Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Conspiracy At Play

Chapter 347 Conspiracy at Play

Miaomiao was a good girl.

Song Yunxuan coaxed her away first.

Then she stood up and looked at Chu Mochen, “You have been here for long?”

“Not really.”

“How long is that?” She walked towards him.

“Since you combed her hair.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t mind him peeking at that them over there. She came to him and invited him, “Go to breakfast with me. It should be ready.”

Chu Mochen watched her going out of the door and turned to her, “I can’t have breakfast here today.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I need to attend a meeting.”

Song Yunxuan nodded thoughtfully after hearing this answer, “Then, next time? Go ahead and be careful on the way.”

She didn’t keep him for breakfast.

She had always attached great importance to the company’s affairs.

If it had been a meeting, there would have been no need to delay being lovey-dovey. It would have been bad if he had been late.

Chu Mochen nodded and walked towards outside.

Song Yunxuan walked beside him and accompanied him out, “I will walk you out.”

She rarely had been like this, so when Chu Mochen heard her this, he looked at her with a slight suspicion.

Song Yunxuan couldnt help laughing when she noticed the doubt in his eyes, "Whats wrong? Is it weird?"

“Yes, very weird.”

They went outside shoulder by shoulder. When they walked by the living room, they saw Gu Yi was going to the restaurant.

Gu Yi just glanced at Song Yunxuan lightly and did not say hello like always.

Song Yunxuan got used to it and just let that slide.

Instead, after seeing this, Chu Mochen asked her, “Why this child doesn’t seem to like you?”

“He has always been like this. Don’t worry about it.”

“Do you like him to act in this way?”

“Children of his type don’t need the protection of others and have the ability to protect themselves when they grow up. He will be a promising man, don’t you think?”

She asked Chu Mochen instead.

Chu Mochen didn’t deny her statement but spoke with a little pity, “It’s a pity that he’s from the Shao family.”

“It’s not pity. He is also a child of Gu Changge, and he will inherit that huge business in the future. The characteristics he owned can not be more suitable.”

On hearing of this, Chu Mochen smiled gently.

They walked outside the door while talking.

The car that sent Chu Mochen over here last night had been waiting outside the villa.

Now that the driver saw him coming out of the house, he immediately got out of the car and opened the door for him.

Chu Mochen knew the driver was bowing to keep the door open for him.

But he did not get on the car immediately. He stopped in front of Song Yunxuan and asked her a question.

“How long will you keep these two children in Rose Garden?”

Song Yunxuan knew Chu Mochen was still worried about these two children.

“Stay as long as they can.” She smiled and looked at him,”Anyway, according to the current situation of the Shao family, these children can only be sent back as bargaining chips for those two women.”

“Even if you keep them around, you can’t change the fact that they are already bargaining chips.”

“No matter what, they stay with me is always better than staying with Song Yunjia and Gu Changle.”

Chu Mochen couldn’t argue with that.

At last, he asked her, “Haven’t you thought about sending them back?”

“No.” She responded decisively without thinking.

The certainty in her tone seemed that no one could shake her.

Chu Mochen nodded, “If there is anything, call me.”

“I will.”

Chu Mochen got in the car. Song Yunxuan watched the car driving out of Rose Garden.

Then she realized that she was still in pajamas.

She felt cold and returned to the villa.

Chu Mochen watched her figure in the rearview mirror shrinking bit by bit. Then he saw she shrunk her shoulders in fear of coldness and turned back to the villa. He sighed gently.

He witnessed her life with these two children in Rose Garden these days, and he was suddenly hit by it.

Now that she had a goal, she must have something that she had to do.

Why should he try to stop her?

The words of Mr. Mogu from Thailand had always been echoed in his mind.

He thought of what Mr. Mogu said, and he could still feel that fear.

And what Song Yunxuan was doing now, just as Mr. Mogu said, was step-by-step revenge.

But after she finished her revenge, would she die silently as Mr. Mogu said?

Chu Mochen’s eyes looked out of the window. His face darkened.

At this moment, a familiar Rolls-Royce car raced by his window at a great speed.

Chu Mochen frowned slightly and turned around to look at the car.

He wanted to know whose car was that.

However, when he turned around, he found that car had turned away.

He frowned and asked the driver in front, “Have you seen the license plate number of the car that just passed by?”

“I’m sorry, Childe Chu, I can’t remember.” The driver answered. But then he added, “But that car does not belong to anyone we know.”

The driver knew the license plates of several prestigious business families in Yuncheng.

Since the driver didn’t know it, there was nothing to worry about.

He no longer thought of the car. He looked at his watch and urged the driver in front, “Faster. I’m going to be late.”

The driver nodded and speeded up.

It was Shao Tianze who sat in the Rolls-Royce car that passed by Chu Mochen.

Shao Tianze also urged the driver in front, “Go faster.”

The driver had a little cold sweat on his forehead because of the excessive speed. He explained to Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, this is already the fastest it can go.”

Song Yunjia patted Shao Tianze’s hand gently, comforting him, “Don’t worry too much. If we get the right news, those children will stay in Rose Garden for now.”

She said so.

However, Shao Tianze did not feel relieved because of it.

On the contrary, he clenched his fingers of both hands and frowned slightly.

“Where did you get the news?”

Shao Tianze asked her.

Song Yunjia didn’t mean to hide. She directly revealed it, “Zhao Yang has been secretly helping me all the time, hoping that I can take back control of the Song’s enterprise, so he has been closely spying on Song Yunxuan.”

“Song Yunxuan has no reason to kidnap the two children.” He believed what Song Yunjia said.

Also, he hoped the news that Song Yunjia brought was true.

But he couldn’t understand why Song Yunxuan would take away his children who had nothing to do with her.

“Tianze, Yunxuan is my sister. Although I haven’t been around with her as long as with Yunying, I know her vicious thoughts,” Song Yunjia didn’t hide her detestation when speaking of Song Yunxuan, “Yunxuan is ruthless and calculating. Although I dont know why she took Miaomiao and Yi away, there must be something in it for her.”

Shao Tianze did not say anything.

Song Yunjia said again, “Song Yunxuan will never do things for no good. I need to remind you again. You must watch out for her.”

The car had been driving forward.

The sun rose slowly.

More and more sunlight was shining on the ground.

In Rose Garden, Song Yunxuan did not know that Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia were coming.

But when she was having breakfast, she was already preparing the arrival of them.

Her eldest sister, Song Yunjia, had never missed any chance to make her collapse.

Now that Song Yunjia knew Miaomiao and Yi were with Song Yunxuan, she would definitely take this opportunity to impress Shao Tianze.

Miaomiao found Song Yunxuan got nervous while having breakfast. She gently raised her hand and pulled Song Yunxuan’s clothes, asking, “Sister, why haven’t you changed your pajamas during breakfast?”

Song Yunxuan scooped some steamed egg that was fresh in the morning and handed it to Miaomiao’s mouth, “Because it is very warm in the house. I don’t feel cold in pajamas.”

Miaomiao felt that Song Yunxuan made sense and had a bite of the steamed egg.

Finishing one bite, she couldn’t help but asked, “Then Sister Yunxuan, do you still go to work today?”

“I thought we are gonna take you to swim. So I won’t go to work today.”

Miaomiao liked talking while eating.

She coped with Miaomiao patiently, coaxing her to eat.

Unlike Miaomiao.

Gu Yi was having the same breakfast as Miaomiao. Since the maid served breakfast on the table, he had been having it without a word.

He was a miser with words. He would only talk when necessary.

Listening to the conversation between his sister and Song Yunxuan, he did not mean to interject.

Miaomiao had less than half a bowl of the steamed egg and couldn’t eat more of it.

Song Yunxuan guessed Miaomiao might be full, so she gently wiped her mouth with a tissue.

At this moment, the housekeeper hurried over.

She bowed to Song Yunxuan’s ear and whispered, “They will be here in three minutes.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

The housekeeper asked her, “Miss Song, what should we do?”

Song Yunxuan was wiping Miaomiao’s mouth. After the housekeeper asking, she placed the tissue on the table. Then she took Miaomiao’s little hand and looked at her with a smile, “Miaomiao, let’s play hide and seek. What do you say? ”

Miaomiao’s big eyes winked and nodded, “Okay, where should I hide?”

“Let the housekeeper take you to hide. If I don’t come to you, you will not be allowed out. Is that okay?”

Miaomiao nodded, “Okay.”

Then Song Yunxuan turned to the housekeeper and nodded to her, giving her a sign to take Miaomiao away first.

Gu Yi was not stupid. He knew that something was going to happen. He looked at Miaomiao being taken away by the housekeeper from the restaurant.

So he also got off the chair and announced coldly, “I’m full. I’ll go back to my room.”

Seeing him leaving, Song Yunxuan suddenly wanted to tease him, so she stopped him, “Are you not curious about why I diverted you away?”

“We?” Gu Yi asked thoughtfully and went on to the second floor, “It must be my father’s coming.”

Song Yunxuan heard his answer and couldn’t help giving this child a glance of praise.

This kid was smarter and sharper than she thought.

He was one in a million.

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