Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 371

Chapter 371 The Argument Of Yunjia

Chapter 371 The Argument of Yunjia

Shao Tianze initially tended to continue comforting her.

However, he shut up his mouth at once after hearing this question.

He stared at Gu Changle putting her hand on her belly and saw Gu Changles dumbfounded look.

Gu Changles nose was sour, and her eyes were red and swollen because of the long-time crying.

While her fingers were touching her flat belly, tears kept falling from her eyes, just like a broken bead bracelet. She couldnt stop crying at all.

The more she cried in this way, the more Shao Tianze felt sorry for her loss and the more he was disgusted with Song Yunjia.

"You just told me that it was nothing more than a nightmare."

Gu Changle turned to Shao Tianze. The grief in her words was so helpless that Shao Tianze couldnt help stretching out his hand to take her into his arms.

"My baby is gone I loved him so much I thought he would have been born safe and sound."

Gu Changle cried loudly when she was sad.

Finally, it seemed like she couldnt bear it anymore. Her crying was no longer suppressed. She burst into tears.

Shao Tianze kept her accompany all night. Jiang Minjing sighed when Shao Tianze hugged Gu Changle. After that, she left the room.

Jiang Minjing closed the door for them. Listening to Gu Changle crying in the bedroom, she felt a little confused.

Gu Changle was Gu Changges sister. Shao Tianze was Gu Changges husband.

Gu Changge had died, yet now Gu Changle had such a close relationship with Shao Tianze.

Not just the intimacy, but even a baby.

Although the baby was gone, it was enough to prove that they betrayed Gu Changge at the same time.

It was a lapse that she had been helping Gu Changle before.

She had always been taking care of Gu Changle for so long, but she didnt even think about why Gu Changle was with Shao Tianze.

Now that she calmed down, she started to think of these things.

However, these things were already a mess, even if she wanted to figure it out, it was not easy.

She leaned against the wall, closing her eyes for a moment, and then headed to her room.

In Shao Tianzes bedroom, Gu Changle wept and got tired. She gradually calmed down in Shao Tianzes arms.

She was sad, very sad.

She held so much hope for her baby, but the baby was not even born as she wished.

Moreover, when she was undergoing labor induction surgery, she was almost killed by Song Yunjia.

However, it was not that bad.

After all, she would win at the cost of her babys death.

She could totally take this opportunity to exterminate Song Yunjia.

Wasnt Song Yunjia trying to steal Shao Tianzes love from her?

Now, she would show Song Yunjia who would have the last laugh in this war.

She had almost done crying before speaking, "Where is Yunjia now?"

"At the Champs-Elysea."

Shao Tianzes answer stunned Gu Changle.

Next second, she got up from Shao Tianzes arms and frowned at Shao Tianze, asking confusedly, "My babys gone. It was all her fault."

"It has not been thoroughly investigated yet." Shao Tianze pursed his lips.

On hearing of that, Gu Changle frowned even more, looking at him questioningly, "What do you mean?"

"I have been with you these days. And I have checked the injections given to you by Yunjia. It will indeed cause a hemorrhage, but."

"But what?"

Gu Changle stared at Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze spoke without much emotion after pursing his lips, "I asked Yunjia. She said that you framed her on purpose."

Gu Changle got mad instantly when she heard this, "You believe all her nonsense?"

Shao Tianze looked at Gu Changles furious eyes and said, "Look, the baby could not have been born smoothly anyway. Your body could not bear the pain of giving birth."

Gu Changles eyes narrowed.

She had almost guessed what Song Yunjia had told Shao Tianze.

Abominable as Song Yunjia was, she was surprisingly persuasive.

She actually shook Shao Tianze in this dead end.

Thinking of this, Gu Changle clenched her fists secretly.

Shao Tianze gently comforted Gu Changle who was furious, "Get some rest. I will investigate this matter thoroughly. Its our baby. I will not let our baby die for nothing."

Gu Changle pursed her lips. She didnt really buy it.

"You dont trust me."

She looked at Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze coaxed her, "Yes, I do."

"You trust Song Yunjia more than me."

Shao Tianze detected her anger in her words. He fell into silence.

He didnt trust Song Yunjia more than Gu Changle. It was just when Song Yunjia defended herself, what she said was worth more considerations.

Shao Tianze went to the Champs-Elysea on the day Gu Changle induced labor.

He loved Gu Changle. He was furious when he found that she almost died and Song Yunjia was the one who injected a drug that could cause a hemorrhage.

However, Song Yunjia seemed to be completely innocent when he questioned her.

The scene of arguing with Song Yunjia that night was slowly raised.

Song Yunjia was crying and defending herself, "You knew exactly what kind of person Changle is! You and I are both doctors. If I really want to kill her, I wouldnt have given her first aid. She would have died long before you came! Plus, do you really believe in Changle? Think about it. Is Changle an innocent woman? She can play games. Good games. Even better than us. Moreover, she must have known for a long time that the baby could not be born, so she framed me like this."

"Deny it all you want!"

Facing Song Yunjias bitter convincement, although Shao Tianze had been shaken, the fact that Song Yunjia injected some medicine into Gu Changles body made him unable to trust all her words.

Song Yunjia knew that he did not believe in her. Sitting on the ground, she cried and looked at him sadly, "Tianze, you wont believe me no matter what I say, will you?"

Shao Tianze said nothing.

Seeing Shao Tianzes reaction, Song Yunjia suddenly got up and rushed into the kitchen.

The maid hiding in the kitchen was shocked.

She screamed out loud immediately when she saw Song Yunjia picking up a kitchen knife.

She tried to take away the knife from Song Yunjia, "Miss Song! Miss. Song, calm down! Dont do that, Miss Song!"

The scream of the maid caught Shao Tianzes attention.

Shao Tianze rushed into the kitchen.

The next thing he saw was that Song Yunjia was slashing her wrist with a kitchen knife.

Luckily, the maid stopped her. There was only a shallow trace on her wrist, and it did not really hurt the artery.

The maid was frightened.

Shao Tianze stepped forward and grabbed Song Yunjias wrist, taking away the knife from her. He yelled at her angrily, "What are you doing ?!"

Song Yunjia stared at him with red eyes, "Arent you suspecting that I wanted to kill Gu Changle? Arent you believing in me? Now if I were dead, Gu Changle would have certainly been very happy. You would see who is behind all this by then!"

Song Yunjia already went crazy. She tried to take that kitchen knife back from Shao Tianze in a mad manner.

Shao Tianze threw that knife to the ground.

Song Yunjia was about to pick it up.

Seeing this, Shao Tianze took her by the hand and dragged her upstairs, "Go upstairs with me!"

Song Yunjia struggled hard, but she was not as strong as Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze pulled her upstairs.

Then he threw her onto her bedroom bed.

Song Yunjia was still acting crazily. Behind Shao Tianze was the maid Wenwen.

Now that Song Yunjia went nuts, Shao Tianze felt the situation a little tricky.

Things had not been clarified yet, but that was all he could get from Song Yunjia right now.

If he had continued asking, Song Yunjia would not have admitted anything. Whats worse, she might have hurt herself desperately to prove her innocence.

He couldnt push her.

He frowned and turned to Wenwen behind him, "Take care of her!"

Wenwen nodded.

Shao Tianze sighed and left the Champs-Elysea.

He had arranged Song Yunjia in the Champs-Elysea. As for how to do with her later, he would decide after the investigation.

But now, Gu Changle felt heart-broken because he had not sent Song Yunjia to the police.

It made him feel that things started to be difficult.

Gu Changle wanted to continue persuading Shao Tianze.

When she pressed Shao Tianze for an answer, Shao Tianze chose to leave.

"Take some rest first, and I will come over tomorrow."

Shao Tianze left Gu Changles bedroom.

Gu Changle wanted to catch up and asked Shao Tianze to stay for the night. Thinking about Shao Tianzes delay in sending Song Yunjia to jail, she felt angry again.

Therefore, she only watched Shao Tianze leave her bedroom.

After Shao Tianze left, she pushed all the things on the nightstand to the ground angrily.

The noise of smashing was a bit loud. Shao Tianze heard it when he came out of the bedroom.

He was still worried about Gu Changle, so he turned to the next room and knocked on the door.

Someone opened the door before long.

The person who opened the door was Jiang Minjing.

Though Jiang Minjing was a little surprised when she saw Shao Tianze, she asked him worriedly, "Whats wrong with Miss Gu?"

"She was a little emotional right now. She could use some accompany."

Gu Changle was in a rage. Shao Tianze didnt accompany her himself but asked me to do it. Jiang Minjing thought about it and knew that these two must have had an argument.

"Ill be there."

Jiang Minjing nodded.

Then she came out of her room and knocked at Gu Changles bedroom door gently.

A crying voice came from inside, "Who is it?"

"Miss Gu, its me, Jiang Minjing."

Gu Changles attitude towards Jiang Minjing was much better than other servants.

Hearing Jiang Minjing knocking, Gu Changle raised a hand to wipe her tears and replied, "Come in."

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