Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Coming For Kids

Chapter 348 Coming for Kids

Gu Yi knew that she had deliberately sent Miaomiao away with an excuse.

He was also judicious to leave after having breakfast.

The two kids were hidden Rose Garden while the rest of the servants and Song Yunxuan, the master, were extremely quiet.

Song Yunxuan was still eating at the table in her pajamas, and she did not forget to ask servants to clean up the bowls and chopsticks of the two kids first.

The servants had just tidied up the bowls and chopsticks when they heard the noise coming from the door for obstruction.

The maid at the door was very anxious and tried to stop the coming people, “I’m sorry. You can’t go in! Wait! If you must go in, please let me inform our Miss!”

“What to inform, unless hiding anything shady at home! Get out of the way!”

Song Yunxuan immediately recognized that the domineering female voice was from Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan wiped her mouth lightly with her napkin, feeling a little ridiculous.

Her elder sister had changed her face so quickly, for she was like a poor homeless dog when she was outside the courtyard of Champs-Elysea.

Unexpectedly, she had just received some favor from Shao Tianze, after which, she could take him to Song Yunxuan’s house to act wildly.

And she seemed to turn her nose up at anyone.Read more chapters at L

After wiping the corners of her mouth, Song Yunxuan placed the napkin on the table and ordered the servant who was waiting beside, “Clean up the table.”

She said this sentence just when Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze came here.

Song Yunjia heard this sentence immediately from Song Yunxuan, who pushed open the door of the dining room at once and ordered loudly, “Don’t clean up!”

She’s coming with getting up on her hind legs.

Shao Tianze followed her into the dining room after she shouted this sentence.

Song Yunxuan had a startled and surprised expression on her face.

Looking at Song Yunjia coming to order her servant, she was even more puzzled, “Elder sister, why you come here?”

Song Yunjia frowned and looked at her as if she was looking at something dirty, “How come you still ask me why I come here? Do you have no idea what you did?”

She looked like she was going to identity her crimes.

Song Yunxuan slowly showed doubts and innocence on the face, “What did I do, Elder sister?”

She must ask the elder sister who looked clear for everything in front of her for she didn’t know what she had done.

Song Yunjia frowned.

Before she spoke, Shao Tianze had said loudly, “Yunxuan.”

He hadn’t had any direct contact with Song Yunxuan for a long time, but when he called her name, he still showed a very familiar appearance.

When Song Yunxuan was called a name by him, she naturally noticed him. With eyesight on his face, she asked him in confusion, “Why did you, Chairman Shao, suddenly come here? If you want to come, why don’t you inform me first?”

She asked directly.

Song Yunjia beside snorted coldly, “If you had been informed long before we came, you would have hidden the two kids tightly.”

“Two kids?” Song Yunxuan frowned as if she could not understand what she was saying. She asked, “Which two kids are you talking about, elder sister?”

“Do you still want to pretend to know nothing?” Song Yunjia glanced at the table, “They are Tianze’s son and daughter.”

She originally wanted to check how many bowls and chopsticks were on the table to judge, by the number of which, how many people were eating just now.

She had confirmed that Gu Yi and Miaomiao were in Rose Garden.

They chose to come in the morning was also for the reason that they might have breakfast together.

The dishes wouldn’t be cleaned up completely for Song Yunxuan certainly would have had no time to make preparations if they had come suddenly.

It would have been proved that three people were eating breakfast at the same time if she had seized three pairs of bowls and chopsticks on her dining table. Then she could show Shao Tianze that there were indeed two children hidden here.

She could also naturally force Song Yunxuan to hand over the kids.

However, when she looked at the table now, she found only one pair of bowl and chopsticks on the table.

It was clear that it was one person eating breakfast.

She frowned, feeling it was impossible.

Shao Tianze noticed that Song Yunjia’s eyes were on Song Yunxuan’s dining table and asked her, “Have you found anything?”

“No, but my friend said that she had seen Yi and Miaomiao appear in the courtyard of Rose Garden. Tianze, Yunxuan must have kidnapped the two kids!”

She said it with certainty.

This made Song Yunxuan frowned tightly, and she showed more seriousness, “Elder sister, how can you frame me casually for kidnapping someone else’s kids?”

“This is not a false accusation, but a fact,” Song Yunjia looked at her with a sharp and arrogant light in her eyes, “If you want to prove that I framed you, then let’s search the villa!”

As soon as she opened her mouth, she said to search this huge Rose Garden.

Song Yunxuan frowned tightly and became a little angry, “Elder sister, you are breaking into my house. Now you accuse me of kidnapping someone else’s kids and want to search my house. What is your purpose?”

Song Yunjia turned to look around the living room, hoping to find some clues of kids.

However, there was no clue that she found useful in the living room.

The decoration of the house was gorgeous and fresh.

It was an Auropean style mingled with simple and luxurious senses.

All the decoration materials and furniture were the best.

Even the flower arrangements on the table were roses with crystal dew, which were just picked from the garden.

“Elder sister, I can’t let you search my house.”

As soon as she said this, she immediately aroused the suspicion from Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze.

There was a slight fluctuation in Shao Tianze’s heart, and he had more suspicion for Song Yunxuan.

And Song Yunjia started to make a big fuss for Song Yunxuan wouldn’t let her search it, “The two kids must be hidden in this house by you?”

“Gu Yi and Miaomiao are the kids of you, Chairman Shao, and have no kinship with me. How can Chairman Shao suspect that I kidnapped your kids when they are missing?” she asked Shao Tianze with every word clear.

Shao Tianze looked at her with an unchanged expression, “I just heard that Yi and Miaomiao appeared here.”

Song Yunxuan was displeased, “Do you believe in hearsay evidence?”

“They are my kids, and I will not let go of any clue.”

“But obviously this is a false clue. The villa I just bought is intended to be my love nest after marriage. How can it become a place to kidnap and harbor your kids?”

Every sentence from Song Yunxuan was to prove her innocence.

Song Yunjia felt that she seemed to try to quibble, although what she was saying was reasonable.

The more she tried to quibble, the more beneficial Song Yunjia would feel in this situation.

She said to Shao Tianze, “Yi and Miaomiao must have been hidden in this house by her. If not, how could she try so hard to quibble with us?”

Shao Tianze cast extreme cold eyesight on Song Yunxuan.

She turned around and said to the four bodyguards who followed her, “Search.”


The bodyguards were suddenly stopped by Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan turned to Shao Tianze, “Chairman Shao, although I know you, our relationship is not good enough for your people to search my home.”

Shao Tianze looked at her and said, “I suspect that you are hiding my children at home!”

“You can not just take the word from my elder sister Song Yunjia,” Song Yunxuan argued, “She just said that someone had seen Yi and Miaomiao in my house, but there is no definite evidence to prove. Are you sure to believe in her?”

“Yunjia is my best friend. I believe her, and she does not need to cheat me.”

In every word, Shao Tianze showed full trust to Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia was very proud.

The expression on Song Yunxuan’s face was extremely displeased, “It seems that no matter what I say, you won’t go out of my house. Am I right, Chairman Shao?”

Shao Tianze acquiesced.

Seeing that Shao Tianze acquiesced, Song Yunxuan turned her eyes to Song Yunjia, “Elder sister, you broke into my house, and now want to search my house by force. This is against the law.”

“It is also against the law for you to kidnap Shao Family’s kids.”

“I repeat that I did not kidnap the two kids.”

Song Yunjia coldly raised her lips, “It’s no use. We won’t believe anything you say unless we search.”

“I can let you search, but what if you don’t find anything?”

Song Yunjia frowned, “If there is no, there is no. What else can we do?”

Song Yunxuan reached out her hand gently, and the maid next to her immediately handed the phone into her hand.

Holding the mobile phone with her finger, she said lightly, “Although I am not as noble as you, Chairman Shao, I am the ruler of the Song enterprise. My home can not be searched for casually. I will never let you search unless you give me a deal.”

“I will give Baoli Media to you.”

Shao Tianze’s voice rang after Song Yunxuan had finished speaking.

Song Yunjia was immediately shocked when she heard that Shao Tianze had promised to give Baoli Media to Song Yunxuan. After reacting, she hastily dissuaded him, “Tianze, Baoli Media is the media industry that you have planned for a long time before purchase. How can you…”

“What can’t? Since Chairman Shao has valuable compensation, I will be reluctant to let his people take liberties in my Rose Garden.”

With her permission, Shao Tianze gave a glance for agreement to the bodyguards. After that, they scattered around to search Rose Garden.

But Song Yunjia became red-eyed and shouted at Song Yunxuan, “You are looting a burning house!”

“You came to break into my house and have already inflicted great physical and psychological trauma on me. Now you want to search for my house. Shouldn’t Mr. Shao give me some mental compensation?”

Song Yunjia frowned and immediately wanted to slap Song Yunxuan.

However, she was just about to move when Shao Tianze grabbed her.

Song Yunxuan looked at her, shook the mobile phone in her hand, and reminded her, “Elder sister, I advise you not to make a casual move. After all, my bodyguards are not far away. They will come in less than five minutes as soon as I call them.”

“You dare to threaten me! Little bitch!”

Song Yunjia spoke without thinking.

Song Yunxuan, however, twitched to her lips and looked at her, “Elder sister, you insist that Yi and Miaomiao are in my house. If you don’t find them later, it will prove that you frame me intentionally.”

“I didn’t frame you!”

Song Yunxuan glanced at her and turned her eyes away in a second. She flicked a finger across her phone’s screen, “You have to pay the price for framing me this time. In a sense, Baoli Media that Chairman Shao has always wanted is the price you will pay for framing me this time.”

Hearing this, Song Yunjia instantly revealed a shocked expression for being calculated.

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