Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Met Their Mother

Chapter 386 Met Their Mother

Song Yunying had given Song Yunxuan a clear position in her heart.

Now she was isolated and helpless in the Xue Family. The eldest brother and sister were already unreliable. All she could rely on was Song Yunxuan.

Let alone she was going to give birth very soon.

After birth, if the baby would be able to inherit the legacy of the Xue Family would depend on how long Song Yunxuan had been supporting her.

"Yunxuan, whats wrong?"

Song Yunxuan smiled, "Sis, you havent been informed. Our mother is back."

Song Yunyings mother had long been away from the Song family.

Since Song Yunying got married, her mother had settled down abroad.

She showed no interest in almost all the Song Familys business.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunxuans mother had passed away. When her daughter got married, Song Yunyings mother found her daughter might enter into a bad marriage. Moreover, when Song Yan died, she was angry that her daughter had not been assigned enough inheritance, so she rarely had intercourse with the Song Family.

Song Yunxuan had already dominated the Song Family.

Supported by Song Yunxuan, Song Yunying had barely got on her feet in the Xue Family.

Previously, Song Yunyings mother had a lot of opinions on Song Yunxuan, but later it dawned on her and she acquiesced in her daughters behavior.

Even if someone bowed his head to his former enemies, as long as his future benefits could be guaranteed, there would be no humiliation.

Song Yunying was a little surprised, "Which mother youre talking about."

She certainly couldnt figure out who it was.

She was in close contact with her own mother, knowing that her mother had not been back all the while, so she knew that it was definitely not her own mother.

The mothers of Song Yunqiang and Song Yunxuan were dead, so it was not one of them.

The only person was likely to be Song Yunjias mother, Ye Meiqi.

Ye Meiqi, who had no sense of presence in the Song family, had always been an aloof Madame.

All people in the Song family knew her personality more or less.

Song Yunying turned the question back to Song Yunxuan. Song Yunxuan also knew that Song Yunying must be surprised right now. She didnt mean to hide it.

She replied directly, "It is our Mom."

Song Yunying was even more surprised when she heard this answer. She didnt even know what to reply for a moment.

After a while, she asked Song Yunxuan, "Yunxuan, how did you bring her back?"

"She probably missed us, so she came back by herself."

Song Yunxuan wouldnt like to fill her in with details. Song Yunying also stopped asking.

Song Yunying smiled awkwardly, "So, would you like us to meet each other?"

Since Song Yunjias mother came back, she must be calling to arrange a meeting.

Song Yunying hadnt met Ye Meiqi a few times before. She used to live with her mother in the house that Song Yan bought outside. They moved into the Song Family until she grew up.

However, Ye Meiqi refused to let them in.

However, Song Yan insisted. Ye Meiqi was so mad about it that she went abroad and settled down there ever since.

Because of this, Song Yunjia had hated Song Yunying for years.

Even if they seemed to get along with each other later in public, they were actually not in private.

Ye Meiqi was a proud woman. The Song Family wasnt how it used to be.

Ye Meiqi still stood on her dignity as the Madame of the house.

Song Yunxuan was willing to play the supporting role. She did almost everything that Ye Meiqi said.

Now she asked Song Yunying to meet Ye Meiqi, which should also be Ye Meiqis idea.

Otherwise, Song Yunxuan would not invite her over.

They made an appointment on the phone.

Song Yunying knew that she was just doing a walkthrough, and there was no need for her to worry about it.

When it was almost the appointed time, she went to the tearoom waiting for them.

Song Yunxuan went there with Ye Meiqi.

On the way, Ye Meiqi adjusted her hair while asking Song Yunxuan, which seemed unintentionally, "Have your elder sister called over?"

Song Yunxuan was a little sorry, "Mom, I called her last night, but no one answered, maybe it was too late at that time, she was asleep."

She did call the Champs-Elysea.

But it did get through.

Wenwen told her everything happened in the Champs-Elysea.

Now that Song Yunjia was in the hospital, she couldnt come back to the Champs-Elysea in a few days.

Shao Tianzes attitude was still ambiguous. He let the matter of Gu Changles induction of labor go, but he also did not pay much attention to Song Yunjia.

Gu Changle and Song Yunjia maintained a delicate balance, and no one got more attention from Shao Tianze first.

Ye Meiqi heard Song Yunxuan said that she didnt get through. She asked Song Yunxuan, "Give me Yunjias phone number. I will do the call."

Song Yunxuan gave Ye Meiqi the phone number of the Champs-Elysea.

Ye Meiqi dialed the phone and listened to the busy tone ringing over there, wrinkling her eyebrows.

Song Yunxuan observed Ye Meiqis look and knew that she must fail to get through too.

Expectedly, it didnt take long for Ye Meiqi before she took the phone off her ears.

The displeasure in her eyes became more obvious.

No one answering the phone was also what Song Yunxuan expected. Now Song Yunjia was lying in the hospital.

Shao Tianze withdrew the Champs-Elysea bodyguards.

Liu Yue had been arrested by the police.

The only person who could make decisions in the Champs-Elysea was Wenwen.

As long as Wenwen didnt answer the phone, Ye Meiqi certainly couldnt get it through.

Song Yunxuan knew all these things clearly but pretended that she didnt.

She asked Ye Meiqi worriedly, "Mom, no one answered?"

Ye Meiqi nodded, "I will go over to check her out at night."

She was also worried that she lost contact with Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan found Ye Meiqi was worried. She suggested, "Mom, why dont we go over and check Yunjia out now? She has quit her job in the hospital. She must be at home right now. If we come, we can certainly find her."

Ye Meiqi certainly knew that, but if she had gone to Song Yunjia, Song Yunxuan would have definitely followed.

Song Yunjia had already hated Song Yunxuan when their inheritance was given. She definitely wouldnt want to see Song Yunxuan now.

If Song Yunxuan had followed, she might have been directly blasted away by Song Yunjia. If this had been spread, it would have been said that the relationship between them was not good and even that their mother treated her illegitimate daughter badly.

Ye Meiqi valued her reputation, so she would not let people have this opportunity to criticize her.

She shook her head, "No. Weve made an appointment with your second sister in the tearoom, havent we? Well meet her first."

Ye Meiqis current performance seemed to treat them as same as her own children.

Song Yunxuan saw that Ye Meiqi chose not to go to Song Yunjia, so she stopped encouraging her.

After all, no matter what Ye Meiqi would do and how she would do, Song Yunjia had everything in control.

When they arrived at the tearoom, they saw Song Yunying had arrived from far away.

Song Yunying saw Ye Meiqi coming and got up from the seat hurriedly, greeting at Ye Meiqi, "Hi, Mom."

Greeted by Song Yunying, Ye Meiqi measured Song Yunying up and nodded. And then she asked, "Yunying, youre pregnant now?"

Song Yunying pursed her lips and nodded, a slight smile emerging on her face.

Ye Meiqi took a seat and sighed gently, "Children are really grown up."

The only person she wanted to see here today was Song Yunjia, but fortunately, she was unable to contact Song Yunjia.

She felt annoyed because Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze were messing up, yet she couldnt really show it, so she did not say anything else when drinking tea.

On the contrary, Song Yunxuan talked a lot with Song Yunying.

Their topics changed from what interesting reaction Song Yunying had after she became pregnant to what name she wanted to give her child.

Ye Meiqi just looked at them and had a feeling that the relationship between these two was really good.

She was secretly surprised that Song Yunxuan was never a simple character.

Song Yunxuan came into the Song Family after everyone else, but in the end, she knew how to take everything of the Song Family better than all her sisters and brothers.

She hated that Song Yunjia did not live up to her expectations. At the same time, she was also on the alert as her little daughter seemed too clever.

They were not her own blood. No matter how close she got to them, she still felt sick of it.

Her facial expression was controlled very well. She listened to the conversation between Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan while thinking about what time she could finally leave.

Song Yunying had a pretty good life now. Ye Meiqi heard that Song Yunyings life was unenviable after getting married. Now it didnt look as bad as the rumor said.

At the very least, she didnt seem to suffer in the Xue Family on the surface.

Song Yunxuan inevitably mentioned Xue Tao when talking with Song Yunying.

She intimated that she would like to know how Xue Tao was going these days.

Song Yunying showed a complicated look, lowering her eyes and touching her belly, "As long as the baby is born, he will settle down eventually."

What she said sounded as if a virtuous wife was waiting for a cheating husband to change to outsiders.

In fact, Song Yunxuan knew exactly what she meant.

As long as the baby in Song Yunyings belly was born safely, she would have a thousand ways to take the fertility of all Xue Taos mistresses away.

In her heart, Xue Tao was not important at all. What was important was only the inheritance right of the Xue family.

She had already done a sex test on this baby and had confirmed it was a boy.

Therefore, she felt assured during pregnancy.

As long as this child was born, she would be able to have everything in the Xue Family.

Song Yunxuan did not comment on Song Yunyings approach.

Anyway, Song Yunying was already on her side, and even if Song Yunying had been in charge of the Xue Family, which would have caused no harm to her.

Song Yunying had already been scared by Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan had something that could destroy Song Yunying, so even if the Xue Family had been in Song Yunyings control, Song Yunying would not have been her enemy to ask for trouble.

Instead, it was Song Yunjia who was in danger without knowing it.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying had a great time in the tearoom.

Suddenly, a womans voice interrupted and came to Ye Meiqis ears.

"Excuse me, is this Mrs. Song?"

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