Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 350

Chapter 350 Play Together

Chapter 350 Play Together

Song Yunxuan had no time to go out with her daughter in the past.

She devoted all her time to running Gus. Today, she had a rare free time, and of course, she would choose to bond with her daughter first.

Mei Qi sighed after knowing that she would not come to the Song enterprise.

Then he hung up and started working.

Song Yunxuan asked a servant to take her to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper was good at taking care of children.

After receiving Song Yunxuans order, the housekeeper had taken Miaomiao and Yi to the greenhouse to play hide-and-seek.

The greenhouse was full of carefully cultivated roses.

With the thick foliage, some roses were already in full bloom, beautiful and gorgeous.

The housekeeper had taken the two children to hide in the greenhouse and told them not to speak. They easily escaped the search of the bodyguards brought by Shao Tianze.

After seeing the flowers in the greenhouse, the bodyguards did not look closely. They just walked a few circles on the cobblestone path. After hastily looking around, they went back to search the rooms.

They did not know that it was these thorny roses that contained a secret space to hide two children.

Song Yunxuan came to the greenhouse. Under the guidance of a servant, she gently pulled away a bunch of fake roses with thorns cut off.

Miaomiaos small face appeared in the rose bush.

Her little cheeks were surrounded by big flowers, making people think that this child looked very beautiful and cute.

"Okay, I found you."

Song Yunxuan reached out to Miaomiao.

Miaomiaos face was all smiles after being found.

She looked at Song Yunxuans hand and put her small hand on Song Yunxuans.

Song Yunxuan hugged her out of the cluster of artificial flowers made of fine silk. Miaomiao complained to her, "I have been hiding here for a long time. Why did it take you so long to find me?"

"Because there were troublesome guests just now. As soon as I sent them away, I started looking for you." Song Yunxuan picked her up and didnt forget to reach out to pull Gu Yi in the flower bush.

Gu Yi had been waiting in the bush for a long time. Because the flowers were high and there were no thorns in the surrounding roses, he had long discovered that the place where the housekeeper took them to hide was full of fake roses.

Song Yunxuan had reached out and wanted to pull him up. However, he took a glance at her fingers and ignored her, walking out of the bush by himself.

Seeing his reserved manner, Song Yunxuan resignedly smiled. Then, she held Miaomiao with both hands and walked out of the greenhouse, "Miaomiao, you are already full and have played hide-and-seek. Would you like me to take you to swim?"

"Good. I want to wear that cute little skirt."

"Okay," Song Yunxuan poked her finger on her chubby cheeks and said, "I have prepared a lot of cute swimsuits for you. I will take you to choose now. Wear whatever you want."

Hearing what Song Yunxuan had said, Miaomiao was even happier.

Song Yunxuan held her and walked towards outside. When she reached the door of the greenhouse, she stopped deliberately, waiting for Gu Yi behind.

When Gu Yi came to them, Song Yunxuan asked him, "Do you want to go swimming with us?"

Gu Yi walked straight forward and answered her coldly, "No, I dont. Enjoy yourself."

It was in the expectation of Song Yunxuan that he said no.

Miaomiao held Song Yunxuans neck with both hands. Watching her elder brother leave, she frowned and whispered to Yunxuans ear, "Brother does not like swimming, just like mommy."

"Then we wont take him. Only you and I will go swimming together."

"Thats great."

Holding her neck, Miaomiao kissed her on the cheek.

When Shao Xue arrived at Fanxing Magazine, she heard that Xiao Hong said she would go to Baoli Media.

Baoli Media was Fanxings implacable enemy. The two even published their magazines at the same time.

And they also would choose the same author to write column articles.

Baoli Media had been Fanxings greatest enemy during its development.

Xiao Hong was the editor-in-chief of Fanxing, which was a well-known thing to Baoli Medias employees.

How could Baoli Media allow their viral to go to their company?

When Shao Xue was trying to figure it out, Xiao Hong came over and patted her on the shoulder, "I think you are going to get a promotion and a raise in salary."

Shao Xue was stunned for a while before laughing, "You are kidding me. How long have I been here? Seniors should get the promotion and the salary raise."

"You know that our Miss Song values the performance more than the seniority."

"Even so, it shouldnt be me. My performance is not as good as you, Editor Xiao."

Since starting working, Shao Xue had undergone tremendous changes. She had fully adapted to her workplace and could exert all her advantages in the workplace.

She got along well with her colleagues and worked well.

Shao Xue helped Xiao Hong run Fanxing Magazine well when she dealt with the matters of the Shao Family. Not only had Xiao Hong mentioned it to Song Yunxuan, but also Song Yunxuan had found it by herself.

Shao Xue still didnt understand why Xiao Hong was going to Baoli Media and couldnt help but ask, "What are you going to do in Baoli Media?"

Being asked, Xiao Hong couldnt help but laugh, "You are not as well informed as I am."

"What happened to Baoli Media?"

As soon as she said this, Xiao Hongs smile became bigger, "Miss Song won Baoli Media."

"So quick!" Shao Xue was surprised, "Did the Shao enterprise want to buy Baoli Media? Why do they give up?"

"Who knows," Xiao Hong shrugged and said in a good mood, "Anyway, Miss Song has won Baoli, which is good news."

"It is really good news." Shao Xue also bent her lips.

Then, Xiao Hong went to the office building of Baoli Media to see how the thing was going on.

And Shao Xue stayed in Fanxing Magazine.

She went to the pantry room to get a coffee and then sipped at it while leaning on the table.

She had chosen Song Yunxuan from the beginning. And during this period, everything had been going on smoothly.

Song Yunxuan did not let her down.

As she approached her goal, the expectation in her heart became stronger and stronger.

She was going to revenge her parents death.

Shao Tianze became her elder brother and treated her so well on the surface.

However, she never knew if Shao Tianze had ever confessed for killing her parents.

Her parents had raised Shao Tianze for so many years as their biological child. However, they had come to such a sticky end.

They were killed by their adopted child, not knowing the reason.

Every time she thought of it, she felt hatred.

She could wear a calm face when she recalled it now since it had passed for so many years.

However, she still held intense hatred in her heart.

She couldnt understand why Shao Tianze could do such things just to disguise his original family background.

To cover up his past, he did not hesitate to kill his benefactor. He was a viper.

She was busy preparing Song Yunxuans acquisition of Baoli Media.

Song Yunxuan had already selected the editor-in-chief and had the development plan for the future of Baoli Media.

Shao Xue hadnt got the notice.

Xiao Hong said that she heard the news from Mei Qi. She wanted to call Song Yunxuan and ask about the details. However, she couldnt get through.

Song Yunxuan had said that she was going to accompany Miaomiao to swim.

So, she gave her cell phone to the housekeeper when she entered the swimming pool.

The housekeeper would inform Song Yunxuan according to the priorities of the information of calls.

She was usually stuck in work.

Now she was swimming with Miaomiao in the swimming pool, and the housekeeper still came over from time to time to report the phone call.

Miaomiao was in the shallow water area, holding a swim ring. Seeing the housekeeper kept coming to talk to Song Yunxuan, Miaomiao pouted with dissatisfaction, "Why the housekeeper comes over?"

"Because there are important things." Song Yunxuan coaxed her.

Before coming, she had thought about letting the administrator clear the swimming pool.

However, when she asked Miaomiao whether she would like to play with other kids, Miaomiao immediately requested, "Dont drive away other children! There will be no fun if they are gone."

Hearing Miaomiaos request, Song Yunxuan gave up her intention of letting the administrator clear the swimming pool.

Miaomiao was still the youngest daughter of the Shao Family. She shouldnt appear in public.

So, when choosing the swimming pool, Song Yunxuan deliberately chose the shallow water swimming pool with partitions.

Each shallow water area was separated by something like a fishing net, so there would be fewer people. Miaomiao was less likely to be recognized.

She hired a female bodyguard to move around the shallow water and to monitor the surroundings in case someone followed them closely.

Her people had checked even every monitor in the swimming pool.

Song Yunxuan had done everything to ensure that Miaomiao would have fun in this swimming pool.

She wore a light pink bikini.

Her sexy body was visible.

Because she was in shallow water, she didnt take off her three-piece chiffon outerwear.

She soaked her half in the water with her arms on the edge of the pool.

The housekeeper gently reported to her, "Assistant Mei just called and said the matter of Baoli Media had been settled. The acquisition documents have been reviewed by the lawyer team of the Song enterprise. There is no problem."

Song Yunxuan nodded, "I will call them back at noon. Please do not disturb me for now if there is nothing else. Miaomiao doesnt like me to do other things."

The housekeeper laughed, gently agreed, and left with a smile.

Miaomiao spent her morning in the shallow water, using the swim ring.

Several children came to play with her.

Song Yunxuan asked people to confirm the identities of these children. After finding that there was no possibility of divulging Miaomiaos identity, she watched them playing with the swim rings together.

Chu Mochen called her near noon.

He asked her if she would accompany Miaomiao this afternoon.

She was surprised. She had thought that Chu Mochen would ask where she was first when calling.

However, she was wrong.

"I have planned to come out with her for a day. Of course I will play with her in the afternoon."

"Will you still swim in the pool in the afternoon?"

"No. I want to go to the amusement park with her."

"She will be recognized."

"She can wear a mask." Song Yunxuan glanced at Miaomiao.

She was playing the ball with other kids over there.

Hearing Song Yunxuans plan, Chu Mochen said softly, "Ill go with you."

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