Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Where Are The Kids

Chapter 346 Where Are the Kids

Gu Changle’s look became stormy.

Shuang felt very uneasy in front of Gu Changle.

After a while, Gu Changle suddenly opened her mouth and sneered, “He has gone to find that bitch again.”

Shuang dared not to reply.

Gu Changle began to shuffle out of the study, feeling down and lost.

And Shuang was just in front of her.

“Get out of my way!” she growled.

Being growled at, Shuang immediately moved out of her way in fear.

As she was walking back, she murmured to herself, “It seems that if I don’t accept her, I’ll be driven out of the Shao Family. I’ve never expected that I should wind up like this, hum….”

She sneered at herself sarcastically and felt as if a huge hole had been poked in her heart, which hurt her badly.

She didn’t want to cry.

But thinking of the man who she had loved for so many years finally chose to be with Song Yunjia, she felt it was quite ridiculous.

She thought that Shao Tianze would live together with her till old and grey, but it turned out to be like this.

Thinking of this, she felt that her fate was not so different from Gu Changge’s.

Gu Changge was killed off-guard.

And she helplessly watched another woman tread her underfoot, step by step.

She trailed back into her room, crying and laughing. The servants beside her felt that she went crazy.

But none of them dared to approach to talk to her.

This night was especially long for the Shao Family and the Song Family.

Gu Changle stayed alone in the room, and the feeling of being betrayed consumed her.

Yet Song Yunjia felt the night made her full of hope as if she had been reborn.

It could be said that the first night with Shao Tianze was just a drunken mistake.

But what about the second night?

After Shao Tianze had woken up on the bed, he held his forehead.

Seeing him holding his forehead, Song Yunjia sat up worriedly while wrapping herself up with the quilt. She reached out to rub his temples for him, “You had a hangover last night, so now your head hurts, right?”

Being touched by her fingers, Shao Tianze didn’t say anything for a while.

He didn’t know how to face Song Yunjia now.

This was now the second time he had sex with her, could he still not be responsible for her?

He was vexed and then removed her fingers on his temples and then got out of bed.

Seeing him go towards the bathroom, Song Yunjia didn’t press him. Instead, she smiled on seeing him enter the bathroom.

How long could Shao Tianze keep resisting?

She could do whatever Gu Changle couldn’t do.

Gu Changle couldn’t have babies, so she could never give him an heir of the Shao Family.

But Song Yunjia could have babies. She could give him healthy babies.

What else in the Shao Family was worth for him to yearn for?

She put her hand on the quilt, looked at her right ring finger and gently stroked it. She felt that something would happen very fast.

She felt that Shao Tianze would soon put a diamond ring on her right ring finger.

She slowly lay back onto the bed and imagined her future life while bathing in sunlight.

Just when thinking of the Song Family, she suddenly recalled that there was another very important thing she hadn’t told Shao Tianze yet.

She got up from the bed, tugged her silk pajamas casually and walked to the bathroom.

She was barefoot, not even wearing her slippers.

When she opened the glass door of the bathroom, Shao Tianze was washing under the showerhead.

Song Yunjia came in without knocking or greeting, and she saw his back at a glance.

She couldn’t help letting out a little cry and her face flushed.

Shao Tianze turned to look at her, narrowed his eyes slightly and felt a bit unpleasant, “Why did you come in?”

He didn’t make her leave.

She pressed her lips, wearing a worried look, “I suddenly thought of something very important.”

“What is it?”

Song Yunjia wanted to approach him and tell him about it.

But as soon as she moved forward, she felt that Shao Tianze’s naked body embarrassed her.

She was in a dilemma over whether to step forward or not.

Seeing her embarrassment, Shao Tianze reached for a bathrobe on the shelf next to him. Then he wrapped it around himself and approached her, “Just tell me what troubles you.”

“It’s about Miaomiao and Gu Yi.”

As soon as she spilled out the two names, Shao Tianze’s face clouded.

“Miaomiao and Gu Yi?”

He felt both excited and scared.

He didn’t know whether the news Song Yunjia was about to give him was good or bad.

“You’ve found them?”

Shao Tianze raised his hand and put it on her shoulder.

Because he was too excited, the pressure he applied was a bit too much.

Song Yunjia nodded, frowning, “My news should be accurate.”

“Where are they? Did they get killed by anyone? Are they safe now?”

Song Yunjia didn’t expect that Shao Tianze cared about the two kids this much.

It was probably because the two kids were related to him that he was quite concerned about them.

“They are still alive.”

Only by one sentence, Song Yunjia stupefied Shao Tianze.

“Still alive?”

Some inexplicable feelings rose from his heart.

He actually felt a bit happy.

“These two kids were born by Gu Changge. So tell me, are you going to save them?”

“Of course!” he replied with curt finality, without any hesitation.

“Gu Yi and Miaomiao are my own children.”

“But they are also related to Gu Changge. If the two kids grow up and know the truth, then….” She felts that the two children were potential dangers.

But she couldn’t directly say that she must get rid of these two kids, so she could only imply to him in this way.

However, Shao Tianze had no intention of caring about her implying at all.

There were tension and light in his eyes that could not be ignored, “Where are the two of them now?”

“I’ve heard that they are now in….”

She paused a little to see Shao Tianze’s reaction.

Now she had to know how Shao Tianze would react. Because even if Gu Changle had been got rid of and she had successfully become Shao Tianze’s wife, there would still have been the two kids left by Gu Changge.

She couldn’t stand that there was a Gu Changge. And of course, she had no room in her heart for the two kids either.

She would have made Shao Tianze like her baby as soon as possible and made her baby inherit everything of the Shao Family if she had been married to Shao Tianze.

She must get rid of Gu Changge’s children.

So now, she must know how Shao Tianze would react. Because only if she had done this, she would have been able to be sure about what the best time to get rid of the two children would be.

Shao Tianze gazed at her, “Where exactly?”

His anxiousness showed that he couldn’t wait to know the answer.

Song Yunjia let out a sigh and then spilled out the two kids’ address, “They are in Rose Garden.”

As for Shao Tianze, Rose Garden was deep in his memory.

It seemed that he recalled some deep memory the moment Song Yunjia told him this place, which made him clutch Song Yunjia’s shoulder even harder.


Song Yunjia cried out softly.

Only by then did Shao Tianze realize that he was hurting Song Yunjia. He hastily released Song Yunjia’s shoulder and apologized, “Sorry, I’ve hurt you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Tianze, are you… thinking of anything?”

Song Yunjia carefully read his facial expressions, hoping to see what he was thinking through his face.

Yet Shao Tianze suddenly let out of her shoulder, turned around and walked outside, “I’ll go to find them.”

His sudden move made Song Yunjia slightly stupefied.

Then Song Yunjia followed him to the bedroom and offered, “Let me go with you.”

Early in the morning.

In Rose Garden, Song Yunxuan raised her hand to stroke her forehead gently.

Next to her was Chu Mochen, who had already woken up.

Seeing that she raised her hand to stroke her forehead, Chu Mochen also reached out to stroke her forehead, “What’s wrong? Do you have a fever?”

“No.” she gave him a smile. Then she turned over and murmured, “I had a dream last night.”

“What dream? Who did you dream of?”

Chu Mochen asked her gently. His attitude towards her showed that he had become more and more considerate to her.

His change made Song Yunxuan feel a little strange. However, she felt that now he was better than before when he treated her coldly.

She sat up from the bed, “I dreamed that….”

She deliberately kept him guessing.

As expected, she saw that Chu Mochen was listening carefully to her saying who was in her dream.

Chu Mochen seemed to expect that he was the one in her dream.

But Song Yunxuan just threw back the quilt and got out of bed, which broke his expectation.

“I dreamt about Miaomiao and Yi.”

She walked out in her slippers. She was going to see Gu Yi and Miaomiao without even changing her pajamas.

Seeing her walk out of the bedroom, Chu Mochen shook his head smilingly.

It was hard for him to understand why Song Yunxuan liked Gu Yi and Miaomiao this much.

The two kids were not related to her at all.

But she was so nice to them. As if the two children had been related to her.

He got up and got washed. Then he got dressed and prepared to have breakfast.

A top manager of the Chu’s called him to remind him of a morning meeting this morning.

He glanced at the clock and found that it was too late to have breakfast.

He planned to tell Song Yunxuan about it and left.

But when he walked out of the bedroom, he didn’t see her.

Seeing him looking around, a family servant kindly reminded him, “Mr. Chu, Miss Song is in Miss Miaomiao’s room.”

“Where is the kid’s room?”

Hearing his question, the servant hastily led him to Miaomiao’s room.

Only when arriving at the door of Miaomiao’s room, did the servant take the initiative to leave and reminded him that breakfast was almost ready.

Chu Mochen nodded. Then he raised his hand to open the door of the child’s room.

No sooner had he pushed the door open than he saw Miaomiao sitting on the bed.

Song Yunxuan was combing her long hair with an ivory comb, which was like an elder sister taking care of her younger sister.

Yet Miaomiao still yawned while being taken care of.

“Did Miaomiao still feel sleepy?”


“If you still feel sleepy, then sleep for more time.”

After having smoothed her long smooth hair, Song Yunxuan then gently rested her hand on Miaomiao’s shoulder and asked Miaomiao to turn to look at her, “OK, I’ve finished combing Princess Miaomiao’s hair.”

Miaomiao turned around, looking at Song Yunxuan expectantly, “So, when are we going swimming?”

“After the breakfast. Actually, speaking of which, Miaomiao should study now, right?”

“But Sister Yunxuan has already promised me to take me to swim. How can you eat your words?”

Miaomiao blamed her, frowning.

Seeing that the kid was blaming her, Song Yunxuan let out a sigh and stroked her hair, “OK, I’ll take you to swim after breakfast. Come on, let’s have breakfast first.”

She took Miaomiao’s little hand.

Miaomiao jumped down from the bed.

The two were going to walk out of the bedroom.

But when the two of them turned around, they saw that Chu Mochen was standing at the door at the same time.

“Sister, you’ve got a visitor.”

Looking at Chu Mochen, Miaomiao raised her head to talk to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan smiled, crouched down, and said to her, “Honey, please go downstairs and wait. I’ll have a word with this uncle, and then I’ll join the breakfast with you.”

“Yeah, okay.”

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