Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Changle Kept The Appointment

Chapter 354 Changle Kept the Appointment

The servants in the Champs-Elysea had been preparing dinner soon after lunch.

After having enjoyed some tea with Song Yunjia in the living room, Shao Tianze planned to go to the Shao enterprise in the afternoon.

He had heard that the Shao enterprise had been looking for new media companies and hoped to take over one after having lost the acquisition of Baoli Media.

Shao Tianze didn’t tell Song Yunjia anything about it.

He knew well that Song Yunxuan was neither an enemy nor a friend, and the media industries in Yuncheng, which were best at stirring the public opinion, were in Song Yunxuan’s hands.

It was undoubtedly a very successful strategy to incite the public fury with the help of the public opinion.

Many things could be accomplished and destroyed through the power of public opinion.

It was a bad move for Shao Tianze to give away Baoli Media. Now he had to take over one media company that was exceeded only by Baoli Media as soon as possible.

Then he would develop the new media company at all costs in order to create a media that could be on a par with Fanxing Magazine.

Only in this way could the Shao enterprise keep a good image in the tide of public opinion in the future.

He arrived at the company and ordered his senior managers to select the most potential media companies in Yuncheng for reference.

While on the other side, Song Yunjia had been arranging flowers the whole afternoon.

When she worked as a doctor, she was too busy to enjoy these things.

But now she felt quite relaxed, and her mood became much better as she has time and opportunities to enjoy such things.

She would put her flower arrangement on today’s dinner table to make Gu Changle see what a great life she was enjoying now.

Hadn’t Gu Changle always been wanting Shao Tianze to break up with her?

But now, not only did they not break up, but the relationship between them had become much closer.

She was eager to see Gu Changle have a heart attack again when knowing this.

Thinking of this, Song Yunjia couldn’t help giving a gentle smile.

Just at that time, the servant Wenwen was coming to pour her some flower tea. Hearing that she smiled gently, Wenwen slightly turned her eyes and cast a sidelong glance at her.Read latest chapters at L

Yet Song Yunjia didn’t notice that Wenwen glanced at her. She just paid all her attention to trimming the flower branches and putting the beautiful flaming-red roses that had come out and pretty gypsophila into a vase.

“Miss Song, here is your tea.”

Though being reminded by her like this, yet Song Yunjia didn’t turn her head to look at her. Instead, she continued arranging the flowers in her hands and ordered, “I am planning for pregnancy and won’ drink tea. Switch it to juice.”

“OK.” Hearing her order, Wenwen immediately removed the tea and then prepared to switch into juice.

After having arranged the flower branches in her hands with her fingers, Song Yunjia put the flaming-red rose that was about to bloom into the vase.

After having finished, she looked closely at her work and couldn’t help exclaiming, “How beautiful they are!”

Just at this time, Wenwen brought juice over.

Song Yunjia turned to ask her, “What do you think of my flower arrangements?”

“They’re gorgeous.”

Song Yunjia was satisfied with Wenwen’s answer. Then she nodded and smiled, “I also think it’s gorgeous. Put the vase on the table.”

Wenwen went over to pick up the vase.

Song Yunxuan added, “Remember to switch the table cloth to a romantic one. I want us to dine by candlelight tonight.”

Wenwen was slightly stupefied, so she asked as she felt strange, “Isn’t the candlelight dinner enjoyed by only two people?”

“You know nothing. The candlelight dinner for three can also be quite interesting.”

Because Gu Changle would join the dinner, tonight’s dinner would be quite interesting no matter how they enjoyed it.

Gu Changle, who was such a jealous woman, would not enjoy this dinner quietly.

She curled up her lips and turned to look at the wall clock.

There were still a few hours to go before the dinner was ready. Song Yunjia hoped that Gu Changle could arrive sooner.

Then the fun would begin earlier.

After having played on the merry-go-round in the amusement park for another ten minutes, Miaomiao was picked up from it by Lisa.

The three of them had been playing in the amusement park the whole afternoon since they finished their lunch.

Not to mention whether the adults were tired or not, even Miaomiao began to feel tired after having been held by Lisa.

After having taken Miaomiao from Lisa’s hand, Song Yunxuan asked Miaomiao, “What else do you want to play?”

“Bumper cars, pirate ships, and roller coasters.”

Chu Mochen came over and dabbed the cartoon cap on Miaomiao’s head, saying, “I’m so sorry, but your Sister Yunxuan can’t play these.”

Miaomiao felt very strange, “Why? Just now, when I was on the merry-go-round, I asked Sister Yunxuan if she could play these with me, and she agreed!”

She said quite seriously.

And Chu Mochen also looked at her seriously, but with a gentle smile.

He actually looked very gentle when smiling. He slowly hid the acuity in his eyes, and his gentle look was enough to make a child trust him.

“Sister Yunxuan said that on purpose because she didn’t want you to be upset.”

Miaomiao twitched her mouth and then turned to ask Song Yunxuan, “Why can’t Sister Yunxuan play with me?”

Song Yunxuan remained silent for a moment, thinking about how to explain to Miaomiao.

Seeing that she was pondering, Chu Mochen took Miaomiao’s hand and explained for Song Yunxuan, “Because a little baby is now in your sister’s belly, and the little baby can’t play the things you enjoy.”Read latest chapters at L

“Not even the pirate ship?”

“Sister Yunxuan has been playing with you the whole day and she is very tired, Miaomiao.”

As soon as Chu Mochen said this, Song Yunxuan raised her voice against it.

She cast a stern glance at Chu Mochen. Then she explained to Miaomiao, “Don’t listen to him. I’m not tired. Tell me what else you want to play, and I’ll surely take you to enjoy it.”

Miaomiao looked at her, frowning and looking quite worried, “Is what the uncle said true?”

“No, your sister is so energetic. How could I be tired?”

Song Yunxuan quibbled.

But what Miaomiao asked about was not whether she was tired or not, so she looked at Song Yunxuan and asked again while looking at Song Yunxuan with her big eyes, “No. I wanted to ask, does Sister Yunxuan really have a baby in the belly?”

Song Yunxuan felt a little embarrassed when she was asked about her pregnancy by such a small child.

Yet after having cast a look at Chu Mochen, she nodded anyway.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan nodded, she suddenly understood something and turned to look at Chu Mochen, “Then I won’t play today. Let’s go back home.”

“Go back home?” Song Yunxuan felt confused, “Didn’t Miaomiao want to ride roller coasters and pirate ships just now? Why does Miaomiao want to go back home now?”

Hearing the question, Miaomiao answered without thinking, “Because the little baby in my sister’s belly will be tired.”

Miaomiao’s answer suddenly stupefied Song Yunxuan.

Miaomiao saw that Song Yunxuan was stupefied.

Then she opened her arms and looked at Chu Mochen, “Can you hold me?”

“Come on.” Chu Mochen reached out and took Miaomiao’s from Song Yunxuan’s arms.

Song Yunxuan looked at Miaomiao, feeling helpless, “What’s wrong? Can’t I hold you?”

“My sister has a baby to carry.”

Miaomiao’s answer made the people at the scene who heard her words amused, and they couldn’t help smiling.

Even the nearby doctor from the WS couldn’t help praising her, “What a lovely little girl!”

Song Yunxuan sighed lightly and then smiled.

It turned out the reason that Miaomiao wanted to go home early and wanted Chu Mochen to hold her was that Miaomiao was worried about her.

“So, do you want to go home now?” Chu Mochen asked her.

She reached out and tapped Miaomiao’s back, nodding with relief, “Let’s go.”

Though her daughter was still small, she was able to be considerate.

It made her feel very happy and gratified.

It was possible that she would not be able to come to the amusement park again after being sent back today.

Because she had planned to send Miaomiao to the WS.

Only when Miaomiao stayed at a place where neither Shao Tianze nor Gu Changle could find could it be said that Miaomiao was safe.

When she completely struck down the Shao enterprise, she would bring these two kids back.

She and Miaomiao returned to the Rose Garden together with Chu Mochen.

On the way, she looked through the car window at the sky and found that today’s stars were surprisingly bright.

She couldn’t help sighing softly, “The weather must be fine tomorrow.”

Under the same night sky.

Gu Changle ordered her driver to take her to the Champs-Elysea.

The mushroom and chicken soup, which was cooked by family servants, was placed in the car.

Because the lunch box had good heat preservation, so no aroma of the soup was diffused.

However, when thinking that she would see Song Yunjia brag about her well-being, Gu Changle felt annoyed.

Song Yunjia, a bitch who won Shao Tianze’s heart by stepping into Gu Changle and Shao Tianze’s love, now actually asked Gu Changle to get on well with her.

On the surface, she was willing to maintain their relationship with reluctance.

Yet she would not spare her on the sly.

Just wait and see, now it was too early to say who would laugh last.

After having told Wenwen how to prepare the dinner, Song Yunjia hadn’t been to the kitchen for the whole afternoon.

She had never been fond of showing off her cooking skills in the kitchen.

When she just turned 20, she even thought of cooking for the man she liked.

But later, she found that Gu Changge and Shao Tianze had been together secretly.

She watched their love developing and had no idea when they would break up at all.

Gradually, she gave up her plan of refining her cooking skills.

Because she thought that no matter how hard she practiced, Shao Tianze would not be able to taste it.

Since he would not enjoy it, then why bother to waste time refining cooking skills in the kitchen filled with lampblack?

When thinking of this, she heard a servant telling her, “Miss Song, Miss Gu has arrived.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan took a look at the dial and then curled up her lips coldly, “She is really active when it comes to dinner.”

With this, she told the family servant, “Call Tianze and tell him Miss Gu has arrived, and remind him of tonight’s dinner.”


The servant walked past her.

Song Yunjia did not go to the porch of the living room to meet the unexpected guest who was unwelcome in the Champs-Elysea.

After having entered, Gu Changle sneered when looking at the decoration in the house and murmured, “Hum, not bad.”

Villas like the Champs-Elysea were originally used as temporary residences for vacations after luxurious decoration.

But when she came in, she found that the Champs-Elysea had always been decorated like an Auropean-style castle, which was elegant and luxurious.

She felt resentful when thinking that Song Yunjia hid in such a great place.

What right did Song Yunjia have to live here? She was just a paramour.

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