Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Riding The Ferris Wheel

Chapter 351 Riding the Ferris Wheel

Chu Mochen had rarely gone out with children.

Let alone accompany a child who was not his relative.

Song Yunxuan took Miaomiao to dinner in the restaurant at noon. Then she called the Rose Garden, asking whether Gu Yi was bored at home.

Song Yunxuan also asked if Gu Yi would go to the amusement park together in the afternoon.

Unexpectedly, Gu Yi refused without thinking.

Gu Yi didnt want to go to the amusement park.

Gu Yi was well-behaved in the Rose Garden now. Although he didnt talk too much with Song Yunxuan, he understood what he should do.

Song Yunxuan didnt hang up until she heard Gu Yis reluctance to go out.

Besides, Song Yunxuan told the servants at home to take good care of Gu Yi before hanging up.

The servants in the Rose Garden were specially hired to look after the children. Therefore, they could do very well for what Song Yunxuan had instructed.

It was over 1 oclock when Song Yunxuan and Miaomiao finished their lunch. Chu Mochen contacted Song Yunxuan and asked her where she was to pick her up.

Song Yunxuan told Chu Moche where she was.

Chu Mochen drove alone to the place where they were after ten minutes or so.

Song Yunxuan and Miaomiao ate in a famous doll restaurant in Yuncheng. Song Yunxuan took Miaomiaos hand to go out after she saw Chu Mochen parked near the restaurant. Song Yunxuan said, "Well, the uncle who will play with us has come here."

"Sister, does he know me?"

Miaomiao was obviously curious about this new playmate.

Song Yunxuan touched Miaomiaos little head. She said with a smile, "He looks cold on the surface, but he likes children very much inside. Dont be afraid."

Miaomiao nodded.

Song Yunxuan thought that Chu Mochen really liked children, especially the little girl who looked so similar to Gu Changge.

Chu Mochen opened the car door and waved at them as Song Yunxuan and Miaomiao came out of the restaurant.

Song Yunxuan saw that Chu Mochen didnt wear a straight suit like he usually did in the company. Song Yunxuan smiled. She pointed at Chu Mochen and said to Miaomiao, "You see, isnt he a gentle uncle?"

Miaomiao looked at the place where Song Yunxuan pointed. She saw a man wearing a military-colored casual coat and casual pants as well as a sweater in the distance.

Besides, the man wore a scarf, which looked not very thick but precious.

Miaomiao whispered. She looked at Chu Mochens face and said with sincerity, "He is really a handsome uncle."

Song Yunxuan smiled on her face. She was a little glad to hear that.

Song Yunxuan and Miaomiao walked to Chu Mochens car.

Chu Mochen saw Miaomiao, but he didnt initiate a conversation with Miaomiao.

Chu Mochen just said to Song Yunxuan, "Get in the car."

"You look so handsome today." Song Yunxuan didnt forget to compliment him.

Chu Mochen didnt respond, but to open the rear door for her.

Song Yunxuan watched him open the car door for her. She grabbed Chu Mochens wrist. Tipping her feet slightly, Song Yunxuan actively kissed Chu Mochens lips.

Being kissed by her like this, Chu Mochen was a little startled. Even Miaomiao was a little scared by Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuans kiss was gentle. She simply flitted over Chu Mochens lips.

People passing by looked at them. They just thought it was a young couple who came out to play with their children.

Song Yunxuan kissed him, then she stooped into the car and pulled Miaomiao in.

Miaomiao was pulled in. She quietly asked Song Yunxuan, "Is this your boyfriend?"

"Do you like him?"

Miaomiao answered very cleverly, "Its alright as long as you like him."

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to embrace Miaomiao on her lap.

Chu Mochen started the car after getting in. Then he threw them two caps.

There were very cute cartoon patterns on both caps.

Miaomiao saw these patterns on the hat. She immediately said with excitement, "Sister, you see. There is a Teenie Weenie on the cap."

"Do you like it?" Song Yunxuan asked Miaomiao with those two caps.

Miaomiao nodded violently, "I like it."

"If you like, you should say thank you to this uncle."

Hearing Song Yunxuans words, Miaomiao immediately turned around to speak to Chu Mochen, who was driving, "Uncle, thank you."

Chu Mochen looked at Miaomiao from the rearview mirror.

After saying that, Miaomiao asked for the cap.

Song Yunxuan put the smaller one on Miaomiaos head.

Miaomiao liked the cap too much to part with it. She had been playing with it all the way, putting it on and taking it off now and then.

She played by herself in the back seat.

Song Yunxuan raised the skirt and stepped from the back seat to the front passenger seat.

Chu Mochen drove the car steadily, but he still could not help reminding Song Yunxuan, "Its dangerous for you to do this."

"I believe your driving skills."

Song Yunxuan sat in the passenger seat. She stretched out her hand to pull the safety belt.

Chu Mochen looked at Miaomiao through the rearview mirror, who was playing alone in the back, "Is it okay not to be with her?"

"Its okay, she likes the cap you gave her. Its fine for her as long as she is with the cap."

Chu Mochen heard what she said. He smiled slightly.

Song Yunxuan asked Chu Mochen again, "By the way, how do you know that Miaomiao likes Winnie the Pooh best?"

"I saw an interview with Gu Changge before. In this interview, Gu Changge mentioned that her daughter likes Winnie the Pooh."

Chu Mochen said so.

Song Yunxuan had mixed feelings in her heart.

Song Yunxuan didnt expect that Chu Mochens affection for Gu Changge was so deep that even though Gu Changge occasionally mentioned it in the magazine, Chu Mochen could remember it so clearly.

Song Yunxuan remained silent for a long time without saying anything.

Chu Mochen drove forward. It didnt take them so long to get to the amusement park.

Many parents took their children to play because it was Saturday.

Some young fathers even lifted their cute little daughters. They let their daughters sit on their necks.

Song Yunxuan found that there were so many people at the ticket window of the amusement park.

Chu Mochen already took out three tickets and handed them to Song Yunxuan.

"Have you bought them in advance?" Song Yunxuan looked at the three tickets he passed with surprise.

Chu Mochen opened the door beside the drivers seat. He said, "There are so many people here on weekends. It will take a lot of time if we dont buy the tickets until we arrive."

Exactly, as long as people like Chu Mochen made a call, their subordinates would go out to buy tickets for him immediately.

Song Yunxuan also got out of the car. Then she went to open the rear door to take Miaomiao out of the car.

Miaomiao had never come out to play as freely as other children, although she was born in a wealthy family, receiving the highest education and the most intimate care from childhood.

Miaomiao had always wished her parents to take her and her brother to the amusement park once.

But every time she talked to her mother, her mother would leave because of a temporary notice or conference.

Her mother even let nurses come to play with Miaomiao.

At that time, Miaomiao felt pitiful for herself when she saw other children playing with their parents while she was just with nurses and brother.

Song Yunxuan took Miaomaio out. Then she raised her hand to press Miaomiaos cap, telling Miaomiao, "There may be some strange uncles who kidnapped children in the amusement park. Therefore, you must always wear this cap and hold my hand firmly. OK?"

Miaomiao nodded obediently.

Song Yunxuan saw her nod. Then she was about to take the child to find Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan didnt expect that she was put on a cap as she just turned around.

The cap was pressed a little low, which somewhat blocked Song Yunxuans view.

But Song Yunxuan could know it was Chu Mochen who appeared in front of her.

The reason was that she could see Chu Mochens pants and shoes.

"Besides Miaomiao, you also need to wear a cap."

Chu Mochens voice rose directly in front of her. He also took Miaomiao away from Song Yunxuans arms.

Miaomiao was embraced by Chu Mochen without struggling. She even stretched out her small hands to hug his neck.

Song Yunxuan raised her cap to adjust her view. She saw Chu Mochen in front of herself with Miaomiao in his arms.

Such a handsome man hugged a cute little girl, just like the father and daughter.

After Song Yunxuan adjusted her cap, she leaned over.

No matter what other people thought, they would consider them a couple, playing with their child.

"Do you want me to hold her?" Song Yunxuan reached out to take Miaomiao from Chu Mochens arms, "She has been eating well in recent days. She has gained some weight."

"Its fine. Chubby children are cute."

Chu Mochen didnt mean to give Miaomiao to her.

Moreover, Chu Mochen raised Miaomiao higher. He smiled at Miaomiao, asking her, "Who does Miaomiao wish to be held, sister Yunxuan, or me?"

Miaomiao looked at Song Yunxuan, in a dilemma.

Finally, Miaomiao whispered in Chu Mochens ear.

Miaomiao probably said something funny, making Chu Mochen smile deeper.

"Okay, lets go in."

Seeing that Miaomiao didnt leave Chu Mochen or plead for her hug, Song Yunxuan knew that Miaomiao had been convinced by a hug from Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan had no way but to propose to enter the amusement park first.

The three of them went into the amusement park together. No one could saw Song Yunxuan and Miaomiao clearly because they wore flat caps with the Winnie the Pooh.

Even if someone saw their profiles, they didnt notice that the older one was Yunxuan, often appearing in the magazine of Yuncheng, and the younger one was Miaomiao, the youngest daughter of the Shao Family who had been looked for.

Miaomiao felt very happy as soon as she entered the park.

Miaomiao cried to ride the Ferris wheel inside the park as she saw it.

Chu Mochen teased her, "Is Miaomiao afraid of height?"

"Im not scared. You and sister are with me."

"What if we are not with you?"

"Why dont you accompany me?" The little girl began to be coquetry in his arms.

The sweet voice of the child made Song Yunxuan unable to resist, let alone Chu Mochen.

Being conquered by Miaomiaos coquetry, Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan took Miaomiao to the Ferris wheel.

After boarding the Ferris wheel, they saw the Ferris wheel gradually turn higher and higher with the rotation.

Miaomiao no longer leaned by the window to look out.

Song Yunxuan took her over and asked her, "Why dont you look outside?"

"Its so high. Im scared." Miaomiao stayed quietly in Song Yunxuans arms.

Song Yunxuan glanced outside. It was indeed very high.

Even if an adult like her looked outside, she would feel a little dizzy.

"If Miaomiao is afraid of height, dont go to a place that is too high. Okay?"

Miaomiao nodded. She stressed, "A high place will be very dangerous. I will not go there."

"Then, why you still take the Ferris wheel?"

Miaomiao reached out her hands and wrapped her arms around Song Yunxuans neck, "Im not afraid because Sister Yunxuan is here with me."

Hearing these, Song Yunxuan felt that she was about to be melted by this sweet child.

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