”

“She stays there because she is waiting for Tianze’s return.” Gu Changle felt her blood was rolling inside her body, and became upset, “If she doesn’t want to leave, just let her wait at the door.”

Nurse Sun was worried, “However, if Mr. Shao comes back, we will be….”

She didn’t finish her sentence.

However, even if she didn’t say it, Gu Changle should know her meaning.

Nurse Sun was a maid of the Shao Family, and Shao Tianze was the master.

If Shao Tianze had come back and decided to help Song Yunjia, she would have been punished for everything she and other maids had done.

“What are you afraid of?” Gu Changle became impatient, “I’m the woman Tianze values the most. You just follow my instructions. Will Tianze blame you because of this slut?

“No, Miss Gu. That’s not what I mean.”

Nurse Sun explained quickly.

Gu Changle understood what Nurse Sun was afraid of, although she said that was not what she meant.

Since she was a maid of the Shao Family, she naturally should put the master first.

She obeyed Gu Changle’s order because she believed that Gu Changle could protect them.

If Gu Changle hadn’t been able to protect them, why would she have listened to Gu Changle’s instructions in the future?

Gu Changle didn’t push her anymore but said, “You just stay there. If Song Yunjia waits outside, let her wait until freezing. No one is allowed to help her. As for Tianze, I will tell him myself.”

She reassured Nurse Sun.

Gu Changle ended the call.

Gu Changle immediately asked someone to call Shao Tianze.

This time they reached Shao Tianze.

He had arrived at his office of the Shao enterprise.

After Shao Tianze picked up the call, the maid handed the cordless phone to Gu Changle respectfully.

Hearing Shao Tianze’s breath, Gu Changle asked her worriedly, “Tianze, where did you go last night? Why didn’t you go home?”

She lived with Shao Tianze now.

If she hadn’t been Gu Changge’s sister, she would have already married to Shao Tianze after Gu Changge’s death.

However, everyone in Yuncheng knew that she was Gu Changge’s younger sister. Even if Gu Changge had died, she couldn’t marry Shao Tianze immediately.

Her identity cannot be changed from Shao Tianze’s sister-in-law to Shao Tianze’s wife.

However, she had regarded herself as Shao Tianze’s wife in the Shao Family.

She should have asked carefully if Shao Tianze had come home late.

If Shao Tianze had stayed out at night, she should have asked him more carefully.

When getting Gu Changle’s call, Shao Tianze felt uneasy.

He liked Gu Changle and felt guilty about her because of what had happened last night.

So, he left the Champs-Elysea and went to his office to figure out the solution.

It was inevitable that Gu Changle would ask him carefully about last night since he finally picked up the phone after Gu Changle had made dozens or hundreds of calls.

“Did something happen to you last night?”


“Did you go to socialize?”

“Yes, I attended a small dinner party.”

“You were drunk, so you stayed outside and didn’t go home, did you?”


Shao Tianze nodded.

“Tianze…” Gu Changle spoke in a more serious tone.

Shao Tianze felt that Gu Changle would start to interrogate him in the next second.

He immediately interrupted her, “There will be a meeting soon. After I get home, I will explain to you what happened last night.”

"Tianze, you will not spend the night outside tonight, will you?”

Shao Tianze nodded as he felt guilty in his heart and heard Gu Changle’s uncertain question, “No, I won’t.”

“Come back home as early as you can.”

After finishing this sentence, Gu Changle put down the phone.

Shao Tianze had no meeting to attend.

He hurriedly found such an excuse to hang up Gu Changle’s phone because he couldn’t think of how to tell Gu Changle.

Over the years, he and Gu Changle had been admiring each other. They had waited until Gu Changge died. However, after he could be with her, he had such a relationship with Song Yunjia again.

What should he do at present?

His heart was entangled in unease and guilt. He did not know whether he should confess to Gu Changle or continue to hide.

The more he thought about it, the more troubled he felt.

Song Yunxuan, sitting in the car, patiently watched the bitter love drama in the Champs-Elysea.

Mei Qi, resting his head on his hand, had been watching for a long time.

The intrigues between women were terrible.

He felt cold as Song Yunjia sat in front of the door for so long.

However, Song Yunjia was still insisting.

Song Yunxuan used her finger to write on the car window. She saw every word she wrote for a while.

Then she wiped them off.

She just did that to kill time, and for fun.

As he saw her writing on the car window, Mei Qi couldn’t help but say, “Only children will write on the window repeatedly.”

“I am not old.”

She answered firmly and affirmatively.

Mei Qi couldn’t rebut.

“Song Yunjia has been waiting at the door for a long time. Shao Tianze has not come over yet. Did Zhao Yang call Shao Tianze for her?”

Mei Qi began to doubt.

Song Yunjia erased a word, Miao, written on the car window.

She said while writing another word, “Zhao Yang made people call Shao Tianze, but whether this call could reach Shao Tianze is still worth pondering.”

Mei Qi was stunned and turned around to look at her, “Manager Song, what do you mean?”

Song Yunxuan stopped writing and smiled at him, “Isn’t that simple?”

Mei Qi asked her uncertainly, “Manager Song, did you cut Zhao Yang’s call to Shao Tianze?”

“I bribed the person who called Shao Tianze.”

Mei Qi was astonished, “You have bought off Zhao Yang’s assistant!”

Zhao Yang thought highly of his assistant.

How could the assistant betray his boss so easily?

Knowing his question, Song Yunxuan thought it was easy to understand, “Although Zhao Yang thinks highly of his assistant, he had never thought about the assistant’s real needs.”

“Zhao Yang pays his assistant a very high monthly salary.”

“What if the money I gave him once is equivalent to his lifetime salary?”

Mei Qi was silent.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at the car window and smiled, “Everyone is snobbish. Smart people know what they need. After comparing, they know what to do to get a better life.”

As the saying went, “Men die for wealth as birds for food.”

As long as there was enough money, nothing couldn’t be bought off.

If there had been something that couldn’t be bought off, then you should have used more money.

The money in her hand was enough to put a spy beside Zhao Yang.

Although this spy was a small part of the overall plan, he was critical.

“Manager Song….”

Mei Qi called her.

Hearing the voice, Song Yunxuan rested her eyes on him, “What else do you want to ask me?”

“How many people have you placed beside your enemies?”

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