Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Madame Song

Chapter 377 Madame Song

Gu Changle was slightly startled when she heard Song Yunxuan’s words.

“Who is the backing you said?

After Gu Changle’s question, Song Yunxuan spoke softly, “It’s Madame Song.”

Song Yunxuan said in a low voice.

Gu Changle looked at Song Yunxuan, and her eyebrows never stretched out.

She didn’t know much about the Song Family, so she was still dubious when she heard Song Yunxuan said Madame Song.

“Who is Madame Song?”

“She is now abroad. May you will recall something when I say her name. Her name is Ye Meiqi.”

After hearing the name, Gu Changle repeated it several times.

Song Yunxuan did not rush to tell her the specific information of Ye Meiqi.

She wanted to Gu Changle to think of by herself.

After thinking for a long time, Gu Changle seemed to remember something finally. She looked up at Song Yunxuan, “You mean Song Yan’s first wife. Ye Meiqi of the Ye Family in Harbor City?”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

She had been sure that Gu Changle would definitely remember it.

Song Yunjia’s mother, Ye Meiqi, was a woman unknown to the upper circles of Yuncheng.

However, when she was young, she was a famous beauty in Harbor City.

Moreover, it was rare that she was born in an upper-class family, the Ye Family. Since she was a child, she had been gentle, generous, and well-educated and had a good sense of judgment.

And she was also tender and did everything on principle.

She had a good reputation and evaluation in the upper-class society of Harbor City.

At that time, when Ye Meiqi had just turned 20 years old, rich and powerful families of the similar background with the Ye Family in Harbor City started to visit the Ye Family. They wanted to become a business partner of the Ye Family by marrying the young and beautiful lady, Ye Meiqi.

It was a pity that Ye Meiqi met Song Yan at the wrong time and occasion. And she fell in love with him, who was still a small trader then.

Although the Ye Family had refused multiple times, they couldn’t make their beautiful daughter change her mind and finally allowed her to marry.

However, the relationship between Ye Meiqi and the Ye Family soured because of her marriage to Song Yan.

And later, Song Yan had an affair. Ye Meiqi learned that Song Yan had a girlfriend before they met. Song Yan abandoned his girlfriend, who had had his baby.

She also learned that Song Yan met Song Yunying’s mother after their marriage and kept her in a love nest.

These made Ye Meiqi feel heart-broken.

With her broken heart, she wanted to win back Song Yan’s heart.

However, the situation was more complicated than her imagination. Song Yan was a romantic and dissolute man.

Song Yan not only got entangled with Song Yunqiang’s mother but also was unwilling to give up Song Yunying’s mother.

He even had an illegitimate daughter, Song Yunxuan.

Ye Meiqi felt helpless about all these.

Finally, she chose to leave the Song Family.

No one would have remembered them if they had not been reminded.

However, Song Yunxuan knew these things clearly.

Gu Changle looked at her, suspiciously, “Why do you know so much?”

Asked by Gu Changle, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh, “Why shouldn’t I know so much? I am the youngest daughter of the Song Family.”

“But Song Yan couldn’t tell you these things when he was alive. Song Yunqiang, Song Yunying, and Song Yunjia also wouldn’t mention them to you.”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and smiled, “They wouldn’t tell me about these things. I can investigate by myself, can’t I? I can find them.”

Gu Changle fell into silence. She felt that Song Yunxuan, the youngest daughter of the Song Family, was peculiar, but she didn’t know why.

She devoted all her energy to getting rid of Song Yunjia and didn’t have extra attention to Song Yunxuan. She just said, “You said you could get rid of Song Yunjia, but now you’re talking about Song Yunjia’s biological mother as a weapon.”

“Yes. As long as Ye Meiqi comes back, we can defeat Song Yunjia.”

“Will Ye Meiqi help me get rid of Song Yunjia?” Gu Changle thought it was ridiculous.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan didn’t explain it immediately, Gu Changle wore a cold expression and reminded her, “Even if Ye Meiqi did not raise Song Yunjia, they are biological mother and daughter. No mother would harm her daughter. Do you know that?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Of course I know.”

“Then why do you think Ye Meiqi is a backing?” Gu Changle frowned and looked displeased, “Ye Meiqi’s return will only make Song Yunjia even more powerful. You should think about other ways to remove Song Yunjia.”

Gu Changle said in an annoying tone.

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, Song slightly pursed her lips and said, “Miss Gu, do you know why Ye Meiqi left the Song Family?”

Gu Changle looked at Song Yunxuan, “I know.”

“Since Miss Gu knows why Ye Meiqi left the Song Family, you should also know that Ye Meiqi hates the woman who is a homewrecker.”

Song Yunxuan said calmly.

Gu Changle heard this, and her expression couldn’t help but change.

It was right. Song Yunxuan was right.

Ye Meiqi left Song family because she hated Song Yan for having affairs.

She resented the woman involved in the marriage of others.

If she had known that her daughter was involved in someone else’s marriage, Ye Meiqi would have despised her daughter.

Thinking of this, Gu Changle couldn’t help but raise her lips slightly unconsciously.

However, she just curved her lips a little before she stopped smiling.

Her eyes became fierce. And she turned to look at Song Yunxuan, “Do you have the evidence that Song Yunjia broke other’s marriage?”

“Didn’t Song Yunjia break the marriage between Shao Tianze and Gu Changge?” Song Yunxuan asked Gu Changle instead.

Gu Changle gnashed her teeth with hatred.

Song Yunjia not only broke the marriage between Gu Changge and Shao Tianze but also got involved in her relationship with Shao Tianze.

“Song Yunjia was indeed involved in the marriage between Shao Tianze and Gu Changge, but now Gu Changge is dead. Dead men tell no tales. How can you make Ye Meiqi believe that her daughter is a homewrecker?”

Song Yunxuan raised her lips and looked at Gu Changle, “Whether Ye Meiqi could believe, it depends on Miss Gu’s ability.”

Gu Changle frowned.

Song Yunxuan then added, “Of course, I will also cooperate with Miss Gu.”

Gu Changle’s frown slowly spread out.

She knew that Song Yunxuan was not a simple person. As long as Song Yunxuan was willing to help her, the success rate will increase by half.

Song Yunxuan saw Gu Changle’s eyebrows slowly spread out and knew that she had persuaded her.

She called the housekeeper in loudly and ordered, “Get a bottle of wine that was delivered by air from the Franch winery. I want to ask Miss Gu for a drink.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s instructions, the housekeeper nodded and left.

After a while, the housekeeper took a bottle of vintage Lafite and two crystal goblets.

Gu Changle was still thinking about the possibility of success.

At the same time, Song Yunxuan poured red wine into two crystal goblets, then picked them up and handed one to Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, let’s celebrate!”

Looking at the wine glass handed over by Song Yunxuan, Gu Changle asked with a disdainful face, “Is it too early to celebrate?”

Song Yunxuan saw that Gu Changle didn’t take the wine glass, so she had to put it down, “Now it’s not too early to celebrate.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly, “I have full confidence.”

Hearing what Song Yunxuan had said, Gu Changle reached out and took over the goblet from Song Yunxuan’s hand.

Song Yunxuan saw Gu Changle took the wine glass and said in a worried tone, “I heard that Miss Gu’s health is not good. Just drink a sip of red wine to signify your heart.”

Gu Changle refused to admit it. She clinked glasses and sneered, “I am now a healthy person.”

She already had Gu Changge’s heart.

She was already a healthy and normal woman.

She had nothing to fear.

As long as Song Yunjia was eliminated, she could have a good rest at the Shao Family.

She still had plenty of good time to enjoy her life in the future.

Seeing Gu Changle finished the wine in her goblet in one gulp, Song Yunxuan raised her glass with a smile, drinking all the red wine in the cup.

Song Yunxuan felt that this meeting with Gu Changle was delightful.

In the Rose Garden, Gu Changle drank more than one glass of wine.

She drank several glasses one after another, not complying with the doctor’s order that she shouldn’t drink.

When Gu Changle drank the fifth glass of wine, Song Yunxuan took her glass and reminded her, “Miss Gu, you drink too much.”

Gu Changle raised her lips and smiled, “I’m so happy today and feel that I won’t be drunk even if I have a thousand cups of wine. Miss Song, do you think I will be drunk?”

“We still have important things to do. We can’t drink too much today. When things are done, we can drink as much as we want.”

Gu Changle was in a good mood, smiling for a long time while her hand covered her lips.

Then, she looked towards the outside of the greenhouse, “Miss Song, you may not know that this house belonged to our Gu Family previously.”

“Did it belong to you, Miss Gu?”

Asked by this question, Gu Changle smiled and shook her hand, “The previous owner of this house wasn’t me but another Miss Gu.”

Song Yunxuan pretended to be confused, “Who do you mean?”

“Not others. It was Gu Changge.” Gu Changle looked out of the windows and wore a gorgeous and pleasant smile, “It’s a pity that my sister had an unfortunate life. With such a big property, she died at a young age in a car accident and left two children.”

She said that in a regretful tone.

However, she didn’t show any regret on her face.

Her eyes were full of smiles.

“What do you think of my sister’s unfortunate life. Such a perfect woman died so suddenly.”

Covering her face with her fingers, she began to appear sad.

Watching Gu Changle’s show, Song Yunxuan bent her lips scornfully.

Gu Changle didn’t see that Song Yunxuan’s eyes were full of cruelty and coldness. She was waiting to see her joke.

Yeah, Gu Changge was indeed unfortunate.

She had a vicious younger sister as malicious as snakes and scorpions and a husband harboring sinister motives.

However, those who killed her couldn’t believe that Gu Changge was still alive.

Not only was she alive, but she wanted to destroy them by herself.

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