Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Go Abroad With Me

Chapter 389 Go Abroad with Me

The answer would not change no matter how Song Yunjing asked.

Because Ye Meiqi was not going to tell her what had happened to Song Yunjia.

Anyway, after arriving at the hospital, Song Yunying would know what had happened to Song Yunjia.

Song Yunying was full of doubts, and she asked Ye Meiqi worriedly, "Was my eldest sister hurt badly or not?"

"Im not very clear about it. Lets go and have a look."

Ye Meiqi needed to see what had happened to Song Yunjia with her own eyes.

Song Yunying appeared to be worrying about Song Yunjia all the way.

While Song Yunxuan said nothing but some comforting words even though she knew that Ye Meiqi would go to the hospital.

Ye Meiqi felt a bit confused, and she worried about what she might see after arriving at the hospital.

She could not understand why her daughter went to the hospital.

Shouldnt she have stayed in the Champs-Elysea?

She frowned slightly, and Song Yunxuan saw it the moment she turned her head.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips slightly and said softly to Ye Meiqi, "Mother, dont worry. My eldest sister has always been tactful in dealing with things. Even though she no longer lives in the Song Family, yet she will surely not get hurt outside. Besides"

She paused and then continued, "Mr. Shao will certainly protect my eldest sister."

Ye Meiqi turned to look at Song Yunxuan and felt upset in her heart, yet she could not show it.

If Gu Changle hadnt come today, she could have still allowed Song Yunjia to be together with Shao Tianze. But after Gu Changle had come, her disagreement with their relationship went to the extreme.

Ye Meiqi even felt upset with her daughter in her heart.

What Ye Meiqi hated most was woman who stepped in others marriages. And Song Yunjia did something that was the most unacceptable to her.

They didnt talk too much on the way. Seeing that Ye Meiqi kept a poker face all the way, Song Yunying stopped talking tactfully after having said something in the beginning.

When they got to the hospital, Ye Meiqi got off first.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying were both following behind Ye Meiqi.

After having entered the hall, the driver and the bodyguard who came along went to the Nurse Station in the front to ask for some information.

The nurse found out that there was indeed a patient named Song Yunjia. And she told them that she was now in the VIP ward on the seventh floor.

The group of people took the lift to go upstairs.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Ye Meiqi and found that Ye Meiqi had already grasped the bag in her hands.

Song Yunxuan kept a poker face while her heart was filled with pleasure.

Ye Meiqi should be worried at this time.

Song Yunjia should have been with Shao Tianze. Why was she suddenly sent to the hospital?

Why was she sent to the hospital?

Ye Meiqi was full of doubts, and so was Song Yunying.

But Song Yunying had already learned to read faces after having been in the Xue Family for such a long time.

She had been secretly watching the expressions on Song Yunxuans face.

Because she felt that Song Yunxuan was probably the person behind all these.

The expression Song Yunxuan showed was just right with thirty percent anxiety and seventy percent worry.

However, she was being quite subtle, not hurrying to show the anxiety and worry in her heart.

Ye Meiqi watched the lift rise. After a while, she heard a tinkle. Then she frowned and walked out after the door of the lift had opened.

As soon as she walked into the corridor, a nurse walked towards them.

Song Yunxuan worried that Ye Meiqi couldnt find the ward, so she called out to the nurse, "Hi, nurse! Could you please give me a hand?"

Song Yunxuan said it sincerely.

The nurse was holding a record book in her arms, and she turned to look at Ye Meiqi and Song Yunying when being called by Song Yunxuan, asking, "What can I do for you?"

"I want to ask where Song Yunjias ward is. We are her family."

Song Yunxuans name often appeared in all kinds of gossips in Yuncheng. After all, she had a close and intimate relationship with Chu Mochen.

Many young girls who considered Chu Mochen as their Mr. Right knew there was a lady Song Yunxuan.

Hearing that Song Yunxuan was asking where Song Yunjias ward was, the nurse in front of them took a look at Song Yunying who looked very similar to Song Yunjia and then raised her hand to point to the end of the corridor, "The patient surnamed Song stayed in the third-to-last ward."

Having seen clearly where the ward pointed by the nurse was, Song Yunxuan nodded, "Thank you very much."

When the nurse finished her words, Ye Meiqi turned and walked towards it.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying were following behind Ye Meiqi.

When they got to the door of the ward, Song Yunying would like to rush into the ward after Ye Meiqi.

However, Song Yunxuan reached out and pulled at her clothes to tell her to slow down and let Ye Meiqi enter first.

After having understood what Song Yunxuan meant, Song Yunying stopped and didnt catch up with Ye Meiqi for the moment.

Ye Meiqi pushed the door of the ward sharply.

A low cry of surprise suddenly came from inside the ward.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying both recognized that the person who cried out was Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia was in bed, wondering when Shao Tianze would come back to see her at the moment.

When Song Yunjia heard that the door of the ward was pushed open, she turned her head towards the door.

Just at that time, she saw Ye Meiqis eyes.

Ye Meiqis looked quite serious and became somewhat angry on seeing her daughter lying on the bed, "What made you go to the hospital? Where did you hurt?"

Ye Meiqi didnt approve of her daughters destruction to Shao Tianzes marriage.

However, no matter what, Song Yunjia was her daughter.

When Ye Meiqi saw that her daughter was lying on the hospital bed, she couldnt get angry with her anyway.

She wanted to know the whole story first.

However, after she had asked Song Yunjia, Song Yunjia was not going to answer her mothers question immediately.

"I asked you what happened! Answer me."

Seeing Ye Meiqi coming in from the door, Song Yunjia was still in a state of shock, "Mom Why are you here?"

Ye Meiqi was about to speak.

And Song Yunjia saw that there were two women following behind Ye Meiqi.

Then, she glared at Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying who followed Ye Meiqi and asked her mother, "Mom, why do they follow you here?"

Ye Meiqi did know that Song Yunjia didnt like to see Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying at the moment, so she said to Song Yunxuan, "Yunxuan, wait outside with your second elder sister. I need to have a talk with your eldest sister."

Song Yunying turned to look at Song Yunxuan and wanted to see how she would react.

Hearing Ye Meiqis words, Song Yunxuan didnt show any extra expression. She nodded and said to Ye Meiqi, "Then Ill leave for now, mom."

The way Song Yunxuan called Ye Meiqi made Song Yunjias eyelids twitch.

After Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying had left, Song Yunjia asked Ye Meiqi, frowning, "Mom, when did Song Yunxuan also become your daughter?"

"Im still the Madame of the Song Family."

Ye Meiqis words were quite clear.

Although her relationship with Song Yan was not very good, and she had been separated from him for so many years, yet she was still the Madame of the Song Family.

She was still Mrs. Song of the Song Family and Song Yans legal wife.

As long as Ye Meiqi had admitted this identity, she must also admit that Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying were also her daughters.

Hearing Song Yunxuan calling her mom "mother", Song Yunjia felt that Song Yunxuan had robbed her of her mother.

Song Yunjia felt quite unhappy and a little annoyed, "Mom, its OK that you come here. I can let it slide. But why did you bring those two bitches here?"

Song Yunjia grew up in the Song Family and had always had a good upbringing.

And Ye Meiqi had been trained her daughter to be dignified and elegant.

But now, her daughter had started to scold someone before long she met her.

Ye Meiqi frowned, "Yunxuan and Yunying are your sisters, so please watch your language when you talk about them."

Song Yunjia was a little angry and acted in pettish to Ye Meiqi, "Mom, are you actually going to speak for them right after you came back?"

"I was not speaking for them. I just want you to mind your words and behaviors."

Ye Meiqis words had a double meaning.

But Song Yunjia pretended that she didnt understand, "Mom, why did you suddenly come back?"

Although Song Yunjias countenance showed that she had regained her composure, yet she really felt that her heart missed a beat and was a little flustered while seeing Ye Meiqi appearing at the door of her ward.

Song Yunjia was quite aware of what her mother hated the most.

Now she was with Shao Tianze. If Shao Tianze had been willing to announce that Song Yunjia was his wife, then that would have been OK. But if Shao Tianze hadnt been willing to do this, then Ye Meiqi would surely have made her leave Shao Tianze immediately.

Ye Meiqi knew that Song Yunjia deliberately skirted the topic and would like to talk about something else.

But the reason that Ye Meiqi came to the hospital today was that she wanted to find out what Song Yunjia had done recently, and what Song Yunjia had concealed from her.

"Forget about the reason why I suddenly came back. Now tell me why you quitted the job in the hospital."

Song Yunjia had worked as a doctor in the Peoples Hospital for more than ten years, but now she suddenly quitted the job. It made Ye Meiqi feel that something was not right.

Now if Song Yunjia couldnt have given a good reason, then it would have probably made Ye Meiqi angry at once.

Song Yunjia frowned and pondered for a moment, yet she still told Ye Meiqi the truth, "Mom, the case that I made a patient die during an unsuccessful operation when I was practicing as a doctor in the Peoples Hospital was dug out."

As soon as Song Yunjia finished her words, Ye Meiqi didnt feel like speaking.

Instead, she became silent.

Ye Meiqi knew about the case that Song Yunjia made a patient die during an unsuccessful operation when she was practicing as a doctor even though Ye Meiqi had been abroad then.

But Song Yan couldnt resist calling Ye Meiqi on knowing that her daughter encountered such a tricky problem.

Ye Meiqi still remembered what Song Yan said when he called her.

At that time, Song Yan told her.

"Meiqi, Yunjia may go to jail. Im sorry."

He apologized quite sadly.

At that time, when Ye Meiqi heard this, a resentment rose from her heart. Then Ye Meiqi recklessly pressed Song Yan to protect her only daughter.

It was probably because of the pressure Ye Meiqi put on Song Yan that Song Yunjia was acquitted.

Then the matter was left unsettled.

However, now it was dug out.

And after it had been dug out, Yunjia suffered so much.

Ye Meiqi didnt know what to say. She didnt know whether to blame her daughter or comfort her.

She just felt that if Song Yunjia had still lived in Yuncheng, then there would probably have been more problems.

After having pondered for a moment, Ye Meiqi said, "Yunjia, go abroad with me."

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