Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Being Alone

Chapter 392 Being Alone

No matter how Ye Meiqi thought, Song Yunjias choice made her sad.

Because her most beloved daughter unexpectedly gave her up in this way.

She kept her head propped up on her way back to the Song Family.

Seeing this, Song Yunxuan, who was beside, knew Ye Meiqi was in a bad mood.

Anyone who experienced this would be in a bad mood.

The daughter, who was borne by her laboriously, should break away from her own mother just for a man.

It not only hurt the feelings between mother and daughter.

But also burned her own bridges.

Song Yunxuan was in a good mood. In her opinion, such burning action of Song Yunjia was simply helping her.

After returning to the Shao Family, Gu Changle had been paying close attention to Song Yunxuans situation.

Song Yunxuan didnt have time to call Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was so impatient that she had made four or five phone calls before Song Yunxuan got home.

Fortunately, it was her butler who had answered the phone calls at home. Otherwise, if Ye Meiqis nurse had received them, her plan probably would have been ruined.

Song Yunxuan followed Ye Meiqi home. As soon as Ye Meiqi got home, she called her nurse and told her, "Bring the luggage and well go back to the WK."

The nurse looked puzzled and reminded her, "Madam, we have only been here for less than two days."

Ye Meiqi smiled coldly, "What does it matter? She doesnt need us at all. Are we in the way here?"

Ye Meiqis emotions were usually not so intense.

However, this time, it was Song Yunjia who really pissed her off.

Song Yunxuan came to Ye Meiqi and comforted her, "Mom, what are you talking about? We are all very happy after you come back and want you to stay at home for more time. Why are you in a hurry to leave?"

Ye Meiqi turned to look at Song Yunxuan with a pair of complicated eyes.

If only Song Yunjia had had Song Yunxuans calculation.

If she had had her calculation, she wouldnt have spent so many years with Shao Tianze but still got nothing.

She closed her lips slightly, and the loss in her eyes was hard to hide.

After calming down, she said, "I must get back immediately for there are important matters for me to do in the WK."

Song Yunying nearby also looked like an unknown person, "But Mom, we havent had a meal together yet. Speaking of which, I havent seen my elder sister for a long time."

It was Song Yunying who touched the tender spot.

The last thing Ye Meiqi wanted to hear now was the name, Song Yunjia.

Ye Meiqi had raised Song Yunjia for so many years, but Song Yunjia had no gratitude to her mother.

Song Yunjias mind was full of Shao Tianze.

Whats the point of Ye Meiqis staying here?

Anyway, there was no way to prevent Song Yunjia from being silly. It was better to go back to the WK first.

She closed her lips slightly and said, "I will not be back for a long time after I return to the WK this time. I also hope you can take good care of your elder sister."

This sentence was very good and appropriate.

Before Song Yunying had time to respond.

Song Yunxuan had already nodded, "Mom, dont worry. After all, Song Yunjia is my elder sister, and nothing will change it."

Hearing the promise from Song Yunxuan, Ye Meiqi was relieved greatly.

However, after saying this sentence, Song Yunxuan was deeply resentful in mind, compared with the softness on her face.

Yes, Song Yunjia was Song Yunxuans elder sister.

However, Song Yunjia was also the killer of Gu Changge.

As Song Yunxuan, she could leave Song Yunjia a better end.

However, as Gu Changge, she would not show any mercy.

Ye Meiqi ordered Song Yunxuan to book the air ticket back to the WK when she came out of the hospital,

Although Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan looked confused, Song Yunxuan had already booked the air ticket according to Ye Meiqis request.

Now Ye Meiqi was going to the airport while Mei Qi had arrived there and had already taken the air ticket waiting for Ye Meiqi to come.

Ye Meiqi arrived at the airport, took the air ticket in Mei Qis hand, and hesitated slightl

She was unwilling to leave and looked behind until the last second before entering the boarding gate.

With the last hope, she wanted to see if Song Yunjia was coming to ask her to stay.

If Song Yunjia had come to persuade her to stay in Yuncheng, she would have given up going back to the WK.

However, when turning back, Ye Meiqi did not see her daughter, Song Yunjia, except for Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan.

She sighed with disappointment.

Then she boarded the plane.

Song Yunxuan turned her gaze after seeing Ye Meiqi board the plane and disappear in front of her for a long time.

Being pregnant, Song Yunying was already exhausted after accompanying Ye Meiqi to the hospital.

Then Song Yunying followed Ye Meiqi to the airport to see her off for Ye Meiqi wanted to return to the WK suddenly.

She took a deep breath, and then sat down on the chair of the airport, rubbing her aching feet after Ye Meiqi boarded the plane.

Seeing Song Yunxuan still looking at the direction of Ye Meiqis leaving, she casually said, "It seems that our elder sister has fallen out with Ye Meiqi."

When Ye Meiqi was here, she didnt mind calling the Song Familys Madam mother.

But as soon as Ye Meiqi left, Song Yunying immediately called her name directly.

From the change of the appellation, it could be seen that Song Yunying had little respect for Ye Meiqi.

Song Yunxuan turned around and glanced at Song Yunying, "Yunying, you must be tired today. Ill have you sent back to rest."

Song Yunying nodded.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying left at the airport and went separate ways to home.

After going back home, the butler said to Song Yunxuan, "The lady from the Gu Family has already made 7 or 8 phone calls."

"What did you say?"

"I said I knew nothing and let her wait until you come back."

The butler just finished talking when the phone in the living room rang again.

She knew it was called by Gu Changle again even without answering it.

The call was confirmed to be Gu Changle after the butler answered it. Then she covered the receiver of the phone and turned to Song Yunxuan, "Miss Song, its from the Gu Family."

Song Yunxuan reached out her hand.

The butler immediately placed the phone in Song Yunxuans hand.

Song Yunxuan had just put the receiver near her ear when she heard Gu Changles anxious voice, "How things are going on your side?"

"Ye Meiqi has returned to the WK."

Hearing Song Yunxuans words, Gu Changle could not help but sneer, "Song Yunjia, this fool, has really fallen out with Ye Meiqi."

Song Yunxuan reminded her, "Although thats true, Ye Meiqi is still Song Yunjias biological mother. If anything happened to Song Yunjia, she would come in the first place. Although the power of the Ye Family is not in Yuncheng, it should not be underestimated."

"I heard that you had a friendship with the four families of Harbor City. Are you still afraid of the Ye Family, which is not on the list?"

A simple provocation.

Gu Changle wanted to arouse her and let her put her hand to Song Yunjia.

However, Song Yunxuan smiled and began to persuade Gu Changle, "It is better for Miss Gu to make a good plan for the next thing."

Gu Changle frowned, "So you are not willing to help me from now on?"

"Its not that I dont want to help Miss Gu, but I cant reveal my identity. Therefore, I cant step in to help you obviously."

"That is to say, you are willing to step in and help me secretly?"

"There is no point interfering with your business privately as well. Besides, if the fact that I help you was exposed, I would have no place to put my face."

Gu Changle should be able to understand what she meant.

She and Song Yunjia were sworn enemies. The direct and indirect fight between them could be accepted by the public without being criticized.

However, it would not have been appropriate if Song Yunxuan had involved.

After all, Song Yunxuan had a kinship with Song Yunjia.

If she had been found that she was targeting Song Yunjia, the whole Song Family would have been pushed to the forefront.

After all, it was not recognized that siblings hurt each other.

Gu Changle also seemed to understand and nodded, "Well, Ill do the next thing myself."

Song Yunxuan twitched her corner of the mouth, "Then I hope Miss Gu to be a success in pulling out this thorn in your eyes."

Hearing the congratulation from Song Yunxuan, Gu Changle was in a good mood and said the same blessing.

Song Yunxuan didnt slightly narrow the smile on her face until this call with Gu Changle ended.

Song Yunjia couldnt hold out for a few days.

After a complete break with her mother, she had even blocked her last retreat.

The only thing that she could do was to take advantage of the time when Gu Changle was recuperating and rumors were rife and get rid of Gu Changle as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Gu Changle was planning to eliminate Song Yunjia completely.

Song Yunxuan was happy to be at leisure.

Looking at the two fought, she finally gained.

After Ye Meiqi left, Song Yunjia threw the things on the bedside table onto the ground and smashed them.

After seeing her in such a bad mood, the nurse, who was in charge of looking after her, called Shao Tianze and said all this.

As soon as Shao Tianze found a nurse for Song Yunjia, he had already said that whenever there was anything wrong with Song Yunjia, she must tell him.

The nurse was an honest woman.

She called Shao Tianze in time.

Shao Tianze indeed came shortly after receiving the call.

Song Yunjia had not adjusted from her bad mood when he arrived.

Song Yunjia was throwing the pillow from her hospital bed in anger the moment he opened the door.

Shao Tianze opened the door by coincidence.

He was hit by the pillow right in the face.

Seeing Shao Tianze appear at the door of the ward, Song Yunjia was stunned in an instant. She wiped the tears from her face and asked him, "Why are you here?"

Song Yunjia cried a lot these days.

Even though she cried many times, a good-looking woman was still delicate and charming when crying.

Seeing the tears on her face, Shao Tianze had known that she must come across miserable things.

After closing the door, picking up the dropped pillows and back cushion on the floor, he walked to the bedside and asked her, "What happened?"

He felt a little guilty for he had not come to see her after she was hospitalized.

Hearing him ask her what had happened, Song Yunjia remembered the process that she had fallen out with her mother.

Closing her lips slightly, Song Yunjia looked up and asked him, "Will you still care about me?"

"Whats the matter?"

Song Yunjia closed her lips slightly and refused to speak.

Seeing that she was unwilling to speak, Shao Tianze came over and raised his hand to wipe the tears from her eyes, "Is there anything you cant tell me?"

"Will you listen to me?" Song Yunjia asked him in return.

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