Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 393

Chapter 393 A Bold Guess

Chapter 393 A Bold Guess

After she asked that question, Shao Tianze frowned slightly, "I will hear whatever you say."


Song Yunjia looked at him.

Shao Tianze straightened his lips, "Whats wrong with you, Yunjia?"

Hearing his question, Song Yunjia withdrew her eyes and sniffed her nose, "No, nothing."

She refused to say, but Shao Tianze persisted in asking.

"Is there anything you cant tell me?"

"I dont want to tell you."

"We can solve the problem together if you say that. Isnt that good?"

Shao Tianzes words were pleasant.

That was precisely what Song Yunjia wanted to hear.

Since a long time ago, she had wanted herself and Shao Tianze to live together as husband and wife, treating each other well and solving every difficulty together.

However, Shao Tianze married Gu Changge.

She couldnt bear that fact and had been holding back her love.

She finally got that sentence from Shao Tianze now.

However, she didnt know how to reply was the best.

She bit her lips and looked up at him, "Could you help me solve it if I tell you?"

"I could find a solution as long as you tell me, Yunjia."

Shao Tianzes voice was sweet. It was the kind of sound she had always liked.

She looked at Shao Tianze as sadness appeared in her eyes. After being silent for a moment, she seemed to have finally made up her mind and said, "My mother returned home today."

Shao Tianze had heard Song Yunjia mention her mother before.

"Do you mean Madame Song?"

He knew that Song Yunjias mother was Ye Meiqi. Ye Meiqi and Song Yan had been separated for many years, but she was still the Madame of the Song Family.

Song Yunyings mother had worked hard for so many years but failed to become the Madame of the Song Family as she wished.

Judging by that fact, Ye Meiqi wasnt a stupid woman.

Otherwise, she couldnt hold the position of Madam Song until Song Yans death.

"Did your mother say anything?"

As Song Yunjia slowly raised her eyes, the tears in her eyes were going to flow out again, "I quarreled with my mother."

"Quarreled?" Shao Tianze was puzzled, "Why?"

Song Yunjia looked at him, "Because"

She showed a hesitant expression.

Judging from her expression alone, Shao Tianze knew that their argument must be related to him.

He knew Song Yunjias love for him all the time for so many years.

However, he didnt know the attitude of Song Yunjias family completely.

When Song Yan was still alive, Shao Tianze knew that Song Yan acquiesced that his daughter liked him.

However, Song Yunjia never said her mothers opinion.

He didnt know what kind of attitude Ye Meiqi held on their relationship.

"Just go on, Yunjia."

Shao Tianze wanted to know what Ye Meiqi had said to Song Yunjia.

Seeing Shao Tianzes persistence in asking, Song Yunjia said anxiously after struggling a little, "My mother asked me to go to the WK with her."

Hearing that sentence, Shao Tianze fully understood Ye Meiqis attitude.

Fundamentally, Ye Meiqi opposed the love affair between her daughter and Shao Tianze.

However, did that matter?

He occupied a significant part of Song Yunjias heart the whole time.

That wont change even Ye Meiqi opposed as a mother.

He had guessed the result of the quarrel between the mother and daughter.

His eyes became tender, "Did you agree?"

Song Yunjia looked at the tenderness in Shao Tianzes eyes and shook her head, "No, I didnt."

Shao Tianze asked her, "Why? You could restart if you go to the WK."

"Restart?" Song Yunjia asked Shao Tianze and looked at him, "Do you think I can restart if I leave you?"

"Auntie is for your own good."

"But I just want to stay with you. Do you want to drive me away?"

Song Yunjia was so obsessed with him that Shao Tianze couldnt help but waver even he was not moved immediately.

He thought that there was no need for Song Yunjia to stay in Yuncheng.

After all, Song Yunjia made Gu Changle anxious and upset.

However, there was a little dark thought in Shao Tianzes heart.

Gu Changle and Song Yunjia were hostile to each other.

However, their relationship was a kind of balance.

Once women started fighting out of jealousy, they spent all their energy on the competition for their love.

And the only way for him to prevent these two women from making trouble was to keep the two of them in a delicate balance.

That was why he didnt decide how to handle the thing that Gu Changles miscarriage was caused by Song Yunjias scheme.

Song Yunjia stared at him desperately. Seeing that he didnt want to answer, Song Yunjia couldnt bear it and asked in a subtle tone, "If youre going to drive me away, just tell me directly. You need not say that my mother took me abroad for my good."

Women didnt like ungrateful men.

Women all like men to persuade them to stay affectionately.

Song Yunjia had already quarreled with her mother and insisted on staying here.

If Shao Tianze had nodded and said that he agreed that Song Yunjia went abroad at this time, Song Yunjia would have been disappointed and sad.

Anyway, he had planned to keep her by his side, so he didnt mind being affectionate towards her.


His thin lips uttered the word.

Song Yunjia was slightly stunned when hearing him say he wanted her to stay. As if she thought she had heard it wrong, she asked Shao Tianze, "What did you say?"

Shao Tianze gently pulled her into his arms, pressed his fingers on the back of her head, and gently said, "Yunjia, stay with me."

Song Yunjia was held by Shao Tianze in such a posture and soothed by him with such gentle words.

She instantly felt blissful, even incredible.

This sentence was as meaningful as "I love you."

Song Yunjia raised her fingers and gently embraced Shao Tianzes waist.

Someone at the door quietly pointed the camera lens at them.

Then, the one took a picture quickly.

Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze werent aware at all.

And that picture was transmitted to Gu Changles mobile phone soon.

It was already the time before dinner when Gu Changle got that photo. She pushed the dish the maid had just brought off the table.

As a cracking sound, the beautiful porcelain plate shattered on the ground.

The housemaid cleaned quickly.

Shuang dared to ask Gu Changle, "Miss Gu, dont you eat?"

Gu Changle looked up at her, "Of course I will eat. Do you think I grow up eating nothing?"

She said it to vent her anger. Gu Changle reprimanded Shuang. Shuang immediately turned to the kitchen and urged the cook to make all the dishes that Gu Changle wanted to eat.

Sitting at the dining table, Gu Changle took a closer look at the photo as she swiped her phone.

She was so angry that the veins stood out on her forehead. She threw the phone angrily on the table and scolded, "Song Yunjia, have you no shame?"

Shuang hung her head down beside, not daring breathe.

Gu Changle gnashed her teeth with hatred.

Song Yunjia hurt her and caused her miscarriage. However, now Shao Tianze seemed to have easily forgotten this matter like it never happened.

Also, he embraced Song Yunjia.

She was furious.

She didnt even eat her food, getting up from the dining table and going to the second floor.

It was when Shao Xue got home after the work that she saw how angry Gu Changle was and knew it was because Gu Changle was jealous of Song Yunjia.

After Shao Xue went upstairs and returned to her room, she called Song Yunxuan and told her about Gu Changle.

After hearing Gu Changles reaction, Song Yunxuan thought for a while and said, "Song Yunjia and Gu Changle are now maintaining balance, so Shao Tianze comforts both of them at the same time. He will not show that he likes one of them particularly, nor will he ignore the other for too long."

"Well, whats his purpose?"

Shao Xue wondered why Shao Tianze did this.

He would have been too greedy if he had wanted to have two wives.

Song Yunxuan also didnt understand Shao Tianzes thoughts. Anyway, she thought Shao Tianze was not faithful in love after he slept with Song Yunjia.

And she guessed that Shao Tianze maybe wanted Song Yunjia to bear a baby for him when he knew Gu Changle couldnt do that.

She asked, "Have Shao Tianze mentioned Gu Yi and Miaomiao recently?"

Shao Xue shook her head, "No."

Song Yunxuan smiled, "Since he hasnt mentioned Gu Yi and Miaomiao, I believe he wants Song Yunjia to have a baby for him."

"But Shao Tianze seemed to treat Gu Changges two kids well. He hasnt revealed the whereabouts of the two children now probably because he has been afraid that Gu Changle would harm them."

Song Yunxuan had also considered that possibility.

However, she still understood that Shao Tianzes purpose was not to protect Gu Yi and Miaomiao even if he hid the two kids from Gu Changle.

Maybe he just didnt want the two children to make Gu Changle angry.

After all, Gu Changle couldnt tolerate their existence.

"Shao Tianze will never let Gu Yi or Miaomiao inherit the Shao Family. However, his favorite Gu Changle couldnt give him a child, so he has to choose the second-best choice, considering Song Yunjia."

"He wants Song Yunjia to bear an inheritor of the Shao Family?"

Shao Xue asked Song Yunxuan in shock.

However, Song Yunxuan thought it was easy to understand.

"There is a possibility."

"However, if Gu Changle were not completely evicted from the Shao Family, Gu Changle would never allow Song Yunjias children to inherit the Shao Family."

Song Yunxuan laughed, "There are many ways to let Gu Changle accept the fact. Since Shao Tianze has made the plan, he must be able to find a way for Gu Changle to accept it."

Shao Xue wasnt stupid, and a bold guess occurred to her.

However, when that thought appeared in her mind, she felt it was ridiculous and unbelievable, "Will they kill Song Yunjia after she bears the child?"

Shao Xue couldnt help but say her speculation.

And Song Yunxuan, on the other end of the phone, didnt say anything as if she had tacitly agreed with Shao Xue.

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