Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 362

Chapter 362 You Are Bleeding

Chapter 362 You Are Bleeding

Gu Changle had no idea about what message Shao Tianze’s assistant had delivered to him.

She just saw that Shao Tianze immediately rose from the table as soon as he saw the photo.

Then he went outside, “Changle, I have something urgent to do, and I must go now.”

“Be careful on the way,” Gu Changle gently reminded him.

Shao Tianze left in such a hurry that Gu Changle didn’t even have time to kiss him goodbye.

Ye Gu Changle didn’t feel annoyed. After Shao Tianze had left, she immediately called the servant beside her, “Shuang.”

“Yes, Miss Gu?”

“Get the car ready now. We’ll go to the Champs-Elysea.”

Gu Changle’s order was immediately conveyed by Shuang. Everyone in the Shao Family knew that they had to either follow Shao Tianze’s orders or Gu Changle’s as the servants were quite aware that Gu Changle enjoyed a lofty position in the Shao Family.

The housekeeper of the Shao Family soon prepared a car for Gu Changle.

Gu Changle covered her belly with her fingers all the way.

Although plans had been worked out and various solutions dealing with emergencies had been drawn up, yet Gu Changle still didn’t look happy.

Because she was aware that the baby in her belly was going to be gone forever.

When thinking of this, she still felt that she couldn’t tear herself away from the baby.

Shuang accompanied her in the car and carefully watched Gu Changle in fear to see if she had any mood swings all the way.

Gu Changle had been quite moody recently, and her attitude towards family servants always changed within seconds.

No one wanted to be scolded for no reason. Therefore, the best way to avoid being scolded was to watch Gu Changle’s countenance carefully. Only in this way could they not annoy Gu Changle.

Because Gu Changle was pregnant, the driver drove very carefully and didn’t dare to make the car bump over the road too much all the way.

It wasn’t too long before they arrived at the gate of the Champs-Elysea.

The car eased into the villa.

The servants of the Champs-Elysea were totally unprepared. Only after they had seen Gu Changle alight from the car did they hastily go inside the villa to inform Song Yunjia that Gu Changle had arrived.

Song Yunjia was quite angry because of yesterday’s visit to the Shao Family and was in a bad mood.

She had no appetite while having breakfast.

Just at the time when she was thinking about what to do, Gu Changle arrived unexpectedly.

She frowned and moved away from the table, “What brings her here today?”

Wenwen, the servant, said hastily, “We have no idea. But it appeared that she came to look for trouble.”

Hearing Wenwen’s words, Song Yunjia could hardly sit still.

After having cast a glance at Wenwen, she decided to wait in the living room, “I’d like to see what Gu Changle’s up to today.”

Yesterday she was mocked quite badly when she was in the Shao Family.

Now she naturally would make Gu Changle suffer during her stay in the Champs-Elysea today.

Gu Changle’s servants pushed open the door of the Champs-Elysea.

After having entered the living-room, Gu Changle saw that Song Yunjia was in the center of the living room and looking at her indifferently in pajamas.

It seemed that she was deliberately waiting for her here after having got the news.

Gu Changle hated her guts but wore a smile on the face. Her friendly tone made her look like a totally different person.

“Yunjia, have you had breakfast?”

“Gu Changle, you’re not just here to ask me this, are you?” Song Yunjia was also taken aback by Gu Changle’s friendly attitude, yet Gu Changle had never been in Song Yunjia’s good books.

Now seeing Gu Changle’s sudden change, Song Yunjia did not care for it.

Gu Changle curled up her lips, walked over to her, and took her arm, seeming that she didn’t sense Song Yunjia’s cold-shouldering through her words, “I reflected upon our relationship last night. Since Shao Tianze likes you, then I might as well accept you. Anyway, we have been sisters for so many years.”

Song Yunjia was actually going to shake off her hand, but she changed her mind on seeing her slightly bulging belly the moment she lowered her eyes.

She removed Gu Changle’s hand from her arm and took a step back, “We can’t be sisters. You’d better not come to see me.”

“If we can’t be sisters, then why did you go to see me in the Shao Family yesterday?”

Gu Changle’s words were really devious.

In an instant, Song Yunjia’s face clouded, and she didn’t know what to say.

Seeing that Song Yunjia’s face clouded, Gu Changle curled up her lips and stood closer to her, “You and I have been with Tianze for so many years. In the final analysis, our conflicts are all because we both like him, and neither of us wants the other to fully occupy Shao Tianze.”

“Since this is what you think of our relationship, then what do you come here for?” Song Yunjia glanced at Gu Changle.

Gu Changle still kept smiling, looking quite polite and amiable, “This is what I’m going to tell you about. Since Tianze has accepted you, then it meant that he will definitely be responsible for you and that he doesn’t only belong to me. So why would I like to lose you, my good sister?”

Gu Changle’s words were well-organized. However, the words made Song Yunjia scared.

Gu Changle was really good at playing games.

No wonder Gu Changge didn’t find out that she had been hooking up with her husband all these years.

“Changle, your attitude changed so fast that I feel quite uneasy. You’d better leave as soon as possible.”

Gu Changle would like to step forward to take Song Yunjia’s arm again.

However, Song Yunjia retreated on seeing her coming forward.

She made it clear to Gu Changle that she would like to keep a distance from her.

Gu Changle felt quite annoyed, but she displayed nothing on her face.

She had no choice but to remain where she was, “I’m here to warm up to you. Why do you reject me like I am a dreadful monster?”

Song Yunjia glanced at her indifferently, “Such cheap tricks may only work with Gu Changge, who had no idea about what kind of person you are. As for me, I’m not buying it. We’ve known each other for so many years, and we know each other quite well. Am I not clear about what kind of people you really are?”

Song Yunjia’s words were right indeed.

Before Gu Changle came here, she had taken into consideration that Song Yunjia might not be buying it.

But now she was in a life-and-death situation, so no matter Song Yunjia bought it or not, she could not just give up.

She had to give it a try.

“Yunjia, I want to go to the Hermes’ counter with you to buy you a limited bag as an apology. Come with me, OK?”

Gu Changle was being as friendly as she possibly could.

However, Song Yunjia still rejected her coldly.

“No need. I don’t go out often recently, so I don’t need to buy bags. If you like it, then it’s better for you to order it in advance in case that such limited stuff is sold out within seconds.”

With this, Song Yunjia turned around and left with a word, “I’m a little tired today. I’ll have a rest now. If you want to continue staying here, then suit yourself.”

After that, she winked at the family servants and dismissed all of them.

Then the servants all retreated to their rooms.

Song Yunjia also returned to her room.

Gu Changle was left where she was, totally unattended.

Shuang, who was standing beside Gu Changle, summoned up the courage and asked her in a low voice on seeing that her face clouded, “Miss Gu, shall we return now?”

Gu Changle clenched her teeth and dropped the friendly expression on her face.

Then she ordered while clenching her teeth, “Call Doctor Jiang.”

Shuang nodded and immediately went out to call Jiang Minjing.

At the same time, Song Yunxuan also received a phone call on her way to the airport.

She was familiar with the voice coming from the bug.

It was a conversation between the servant of the Shao Family Shuang and Gu Changle’s family doctor Jiang Minjing.

She held her cell phone and slightly narrowed her eyes.

Mei Qi, who was driving in the front of the car, noticed the change of her expression and asked, “How are things going now?”

“There’s been a small problem.”

Song Yunxuan also felt it was a bit tricky.

Mei Qi suggested, “Do you want me to offer you an idea?”

Song Yunxuan put her cell phone close to Mei Qi’s ear.

Mei Qi smiled when hearing the voice coming through the phone.

After the call had ended, Mei Qi advised, “Manager Song, I think things should be going like this….”

Song Yunxuan put her ear close to Mei Qi.

Mei Qi had told all about his idea to Song Yunxuan.

After having heard Mei Qi’s idea, Song Yunjia nodded and looked at him sideways, “I’ve never expected that you are this resourceful.”

“Mr. Song, the reason you don’t know it is because you’ve underestimated my ability.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head smilingly and didn’t continue talking to him.

Instead, she sent a short message to a contact in the address book.

Miaomiao, who was looking at Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi, frowned slightly with signs of discontent, “Why haven’t Uncle Chu come along?”

Only after having heard Miaomiao’s words did Song Yunxuan recall that Chu Mochen had said that he would also come to see Miaomiao off.

But so far, there had been no sign of him, and no one had called them or informed them of anything.

She turned to comfort Miaomiao, “Uncle Chu probably has something urgent to do and will arrive a little later. Will you forgive Uncle Chu?”

“I’ll forgive Uncle Chu if I can see him before I leave.”

Song Yunxuan reached out and stroked Miaomiao’s hair, “Rest assured. Uncle Chu is trustworthy, and he never eats his words.”

Miaomiao nodded.

Gu Changle was sitting in the car.

Shuang accompanied Gu Changle by her side and relieved her on seeing her fingers cover her belly all the time, “Doctor Jiang said that she would come soon.”

“Tell her to be quicker.”

Just as they were talking, something happened.

A car came right towards them.

The driver of the Shao Family didn’t expect that there would be a car at the corner.

So he got panicked and swerved the car to avoid running into the very car. As a result, the car of the Shao Family went into the grass outside the road because of the sharp turn.

Gu Changle, who was in the car, also got frightened because of the sharp turn.

She even turned pale and struck her body on the car door and the leather backseat along with the maid’s.

Gu Changle had always been suffering a pain in her belly. Now she felt her legs suddenly became warm because of being scared.

And then her belly began to throb with pain, which was growing stronger and stronger.

“What’s this all about?”

Gu Changle’s voice suddenly came up. She bawled at the driver in the front.

Hearing that Gu Changle was so furious, the driver immediately turned his head and apologized with fear, “I’m sorry, Miss Gu! A car suddenly showed up out of nowhere. I was afraid that our car might hit theirs, so I….”

The driver was not able to fix his eyes on Gu Changle because he was in a state of panic.

Besides, he dared not to look Gu Changle in the face. He just looked here and there, having no idea what to focus on.

But as he was speaking, he suddenly stopped because of something he saw.

Gu Changle saw that he suddenly stopped explaining himself.

So she became impatient and wanted to ask what was wrong.

But just at the time, the driver raised his hand and pointed at Gu Changle’s leg tremblingly, “Miss Gu… You’re… You’re bleeding….”

Hearing the driver’s words, Gu Changle became stupefied all over.

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