Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 388

Chapter 388 To See Song Yunjia

Chapter 388 To See Song Yunjia

Gu Changle did not know why her words would provoke Ye Meiqi.

Yet Song Yunxuan knew what it was about clearly.

Ye Meiqi was Song Yans legal wife.

After she got married, Song Yan had Song Yunqiangs mother, Song Yunyings mother, and Song Yunxuans mother in a row when there were no relationship problems in their marriage.

Song Yan had so many women in their marriage that Ye Meiqi was furious about it at that time. She hated every home-wrecker who sneaked into other peoples marriages.

Now Gu Changle claimed that when Gu Changge was still alive, Song Yunjia had already been with Shao Tianze. Moreover, it was Song Yunjia who went after him.

That was obvious. Song Yunjia was accused of stealing Gu Changges husband.

As a woman from such a rich and noble family, a woman sharing the same experience, it was natural for Ye Meiqi to show anger when someone accused her daughter of wrecking others marriage.

Seeing Ye Meiqi going mad, Gu Changle seemed scared and dared not to continue talking.

Song Yunying noticed this. She put on an unpleasant bossy face to Gu Changle, "Miss Gu, watch your mouth. This is not the kind of thing you can bandy about. My elder sister is a noble lady. Are you accusing her of breaking up someones marriage?"

Gu Changle pursed her lips with a pale face, "She had indeed been with my brother-in-law when my sister was alive."

Her voice had been lowered as if she had been bullied.

Ye Meiqi stopped Gu Changle. She felt her blood pulsated in her temples.

The only time Ye Meiqi had been humiliated so long as she lived was when Song Yan had other women.

However, she felt insulted again by what she heard today.

She held her head and gently rubbed her temples.

Both Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying knew that Ye Meiqi was having a headache about this matter.

Ye Meiqi did not utter a word for a while. Song Yunying questioned Gu Changle for her.

"Do you think my elder sister is such a shameless woman? Miss Gu, I hope you come to my mother when you find out the truth, not just sit here and tell a lie."

Song Yunying was being reasonable.

Gu Changle was unwilling to show weakness as well. She couldnt help bursting into tears.

"None of my words is fabricated out of thin air. You are Yunjias mother and sister. You must have heard something!"

Gu Changle showed a kind of grievance and helplessness as they were not being reasonable.

Ye Meiqis had been overflowing with anger.

She already knew what Gu Changle said was right.

Her daughter was indeed a mistress when Gu Changge was not dead.

Nevertheless, under such circumstances, she would never admit it.

If she had admitted her daughters involvement in someone elses marriage, how embarrassing would she have been?

Ye Meiqi kept silent.

Song Yunying tended to scare Gu Changle off in an aggressive manner. Unexpectedly, Gu Changle was pretty firm about it.

It seemed like she would have waited here forever if Ye Meiqi hadnt been convinced today.

Ye Meiqi rubbed her temple without any words for a while. When she opened her eyes, she saw Gu Changle sitting right opposite to her, staring at her.

Gu Changle was obsessed with getting an answer.

Ye Meiqi had felt the pressure.

Song Yunjias behavior had provoked thick dissatisfaction.

Since Gu Changle refused to leave, Ye Meiqi spoke before a long-time silence, "Miss Gu, what you said might merely be a misunderstanding."

"A misunderstanding?" Gu Changle interrupted her," I hope it was. But if it was not, I am afraid I have to doubt if my sister was murdered by her because she wanted my brother-in-law."

She said this with some indignation.

On hearing of that, Ye Meiqis heart missed a beat. She was somehow frightened.

She advised her wearily, "Miss Gu, I will talk to Yunjia."

"Aunt, I have not begged anyone in my life. But I beg you. I beg you to ask Yunjia to leave my brother-in-law!"

"Ill talk to her, Miss Gu, and Id appreciate it if you give me some time to look into all this."

The answer could be seen as a compromise.

Gu Changle knew that Ye Meiqi was most likely to go to Song Yunjia after this.

And then Ye Meiqi would stop Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan did not speak much throughout the conversation. She knew that Song Yunjia was about to suffer when Ye Meiqi gave such a reply.

She pursed her lips slightly and talked to Gu Changle, "Miss Gu, why wont you go back and wait for the outcome?"

She was asking Gu Changle to leave.

Gu Changle usually wouldnt leave so easily.

However, she knew it was a hint given by Song Yunxuan that she could leave and went back to her place for now.

Gu Changle could see that.

After wiping her tears again, she said goodbye to Ye Meiqi, "Aunt, Im really sorry to bother you at this time, but I dont have other options. I beg you."

Ye Meiqi nodded gently.

She still held her head, gently rubbing the temple.

Gu Changle said goodbye and left.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying were sitting firmly in their seats.

No one showed any intention to see Gu Changle off.

By all means, Gu Changle did not care. She left.

After she left, Song Yunxuan called Ye Meiqi, "Mom. She has finally gone. What rubbish she was talking about."

Ye Meiqi raised her head and nodded tiredly.

Song Yunying frowned over there, "Mom, she must make up the whole story. Elder sister and Shao Tianze are just co-workers. How could they make such a shameful mistake as she said?"

Ye Meiqi nodded, "I believe in your elder sister."

Even if she said so, Ye Meiqi called Song Yunjia in person when she came back.

She hoped it would be picked up quickly.

However, it was still Wenwen, the maid of Champs-Elysea, who answered the phone.

Ye Meiqi wanted to hang up as soon as she heard the maid said Song Yunjia was not there.

Yet Song Yunxuan whispered to Ye Meiqi, pointing at the time on her mobile phone, "If our elder sister has not been at home all the time, where is she?"

Ye Meiqi frowned. She did ask the maid before.

But the maid seemed pretty perfunctory and did not really tell her if Song Yunjia was at home, what time would she come back, and even Song Yunjias other contact information.

Ye Meiqi followed Song Yunxuans advice and asked the maid, "Do you know where Yunjia is? How long has she gone? When will she come back?"

Ye Meiqi asked the maid several questions in a row.

The maid was stunned for a moment before she answered, "Miss Song is in the hospital."

This news surprised Ye Meiqi. She asked nervously, "Why is she in the hospital?"

Wenwen pursed her lips and said, "She got hurt."

"Which hospital?"

Wenwen reported the name of the hospital to Ye Meiqi.

Ye Meiqi couldnt wait to call the housekeeper of the Song Family and drove to the hospital to check Song Yunjia out.

She needed to know what got Song Yunjia hurt exactly.

Ye Meiqi hurried down the stairs.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying froze for an instant. They did not hear the specific content on the phone. They could only follow Ye Meiqi downstairs.

"Mom, what happened?"

"Where are you going in such a hurry, Mom?"

Ye Meiqi did not want to answer them.

After all, these two daughters were not her own blood. They might even gloat if they knew Song Yunjias situation.

She didnt want them to visit Song Yunjia along with her.

But any move of the housekeeper of the Song Family was at Song Yunxuans command.

Ye Meiqi ordered her to prepare the car, but the housekeeper did not get down to it as she said.

However, she turned to Song Yunxuan as if she was asking for Song Yunxuans permission.

Ye Meiqi understood it the moment the housekeepers sight turned to Song Yunxuan.

The Song Family had been at Song Yunxuans full command.

Even it was just a car, the housekeeper could only arrange that under Song Yunxuans permission.

Ye Meiqi signed in her heart.

Originally, she expected that the master of the Song family would be Song Yans only son Song Yunqiang or her daughter Song Yunjia.

She had never thought that the Song Family had fallen into Song Yunxuans hands.

It was dramatic any way she looked at it.

It was Song Yans choice.

Ye Meiqi knew nothing about the changes that occurred before Song Yans death, but she chose not to speak the dissatisfaction out.

Also, she didnt show any disgust to Song Yunxuan even Song Yunxuan took her daughters position as the successor of the Song Family.

Since now it was all said and done, there wouldnt have been any good in this if she had despised Song Yunxuan in her face.

The housekeeper prepared the car and got it ready soon.

Ye Meiqi got on the car, along with Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying.

When they were all on the car, Song Yunxuan asked Ye Meiqi with concern, "Mom, where are we going?"

"To the hospital."

Song Yunxuan asked her back worriedly at once, "Mom, you feel alright? If you got tired, we dont have to go to the hospital. Ill call the doctor over for you."

When Ye Meiqi heard Song Yunxuan, she felt an internal storm of contrasting emotions. She answered, "Its not about me. Its your elder sister whos in the hospital."

Song Yunying got shocked, "What happened to elder sister?"

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