Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Let Me Help You

Chapter 373 Let Me Help You

Song Yunxuan did not immediately intervene in the fight between Song Yunjia and Gu Changle.

After several days of observation, Song Yunxuan found that Shao Tianze still had no intention of targeting Song Yunjia.

Then she called Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was just thinking about how to eradicate Song Yunjia. She didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan, who barely had a relationship with her, called her.

She was being quite impatient when answering the call.

“It seems that I hardly know you, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan smiled gently, “But you know my elder sister quite well.”

Speaking of Song Yunjia, Gu Changle was full of anger.

And she even frowned a bit violently.

Song Yunxuan seemed to be able to guess Gu Changle’s reaction, so her smile became bigger, and her voice became clearer, “Now you must be quite angry with my elder sister, right?”

“So you called just to provoke me?”

“Of course not,” Song Yunxuan immediately denied it and wooed her, “I want to give you a hand.”

“At this time, you would actually be helping me if you did not make the call, Song Yunxuan.”

Gu Changle didn’t know how to deal with Song Yunjia, so she poured out her anger on Song Yunxuan.

Though Song Yunxuan heard her angry words, yet she still curled up her lips, “Miss Gu, it’s not good for you to get excited this easily.”

“I’m busy, and I don’t have time for chitchat. So I’ll hang up now.”

Gu Changle was about to hang up after having finished her words.

Yet Song Yunxuan said slowly, “You are distressed because of Song Yunjia, right?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Gu Changle stopped hanging up the phone.

She put the phone back to her ears.

Song Yunxuan said in a voice which was neither cold nor excited, “I assume that you know Song Yunjia quite well after having been friends with her for this long time.”

Just by one sentence, Gu Changle could tell that Song Yunxuan had a way to deal with Song Yunjia.

So she became much more patient.

What she wanted to do now was to make Song Yunjia completely disappear from Shao Tianze because of this.

This seemingly very simple thing became extremely difficult because of Shao Tianze’s continual protection for Song Yunjia.

Though Gu Changle knew Song Yunjia quite well, she had no way to drive her away from Shao Tianze.

“You don’t know Song Yunjia better than I do, Miss Song.”

Gu Changle was so sure of herself, “I have known Song Yunjia much longer than you have.”

“The thing that two people know each for a long time doesn’t always mean that they can know each other well, Miss Gu.”

Gu Changle was disgusted with what Song Yunxuan said.

When Song Yunxuan found that Gu Changle remained silent, she understood that Gu Changle didn’t quite agree with her words, so Song Yunxuan asked, “Since you know my elder sister, have you found out her weakness now?”

“Shao Tianze has been protecting her.”

“So you have no way to deal with my elder sister, do you?”

Gu Changle pressed her lips and said “um” in a low voice.

“Let me help you.”

Song Yunxuan said these four words.

And these words made Gu Changle a bit stupefied, yet she also felt a little suspicious, “You are related to her.”

“You don’t believe that I will really help you just because Song Yunjia and I are sisters?”

Gu Changle asked her in reply, “Will you really help me?”

“If Miss Gu trusts me, I’ll help you. But if you don’t trust me, then I can’t help you.”

Gu Changle thought that Song Yunxuan had a reason not to really help her.

Because Song Yunxuan and Song Yunjia were sisters in blood.

However, Gu Changle also felt that Song Yunxuan had a reason to help her sincerely.

Because everyone knew that the relationship between Song Yunxuan and Song Yunjia was quite bad even though they were sisters.

Moreover, in the kidnapping that happened earlier, Song Yunxuan was almost killed by her own elder brother and elder sister.

So Song Yunxuan barely had affection for Song Yunjia.

“If you help me, then what do you want?”

Gu Changle didn’t believe that Song Yunxuan would help her for nothing.

After having heard Gu Changle’s words, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help chuckling, “Miss Gu, you are really smart. You know that I want something before joining hands with me.”

“Otherwise, you won’t take the initiative to call me.”

“Actually I wanted to visit you in person. But considering my identity, I can only call to greet you. I hope that you won’t blame me.”

She was Song Yunjia’s younger sister.

And Song Yunjia was the one who almost killed Gu Changle this time.

Not to mention that Gu Changle was likely to lock Song Yunxuan out when she came to visit her. Even if Gu Changle had really let Song Yunxuan in, Song Yunxuan would have suffered the consequences.

In the future, when Song Yunjia had fallen on evil days, some attentive people would have dug out the thing that Song Yunxuan had paid a visit to the Shao Family and then planted the matter of harming Song Yunjia on her.

Song Yunxuan was trying to make Song Yunjia suffer.

However, she didn’t want the whole Yuncheng to know that it was done by the younger sister.

After all, Song Yunqiang had gone to jail. If Song Yunjia had gone to jail as well, everyone would have thought it was all done by Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan wanted to have a good reputation in Yuncheng.

She didn’t want to get a bad reputation in Yuncheng just because of Song Yunjia.

“You have ways to help me deal with Song Yunjia?”

“Of course I do.” Song Yunxuan answered her firmly.

Gu Changle narrowed her eyes and asked her, “What ways?”

“I’m afraid that I can’t tell you until I see you in person.”

Gu Changle took a breath, “OK, I’m waiting for you here.”

Song Yunxuan curled up her lips and said, “I can’t go to the Shao Family. Please come to my place, Miss Gu.”

Gu Changle had already been in a dilemma, and the only person that could help her was Song Yunxuan.

Gu Changle actually didn’t want to have a connection with Song Yunxuan. However, now she had no choice but to call on Song Yunxuan.

Gu Changle pressed her lips and nodded, “I’m coming.”

Hearing that Gu Changle was willing to come to her place, Song Yunxuan’s smile became bigger. After pondering for a while, Song Yunxuan set up a meeting time and place with Gu Changle. Then she ended the call.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips.

Thinking of Gu Changle’s current situation, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help feeling happy.

Yeah, Gu Changle must have been upset now. It was clear that her enemy had suffered heavy losses, yet Gu Changle could not eradicate the enemy.

The only thing she could do was to watch her happiness.

Gu Changle watched Song Yunjia laugh at her arrogantly and proudly.

Gu Changle felt annoyed when she thought about it.

But what Song Yunxuan wanted was exactly this.

Song Yunjia took a nap at noon.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon when she woke up again.

Song Yunjia got up from the bed and pulled back the curtains in the bedroom with great vigor.

Seeing the sunshine outside, Song Yunjia slightly narrowed her eyes.

Then she called out to her servant, “Wenwen.”

Wenwen, who was waiting outside, immediately came in when hearing Song Yunjia calling her name, asking, “Miss Song, what can I do for you?”

Song Yunjia took a displeased look at her and complained, “What took you so long? Didn’t I ask you to guard outside my door? The door was not completely closed, so why did it take this long for you to answer me?”

Wenwen was terrified and just bowed her head, saying sorry.

Song Yunjia knew well that the only person she could trust was the servant, Wenwen, in front of her because there were no other servants around.

Song Yunjia stood in front of the window for a while. Then she went back to the bed, sat down and reached out to stroke her long hair, asking, “Did anyone come while I was asleep?”

Wenwen shook her head, “No.”

In Song Yunjia’s imagination, she felt that Shao Tianze might come here at any time.

Neither had Shao Tianze asked the servants around her yet nor had he investigated the people who were at the scene at that time to force them to tell the truth. As a result, she could stay in the Champs-Elysea safely now.

If Shao Tianze had cared about this matter and had gathered all the people who were at the scene when Gu Changle had an accident to ask about the matter, then she would have probably been sent to the police.

Perhaps, Song Yunjia would have been in the women’s prison through the fastest procedure.

She could almost successfully eradicate Gu Changle this time, yet out of her expectation, Shao Tianze came in such a timely manner that he saved Gu Changle.

Song Yunjia pondered for a while after having heard Wenwen’s negative answer. Then she dismissed Wenwen.

She should keep an eye on Shao Tianze’s whereabouts these days.

Song Yunjia was not very clear about what was in Shao Tianze’s mind.

If Shao Tianze had regarded Gu Changle as his dearly loved person, then he would have collected all the evidence at the first time when the accident happened and charged her through judicial procedures.

Even if Shao Tianze hadn’t charged her, then Gu Changle’s said cries and some little reports would have been enough to make Shao Tianze furious.

As long as Shao Tianze had become angry, it would have been enough to make Song Yunjia completely unimportant in Shao Tianze’s eyes.

However, now things didn’t seem to be what she imagined.

Gu Changle lost her child and stayed with her in the car for such a long time, which made Gu Changle almost dead. Only by this, Gu Changle would definitely add fuel when accused Song Yunjia in front of Shao Tianze and would fan the flames to let Shao Tianze see how vicious Song Yunjia was.

If Shao Tianze had been convinced, then he would surely have come to clean Song Yunjia up immediately.

Yet now Shao Tianze had no intention of hurting her. So the only thing that she could think of was that she still occupied a very important position in Shao Tianze’s heart.

Because Song Yunjia occupied such an important position in Shao Tianze’s heart, she could battle for one more time after having made such a big mistake.

Song Yunjia slowly clenched her fingers into fists, looking out of the window.

And she couldn’t help murmuring, “I haven’t lost yet.”

Yes, Song Yunjia hadn’t lost yet.

She was still able to turn the tide.

Song Yunjia could make good use of Shao Tianze’s affection for her to free herself from danger and then fight against Gu Changle in the long run.

Gu Changle now had no way to persuade Shao Tianze to teach Song Yunjia a lesson now.

Thus Song Yunjia would have had plenty of time to get a firm foothold as long as Shao Tianze had continued to protect Song Yunjia.

Shao Tianze would have turned this matter into a minor one and hushed it up. After all, Song Yunjia had the same secret as Shao Tianze.

After all, the death of Gu Changge was Shao Tianze’s soft spot.

Shao Tianze would not let anyone leak out his soft spot.

Especially Song Yunjia, who knew it quite clearly.

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