Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Success Or Failure

Chapter 394 Success or Failure

Song Yunxuans silence made Shao Xues heart in her mouth.

"No way" Shao Xue murmured, "No matter how unscrupulous and frenzied Shao Tianze is, he couldnt do such things, could he?"

Hearing what Shao Xue had said, Song Yunxuan couldnt help but laugh, "He has done more unscrupulous and frenzied things before, hasnt he?"

That sentence reminded Shao Xue of what she was most unwilling to remember.

She bit her lips and didnt say anything, but her eyes were full of terror.

Song Yunxuan was right. Was there anyone Shao Tianze wouldnt dare kill?

Shao Tianze had murdered his adoptive parents in a small surgery to cover his lousy family background in Qingcheng before.

Later, his wife died suddenly because of Gu Changle.

His two children were the next victims.

Although he treated Gu Yi and Miaomiao well on the surface, no one knew his intention.

Thinking of those, Shao Xue found that Shao Tianze was a horrible person.

However, hearing nothing from Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan comforted her, "You may feel scary before this vicious person, but he only harms specific people on specific occasions."

That was right. Shao Tianze had never been a person who would go to harm people casually.

He only hurt those who he had wanted to get rid of for a long time.

For example, he killed his adoptive parents and got rid of Gu Changge.

All those had been premeditated. Shao Tianze had always secretly arranged his killing plan.

He was not only resourceful but also patient enough.

He pursued hitting every shot.

Shao Xues lips trembled slightly, and she asked Song Yunxuan, "What should I do next?"

That question reached the bottom of Song Yunxuans heart.

As her lips raised and her eyes glistened, Song Yunxuan said, "You dont have to do anything, but"

She paused.

Shao Xue asked her nervously, "But what?"

"But Song Yunjia will have her last try."

Shao Xue couldnt understand.

Song Yunxuan explained to her, "When Ye Meiqi is going to leave, she must still object Song Yunjia and Shao Tianzes relationship. And Song Yunjia is pretentious. Although her relationship with her mother looks good on the surface, Song Yunjia also wants to prove that her choice is right after Ye Meiqi opposes her relationship with Shao Tianze this time."

"What will she do?"

Shao Xue asked Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan said carelessly, "Its simple. She will kill Gu Changle."

Shao Xue bit her lips and said, "But murder is illegal."

"She is not stupid. She will use others to kill Gu Changge."

Shao Xue frowned, "Use who?"

Song Yunxuan smiled, "Yours."

Shao Xue became stunned immediately.

However, Song Yunxuan didnt say anything more but warned her, "You should handle carefully if Song Yunjia calls you."

A myriad of thoughts crowded into Shao Xues mind.

Hearing Song Yunxuans warning, she thought more.

However, she couldnt figure out why Song Yunjia wanted her to be the scapegoat.

Song Yunxuan didnt point out anything worth pondering over.

Shao Xue felt agitated.

Maybe it was just like what Song Yunxuan had said that Song Yunjia wanted to prove herself.

She wanted to prove that she was the only one in Shao Tianzes heart.

Even if not the present only one, she would be his only lover in the future.

She would kill those who tried to hinder her by fair means or foul.

Song Yunjia was in the hospital and could not go out, but she had bought over the care worker employed by Shao Tianze.

The care worker said something beneficial to Song Yunjia when she reported Song Yunjias condition to Shao Tianze.

Every time Song Yunjia felt not well, the care worker showed her worry and fear, calling Shao Tianze as soon as possible.

After several times, it was natural that Shao Tianze visited the hospital more and more.

Song Yunjia counted her property and found that her money was not a large amount but was enough for her to buy a house and to live a worry-free life with hard work.

However, her money had to be used to buy over people at present.

She always believed that money could be earned again, but opportunities would not come back if one lost them.

She kept her priceless jewelry for her future life and used her mid-range jewelry to buy off people.

The patient care looked after Song Yunjia well because she got payoffs from Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia planned to use all her property for the final blow.

Shao Xue received Song Yunjias call three days after Shao Xue had a phone call with Song Yunxuan.

When she just saw the caller ID, she was stunned and felt puzzled.

Xiao Hong saw Shao Xue not answer the phone for a while and reminded her, "Hey. What are you thinking? You have a phone call."

After being reminded, Shao Xue still froze before she answered the phone.

Song Yunjia spoke firstly, "It that Miss Shao Xue?"

"Yes. This is Fanxing Magazine. What can I do for you?" Shao Xue quickly adjusted her state of mind before she talked with Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia fell into silence before she said again, "Youre Tianzes younger sister."

Shao Xue asked in surprise, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I want to tell you a secret. Are you willing to meet me?"

Shao Xue felt Song Yunjia was mysterious and didnt want to meet her, "Sorry. Im"

Before Shao Xue could say she was busy, the other end of the phone enticed her, "Your parents did not die because of an accident."

Shao Xue stopped abruptly.

Her eyes also changed.

"Where are we meeting?"

It was within the expectation that Shao Xue couldnt help but want to meet the one who mentioned the secret about her parents cause of death.

The female voice said, "This is Song Yunjia. I will meet you at Colored Clouds."

Song Yunjia said her identity and the meeting point.

After Shao Xue hung up the phone, her face became pale.

Xiao Hong looked at her carefully. Seeing Shao Xues expression wasnt right, Xiao Hong asked worriedly, "What was the phone just now? Whats wrong with you? You look pale."

Shao Xue shook her hand, "Im fine."

She said she was fine, but her heart jumped rapidly.

Her parents died because of a medical accident.

She saw that in Qingcheng personally.

And she believed Shao Tianze, the demon, caused the misfortune.

She had had ample evidence.

However, now Song Yunjia told her that she knew the cause of the death of her parents?

That was ridiculous.

What would Song Yunjia tell her?

Did she want to perish together with Shao Tianze in advance because she knew that she couldnt win against Gu Changle?

Therefore, Song Yunjia wanted to tell her that Shao Tianze caused her parents death.

Or would she just make up a story from nothing?

Shao Xue was curious.

After calming down in her seat for a few minutes, Shao Xue stood up and went to Xiao Hong to ask for leave.

"Editor Xiao, I want to leave and go home to rest."

Xiao Hong also saw that Shao Xue was not well and nodded, "Go ahead. Be careful on the way. Do you need me to give you a ride?"


Shao Xue waved her hand and refused.

Xiao Hong said with concern, "Your face is so pale. I can take you to the hospital first if you are not well."

As she said that, Xiao Hong took out her car key.

Seeing that Xiao Hong took out her car key, Shao Xue became flustered and refused, "Miss Xiao, I just feel a little sick. I can go home by myself."

She had an appointment with Song Yunjia for half an hour later.

It seemed that Song Yunjia knew she would be impatient for that secret, so she deliberately set the time after half an hour.

Song Yunjia believed that Shao Xue would successfully take a leave from the company within half an hour as long as she wanted to know the secret.

To allow Shao Xue to come over in the fastest time,

Song Yunjia deliberately set the meeting place at the coffee shop not far from Fanxing Magazine.

Shao Xue was determined to reject Xiao Hong.

Seeing her firm attitude, Xiao Hong didnt force her but nodded, "OK, go back home yourself. Please call me if you are not well."

Shao Xue nodded her head.

Then, she grabbed her things and left the office.

Xiao Hong watched Shao Xue pack things, leave the office, and enter the elevator.

After Shao Xue disappeared in her sight, Xiao Hong called Song Yunjia while absorbed in thought.

She told Song Yunjia about Shao Xue.

She had expected that Song Yunxuan would pay special attention to Shao Xue.

However, after listening to what Xiao Hong said, Song Yunxuan replied indifferently, "Its OK. Let her go."

While Song Yunxuan said calmly, Xiao Hong pursed her lips, "But, Miss Song, I saw Shao Xue"

Song Yunxuan cut Xiao Hong off and smiled, "Thats OK, Editor Xiao. Shao Xue is an adult. Nothing will happen. Dont worry."

Xiao Hong nodded, "OK."

Xiao Hongs call was beyond Song Yunxuans expectation.

Hearing Xiao Hongs description of Shao Xues reaction over the phone, Song Yunxuan knew that things were going on as expected.

Shao Xue didnt tell Xiao Hong who called her.

However, Song Yunxuan could guess it must be Song Yunjia.

Just as she had expected, her elder sister was planning a different way.

A way led to either success or failure.

If Song Yunjia had failed this time, she would have ruined herself.

However, Shao Xue didnt tell Song Yunxuan that she had received Song Yunjias call.

Shao Xue went alone. Maybe she had her thoughts.

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes and couldnt help but guess what Song Yunjia would say to Shao Xue this time.

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