Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Lose The Baby

Chapter 358 Lose the Baby

The last time Chu Mochen entered her bathroom,

Song Yunxuan found that he treated her more gently and softly.

He was not as stubborn as before.

She felt a little strange but didn’t think deeply.

Now she rethought about this but still couldn’t find the answer immediately.

Chu Mochen liked Gu Changge and liked her.

He liked the small similarity between her and Gu Changge. He had wanted to prison her, stopping her from going higher before.

Now, he seemed to consider her thoughts and positions in everything.


Is it just because she was carrying his baby?

However, this was a deception. It was just a deception that made Chu Mochen believe her temporarily and didn’t disturb her.

Thinking about this, she sighed slightly.

Soon after they ordered, the waitress served in the Jepanese restaurant.

Salmon sashimi was beautifully placed on the plate, surrounded by decorative vegetables, looking delicious.

Miaomiao picked up the sashimi with chopsticks.

Next to her, Gu Yi also began to eat at the table.

Seeing the two kids enjoy their meal, she started to take care of them, pouring drinks for them.

After eating a piece of the sashimi, Miaomiao thought of Chu Mochen and turned to ask Song Yunxuan, “When will Uncle Chu come?”

“He will come after finishing his work.”

“I want to wait for him.”

“Good girl. We can eat first. We will order other delicious food if Mochen comes.”

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Hearing what she said, Miaomiao nodded.

They were happy and cheerful in this Jepanese restaurant.

Tension had been full of the Champs-Elysea for days.

The spy in the Champs-Elysea called Song Yunxuan when she was eating.

The spy said that Song Yunjia had been very irritable recently. Song Yunjia went to visit Shao Tianze several times. However, Shao Tianze refused to meet her.

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan smiled and left the table. She signaled Miaomiao and Gu Yi to continue eating and that she was going to deal with this call.

She went to sit on the tatami next to the paper door and said, “My elder sister is always impatient. She shouldn’t have urgently done this kind of thing.”

“What should she do in Miss Song’s opinion?”

“Find an opportunity to suggest to my elder sister who is not willing to yield that it is not useful to meet Shao Tianze now. She should ask Gu Changle for help if she wants to improve her present situation.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, the person over the phone suddenly realized, “Miss Song, you are resourceful.”

“Go ahead. Tell me when there is news.”

After hanging up the phone, she remained silent for some time at the door. Then, she called Shao Xue.

Shao Xue seemed to be about to call her.

After picking up the phone, Shao Xue immediately said, “I was about to call you.”

“What’s up?”

“The last time when Gu Changle talked with Jiang Minjing in the room, she drove me out. Before I left, I put a recording pen in her room.”

Song Yunxuan frowned slightly, “It’s been a long time. Why do you tell me so late?”

There was a trace of incomprehension in her voice.

Shao Xue also felt sorry, “I accidentally sprinkled water when I took the recorder back, and the audio file inside was garbled. I just found someone to fix it.”

“What did they say?”

“Gu Changle is going to lose her baby.”

Song Yunxuan was not surprised when hearing this. After the operation, Gu Changle’s body was not suitable for having a baby. The baby stayed in her belly for several months, with which Gu Changle should be content.

God at least let her feel the feeling of being a mother.

“I’ll send the audio to you.”


Song Yunxuan received the audio file two minutes after the end of the call.

She turned down the volume of the phone and then stuck the phone to her ear to listen to the audio context.

As she listened, there was a slight satire appearing on her face.

“It is as expected.”

Gu Changle’s action was almost what she expected. After learning that she couldn’t keep the child in her stomach any long, Gu Changle chose to do so.

Song Yunxuan thought about the recording and the conversation with the spy in the Champs-Elysea.

She felt that the plan was going very smoothly.

It was probable that Song Yunjia was about to lose in this women’s battle soon.

She can’t do anything about it. Gu Changle was not a person to be taken advantage of with ease.

The paper door next to her was pushed open.

Chu Mochen appeared in front of her. He seems to hear what she just said, looking at her and asking, “What is as expected?”

“Trivial matters.” She skated over it.

Then, she stood up and took Chu Mochen’s hand, “Since you are here, eat with us. The salmon sashimi tastes good.”

She pulled Chu Mochen to the front of the table and showed him the dishes on the table. She picked up a piece of sashimi and delivered it to his mouth, “Have a try.”

Seeing her tender smile, Chu Mochen opened his thin lips and ate the sashimi.

Gu Yi was a little embarrassed. However, looking at Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen, Miaomiao asked innocently, “Are Sister Yunxuan and Uncle Chu husband and wife?”


Chu Mochen hadn’t spoken yet.

Song Yunxuan admitted it with no bother.

Chu Mochen was startled a little and turned to look at Song Yunxuan confusedly.

“I thought you would not admit it.”

“I am nineteen years old this year.”

Hearing her saying her age, Chu Mochen said with a smile, “Well, it’s time for a wedding.”

As soon as the topic went to the wedding ceremony, Song Yunxuan immediately changed it, “Miaomiao, have a look at the menu. Do you want to add anything delicious?”

“I have finished my Sakura Sushi.”

“Would you like some sushi in other flavors?”


To avoid Chu Mochen’s previous topic, Song Yunxuan walked towards Miaomiao and held her quietly, looking at the menu together.

Chu Mochen had planned to discuss the wedding with her.

Seeing what she had done, he also knew that she was deliberately avoiding this topic.

So, he didn’t continue to talk.

Anyway, he had time to discuss marriage with her. It was inappropriate now since the two kids were here.

The dinner went on smoothly and cheerfully, but Gu Yi felt a little strange.

Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen were a couple, but she was avoiding sitting with Chu Mochen. She had been holding and talking to Miaomiao.

Gu Yi didn’t know which topic Song Yunxuan was avoiding.

Although Gu Yi was puzzled, he didn’t think deeply, nor did he mean to know.

After Gu Yi and Miaomiao were full, Chu Mochen proposed to send two children back to have a good rest. After all, these two children would go to the WS across the ocean tomorrow.

They would be exhausted after such a long journey.

It was better to home and rest early.

Song Yunxuan did not object. On the way home, Song Yunxuan exhorted Miaomiao and Gu Yi in the car.

“Study hard and be obedient to nannies, OK?”

Gu Yi did not speak and looked out the window as if he was not listening to Song Yunxuan at all.

Song Yunxuan knew her little son’s temperament and character, and she didn’t worry about him.

Although the child seemed to listen to nothing, he had put what she had said in his mind.

Miaomiao always had more problems. After hearing that she was going to the WS, she looked like she was going to cry.

“Why do you send me away? I have always been well-behaved.”

Seeing her little girl was about to cry, Song Yunxuan felt sorry. She raised her hand to rub Miaomiao’s hair and explained, “Because the WS is safer. Many bad guys in Yuncheng want to hurt you and your brother now.”

“I can stay at home without going anywhere.”

“But I want Miaomiao to study, to see the outside world, and to play with other children. Do you like playing with other children?”

Song Yunxuan looked at Miaomiao.

It was apparent that Miaomiao was torn by conflicting thoughts.

She liked to play with other children, but she didn’t want to leave Song Yunxuan.

She frowned and thought over there.

Song Yunxuan picked Miaomiao up and let her sit on her lap, “Well, good girl, I won’t let you stay abroad for too long. When everything here settles down, I’ll bring you back.”

Miaomiao listened to Song Yunxuan’s promise.

She pursed her lips and said with the grievance, “Dad said so the last time when he sent us away.”

The smile on Song Yunxuan’s face froze slightly.

Then, she made a promise in front of Miaomiao, “I am totally different from your father. If I say it, I will do it.”

She was different from Shao Tianze, who was a bastard.

She always kept her promise.

She was unlike Shao Tianze, holding so many mean and dark thoughts.

He even abandoned his children.

Miaomiao knew that she couldn’t change Song Yunxuan’s decision anymore, even if she continued begging.

However, she couldn’t help but feel sad and embraced Song Yunxuan’s neck, crying at her.

The child’s body was soft. Because they were about to part, the crying body was shaking.

Song Yunxuan felt distressed but wouldn’t change her mind.

Miaomiao’s eyes were red from crying. Song Yunxuan took her back to the room and comforted her for a while to calm her down.

She stayed in Miaomiao’s room and watched Miaomiao fall asleep.

Then, she returned to her bedroom to prepare her next day’s outfit.

Chu Mochen hadn’t left yet.

He was waiting for her in her bedroom. Seeing her entering the bedroom and walking directly to the closet, Chu Mochen asked, “Miaomiao cried so badly. Are you willing to send her to the WS?”

While taking the clothes out of the closet and putting them on the bed to match, Song Yunxuan talked to him, “I won’t gain anything if I abandon nothing.”

“What will you gain even if you send Miaomiao to the WS?” Chu Mochen sat on the bed and looked at her.

Being stared at, Song Yunxuan didn’t stop picking her clothes.

“I can get the safety of these two children,” She answered firmly.

After saying that, she raised her eyes slightly and asked Chu Mochen, “Do you think I am right?”

“I thought you wanted to get something more beneficial to you.”

Holding a white shirt in her hand, Song Yunxuan blinked her eyes after hearing Chu Mochen’s words and said, “Maybe I will get something more beneficial. But the safety of these two children is currently the best thing for me.”

Chu Mochen did not raise any questions about her answer.

Watching her moving around, Chu Mochen asked his next question, “Why don’t you want to marry me? Only if you marry me can the child in your belly be legitimate.”

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