Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Taked No Action

Chapter 367 Taked No Action

Gu Changle hadnt expected that Song Yunjia would say such words.

She suddenly became speechless.

Shao Tianze ignored Song Yunjia and took Gu Changle out of the car.

The expression on his face was serious and solemn.

Being held by Shao Tianze in his arms, Gu Changle reached out to grab Shao Tianzes clothes with her last strength. She was weakly breathing, and her face was pale because of pain, but she still wanted to whisper to Shao Tianzes ear.

Knowing that she had something to say, Shao Tianze put his ear towards Gu Changles lips.

Song Yunjia watched Gu Changle speak in Shao Tianzes ear and became nervous.

Gu Changle whispered in Shao Tianzes ear, "Song Song Yunjia gave me an injection which will make me hemorrhage."

Hearing Gu Changles words, Shao Tianzes face suddenly froze.

He glared at Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia looked at him in horror, "Tianze"

"Send Miss Song back to the Champs-Elysea."

He ordered the bodyguards beside him.

Hearing Shao Tianzes instructions, the bodyguards stepped forward, grabbed Song Yunjia, and forcibly pulled her away into the car to take her away.

After Shao Tianze took Gu Changle into the car, Jiang Minjing hurried over.

Seeing Jiang Minjing running, Shao Tianze frowned, "Why are you coming so late?"

"I was stopped by several maids just now. They said there had been a doctor treating Miss Gu. I couldnt get here."

Shao Tianze frowned tightly.

After all, Jiang Minjing was the professional one on gynecology and obstetrics.

Shao Tianze quickly made way for Jiang Minjing to go to see Gu Changle in the car.

Gu Changles face was pale. She was covered with cold sweat. And blood had been running down her legs.

Seeing Gu Changles situation, Jiang Minjing turned to look at Shao Tianze in a serious and anxious manner, "Mr. Shao, the doctor, who treated Miss Gu just now, didnt know her health condition and might have used the wrong medicine. Miss Gu had to be induced right now. And there is a risk of hemorrhage."

Hearing Jiang Minjings words, Shao Tianze knew that Gu Changle was in danger.

"Are you sure that you can save Changle?"

"I need you to find two assistants for me as well as the blood of Miss Gus blood group."

"Ill do it right now."

Shao Tianze got off the car to make the instruction.

Gu Changle wanted to reach out to grab Shao Tianze.

However, when she reached out, Shao Tianze had already left.

Seeing Gu Changles hands moved a little, Jiang Minjing reached out to hold her wrists and asked her to put her hands on the car seat beside her. She said, "Miss Gu, if you feel pain, just grasp the things in your hands. Stay conscious, OK?"

Gu Changle listened to Jiang Minjing and nodded hard.

Seeing Gu Changles promise, Jiang Minjing also nodded and comforted her, "The operation will be very successful. You have to hold on."

The servant in the Shao Family was calling the nearby hospital to look for doctors and the blood that matched Gu Changles blood group.

However, in the Champs-Elysea, Song Yunjia, who had just been sent back, started to worry.

Shao Tianzes gaze at her showed no love or trust but suspicion and aversion.

It was already a failure that she didnt kill Gu Changle this time. If she had also got Shao Tianzes disgust because of this incident, her status in Shao Tianzes heart would have become lower and lower in the future.

She wanted to get out.

However, the two bodyguards, who had sent her back, was guarding the door.

They looked at her intently as if guarding a prisoner. They would not let her leave.

She tried to persuade the two bodyguards to leave, but the attitude of the two bodyguards was very tough.

"I am very worried about Gu Changle. I want to see her."

"Mr. Shao told us to keep an eye on Miss Song."

"Im worried about Gu Changle. I want to help her. How could you supervise me like a prisoner? Let me go!"

The bodyguard saw that she was going out and pushed her into the Champs-Elysea.

Song Yunjia almost fell because of the high strength of the bodyguard.

It was lucky that Wenwen came to support her later.

Song Yunjia was held up, but she felt embarrassed because of being pushed.

What did Shao Tianze mean by asking two bodyguards to monitor her? And the two bodyguards were so rude.

She couldnt get out, so she turned around and went to the living room to call Shao Tianze crazily.

However, no call was answered.

Seeing Song Yunjias situation, Wenwen couldnt help but comfort her, "Miss Song, Mr. Shao is probably busy now."

"Busy?" Song Yunjia sneered, "Is he busy preparing a funeral for the little bitch?"

Song Yunjias words made Wen Wens face change. Wenwen immediately reached out to cover Song Yunjias mouth.

Song Yunjia dodged Wenwens hands and pushed her away, cursing, "Go! Go away! Useless things! I dont want to see you!"

Being pushed away, Wenwen showed a very hurt expression on her face.

Song Yunjia saw the wounded expression on Wenwens face but was indifferent. She still turned around and continued to call Shao Tianze.

The situation in the Shao Family was a mess.

And the mess was all under the supervision of Song Yunxuan.

Mei Qi told Song Yunxuan about Gu Changles operation in the outdoor car.

"Gu Changles attending doctor is Jiang Minjing. Because the operation risk is high, and it is too late to be transported to the operating room for surgery, Jiang Minjing is performing the operation on her in the wild."

"How about the blood and the medical staff?"

"All are deployed from a nearby hospital."

After saying that, Mei Qi continued to speak with a little concern, "It is said that Gu Changles surgery is a bit risky. She might die because of a massive hemorrhage."

Hearing Mei Qis words, Song Yunxuan didnt worry, just moving around on the swivel chair in her office and rubbing her temple.

"It will be OK. Jiang Minjing is a very good doctor."

Because Jiang Minjing was Gu Changges doctor before, responsible for Gu Changges prenatal affairs, she believed in Jiang Minjings medical skills.

"Well, what about Song Yunjia?"

She asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi said, "Song Yunjia was sent back to the Champs-Elysea after Shao Tianzes arrival. And two bodyguards kept her in the Champs-Elysea firmly as if she were arrested."

Hearing Mei Qis words, Song Yunxuan nodded, "According to Shao Tianzes style, it is natural that Song Yunjia is treated like this. After all, in his heart, Song Yunjia is always not so important as Gu Changle."

"I heard that Gu Changle told Shao Tianze that Song Yunjia wanted to kill her when she saw Shao Tianze."

Song Yunxuan couldnt help but sneer, "Both of them want to kill each other, but the result depends on luck. It seems that Gu Changle is luckier than Song Yunjia this time. Shao Tianze arrived just in time. If he had been later, Im afraid that Gu Changle would have died in the wild."

Seeing Song Yunxuans careful thoughts, Mei Qi didnt talk anymore.

They just waited quietly, waiting for the news coming from the Shao Family.

They had expected that they would receive the latest news from the Shao Family at noon.

However, the news that Gu Changle had been admitted to hospital because of abortion didnt come until three oclock in the afternoon.

Song Yunxuan looked at the scenery outside the French windows, looking at the high-rise building of the Shao enterprise.

Then, she lowered her eyes.

What would happen next was much more interesting. After Gu Changles physical condition was stable, she must be entangled in things before her abortion.

And Shao Tianze would follow Gu Changles request to thoroughly investigate what had happened between her and Song Yunjia before.

Song Yunjia would probably not be so easy to get out this time.

After all, there was Doctor Jiang Minjing.

She would accurately analyze the injection and the drug effects, which Song Yunjia had given Gu Changle before.

Shao Tianze also graduated from a medical school. He would have understood that Song Yunjia wanted to kill Gu Changle if he had been reminded a little by Jiang Minjing.

How would Shao Tianze deal with Song Yunjia when the truth came out, and he was sure that Song Yunjia had tried to kill Gu Changle?

Song Yunxuan thought it would become very interesting by then.

The battle between Song Yunjia and Gu Changle would be very exciting.

This evening there was little news from the Shao Family.

Some media had already known this matter within the Shao Family,

For example, Fanxing Magazine.

Later, Shao Xue made a phone call and asked Song Yunxuan, "Should our magazine report on Gu Changle and Shao Tianze?"

Song Yunxuan considered it as a good opportunity. And Shao Xue also thought it was a good time after working in the media industry for so long.

If they had used this incident to tell the public in Yuncheng, and let the people of Yuncheng see the relationship between Shao Tianze and Gu Changle, it would have been enough to make Shao Tianze fall into a passive situation from the perspective of public opinion.

However, hearing Shao Xues question, Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and said, "No."

When hearing Song Yunxuans answer, Shao Xue even suspected that she had misheard, "Yunxuan, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If we let people in Yuncheng know the relationship between Shao Tianze and Gu Changle at this time, Shao Tianze will instantly become the target of public criticism."

"I know." Song Yunxuan answered her.

She knew that Shao Tianze would not only become the target of public criticism after the incident was exposed but also be criticized by everyone as a shameless people.

After all, everyone in Yuncheng knew that Gu Changle was Gu Changges younger sister. And the romantic affair between the younger sister and her brother-in-law was shameful.

If the relationship between Shao Tianze and Gu Changle had spread, it would have been enough for Shao Tianze to lose his reputation.

She knew it clearly.

However, even if she had wanted to destroy Shao Tianzes reputation, now it wouldnt have been not a good time.

"Shao Xue, take this thing slowly. Keep calm. It is not a good time to deal with Shao Tianze."

"Then now"

"To deal with Gu Changle and Song Yunjia."

Song Yunxuan listened to the silence of Shao Xue over there, and then explained to her, "Shao Tianze is too powerful. We cant force him into a corner in a short time. Only by removing the people around him one by one will he be forced into desperation. Do you understand?"

Shao Xue was silent. After listening to Song Yunxuans explanation, she nodded.

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