Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Joining Hands With Me

Chapter 360 Joining Hands with Me

Song Yunjia, of course, heard Wenwen’s suggestion.

When it was almost noon, Song Yunjia specially called Shao Tianze’s company.

It was an assistant in Shao Tianze’s office who answered the phone.

“Is Chairman Shao there now?”

“Chairman Shao has gone home.”

“Then, I’ll call his private phone.”

The assistant didn’t figure out who was calling, while Song Yunjia had already got the news of Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia took a taxi to the Shao Family.

The servants of the Shao Family had made trouble in the Champs-Elysea before, so they somewhat feared her.

Therefore, no one stopped Song Yunjia when she entered the Shao Family.

Shuang was a servant around Gu Changle, who was relatively valued by Gu Changle. Shuang had seen Song Yunjia’s attitude towards Gu Changle last time she went to the Champs-Elysea.

Therefore, Shuang immediately went to tell Gu Changle as she saw Song Yunjia coming.

Shao Tianze came back to dinner at noon. He was in the dining room with Gu Changle.

Shuang knocked lightly on the door. Then seeing Shao Tianze present, she turned her attention to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle saw Shuang’s eyes, and she knew that something happened. She asked her, “What’s wrong?”

“There is a guest.”

Gu Changle put some food in Shao Tianze’s bowl with chopsticks. She asked casually, “Who is it?”

“It’s Miss Song Yunjia.”

Gu Changle paused for a while as she heard this name.

Gu Changle somewhat saw Song Yunjia differently.

Gu Changle didn’t expect that Song Yunjia actually came here.

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Shao Tianze frowned slightly. He put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hand. He somewhat lost his appetite, “I’ll go and see. You can go on.”

Gu Changle saw Shao Tianze stand up. Then she also put down the chopsticks and stood up, “Since Yunjia comes here, why don’t we invite her to have lunch?”

“I don’t know what happened to her.”

“We can talk about it while eating lunch.” Gu Changle didn’t express her jealousy or displeasure at all. Moreover, she immediately instructed the servant around her, “Shuang, prepare a pair of tableware and add some rice and two dishes. Then invite Yunjia here.”

Shuang nodded and told the people in the kitchen. Then she went to greet Song Yunjia enthusiastically in the living room, “Miss Song, Mr. Shao, and Miss Gu are having lunch. They invite you to dinner together.”

Song Yunjia nodded gently and followed.

Shao Tianze did not stop Gu Changle when Gu Changle instructed the servant.

Gu Changle also understood that Shao Tianze did not object to Song Yunjia coming here.

Song Yunjia was brought to the living room by Shuang in a short while.

A smile appeared on Song Yunjia’s face just as she saw Shao Tianze.

However, Gu Changle felt a bit ironic in her hear after she saw Song Yunjia’s smile.

Song Yunjia was so ambitious that she came up with such a trick.

If Shao Tianze had not been at home, Gu Changle would have definitely embarrassed Song Yunjia.

But now, Shao Tianze was at home, so Gu Changle could only treat Song Yunjia kindly on the surface.

As soon as Song Yunjia came in, Gu Changle stood up and greeted her with a smile, “I was really embarrassed yesterday. The dishes were not to my taste. So I went back first. Please never mind.”

Shao Tianze brought Gu Changle back with a cold face at that time. How could Song Yunjia not care about it?

“I don’t know that you will come here, so we have already started our lunch. You can sit down with us and help yourself. I have notified them to add some dishes,” Gu Changle said and turned to ask Shao Tianze, “Tianze, I don’t know what Yunjia likes to eat when I’m with her. Therefore, can you tell me what she likes to eat?”

Gu Changle asked Shao Tianze.

If Shao Tianze had answered it, it would have represented that Shao Tianze had a preference for Song Yunjia.

Shao Tianze also knew this serious situation. He said, “Yunjia, what’s your preference?”

Song Yunjia felt a little disappointed as she was asked this question, but she quickly cheered up and answered, “I don’t have dietary restrictions, nor do I really prefer.”

“Then, how about another steamed grouper and a dish of bamboo shoots?”


Gu Changle showed the utmost kindness. It seemed that she had sincerely accepted Song Yunjia.

But Song Yunjia was very annoyed to see Gu Changle’s hypocritical appearance.

Gu Changle just liked to do charades, and she could do it so well every time.

No wonder Gu Changge hadn’t found that Gu Changle and her husband had been together for many years.

Shao Tianze had the meal quietly. The two dishes added in the kitchen were delivered soon.

It looked that Gu Changle had taken care of Song Yunjia well.

Shao Tianze had almost finished the meal. He claimed that there were some emergencies in the company and left.

Gu Changle saw that Shao Tianze was leaving. She got up from the dining table and sent Shao Tianze out as if she had been Shao Tianze’s wife.

Everyone in the family knew why Gu Changle did that.

Song Yunjia just sent Shao Tianze out the door of the dining room. She didn’t follow them to the outside.

When Gu Changle sent Shao Tianze to the car, Shao Tianze lowered the window to remind Gu Changle, “Don’t go too far.”

The smile on Gu Changle’s face froze immediately.

Gu Changle definitely knew that Shao Tianze was reminding her not to embarrass Song Yunjia.

Although Gu Changle stiffened for a while, she quickly adjusted and nodded at him, “Don’t worry. I’ll treat her well.”

Hearing this, Shao Tianze raised the window.

Gu Changle watched the car go away. Nudging her fingers, she turned to go back to the dining room.

Shao Tianze had gone away. There was no need for Song Yunjia and Gu Changle to play tricks. They went directly to the point.

“You don’t stay in your Champs-Elysea. Why are you here now?” Gu Changle was already full. The two dishes specially prepared for Song Yunjia had just been served. Gu Changle tipped the servant a wink as if she deliberately made Song Yunjia awkward.

Then the maid had the dining table cleaned.

The servant threw the two dishes added for Song Yunjia directly into the trash can.

Song Yunjia saw their actions. She looked awkward as if she had been slapped on her face.

“You came here to see Tianze, didn’t you?” Gu Changle saw her awkward expression. She raised her lips, continuing, “Now that you have seen him, go back quickly. I seem to accept you on the surface, but you should know your identity. Don’t always come to the Shao Family, nor can you come here casually.”

“The Shao Family used to be Gu Changge’s. You were just under the fence. Now, without her, you feel like you are the owner of this family. You should ask outsiders. Who is Shao Tianze’s wife, Gu Changge or Gu Changle?”

Gu Changle’s fatal weakness was that she had not been able to be with Shao Tianze aboveboard.

Now Song Yunjia’s words just reopened Gu Changle’s wounds and sprinkled salt on it.

Gu Changle twisted her eyebrows and looked at Song Yunjia with hatred, “It’s no use for you to say those. It doesn’t matter whether others admit it. I don’t care. What I need is Tianze’s confession. I’m very satisfied as long as Tianze admits my position in his heart.”

“Tianze also admitted me.”

Song Yunjia was tit for tat.

Gu Changle grabbed her fingers and looked at Song Yunjia, “It’s time for you to leave. Need I run you away?”

“Do you have a problem with me?”

“Yes, exactly.” Gu Changle did not conceal her aversion to Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia laughed, “Well, even if you don’t like me, you have to be kind to me in front of Tianze, don’t you?”

Gu Changle felt a bit painful in her belly after being annoyed by Song Yunjia.

Gu Changle reached out her hand to cover her belly gently.

Song Yunjia saw her movement and laughed, “You know your health status best. You can’t have this baby. It’s better for you to go to the hospital for an induction surgery early, or you may die for it.”

Of course, Gu Changle knew that Song Yunjia was irritating her on purpose.

Though Gu Changle was angry, she also knew that Song Yunjia’s words were true.

Gu Changle clenched her fingers so tightly that her nails were pinched into her flesh because of this fact.

Song Yunjia finished and got up, “I’m a doctor. I know a little about your physical condition. Now I’m telling you to induce labor early, which is also for your own good. I hope you can hear my advice.”

Gu Changle pursed her lips tightly.

Song Yunjia sneered, “Thank you for your hospitality for this lunch. I will go first. You should think about it yourself.”

Song Yunjia walked out of the dining room after she said that.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s back, Gu Changle found that her belly was getting more painful.

Shuang saw that Gu Changle’s face was not good. She hurried over and asked Gu Changle nervously, “Miss Gu, what’s the matter with you?”

“Call Doctor Jiang,” Gu Changle took a breath in pain, “Quickly! Call Doctor Jiang.”

Shuang immediately called Doctor Jiang as she heard Gu Changle’s instructions.

However, Gu Changle stretched out her hand to grab Shuang’s clothes when Shuang was going out.

Being caught, Shuang looked back at Gu Changle in doubt, “Miss Gu, what else do you want me to do?”

“Don’t let others know. You should do it secretly….”

Shuang knew that Gu Changle must have suffered a lot because Gu Changle’s face looked paler.

Shuang was hurried to call Doctor Jiang.

Dr. Jiang rushed here from her home after she received the call from the Shao Family.

Seeing Gu Changle’s complexion, Dr. Jiang felt chill. She immediately found an injection from the medicine box she brought to give Gu Changle an injection.

It took a long time to calm Gu Changle down.

Dr. Jiang saw Gu Changle’s uncomfortableness. She gently whispered in Gu Changle’s ear.

Gu Changle frowned immediately. She drove Shuang out of the room.

After Shuang went out, Jiang Minjing said, “Miss Gu, you should take measures as soon as possible. This child may not be able to survive for three days.”

Gu Changle turned dreadfully pale.

Gu Changle fell into silence. She felt a little upset.

Seeing Gu Changle’s expression, Jiang Minjing knew that Gu Changle must be reluctant. She persuaded, “Miss Gu, although you are very sad right now, you still have to consider your future.”

These words gave Gu Changle some inspiration in her eyes.

“I will arrange this within three days. Before that, Dr. Jiang, I hope you help me keep this child as much as you can.”

Jiang Minjing nodded.

Then Dr. Jiang took out a small medicine bottle from the medicine cabinet, “This is for inducing labor. After you take it for half an hour, you will have labor pains. It will not be long before it finishes.”

Gu Changle reached out to get the medicine Jiang Minjing handed over. She nodded, with a pale face, “Thank you, Dr. Jiang.”

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